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WoW WotLK Classic Horde 70-80 Leveling Guide: 78-79 Sholazar Basin

  1. Talk to Monte Muzzleshot and turn in Where in the World is Hemet Nesingwary? and get the follow-up Welcome to Sholazar Basin.
  2. Fly west to the Nesingwary Base Camp. Turn in Welcome to Sholazar Basin and get the quests:
    • It Could Be Anywhere! (Note: it really could be anywhere. Don’t specifically look for the Golden Engagement Ring anywhere – it is a zone wide drop from most anything. Turn it in when you find it.)
    • Need an Engine, Take an Engine
    • Venture Co. Misadventure
  3. Fly east back to the crash location and pick up the Flying Machine Engine.
  4. Ride northwest to Swindlegrin’s Dig. Talk to Engineer Helice and get the escort quest Engineering a Disaster. Kill 15 Venture Company Members while escorting her out.
  5. Return to Nesingwary Base Camp and turn in:
    • Engineering a Disaster
    • Need an Engine, Take an Engine and get the follow-up Have a Part, Give a Part
    • Venture Co. Misadventure and get the follow-up Wipe That Grin Off His Face
  6. Fly northeast back to Swindlegrin’s Dig.
    • Kill Foreman Swindlegrin and Meatpie on top of the platform
    • Gather 7 Venture Co. Spare Parts
  7. Return to Nesingwary Base Camp and turn in:
    • Have a Part, Give a Part
    • Wipe That Grin Off His FaceGet the Flight Path now that the flying machine is fixed. Get the new quests:
    • Dreadsaber Mastery: Becoming a Predator
    • Kick, What Kick? – Equip the RJR rifle and select Lucky Wilhelm and keep using the rifle until you hit the apple. There are no tricks, just keep using the rifle on cooldown until you hit.
    • Rhino Mastery: The Test
    • Aerial Surveillance
  1. Fly north and kill 15 Dreadsabers and 15 Shardhorn Rhino.
  2. Fly back to the Nesingwary Base Camp and turn in:
    • Dreadsaber Mastery: Becoming a Predator and get the follow-up Dreadsaber Mastery: Stalking the Prey
    • Rhino Mastery: The Test and get the follow-up Rhino Mastery: The ChaseGet all the new quests as well:
    • A Steak Fit for a Hunter
    • Crocolisk Mastery: The Trial
    • Some Make Lemonade, Some Make Liquor
  3. Fly south to Oracle Soo-rahm and turn in Rhino Mastery: The Chase and get the follow-up An Offering for Soo-rahm.

    Kill Longneck Grazers for 5 Longneck Grazer Steak.
  4. Fly northeast to Wildgrowth Mangal.
    • Look around trees for Sturdy Vines (Hanging from the trees in the air).Pull them for fruit. Collect 1 Orange, 2 Banana Bunch, and 1 Papaya.
    • Kill 15 Mangal Crocolisks.
    • Kill Emperor Cobras for 5 Intact Cobra Fang.
    • Finish killing 60 Game Animals as well.
  5. Fly northwest and examine Dreadsaber Tracks until you identify 3 Shango Tracks.
  6. Fly southwest to Oracle Soo-rahm and turn in An Offering for Soo-rahm and get the follow-up The Bones of Nozronn. Use Soo-rahm’s Incense at the Offering Bowl.
  7. Return to the Nesingwary Base Camp and turn in all your quests:
    • A Steak Fit for a Hunter
    • Crocolisk Mastery: The Trial and get the follow-up Crocolisk Mastery: The Plan
    • Dreadsaber Mastery: Stalking the Prey and get the follow-up Dreadsaber Mastery: Ready to Pounce
    • Some Make Lemonade, Some Make Liquor and get the follow-up Still At It
    • The Bones of Nozronn and get the follow-up Rhino Mastery: The Kill
    • The Great Hunter’s ChallengeSpeak to “Tipsy” McManus to begin distillation. Follow his instructions quickly by clicking the object he tells you to. Complete it and turn in Still At It.

      At camp, offer the Jungle Punch Sample to Hemet Nesingwary and Hadrius Harlowe.
  1. Fly south and look along the lake and along the river to the east for 5 Sandfern.
  2. Return to Nesingwary Base Camp and turn in Crocolisk Mastery: The Plan and get the follow-up Crocolisk Mastery: The Ambush. Also get the new quest Lakeside Landing.
  3. Fly northwest and kill Shango, near the waterfall.
  4. Fly northeast and kill Farunn. It wanders between the northeastern area of the lake and The Glimmering Pillar.
  5. Fly south to Lakeside LandingGet the Flight Path. Turn in Aerial Surveillance and Lakeside Landing.
    Offer Tamara Wobblesprocket a taste test with your Jungle Punch Sample. Get the quests:
    • The Part-time Hunter
    • An Embarrassing Incident
    • Force of Nature
  6. Dive into the lake and get Vic’s Keys in a Raised Mud. It may take several tries before you find them.
  7. Get out on the west side of the lake and stand on the log. Use the Sandfern Disguise and kill Bushwhacker.
  8. Fly south to Pitch, being cornered in by three trackers. Kill it. Get the quest from Tracker GekgekPlaying Along.
  9. Fly northwest back to Lakeside Landing. Turn in:
    • The Part-time Hunter
    • An Embarrassing Incident and get the follow-up Reconnaissance Flight.
    Take the flight. Shoot missiles at the gargoyles that attack you, then fly back to Lakeside Landing and land the plane in the circle of blue markers. Turn in Reconnaissance Flight.
  10. Take the flight back to Nesingwary Base Camp. Turn in
  • A Taste Test
  • Crocolisk Mastery: The Ambush
  • Dreadsaber Mastery: Ready to Pounce
  • Rhino Mastery: The Kill

    Get the new quest, In Search of Bigger Game.
  1. Fly northeast to Dorian’s Camp. Turn in In Search of Bigger Game and get the quests:
    • Burning to Help
    • Securing the Bait
    • Sharpening Your Talons
  2. Fly southwest and dive into Bittertide Lake. Kill 5 Bittertide Hydra. After each kill, use the Sample Container to take a sample of Bittertide Hydra Sputum, a debuff they put on you when fighting. Collect 5 samples.
  3. Fly northeast to The Savage Thicket. Kill 6 Primordial Drake and “kill” the Primordial Drake Eggs and pick up 6 Primordial Hatchling.
  4. Fly west to Dorian’s Camp and turn in your quests:
    • Burning to Help
    • Securing the Bait
    • Sharpening Your TalonsGet the new quests:
    • A Mammoth Undertaking
    • My Pet Roc
    • Reagent AgentLook around camp for a Shattertusk Mammoth and use the Mammoth Harness on it, then hand it over using ability 1. Turn in A Mammoth Undertaking and get the follow-up Post-partum Aggression.
  5. Ride the mammoth northeast to Broodmother Slivina. Use Signal Hemet to Attack (Ability 4) to mark it and have Hemet attack it. Keep spamming Gore (Ability 6), and pulling Slivina into the trap whenever Hemet drops one.
  6. Head further east into The Bonefields. Gather 7 Roc Eggs and kill Goretalon Rocs for 5 Twisted Roc Talons.
  7. Then, fly back to Dorian’s Camp and turn in your quests:
    • A Mammoth Undertaking
    • My Pet Roc
    • Reagent Agent
  1. Fly southeast to the Avatar of Freya. Turn in Force of Nature and get the follow-up An Issue of Trust.
  2. Head east and kill 6 Blighted Corpse and 10 Bonescythe Ravager.
    • Then, return to Freya and turn in An Issue of Trust. Get the follow-up Returned Sevenfold.
  3. Fly north and aggro Thalgran Blightbringer. Be ready to use Freya’s Ward – when Thalgran’s hands start glowing black, quickly use it and stand still since it channels. It will reflect the Deathbolts back to him. You can choose not to go into melee range at all and just kite him in circles and kill him with his own bolts.
    • Then, return to Freya and turn in Returned Sevenfold. Get the two follow-up quests, The Fallen Pillar and Salvaging Life’s Strength.
  4. Fly south and up to The Lifeblood Pillar.
    • Turn in The Fallen Pillar at the Cultist Corpse. Get the follow-up Cultist Incursion.
    • Kill 8 Lifeblood Elementals and use the Lifeblood Gem on their corpses.
    • Then, fly back to Freya and turn in Cultist Incursion and Salvaging Life’s Strength. Get the follow-up quests, Exterminate the Intruders and Weapons of Destruction.
  5. Fly northwest to Death’s Hand Encampment
    • Kill 8 Cultist Infiltrators
    • Destroy 4 Unstable Explosives
    • Then, fly back to Freya and turn in Exterminate the Intruders and Weapons of Destruction. Get the follow-up The Lifewarden’s Wrath.
  6. Fly northwest to the top of The Glimmering Pillar. Use Freya’s Horn under the structure, where the explosives are.
    • Then, fly back to Freya and turn in The Lifewarden’s Wrath. Get the follow-up Freya’s Pact. Talk to her and go through the dialogue to complete the quest and get the follow-up Powering the Waygate – The Maker’s Perch.
  7. Fly far northwest to The Maker’s Perch. Enter the building, and use Activation Switch Gamma.
    • Then, fly back to Freya and turn in Powering the Waygate – The Maker’s Perch. Get the follow-up Powering the Waygate – The Maker’s Overlook.
  8. Fly east to The Maker’s Overlook. Outside the building, get the quest A Timeworn Coffer. Enter the building, killing Sholazar Guardians for a Huge Stone Key throughout, and head down the corridor east all the way to the end (avoiding the elite Overlook Sentry), and use Activation Switch Theta. Return to the Timeworn Coffer and complete A Timeworn Coffer.
    • Then, fly back to Freya and turn in Powering the Waygate – The Maker’s Overlook. Get the follow-up The Etymidian.
  9. Fly southwest into the Waygate. Head up the stairs and turn in The Etymidian and get the follow-up The Activation Rune.
    • Enter the hall and kill High Cultust Herenn at the end of it for the Omega Rune.
    • Return to The Etymidian and turn in The Activation Rune and get the follow-up Back Through the Waygate.
    • Don’t start flying back to Freya yet! Fly to Frenzyheart Hill.
  1. Fly northeast to Frenzyheart Hill and turn in Playing Along. Get the follow-up The Ape Hunter’s Slave. Also, get Tormenting the Softknuckles from Goregek (you can use Goregek’s Shackles to summon him).
  2. Fly southeast and kill 8 Hardknuckle Forager and 6 Hardknuckle Charger. Use your Softknuckle Poker to poke Softknuckles until the Hardknuckle Matriarch comes. Kill her.
    • Then, return to Frenzyheart Hill and turn in The Ape Hunter’s Slave and Tormenting the Softknuckles. Get the follow-ups The Wasp Hunter’s Apprentice and The Sapphire Queen.
  3. Fly southeast into the Sapphire Hive. Kill 6 Sapphire Hive Wasp and 9 Sapphire Hive Drone. Fight your way to the end of the tunnel and kill the Sapphire Hive Queen for the Stinger of the Sapphire Queen.
    • Then, return to Frenzyheart Hill and turn in The Wasp Hunter’s Apprentice and The Sapphire Queen. Get the follow-up Flown the Coop! Capture 12 Chickens around camp, then turn in the quest and get the follow-ups The Underground Menace and Mischief in the Making.
  4. Fly south and gather 8 Skyreach Crystal Cluster along the river. Also, search for Serfex – he’s underneath the ground, walk over his dirt mound to make him come up – and kill him for the Claw of Serfex – he spawns in two places on the river.
    • Then, return to Frenzyheart Hill and turn in The Underground Menace and Mischief in the Making. Get the follow-up Rough Ride. Get on the Captive Crocolisk at the northeastern area of camp.
  5. Ride the crocolisk at the west side of camp to Mistwhisper Refuge. You’ll arrive just southeast of the camp. Use Zepik’s Hunting Horn to call Zepik and turn in A Rough Ride. Get the follow-ups Lightning Definitely Strikes Twice and The Mist Isn’t Listening.
    • Kill 12 Mistwhisper Gorlocs
    • Use the Skyreach Crystal Clusters at the base of the weather shrine, then shatter the crystals by interacting with them when they appear next to the shrine.
    • Turn in Lightning Definitely Strikes Twice and The Mist Isn’t Listening to Zepik(Use Zepik’s Hunting Horn to summon him if he’s not with you). Get the follow-up Hoofing It.
    • Then, return to Frenzyheart Hill and turn in Hoofing It. Get the follow-up Just Following Orders.
  6. Fly north to an Injured Rainspeaker Oracle. Talk to it, then complete Just Following Orders. Get the follow-up Fortunate Misunderstandings.
  7. Talk to the oracle again and escort it to Rainspeaker Canopy. Turn in Fortunate Misunderstandings and get the follow-ups Make the Bad Snake Go Away and Gods Like Shiny Things.
  1. Head north and kill 10 Emperor Cobras and Venomtip. Keep a careful lookout at the ground – some places sparkle just slightly. Stand on them and let Lafoo dig them up. Collect 6 Shiny Treasures.
  2. Then, return to Rainspeaker Canopy and turn in Gods like Shiny Things and Make the Bad Snake Go Away. Get the follow-up Making Peace.
  3. Fly southwest to Shaman Vekjik and talk to him.
  4. Then, return to Rainspeaker Canopy and turn in Making Peace. Get the follow-up Back So Soon?
  5. Fly northwest to Mistwhisper Refuge and turn in Back So Soon? and get the follow-ups The Lost Mistwhisper Treasure and Forced Hand.
  6. Fly northwest to the Mistwhisper TreasureWarlord Tartek will come – kill him. Head down and kill 8 Frenzyheart Spearbearer and 6 Frenzyheart Scavenger.
    • Then, return to Mistwhisper Refuge and turn in The Lost Mistwhisper Treasure and Forced Hand. Get the follow-up Home Time!
  7. Fly to Rainspeaker Canopy and turn in Home Time! Get the follow-up The Angry Gorloc.
  1. Fly northeast to Avatar of Freya and turn in Back Through the Waygate. Get the follow-up Reclamation.
  2. Fly east to Mosswalker Village. Turn in The Angry Gorloc to your summon, Moodle. Get the follow-up quests The Mosswalker Savior and Lifeblood of the Mosswalker Shrine.
    • Rescue 6 Mosswalker Victims in the village by killing the undead standing over them.
  3. Fly southwest and pick up 10 Lifeblood Shard scattered on the ground near the red crystals.
    • Summon Moodle using Moodle’s Stress Ball and turn in The Mosswalker Savior and Lifeblood of the Mosswalker Shrine. Get the follow-up A Hero’s Burden (Group).

      Look for somebody to group with to do the group quest while you proceed to The Avalanche. He’s inside the bottom of the Lifeblood Pillar.
      Fly northeast to The Avalanche. Use the Omega Rune to take control of The Etymidian. Start heading up the slope. All the abilities are very relevant, so read up on them first and try them out while killing the lesser undead..

      Ability 1: Colossal Strike – A frontal cleaving attack which should be constantly spammed.
      Ability 2: Cataclysm – 
      A large AoE around you which does a lot of damage and instantly kills the lesser undead.
      Ability 3: Reconstruction – 
      A self-heal to full.
      Ability 4: Titanic Surge – 
      Evocation — regains all your mana as its charging, but you take extra damage while “Evocating.”
      Ability 5: Maker’s Sanctuary
       – A self-divine intervention. Takes you out of combat and makes you immune. This is the ability to use when you’re about to die and have no outs.
  4. Kill Bythius the Flesh-Shaper. This one is fairly simple, just spam Colossal Strike and Cataclysm. Use Reconstruction when you’re low on health.
  5. Kill Urgreth of the Thousand Tombs – Keep a lookout for Urgeth’s emote, Urgeth begins to emanate a powerful dark energy! When he does, run away since you will instantly die if you’re near him. Take the opportunity to Reconstruction and Titanic Surge while he’s running back to you. As usual, spam Colossal Strike and Cataclysm.
  6. Kill Hailscorn – Just spam Colossal Strike, and save Cataclysm for when Hailscorn emotes: Hailscorn calls forth an army of frozen corpses. Cataclysm to kill all the adds he spawns. Rinse and repeat.
  7. Once you’ve finished killing 200 Lesser Undead, fly southwest to Freya and turn in Reclamation.

If you can find a partner to go kill Artruis, then go for it – otherwise, Hearth to Dalaran.

  1. (Group) A Hero’s Burden Quest: Fly to The Lifeblood Pillar and enter the lower entrance. Kill Artruis the Heartless – at 30%, he becomes immune to attack and you then must kill either the Gorloc or Wolvar. Whoever you don’t kill you become friendly with their faction, and whoever you kill you become enemies of that faction. Don’t worry too much about this decision, since you can change factions at any time from the same daily.

    Complete the quest at Artruis’s Phylactery as well as the follow-up quest to either the Gorloc or Wolvar.

    Then, Hearth to Dalaran.

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