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WoW WotLK Classic Horde 70-80 Leveling Guide: 74-75 Dragonblight

You should be in Dragonblight and have the following quest:

  • [72] Emerald Dragon Tears

You should also have the flight path to Venomspite.

If you don’t have that, simply go to my Howling Fjord Guide and use your browser’s search function (CTRL + F) to find venomspite, follow the steps from there until you get the quest [72] Emerald Dragon Tears, then come back to this guide and follow it normally.


1. Go to the Westwind Refugee Camp (13,49). Get the available quests:

  • [72] Into the Fold
  • [72] Pride of the Horde

2. Get out of the camp, kill Anub’ar Ambushers and look for Horde Armaments.


Once you finish both quests, go back to Westwind Refugee Camp. Turn in:

  • [72] Into the Fold, get the follow up [72] Blood Oath of the Horde
  • [72] Pride of the Horde

Talk to a Taunka’le Refugee, go through the chat until he becomes a member of the horde. Repeat this step 5 times.

Turn in [72] Blood Oath of the Horde, get [72] Agmar’s Hammer.

3. Mount up and ride east to Agmar’s Hammer (37,48).

FPicon.jpg Get the new flight path.

Turn in [72] Agmar’s Hammer, get [72] Victory Nears…

Get [72] Rifle the Bodies.

Get out of the building and get the 3 wanted quests:

  • [74] Wanted: Dreadtalon
  • [74] Wanted: Gigantaur
  • [74] Wanted: Magister Keldonus

Get [72] Message from the West from Messenger Torvus who stands next to the mailbox.

h74img2.jpg Right-click the Letter from Saurfang and read it if you like lore, you don’t have to though.

Right-click the Burning Brazier next to the mailbox.

Turn in [72] Message from the West.

Turn in [72] Victory Nears… and get [72] From the Depths of Azjol-Nerub.

A bunch of quests should have appeared on your minimap, grab the following ones:

  • [72] Black Blood of Yogg-Saron
  • [72] Containing the Rot
  • [72] From the Depths of Azjol-Nerub
  • [72] Marked for Death: High Cultist Zangus
  • [74] The High Executor Needs You

Bofore we go on, here’s a map with the locations of all the group quest mobs you have to kill in Dragonblight. Some of them have been reported to be soloed by certain classes (and with very good gear), but for the average players and class, you really will want a group of 3 players to be safe.


Please note that at this point you don’t have all the group quests, you only have the 3 wanted quests we just took. So ignore the rest for now, and check back on this map whenever you get a group for either of those group quests, you’ll find your targets very quickly that way.

Keep following the guide normally and just go for those group quests when the opportunity arises.


1. Ride west until you reach the the area just east of Azjol-Nerub (30,50).

Kill Rabbid Grizzlies and Blighted Elks until you have 15 Infected Wildlife kills and have looted a Rot Resistant Organ (random drop from those)

More Grizzlies and Elks can be found all around the Pit of Narjun.

2. Go inside the Pit of Narjun (27,50).

Look for Black Blood of Yogg-Saron.


h74imgfix1.jpg Right-click Ironbender’s Mining Pick and then left-click the mining node.

Let yourself fall down in one of the holes and go to Kilix the Unravaler. Get his 4 quests:

  • [72] An Enemy in Arthas
  • [74] Death to the Traitor King
  • [74] Don’t Forget the Eggs!
  • [76] The Faceless Ones

From Kilix the Unraveler, take the middle tunnel going east, at the end of it you’ll find High Cultist Zangus. Kill him and loot the Head of High Cultist Zangus.

Now just kill 6 Abu’ar Underlords and mine 10 Black Blood of Yogg-Saron.

Go back to Kilix the Unraveler, turn in [72] An Enemy in Arthas, get [72] The Lost Empire.

Instance: Azjol-Nerub

You have all the quests for the normal version of the instance Azjol-Nerub.

  • [74] Death to the Traitor King
  • [74] Don’t Forget the Eggs!

So from now on, if you feel like it, you should look for a group for Azjol-Nerub (Abbreviation: AZN). It’s a very quick instance for level 72-74 players, I recommend it.

If you don’t feel like it or if you don’t find a group, you can abandon the above quests. They can easily be picked up in the future anyway, if you change your mind.

Instance: Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom

You also have the quest for the normal version of the instance Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom.

  • [76] The Faceless Ones

So from now on, if you feel like it, you should look for a group for Ahn’kahet. It’s for level 73-75 players and I also recommend it.

If you don’t feel like it or if you don’t find a group, you can abandon the above quests. They can easily be picked up in the future anyway, if you change your mind.

3. Get out of the pit.

Ride southwest to Moonrest Gardens.
You’ll find Ethenial Moonshadow at (24,60).
Get his quest [72] Avenge this Atrocity!

Look for Dead Mage Hunters.


Dismount and loot the corpse, you’ll receive a Mage Hunter’s Personal Effects.

==Note== The corpses just disappear if you don’t dismount.

a74img4.jpg Right-click them and loot the contents. Repeat this step until you find the Moonrest Gardens Plans.

4. Ride back to Agmar’s Hammer. Turn in:

  • [72] Containing the Rot, get [72] The Good Doctor…
  • [72] The Good Doctor…, get [73] In Search of the Ruby Lilac
  • [72] Marked for Death: High Cultist Zangus
  • [72] Black Blood of Yogg-Saron, get [72] Scourge Armaments
  • [72] From the Depths of Azjol-Nerub, get [72] The Might of the Horde
  • [72] Rifle the Bodies, get [73] Prevent the Accord
  • [72] The Lost Empire

Also get [72] Strength of Icemist from Greatmother Icemist.

Sell junk, repair and re-stock food/drink.


1. Ride west to Icemist Village (27,43).

2. Clear the way to the western end of the village and jump off the cliff, you’ll find Banthok Icemist down there (23,42).

Turn in [72] Strength of Icemist, get [72] Chains of the Anub’ar.

3. Turn around facing south and stick to the wall on your left-hand side until you find the entrance to a small hut where you’ll find Anok’ra the Manipulator (25,45).

Kill it. Loot Anok’ras Key Fragment.

4. Go back to the upper plateau of Icemist Village.

On the south side you should see a series of connected huts.

Check all those huts and you’ll find Sinok the Shadowrager (24,44).

Kill it and loot Sinok’s Key Fragment.

5. Go straight north to the opposite side of the village and you’ll find Tivax the Breaker in another hut (24,39).

==Note== He can also spawn in the northeastern hut (27,39).

Kill Tivax and loot Tivax’s Key Fragment.

If by now you haven’t got a Flesh-Bound Tome, go kill Anub’ar Cultists and the 3 key carriers until one drops for you. Once you get one:

h74img4.jpg Right-click the Flesh-Bound Tome, get [72] The Flesh-Bound Tome.

6. Go west, jump off the cliff and go back to Banthok Icemist.

Turn in [72] Chains of the Anub’ar, get [73] Return of the High Chief.


1. Face north and stick to the wall on your right-hand side, until you find a path going back up to the upper floor (24,40).

2. Go to Roanauk Icemist, a taunka chained in the middle of the village (25,41).

Clear some space around him, get back to full HP/mana.

Right-click the Anub’ar Prison Mechanism.


Help the taunka defeat Under-King Anub’et’kan (let them tank for you).

A big husk will appear on the floor upon Under-King Anub’et’kan’s death.

Right-click it and loot a Fragment of Anub’et’kan’s Husk.

h74img6.jpg Right-click the Warsong Battle Standard right away.

Defend it until you get a complete message.

Kill some more in the village until you finish [72] Scourge Armaments.

3. Get out of Icemist Village.

Ride to southwest to a big stone building (18,60).

Find and kill Wind Trader Mu’fah . He’s standing infront of the door of that big stone building.

Loot Wind Trader Mu’fah’s Remains.

Go inside that building, take the slope going up left.

Kill Goramosh, loot The Scales of Goramosh.
Also loot Goramosh’s Strange Device.

a74img5.jpg Right-click it to start [72] A Strange Device.

==Note== While you’re here, try to see if there’s any group up for killing Magister Keldonus for the quest [74] Wanted: Magister Keldonus. He’s really close so might as well kill two birds with one stone. Some classes reported being able to solo it, but I wouldn’t risk it, duo’ing is already much more realistic. 3+ is best.

4. From this point on, kill every Blue Dragonflight mob on your way.

Get out of the building and clear the way to the other side of the crater until you finish
[72] Avenge this Atrocity!

5. Go back to Ethenial Moonshadow at (24,60).

Turn in [72] Avenge this Atrocity! and get [73] End Arcanimus.

6. Ride back to Agmar’s Hammer. Turn in:

  • [72] The Flesh-Bound Tome, get [72] Koltira and the Language of Death
  • [72] Scourge Armaments
  • [72] The Might of the Horde, get [72] Attack by Air!
  • [72] Attack by Air!, get [72] Blightbeasts be Damned!
  • [73] Prevent the Accord
  • [72] A Strange Device, get [72] Projections and Plans
  • [73] Return of the High Chief, get [73] All Hail Roanauk!

Follow Overlord Agmar to Roanauk Icemist. Talk to Roanauk and go through the text. Watch the script until you get a complete message.

Turn in [73] All Hail Roanauk!

Finally, turn in [72] Koltira and the Language of Death and get the 3 follow ups:

  • [73] In Service of Blood
  • [73] In Service of Frost
  • [73] In Service of Unholy

1. Ride to Icemist Village (yes, again).

h74img7.jpg Right-click Valnok’s Flare Gun.

Mount the Kor’kron War Rider.

It’s a simple air fight mission. You have to kill 25 Anub’ar Blightbeasts.


Ignore Ability #1, it sucks.
Use Ability #2 every 10 seconds while trying to catch as many bats as you can in one shot.
Use Ability #3 when you’re very low on health, it’s almost a complete heal.

Always keep moving, you will dodge Blighted Shrieks that way.

2. Stay on your Kor’kron rider and fly southwest (while staying at low altitude) until you get auto-dismounted.

Ride further southwest to the western tip of Moonrest Gardens, you’ll find a crack going down to the crater on the southeastern tip.

Go down and kill Arcanimus (20,60).

a74img5.jpg Right-click the Surge Needle Teleporter.

This will teleport you to a platform. Go towards the middle of the platform until you get the quest complete message: “Object On the Surge Needle Observed“.

Right-click the Surge Needle Teleporter again.

3. Ride southeast to Ethenial Moonshadow. Turn in [73] End Arcanimus.

4. Ride back to Agmar’s Hammer. Turn in:

  • [72] Blightbeasts be Damned!
  • [72] Projections and Plans, get [72] The Focus on the Beach

5. Ride southwest to the Glittering Strand.

Find Captain Emmy Malin (26,65). She’s channeling a spell close to the Ley Line Focus.


Kill her, loot everything she has.

a74img8.jpg Get close to the Ley Line Focus and right-click the Ley Line Focus Control Ring.

Go back to Agmar’s Hammer. Turn in [72] The Focus on the Beach, get [72] Atop the Woodlands.

Also get [72] Strengthen the Ancients from Earthwarden Grife.


1. Ride southwest to the Lothalor Woodlands (31,60).

Dismount. Look for Woodlands Walkers, right-click them and they’ll either attack you or give you some Bark of the Walkers.

Once you got some bark, look for Lothalor Ancients (not corrupted ones).

a74img10.jpg Get close to them and right-click the Bark of the Walkers.

Keep on doing this while following the next step.

2. Go further south until you find a Ley Line Focus (32,71).

Kill Lieutenant Ta’zinni. He’s a troll NPC and patrols around the Ley Line Focus.

Loot Lieutenant Ta’zinni’s Letter and the Ley Line Focus Control Amulet.

a74img11.jpg Right-click it while being close to the Ley Line Focus.

h74img9.jpg Right-click Lieutenant Ta’zinni’s Letter, get [72] A Letter for Home.

3. Finish the other quest with the Lothalor Ancients and then go back to Agmar’s Hammer.

Turn in:

  • [72] Strengthen the Ancients
  • [72] Atop the Woodlands, get [72] Search Indu’le Village
  • [72] A Letter for Home

Sell junk, repair and re-stock food/drink.


1. Fly to Moa’ki Harbor. If you don’t have that flight path, just ride there.

Gather the quests:

  • [72] Let Nothing Go To Waste
  • [72] Planning for the Future

2. Go north and slightly northwest to Snowfall Glade (47,65). Complete the following 2 objectives:

  • Kill Wolvars and loot 6 Stolen Moa’ki Goods
  • Right-click 12 Snowfall Glade Pups

==Note== While you’re here, try to see if there’s any group up for killing Gigantaur for the quest [74] Wanted: Gigantaur. He’s really close so might as well kill two birds with one stone. Some classes reported being able to solo it, but I wouldn’t risk it, duo’ing is already much more realistic. 3+ is best.

Go back to Moa’ki Harbor, turn in:

  • [72] Planning for the Future
  • [72] Let Nothing Go To Waste, get [73] Slay Loguhn

3. Go back to Snowfall Glade.

Go to the northernmost hut (46,60). Kill Loguhn.

a74img12.jpg Right-click the Blood of Loguhn.

Go back to Moa’ki Harbor, turn in [73] Slay Loguhn. Two new quests should be available in the village.

For now only get [72] Spiritual Insight from Toalu’u the Mystic.


1. Outside Toalu’u the Mystic’s tent you should see Toalu’u’s Brazier.

a74img13.jpg Right-click Toalu’u’s Spiritual Incense.

You don’t have to do anything for this quest, just enjoy the flight until you get the complete message.

Turn in [72] Spiritual Insight, get [72] Elder Mana’loa.

2. Mount up, follow the road north and then west until you reach the northwestern tip of Indu’le Village (37,65). There you should see a statue (looks more like a rock actually) called Elder Mana’loa.

Turn in [72] Elder Mana’loa, get [72] Freedom for the Lingering.

3. Clear the way to the middle of Lake Indu’le where you should see the corpse of Mage-Commander Evenstar (40,67).

Turn in [72] Search Indu’le Village, get [72] The End of the Line.

a74img14.jpg Get close to the Ley Line Focus and right-click the Ley Line Focus Control Talisman.

Get out of the lake.

Complete the following 2 objectives:

  • Kill Indu’le Fishermen/Warriors/Mystics until you finish [72] Freedom for the Lingering
  • bloodgem.jpg Find a Deranged Indu’le Villager, beat him down to 35% HP use the Blood Gem on him.

4. Go back to Elder Mana’loa, turn in [72] Freedom for the Lingering, get [72] Conversing With the Depths.

5. Mount up, ride east to the western ledge of the Azure Dragonshrine (53,65). You should get a “Azure Dragonshrine Observed” message.

6. Go southwest back to Moa’ki Harbor. Get the quest [72] Tua’kea’s Crab Traps from Tua’kea.


1. Go to the very end of the southwestern docks and you should see a yellow “!” on your minimap.

a74img15.jpg Right-click Tua’kea’s Breathing Bladder. It has 6 charges.

Dive down there and get the quest [72] Signs of Big Watery Trouble.

==Note== From now on look for for Tua’kea Crab Traps at the bottom of the sea while going through the next steps.


2. Swim back to the village, turn in [72] Signs of Big Watery Trouble at Tua’kea, get the follow up [72] The Bait.

3. Swim southwest to Kili’ua’s Atoll (44,82).

Kill Kili’ua and loot The Flesh of “Two Huge Pincers”.

4. Swim west to the Briny Pinnacle (no need to look for Crab Traps, there are none in this area).

Follow the path up until you find The Pearl of the Depths (34,83).


Right-click it and the sea-goddess Oacha’noa will come and talk to you. Jump in the water when she gives you the compulsion buff.

5. Swim back to Moa’ki Harbor, get the last Crab Traps you need on the way. Turn in:

  • [72] Tua’kea’s Crab Traps
  • [72] The Bait, get [72] Meat on the Hook

6. Follow the fishing line (which actually looks more like a big rope) southwest into the water, all the way to Tua’kea’s Fishing Hook (47,78):


tugwarsbait.jpg Right-click Tu’u’gwar’s Bait.

Kill Tu’u’gwar.

Swim back to Moa’ki Harbor, turn in:

  • [72] Meat on the Hook
  • [72] Conversing With the Depths

Sell junk, repair and re-stock food/drink.

Fly to Agmar’s Hammer. Turn in:

  • [72] In Service of Blood
  • [72] The End of the Line, get [72] Gaining an Audience

1. Mount up, follow the road east and keep going east until Wyrmrest Temple, you should find Tariolstrasz (58,54).

Turn in [72] Gaining an Audience, get [72] Speak with your Ambassador.

Ask him to send you to the top of the temple.

Up there get the following quests:

  • [74] Seeds of the Lashers
  • [75] Mystery of the Infinite
  • [74] The Obsidian Dragonshrine

Go to Torastrasza and ask him to send you to the ground level.

2. Ride south/southeast to the Emerald Dragonshrine (63,69). Find Nishera the Garden Keeper, she patrols around the lake. Get her quest [74] Cycle of Life.

You need to do three things in this glade:

  • KillEmerald Lashers until you’ve looted 3 Lasher Seeds
  • Kill 5 Emerald Skytalons (look above, they’re flying all over the glade)
  • Look for Emerald Dragon Tears – Loot 8 of them:h74img10.jpg

Once done with that, go back to Nishera and turn in [74] Cycle of Life, get [74] The Plume of Alystros.

3. (Optional) [74] The Plume of Alystros requires you to kill Alystros the Verdant Keeper:

  • Level 74 Elite Beast
  • Immune to movement impairing effects, fear, etc
  • HPs: 118,000
  • Hits for: ~2K on clothies

Most classes can’t solo it. So try to find help for this quest. To be safe you’ll need a tank and a healer.

When ready, go to the southeastern tip of the glade (65,78).

a72image7b.jpg Right-click Skytalon Molts and Alystros will attack you. Better have your tank use the Skytalon Molts, so he gets attacked first.

Loot the Plume of Alystros. Go back to Nishera the Garden Keeper and turn in [74] The Plume of Alystros.

If you can’t find help for this quest, just save it for later, it has no follow up so it doesn’t matter when you do it.

Go back to Wyrmrest Temple.

Ask Tariolastrasz to send you to the top floor.

Turn in [74] Seeds of the Lashers, get [74] That Which Creates Can Also Destroy.

Go back down to the ground floor of Wyrmrest Temple.

A little south of Tariolastrasz you’ll find Golluck Rockfist (59,56).

Turn in [72] Speak with your Ambassador, get [74] Report to the Ruby Dragonshrine.

Go to the northeastern tip of the temple and you’ll find Nethestrasz (60,52).

Fly to Venomspite.

In Venomspite, turn in:

  • [74] The High Executor Needs You, get [74] To Conquest Hold, But Be Careful!
  • [72] Emerald Dragon Tears, get [72] Spread the Good Word

Gather the following quests:

  • [72] Materiel Plunder from Quartermaster Bartlett on the west side of the town
  • [72] Wanted: The Scarlet Onslaught from the Wanted Poster
  • [72] Blighted Last Rites from Apothecary Vicky Levine, next to the poster

h74img11.jpg Right-click the Flask of Blight while being close to the Scarlet Onslaught Prisoner next to Apothecary Vicky Levine.

Turn in [72] Blighted Last Rites, get [72] Let Them Not Rise!


1. Ride southwest to New Hearthglen.

Kill Scarlet Onslaught mobs, loot them and then:

h74img12.jpg Target their corpse use the Container of Rats.

Also look for Weapon Racks and Armor Racks.


2. Once you’re done with all 3 quests, ride back to Venomspite.

Turn in:

  • [72] Let Them Not Rise!
  • [72] Wanted: The Scarlet Onslaught
  • [72] Materiel Plunder

Get [72] Fresh Remounts from Hansel Bauer
Get [72] Stealing from the Siegesmiths from Deathguard Molder.

Go to the eastern gate and climb on a Forsaken Blight Spreader.


1. Follow the road east until you reach the crossing at (86,58). From there shoot the scourge north of you until you have 30 kills.

==Tip== Zoom out your camera view to the max, hold your mouse right-click and aim with the mouse.

2. unmounticon.jpg Leave the vehicle.

Just a few paces east of the crossing you should find Dawn’s Reach (87,57). Get [74] The Call Of The Crusade from Tilda Darathan.

3. Go north/slightly northwest to the keep in ruins in the middle of the Carion Fields (86,47). Inside you’ll find Turgid the Vile.

a72image10.jpg Target him and right-click the Seeds of Nature’s Wrath.

Kill him.

Now look for Siegesmith Bombs in this building.


Loot 6 of them. There are more bombs in the other buildings across the Carrion Fields, but this is the best spot.

4. Ride back to Venomspite.

Turn in:

  • [72] Spread the Good Word, get [72] The Forsaken Blight
  • [72] Stealing from the Siegesmiths, get [72] Bombard the Ballistae


  • [72] A Means to an End from Apothecary Vicky Levine
  • [72] No Mercy for the Captured and [72] Need to Know from Spy Mistress Repine on the upper floor of this building

Fly to Agmar’s Hammer.

Go a little southwest in the village and turn in [72] The Forsaken Blight at Doctor Sintar Malefious.

Go to Overlord Agmar and get [73] The Kor’kron Vanguard!


1. Mount up, follow the dots to Kor’kron Vanguard (44,20).

2. Go northwest to Saurfang the Younger (41,18).

Turn in [73] The Kor’kron Vanguard! and get [74] Audience With The Dragon Queen.

3. Go east to the flightmaster (44,17).

Fly to Wyrmrest Temple.

Ask Tariolastrasz to send you to the top floor.

[74] Audience With The Dragon Queen, get [74] Galakrond and the Scourge.

Turn in [74] Galakrond and the Scourge at Torastrasza and get [74] On Ruby Wings.

a72image15.jpg Right-click the Ruby Beacon of the Dragon Queen.

Wyrmrest Vanquisher will fly down to you. Right-click it to climb it.

Now things get fun. See, you can use this Wyrmrest Vanquisher everywhere in the Dragon Wastes, which means we basically have a flying mount for a big chunk of the map, and we’re going to make the most of it. Just remember to always fly low, so that you don’t die if the drake decides to drop you off without a warning and without a parachute (I learned the hard way :p).

==Warning== Don’t turn in the quest [74] On Ruby Wings until I tell you to, or you won’t be able to summon the drake anymore.

4. Summon your Wyrmrest Vanquisher, fly north to Galakrond’s Rest (56,35).

Go down in the pit and use Ability #1 and Ability #2 to kill Wastes Scavengers.
Whenever your drake needs mana or healing, use Ability #3 while being close to a Wastes Scavenger.

Kill 30 Wastes Scavenger that way.

==Note== Before we go kill Grand Necrolord Antiok, equip your PvP trinket if you got one with you, because he casts a 10 second fear, quite annoying and it can potentially get you killed.

Then go to the peak at the northwestern tip of Galakron’s Rest, kill the big giant called Thiassi and then land next to his corpse and dismount. Get ready to fight Grand Necrolord Antiok, a level 75 warlock.

After he dies, the Scythe of Antiok will appear on the floor.


Loot it.

Summon your Wyrmrest Vanquisher again and fly away before the giant respawns.


1. Fly west/southwest to Dragon’s Fall where you’ll find Kontokanis (47,33).

Dismount, get [73] Pest Control.

==Note== While you’re here, try to see if there’s any group up for killing Dreadtalon for the quest [74] Wanted: Dreadtalon. He’s really close so might as well kill two birds with one stone. Some classes reported being able to solo it, but I wouldn’t risk it, duo’ing is already much more realistic. 3+ is best.

2. Go east until you’re back in the Dragon Wastes. Summon your Wyrmrest Vanquisher.

Fly to the Snowbold Camp just south of Galakrond’s Rest (55,41).

Kill all the Snobolds and Magnataurs you can find here.

Also look in the skies for a Reanimated Frost Wyrm.

a72image10.jpg Target it and right-click the Seeds of Nature’s Wrath, then kill it.

3. Summon your drake. Fly south to another Snobold / Magnataur camp (56,52).

Kill them all and you should be done with [73] Pest Control. If you aren’t, just look for other snowbold camps, there are many around here and they are easy to spot.

Once you’re done, summon your drake and fly back to Dragon’s Fall.
Dismount the drake and get on your normal mount before you turn in the quest.

Turn in [73] Pest Control, get the follow up [73] Canyon Chase.

4. Chase the fleeing snowbolds into the canyon.

You’ll run into a magnataur called Icefist.

Kill him and loot the Emblazoned Battle Horn.

a72image14.jpg Right-click it to start [73] Disturbing Implications.

Go back to Dragon’s Fall, turn in [73] Canyon Chase.

Enter the Dragon Wastes, summon the drake, fly to Wyrmrest Temple‘s ground floor.

Turn in [73] Disturbing Implications, get [73] One of a Kind from Aurastrasza.


1. Fly west to a canyon at (51,58). Look for Bonesunder, a magnataur who patrols the ledge above this canyon, going in between the above location and the azure dragonshrine.

He’s elite and immune to all forms of cc but he only has 21K HP and doesn’t hit too hard as long as you avoid his Bone Crack ability, so just burn him down quickly and you should be fine, use cooldowns and potions if needed.

The only dangerous ability he has is Bone Crack. When he casts that, run away quickly and it won’t hit you.

Loot the Emblazoned Battle Horn.

2. Summon your drake again and fly back to Wyrmrest Temple, turn in [73] One of a Kind, get the follow up [73] Mighty Magnataur.

3. Summon your drake, fly northeast to (68,41), there you’ll find a named magnataur called Drakegore, he patrols up and down around this spot.

He’s elite but soloable, doesn’t hit too hard, can be snared, stunned, feared, rooted. He also has an aura which does 300 fire damage to enemies in his melee range, nothing too bad.

4. Ride south to (67,50). There you’ll find another named magnataur, Iceshatter. He roams around the frozen lake in this area.

He’s more tricky to kill than the previous one. He’s immune to movement impairing effects so clothies might have a little bit of trouble, however he doesn’t much hit points so you can burn him down before he kills you.

He periodically casts Pulsing Shards. This is very dangerous and can’t be interrupted. Either run away while he channels it or use something like cloak of shadows, divine shield, ice block.

I personally had no troubles soloing it with my frost mage wearing only quest greens. I sent my water elemental first and let him tank as much as possible, used icy veins and a trinket and burned him down as fast as possible.

After you’ve killed Iceshatter, in the frozen lake just a few steps south you should find Ice Revenants.

frostgem.jpg Beat one down to 35% HP and then right-click the Frost Gem.

5. Go back to the Dragon Wastes, summon your drake and fly south to (67,70). There you should find another magnataur called Bloodfeast.

That one is also tricky, immune to all forms of cc. He summons maggots which heal him up. The maggots are immune to AoE abilities, so you’d have to target them and kill them one by one (they got 1000HP). By the time you’d be done with that, he’d summon another round of maggots. So here is the strategy: Ignore the maggots, burn him down as fast as you can.

Worked just fine for me even with characters wearing quest greens.

Summon the drake, fly back to Wyrmrest Temple. Turn in [73] Mighty Magnataur, get [74] Reclusive Runemaster.

Sell junk, repair and re-stock food/drink.

Now we’re all set for most of the group quests of Dragonblight. These can’t be soloed by most classes, so look for a group while you keep on following the guide.

Here’s a list of the quests you need to find a group for:

  • [74] The Plume of Alystros
  • [74] Wanted: Dreadtalon
  • [74] Wanted: Gigantaur
  • [74] Wanted: Magister Keldonus
  • [74] Reclusive Runemaster

Once you finish [74] Reclusive Runemaster (defeat Dreg’mar, get the follow up [74] Wanton Warlord (kill Grom’thar) and also look for a group for it.
Once you finish all 3 wanted quests, get the follow up [75] To Dragon’s Fall, also look for a group for it.

Here is a map showing the location of all those objectives.


You can get there quickly thanks to your Wyrmrest Vanquisher, so just keep on following the guide normally and whenever you find a group for one of the above quests, summon your drake and fly there!


1. Summon your drake. Fly east to New Hearthglen. Dismount.

Clear the way to Deathguard Schneider, located behind the gallows in a cage at (71,72).

Talk to her, click the first text option and kill her.

2. Go west to the Barracks (70, 72). Enter then go right, left, left, and on the table to the right you’ll find the Scarlet Onslaught Daily Orders: Barracks.


Loot them.

3. Get out. Go southeast to the Abbey (72,73). Go to the last room of the northeastern wing of the building and you’ll find the Scarlet Onslaught Daily Orders: Abbey.

4. Get out of the abbey, turn right and go a few steps northeast until you find Chancellor Amai (72,73). Talk to him, click the first text and kill him.

5. Go to the other side of the abbey and you’ll find Engineer Burke (73,74). Talk to him, 1st text option, kill him.

6. A few steps southeast of Engineer Burke you should find a Ballista (73,75).

h74img18.jpg Right-click the Siegesmith Bombs and aim for the Ballista to destroy it.

==Note== From now on, destroy any Ballista you see until you’ve destroyed 5.


1. Follow the path down to the beach. You should see two tents on your right-hand side (72,80).

There you’ll find the Scarlet Onslaught Daily Orders: Beach.

2. Clear yourself a path west along the beach, destroy Ballistas on the way.

Take the path going back up on the other side of the beach at (69,78).

3. Once up there go northeast to the lumbermill (68,74). Go to the very center of the building.

h74img19.jpg Right-click the Levine Family Termites and left-click on the floor.

Kill Foreman Kaleiki.

4. A few steps northeast of the lumbermill you’ll find Senior Scrivener Barriga (69,74). Talk to him, 1st text option, kill him.

5. Go back to the entrance of New Hearthglen and destroy the Ballistas there. You should be done with the ballista quest. If not, go back inside and destroy some more.

6. Look for an Onslaught Knight, make sure you target the knight and not the horse.

Kill the knight and loot an Onslaught Riding Crop.

h74img20.jpg Target the horse and right-click the Onslaught Riding Crop.

Ride back to Hansel Bauer at Venomspite and use Ability #1 to deliver the horse.

==Note== We’ll deliver the other two horses in the next circuits, so don’t worry about it.

Turn in:

  • [72] Bombard the Ballistae
  • [72] A Means to an End, get [72] Fire Upon the Waters
  • [72] No Mercy for the Captured, get [72] Torture the Torturer
  • [72] Need to Know, get [72] The Spy in New Hearthglen

1. Ride back to New Hearthglen, go to the barracks (70,72).

Go down to the basement, where you’ll find Torturer LeCraft.

h74img21.jpg Target him and right-click the High Execturor’s Branding Iron 5 times on him, then kill him.

Loot the Torturer’s Rod off him.

h74img22.jpg Right-click it to start [72] The Rod of Compulsion.

2. Get out. Go southeast to the graveyard behind the abbey, there you’ll find Agent Skully (74,73).

Turn in [72] The Spy in New Hearthglen, get [72] Without a Prayer.

3. Go southwest to the little chapel infront of the lumbermill (69,76).

Kill Bishop Street, loot Bishop Street’s Prayer Book.

Go back to Agent Skully, turn in [72] Without a Prayer, get [72] The Perfect Dissemblance.

Go look for an Onslaught Raven Priest.

h74img23.jpg Target him and right-click the Banshee’s Magic Mirror, then kill him.


1. Go back to Agent Skully.


Turn in [72] The Perfect Dissemblance, get [73] A Fall From Grace.

2. Go to the abbey and enter it.

Turn right and go a few steps further to enter the main hall, locate the stairs on your left-hand side.

Take those spiraling stairs all the way up to the top.

You’ll find the Abbey Bell Rope.


Right-click it.

Go down the stairs, turn left and go to the end of the southeastern wing. Talk to High Abbot Landgren (73,74). Go through his text.

Get out of the abbey and High Abbot Landgren will show up. Follow him until he jumps off a cliff.

3. Ride all the way down to the docks, you will lose the disguise there but it’s ok, just clear the way to the western docks.

Stand next to the plank leading to the boat (71,83).

h74img25.jpg Right-click the Apothecary’s Burning Water and aim for the ship’s sails. This will distract the deckhands 2 minutes.

Quickly go on the ship, go downstairs, turn right and right again then go to the captain’s cabin.

Kill Captain Shely and loot Captain Shely’s Rutters.

Get out quickly.

4. Go back to Agent Skully, turn in [73] A Fall From Grace, get [72] The Truth Will Out.

5. Go southwest to the house behind the chapel where we killed Bishop Street earlier (68,77).

Go to the upper floor and loot the Diary of High General Abbendis.


6. Go kill a knight and steal a horse (like we did earlier).

Ride back to Hansel Bauer at Venomspite and use Ability #1 to deliver the horse.

Turn in:

  • [72] Fire Upon the Waters
  • [72] Torture the Torturer
  • [72] The Rod of Compulsion, get [72] The Denouncement
  • [72] The Truth Will Out, get [73] Do Unto Others

[73] Do Unto Others is another optional elite quest nearby. This quest requires you to kill High General Abbendis:

  • Level 72 Elite Humanoid
  • Immune to movement impairing effects, fear, etc
  • HPs: 96,000
  • Hits for ~3k on clothies

You’ll most likely need a tank and a healer for this one.

She can be found in the big cathedral in New Hearthglen (70,76). There’s a level 80 elite next to her but he doesn’t add if you pull Abbendis, so don’t worry about it.

If you can’t do this quest, just proceed with the guide and keep on looking for help regularly for both all those group quests, you can easily get there anyway with your Wyrmrest Vanquisher.
Please note that this quest has no follow up, so it doesn’t matter if you do it now or later.

Sell junk, repair and re-stock food/drink.


1. Go back to New Hearthglen. Go to the forge, it’s the first building on the your right-hand side (71,70).

h74img22.jpg Attack Blacksmith Goodman and right-click the Rod of Compulsion before you kill him.

Once he has the “Compelled” debuff, finish him and he’ll shout something and you’ll get a quest update.

2. Go to the barracks. Go to the upper floor and find the main room.

Attack Commander Jordan and use the Rod of Compulsion before you kill him.

3. Go to the stables southwest (68,75).

Attack Stable Master Mercer and use the Rod of Compulsion before you kill him.

4. Go behind the big cathedral, there is a narrow path taking you to the other side (as shown on my map).

Take the path going down towards the beach and midway turn left at the cannon platform (73,78).

Attack Lead Cannoneer Zierhut and use the Rod of Compulsion before you kill him.

5. Go kill a knight and steal a horse (like we did earlier).

Ride back to Hansel Bauer at Venomspite and use Ability #1 to deliver the horse.

Turn in:

  • [72] Fresh Remounts
  • [72] The Denouncement
  • [73] Do Unto Others (if you did it)

Fly to Wyrmrest Temple.


1. Summon your Wyrmrest Vanquisher. Fly northwest to Vargastrasz (43,51). Your drake should give you just enough time to reach him before you get dismounted.

Turn in [74] Report to the Ruby Dragonshrine, get [74] Heated Battle.

Very easy quest, you simply have to go down in the canyon and help the Horde forces to kill what’s on the list for your quest. You just have to do a little bit of damage on every mob to get the kill credit. Just stay behind the NPCs and you’ll be fine.

Go back to Vargastrasz, turn in [74] Heated Battle, get [74] Return to the Earth.

2. Ride around the crater and enter through the southern canyon (47,53). We’re gonna do 2 things at the same time here:

-Look for Duke Vallenhal.


He patrols full circles around the tree, so he’ll stop by this area soon or later while you do the other thing.

h74img28.jpg Beat him down to 35% HP and right-click the Unholy Gem.

-Look for a Ruby Acorn.


Loot it.

Look for a Ruby Keeper (those dead dragons in flames).

a74img20.jpg Target it and right-click the Ruby Acorn.

Repeat this step 6 times.

Go back up the southern canyon and ride back to Vargastrasz. Turn in [74] Return to the Earth, get [75] Through Fields of Flame.

3. Ride back to the southern canyon and go north towards the huge tree in the middle of the dragonshrine. The entrance is on the southeastern side of the tree at the bottom of it (48,50).

Inside you’ll find Daliah Suntouch. Kill her. Loot the Ruby Brooch.

a74img21.jpg Right-click the Ruby Brooch, get the quest [75] The Fate of the Ruby Dragonshrine.

In the same cave you should find the Ruby Lilac.


Loot it.

Now kill 6 Frigid Necromancers, they can be found all around the tree.

Go back to Vargastrasz.

Turn in [75] Through Fields of Flame, get [75] The Steward of Wyrmrest Temple.

Mount up, ride northwest to Agmar’s Hammer.

Turn in:

  • [73] In Service of Frost
  • [73] In Service of Unholy, get [73] The Power to Destroy

Kill 6 Shadowy Tormentors.

When done, cancel the “World of Shadows” buff.

Turn in [73] The Power to Destroy, get [73] The Translated Tome.

Go to Captain Gort, turn in [73] The Translated Tome and any Wanted: Quests you might have completed.

Turn in [73] In Search of the Ruby Lilac, get [73] Return to Soar
Turn in [73] Return to Soar at Soar Hawkfury at the stables outside the gates.

Get the follow up [73] Where the Wild Things Roam.

Sell junk, repair and re-stock food/drink.


1. Look for Snowfall Elks and Artic Grizzlies. They can be found in the area east and south of Agmar’s Hammer, as shown on my map.

h74img30.jpg Put the Pack of Vaccine on an action bar and throw it like a grenade at them.

Innoculate 5 Grizzlies and 5 Elks that way.

Go back to Agmar’s Hammer, turn in [73] Where the Wild Things Roam.

2. Fly to Kor’kron Vanguard.

3. Ride southeast until you’re in the Dragon Wastes. Summon your drake and fly east to (48,24).

There you should find a Nozzlerust Supply Runner, get his quest [74] Return to Sender.

4. Fly east to Nozzlerust Post (55,24). Turn in [74] Return to Sender, get [74] Stocking Up. Also get the two other quests:

  • [74] Shaved Ice
  • [74] Nozzlerust Defense

1. Go south back to the Dragon Wastes, summon your drake.

Fly southwest to a digsite just west of Galakron’s Rest (52,31).

unmounticon.jpg Click the Leave Vehicle Button.

Kill everything in the camp and look for Composite Ore.


2. Once you’ve looted all the composite ore from this spot, go northeast to the next digsite (57,28). Kill everything and loot all the ore there.

You should normally be done with [74] Stocking Up and [74] Nozzlerust Defense.

If not, there’s another digsite just southeast of this one.

3. Summon the Drake again, fly northwest to Coldwind Heights (54,20). Kill Crystalline Ice Elementals until you’ve looted 4 Iceshard Cluster.

4. Go south unil you’re back in the Dragon Wastes, summon the drake, fly east to Nozzlerust Post. Turn in:

  • [74] Stocking Up
  • [74] Nozzlerust Defense
  • [74] Shaved Ice, get [74] Soft Packaging

5. Go to the area southwest of Nozzlerust Post (53,25).
Kill Jormugar Tunnelers and Dragonbone Condors until you’ve looted 12 Thin Animal Hide.

Go back to Nozzlerust Post, turn in [74] Soft Packaging, get [74] Something That Doesn’t Melt.
Also get [74] Hard to Swallow from Xink.


1. Go to the area east of Nozzlerust post and go to the dragon skull at (57,24).

Look for a Splintered Bone Chunk around this skull. They look like this:


Right-click them and loot them.

Also, while in this area, look for a Hulking Jormungar. Bring it down to 80% HP and a message will appear:


a74img24.jpg Right-click the Potent Explosive Charges.

This will blow up the Hulking Jormungar and a lot of meat will fly all around its corpse. Loot 6 Seared Jormungar Meat.

2. Go to the big dragon skeletons southeast of here (60,27). Loot all the Splintered Bone Chunks you can find around it.

3. Go to the next dragon skeleton further east (63,28). Loot all the Splintered Bone Chunks you can find around it.

4. Now just revisit the previous steps until you have 12 Splintered Bone Chunks.

Once you’re done, summon your drake and fly back to Nozzlerust Post, turn in:

  • [74] Something That Doesn’t Melt
  • [74] Hard to Swallow


  • [74] Harp on This!
  • [74] Lumber Hack

1. Go northwest to Coldwind Heights again.

a74img25.jpg Right-click Xink’s Shredder Control Device.

Right-click the shredder to take control of it.

Go westwards while doing the following two things:

  • Kill harpies on your way (Use Ability #1 and #2 – Also use Ability #4 whenever your shredder lacks 5000 HP or more)
  • Look for trees with a cross:a74img26.jpg

Use Ability #6 while standing close to them.

Ability #3 is just a 10 sec run speed boost, use it at will.

2. Keep going west and then northwest and you’ll find the Mistress of the Coldwind (45,10).
She’s elite but it’s no problem for you and your shredder.

==Note== Should your shredder get destroyed, you can re-summon one again.

Once you’ve killed the Mistress of the Coldwind, finish gathering lumber and killing harpies until you finish both quests.

3. Ride back to Nozzlerust Post, turn in:

  • [74] Harp on This!
  • [74] Lumber Hack

Get [74] Stiff Negotiations.

4. Go east until you enter the Dragon Wastes, summon your Wyrmrest Vanquisher, fly northeast to Zort (59,18). Easy to spot thanks to the yellow “?” on your minimap. Don’t worry about the warning message you get when you get out of the Dragon Wastes, you should have more than enough time to land next to Zort before your drake drops you.

Turn in [74] Stiff Negotiations, get [74] Slim Pickings.

5. Follow the trail north while avoiding the elite giants and then go northwest to the Ice Heart Cavern, inside the cave you’ll find a Ravaged Crystalline Ice Giant (56,12) close to the entrance.


Right-click it to get a Sample of Rock Flesh.

Get out of the cave, ride back to Zort.

Turn in [74] Slim Pickings, get [74] Messy Business.
Also get [74] Stomping Grounds from Ko’char the Unbreakable.

No map needed for this circuit.

1. Go back to the Ice Heart Cave.

a74img28.jpg Put Zort’s Scraper on an action bar.

Kill Ice Heart Jormungar Feeders and use Zort’s Scraper whenever they cast Corosive Spit on you, this will remove the dot and prevent a lot of damage, and it will also complete the other quest.

Kill 8 Ice Heart Jormungar Feeders and remove the Corosive Acid twice, then ride back to Zort.

Turn in:

  • [74] Messy Business, get [74] Apply This Twice A Day
  • [74] Stomping Grounds
  • [74] Apply This Twice A Day


  • [74] Really Big Worm
  • [74] Worm Wrangler

[74] Really Big Worm cannot be soloed by most classes. The mob you have to kill, Rattlebore, is at the very end of the Ice Heart Cave. So just add this to your list of group quests and shout for a group regularly.

Rattlebore stats:

  • 72,000 HP
  • Hits for 2K on clothies
  • Immune to all forms of cc

Don’t forget to drink Zort’s Protective Elixir before you fight him, it will make things easier.

I recommend going there with 3 players to make it easier, including a tank type and a healer type.

Anyway, just add this quest to your list of group quests to do in Dragonblight, keep looking for a group for it regularly and continue with the guide in the mean time.

When you find a group for it, don’t forget to do the other quest on the way while you’re in the caves. It’s quite easy, all you have to do is get close to a Jormungar Spawn and then:

a74img29.jpg Use the Sturdy Crates on it.

Then just right-click the crate on the floor. Repeat this 3 times. Can easily be done while clearing the way to Rattlebore.

Once you’ve finished those two quests, go back to Zort and turn in:

  • [74] Really Big Worm
  • [74] Worm Wrangler


1. Follow the trail southwest until you’re back in the Dragon Wastes. Summon your Wyrmrest Vanquisher.

Fly to the Obsidian Dragonshrine towards the cave.

You’ll find Serinar inside the cave called the Maw of Neltharion (35,30).

Turn in [74] The Obsidian Dragonshrine, get:

  • [74] No One to Save You
  • [74] No Place to Run

2. Clear the way out of the Obsidian Dragonshrine, until the point where the path becomes snowy again (42,32).

Get back to full HP/mana.

a74img30.jpg Right-click the Destructive Wards.

Defend the ward until you get the complete message.

Kill what you still need for [74] No One to Save You and go back to Serinar. Turn in:

  • [74] No One to Save You
  • [74] No Place to Run, get [74] The Best of Intentions

3. Serinar will give you a disguise.

Go west through the cave until you find Rothin the Decayed. You’ll get the complete message, then go back to Serinar.

==Note== If you lose the disguise, go back to Serinar and talk to him for a new one.

Turn in [74] The Best of Intentions, get:

  • [74] Culling the Damned
  • [74] Defiling the Defilers

4. Clear the way west towards the end of the cave while looking for Necromantic Runes.


Right-click them to destroy them.

Kill what you need for [74] Culling the Damned.

Go back to Serinar. Turn in:

  • [74] Culling the Damned
  • [74] Defiling the Defilers, get [75] Neltharion’s Flame

5. Go west back to Rothin the Decayed at the end of the cave.

a74img32.jpg Right-click Neltharion’s Flame.

Kill Rothin the Decayed.

Go back to Serinar, turn in [75] Neltharion’s Flame, get [74] Tales of Destruction.

You should be level 75 by now.

Level 75


1. Get out of the cave, ride out of the Obsidian Dragonshrine and go northeast until you’re back in the Dragon Wastes. Summon your Wyrmrest Vanquisher.

2. Fly a long way east towards Light’s Trust (84,26), until your drake dismounts you.

Turn in [74] The Call Of The Crusade, get [74] The Cleansing of Jintha’kalar.

3. Go northeast to Jintha’kalar (88,20). Kill every Scourge mob on your way.

4. Find Overseer Deathgaze (90,19) at the eastern tip of this camp.

a72image10.jpg Target him and right-click the Seeds of Nature’s Wrath.

Kill him.

Kill stuff in the area until you have 15 Scourge kills.

Go back to Light’s Trust, turn in [74] The Cleansing of Jintha’kalar, get [75] Into the Breach!


1. Follow the road west and then go southwest to the Bronze Dragonshrine (72,38). We’re about to trigger an event where you’ll help your “Future You” to defeat waves of dragons.

Just let your Future You tank and kill things one at a time to be safe. If you die it doesn’t matter, just run back. Your “Future You” will finish the event, you’ll get the quest complete message.

a72image11.jpg Right-click the Hourglass of Eternity from your inventory to start the event.

2. Go west and get back to the Dragon Wastes. Summon your drake.

Fly to Wyrmrest Temple.

==Warning== We’re about to turn in the quest [74] On Ruby Wings. That means we won’t be able to summon the Wyrmrest Vanquisher to travel anymore. So if you still have some of the group quests unfinished, try to do them now!

Summon your drake. Go to Tariolstrasz on the western side of the temple. Turn in [75] The Steward of Wyrmrest Temple, get [75] Informing the Queen.

Summon your drake and fly to the top floor, where Alexstrasza is. Turn in:

  • [74] That Which Creates Can Also Destroy
  • [74] Tales of Destruction
  • [75] Mystery of the Infinite
  • [75] The Fate of the Ruby Dragonshrine
  • [75] Informing the Queen, get [74] Report to Lord Afrasastrasz
  • [74] On Ruby Wings, get [74] Return To Angrathar

Ask Torastrasza to fly you down to the middle floor.

Turn in [74] Report to Lord Afrasastrasz, get [74] Defending Wyrmrest Temple.

Go on the balcony and talk to a Wyrmrest Defender, click on the text and you’ll ride it.

  • Ability #1: Direct damage, use everytime it’s up.
  • Ability #2: DoT. Use it once at the start of a fight.
  • Ability #3: Self heal
  • Ability #4: Use it to escape when you get attacked by several dragons at the same time
  • Ability #5: Go inside the big beam in the Azure Dragonshrine and use it once.

Fun quest, kill dragons. Not much else to say, it’s rather easy, just escape and heal up if things get dangerous.

This is a daily quest by the way, and you get an achievement if you finish it in under 2 minutes.

When done, go back to Lord Afrasastrasz and turn in [74] Defending Wyrmrest Temple.

Ask him to fly you back to the ground level.

Go to the flightmaster and fly to Kor’kron Vanguard.

Go to Saurfang the Younger, turn in [74] Return To Angrathar.

Enjoy the super cool cinematic.

Mount up, ride to the Wrathgate (38,19). If you want to watch the cinematic again, you can talk to Alexstrasza and click on the text.

Get the quest [74] Darkness Stirs.

Loot the Armor of Saurfang, it is on the ground right infront of Alexstrasza. It’s quite small so zoom in and look thoroughly.

Go back to Kor’kron Vanguard. Fly to Warsong Hold, Borean Tundra.

Go to High Overlord Saurfang, turn in [74] Darkness Stirs, get [74] Herald of War.

He’ll open a portal to Orgrimmar for you, take it.

Go to Thrall‘s Chamber and turn in [74] Herald of War, get [74] A Life Without Regret. You can watch the script between Thrall and Jaina if you want, it’s not mandatory though.

Take the portal to the Undercity.

Turn in [74] A Life Without Regret at Vol’jin, get [74] The Battle For The Undercity.


Talk to Thrall, tell him you’re ready. Or if someone else already started the event, just stand by Thrall until it starts.

Now all you have to do is follow Thrall and Sylvannas through this amazing quest. You’re pretty much unkillable thanks to the auras you get from Thrall and Sylvannas, but don’t be too reckless though. Have fun and help them fight till the end of the event.

At the end of the script, turn in [74] The Battle For The Undercity.

This will teleport you to the zeppelin pad.

While you’re here, you can go train your new skills, visit the AH, etc.

Once you’re ready to go again, go take the zeppelin to Borean Tundra and fly to Venomspite, Dragonblight.

Try a last time to get a group for the group quests of Dragonblight, if you don’t find one, just abandon those groups quests now, we are done with Dragonblight. You can come back here at level 80 to finish those group quests.

This guide ends here, time to go to go to Grizzly Hills.

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