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WoW TBC Classic Horde 60-70 Leveling Guide: 63-65 Terokkar Forest

Cenarion Thicket

01) Go SE to the Cenarion Thicket and on the main path turn in “What’s Wrong at Cenarion Thicket?” 44.26.  Accept “Strange Energy” and “Clues in the Thicket“.
02) Find Warden Treelos /target wondering around the paths at the Cenarion Thicket next to you around 44.22 and accept “It’s Watching You!“.  
TIP: Look for the exclamation mark on minimap if you can’t find him!
03) Do “Strange Energy“: kill/loot Vicious Teromoths (hostile mobs) in the immediate area around the Cenarion Thicket and Teromoths (neutral mobs), just south of the main path around 45.28.  Keep the next few steps in mind:
04) Up in the tower at Cenarion Thicket do “It’s Watching You!“: kill Naphthal’ar (up at 44.22).
05) Find Warden Treelos (#2 on map /target) wondering around the paths at the Cenarion Thicket and turn in “It’s Watching You!“.
06) In the middle of the Inn building at Cenarion Thicket do “Clues in the Thicket“: click on the Strange Object 45.22.
07) On the main path south at Cenarion Thicket turn in “Strange Energy” (44.26, #1 on map) and “Clues in the Thicket“.  Accept “By Any Means Necessary“.
08) On the main path running between Shattrath City and Tuurem find Empoor /target (he’s with a bodyguard) and do “By Any Means Necessary“: simply talk to him and then kill him.  Then at him turn this in and accept “Wind Trader Lathrai“.

Stonebreaker Hold

01) Go SE to Stonebreaker Hold and as you enter make a right and turn in “News from Zangarmarsh” 50.43.
02) Near you get the Flight Path from the Wind Rider Master /target 49.43.
03) Go in the Inn (the biggest building in the town) and talk to the Innkeeper 49.45 to make Stonebreaker Hold your new home.
04) Accept all quests at Stonebreaker Hold: In the Inn accept from Rokag (male orc, 49.45) “Stymying the Arakkoa” and “Surrender to the Horde“. And next to him from Advisor Faila (female blood elf) accept “Speak with Scout Neftis” and “Arakkoa War Path“. 
05) Inside the Inn on the other side, from Kurgatok (male orc, 49.46) accept “An Unwelcome Presence” and “Magical Disturbances“.
06) Straight outside of the Inn, accept from Rakoria (female orc, 50.45) “Olemba Seed Oil“.
07) Just behind you from the Wanted Poster, accept “Wanted: Bonelashers Dead!” 50.45.
08) Go in the SE hut in the town and accept “Vestments of the Wolf Spirit” 50.46.
09) NOTE:  Just outside of the hut, Exorcist Vaisha (female troll, 50.46) offers a PvP daily quest (“Spirits of Auchindoun“) that you can optionally do if you want, but my guide will not cover it.

Stonebreaker Camp

10) As you work your way east to Stonebreaker Camp (along with the rest of this section) start working on “Vestments of the Wolf Spirit” (kill/loot the Timber Worg Alphas), “Olemba Seed Oil” (pick up the white Olemba Cones) and “Magical Disturbances” (kill Warp Stalkers) /target.  All those are #16 on map.  At Stonebreaker Camp accept (under a tent) “What Happens in Terokkar Stays in Terokkar” 63.43.
11) Go south to Bonechewer Ruins around 66.51 and do “What Happens in Terokkar Stays in Terokkar” along with “An Unwelcome Presence“: kill 10 Bonechewer Devastators, 6 Backbreakers and 12 Warped Peons.
12) Back north at Stonebreaker Camp (under a tent, 63.43, #10 on map) turn in “An Unwelcome Presence” and “What Happens in Terokkar Stays in Terokkar“.  Accept “The Firewing Liaison“.
13) Back south at Bonechewer Ruins enter the barracks and do “The Firewing Liaison“: kill Lisaile Fireweaver 68.53.
14) Next to you in the barracks on the ground, click on the Fel Orc Plans scroll 68.54 and accept “An Unseen Hand“.
15) Back north at Stonebreaker Camp (under a tent, 63.43, #10 on map) turn in “The Firewing Liaison
16) All around the eastern side of Terokkar Forest finish “Vestments of the Wolf Spirit” (kill/loot the Timber Worg Alphas), “Olemba Seed Oil” (pick up 30 white Olemba Cones) and “Magical Disturbances” (kill 10 Warp Stalkers) /target.
17) Hearth to Stonebreaker Hold.
18) In the Inn, from Rokag (male orc, 49.45, #3 on map) turn in “An Unseen Hand
19) Inside the Inn on the other side, from Kurgatok (male orc, 49.46) turn in “Magical Disturbances“.
20) Straight outside of the Inn, from Rakoria (female orc, 50.45) turn in “Olemba Seed Oil“, accept “And Now, the Moment of Truth“.
21) Right behind you, in front of the Wanted Poster do “And Now, the Moment of Truth“: talk to Grek.
22) Back at Rakoria (female orc, 50.45) turn in “And Now, the Moment of Truth“.
23) Go in the SE hut in the town and turn in “Vestments of the Wolf Spirit” (50.46, #8 on map), accept “Patriarch Ironjaw“.

Grangol’var Village

01) Go west to Grangol’var Village and at Scout Neftis turn in “Speak with Scout Neftis” 39.44, accept “Who Are They?“.
02) Go north into Grangol’var Village and do “Who Are They?“. First make sure you got a disguise by talking to the quest giver (39.44 , #1 on map). You can’t use any abilities or you will lose the disguise. If you lose your disguise then go back to her to get a new one. While doing this quest stay away from the hostile Shadowy Hunters /target, they will see through your disguise and attack you (consider going into the village and killing these first before doing the quest). Then to do the quest, go talk to these 3 NPCs (they can respawn as different races/genders): Make sure your pet is dismissed and you have Aspect of the Cheetah on first before getting your disguise.
03) Talk to Shadowy Initiate /target (on the wood plank, 39.40).
04) Talk to Shadowy Laborer /target, the Laborer walks around and sometimes stops to hammer something around 38.40.
05) Talk to Shadowy Advisor /target (in the barracks, 40.39).
06) Back south in Grangol’var Village, at Scout Neftis and turn in “Who Are They?” (39.44, #1 on map), accept “Kill the Shadow Council!“.
07) Back north at Grangol’var Village do “Kill the Shadow Council!“: kill 10 Shadowy Executioners, 10 Summoners, and kill Shadowmaster Grieve (male orc in the barracks at 40.39, which is actually #5 on map).

Shattrath City

01) Head NW into Shattrath City, take the bridge entrance 35.26 and from Haggard War Veteran /target who patrols around on the bridge, accept “A’dal“.
02) Make a right at the end of the bridge then stop at the Flight Master /target 64.41 to get the Flight Path.
03) Directly in the middle of the city, from A’dal (brightly glowing), turn in “A’dal” 54.45.
04) Next to you accept and do the escort “City of Light“: simply follow Khadgar’s Servant /target around the city.  NOTES:  This escort literally takes 9 minutes to do.  If you are in an absolute hurry to 70 then I would skip this quest as it wastes too much time.  However if you are just playing casually, then I would do it.  This has to be done if you want to further advance with the Scryers or Aldors, and to receive further quests from those factions.  If you skip this quest, then some of the future quests listed in this guide will not be available.  If you did it then turn it in at 55.44 , accept/complete (for the sake of this guide) “Allegiance to the Scryers“.  Accept “Voren’thal the Seer“.  
NOTE:  You can choose which ever faction you want to part with, but my guide will focus on Scryers.
05) North in the city, turn in “Surrender to the Horde” 52.21, accept “The Eyes of Skettis“.
06) NE a bit in the city, accept “Rather Be Fishin’” 64.15.
07) East a bit turn in “Wind Trader Lathrai” 72.31, accept “A Personal Favor“.
08) Leave the city, take the NE exit 76.11..


01) NE at Silmyr Lake (around 39.12 in Terokkar Forest) do “Rather Be Fishin’“: kill/loot Shimmerscale Eels in the water.
02) Go south to Veil Skith and do part of “Stymying the Arakkoa“: kill Urdak /target, he wonders up around on the tree platforms, (ramp entrance at 30.43).  Keep the next step in mind:
03) Before leaving Veil Skith make sure “A Personal Favor” is finished by kill/looting the Skithian mobs.
04) NOTE: Make sure you save your Arakkoa feathers, 30 of them will be used for a later quest, and you do NOT need to grind here till you get 30, since you will most likely get the rest from the other quests later dealing with these mobs as well. Also make sure you do not accidentally sell them to a vendor!
05) Go back north into Shattrath City (entrance at 36.31 in Terokkar Forest).
06) On the NE side in the city turn in “A Personal Favor” 72.31, accept “Investigate Tuurem“.
07) North in the city turn in “Rather Be Fishin’” 64.15.
08) Leave the city and go east to Veil Reskk (Terokkar Forest) and take the ramp up to get to the tree platforms (ramp starts at 50.16)..
09) Up at the tree platforms do part of “Stymying the Arakkoa“: kill Ashkaz /target around 49.17.
10) Do part of “The Eyes of Skettis“: loot the Eye of Veil Reskk (at the top of the tree platform, 50.19).
11) Go east to Veil Shienor and enter the tree ramp (inside the big tree, 60.25)..
12) Up on the tree platform finish “The Eyes of Skettis“: loot the Eye of Veil Shienor 58.23 .
13) Go back down and finish “Stymying the Arakkoa“: kill Ayit /target (in the hut, 59.23).
14) Make sure “Arakkoa War Path” is finished by killing the required amount of Shienor mobs around the immediate area.
15) Go SW a bit to Tuurem and do “Investigate Tuurem“: loot the Sealed Box 54.30.  There is a greenish glow coming from it.
16) Go west and on the main path south at Cenarion Thicket turn in “Investigate Tuurem” 44.26.  Accept “What Are These Things“.
17) Go west into the northern part of Shattrath City and turn in “The Eyes of Skettis” (53.21 in Shattrath City), accept “Seek Out Kirrik“.

01) Hearth to Stonebreaker Hold.
02) In the Inn, from Rokag (male orc, 49.45) turn in “Stymying the Arakkoa“.
03) Next to you from Advisor Faila (female blood elf) turn in “Kill the Shadow Council!” and “Arakkoa War Path“.
04) Outside of the Inn, in front of a hut, turn in “What Are These Things” 50.46, accept “Report to Stonebreaker Camp“.
05) Head east to Stonebreaker Camp and turn in “Report to Stonebreaker Camp” 63.43, accept “Attack on Firewing Point“.
06) NE of Stonebreaker Camp do “Patriarch Ironjaw“: kill/loot Ironjaw /target (this brown colored worg patrols around 68.34).
07) Work your way east to Firewing Point and accept and do the escort from the caged female night elf /target (in the lower part of a building, 74.35) “Escape from Firewing Point!“: escort her west out of Firewing Point.  
TIP:  Before accepting this escort it’s wise to clear the main path just outside of the building first to make this easier, as the escortee is very squishie.
08) Finish up “Attack on Firewing Point“: kill the required amount of Firewing mobs within Firewing Point.
09) SW at Stonebreaker Camp turn in “Attack on Firewing Point” (63.43, #5 on map), accept “The Final Code“.
10) Go back east to Firewing Point and do “The Final Code“: enter the eastern most building (entrance at 74.36, #7 on map). Then work your way up the ramp and click on the Orb of Translocation.  Once teleported, go to the top of the building and kill/loot Sharth Voldoun.
11) Go to the middle of Firewing Point and click on the Mana Bomb 71.37.  
NOTE: You will most likely have to kill some mobs around it first, but if you can, try to click on the bomb ASAP, it will kill all the mobs in the area.
12) NOTE:  If you find any Arcane Tomes, save them, you can use them later for quest turn ins. These drop from certain humanoid mobs throughout Outland.
13) Hearth (or run back) to Stonebreaker Hold.
14) In the Inn turn in “Escape from Firewing Point!” (49.45, #2 on map).
15) Outside of the Inn, in front of a hut, turn in “The Final Code” (50.46, #4 on map), accept “Letting Earthbinder Tavgren Know“.
16) In the hut next to you, turn in “Patriarch Ironjaw” 50.46, accept “Welcoming the Wolf Spirit“.
17) In the hut do “Welcoming the Wolf Spirit“: use the Ceremonial Incense quest item at the candles next to you. Once done, turn in “Welcoming the Wolf Spirit“.

For Hunters
17a) if you are using a pet that uses Bite (such as Ravagers or Cats) and if you are lvl 64 (or if you are close to it you can grind to it first) then we will work on upgrading to Bite Rank 9 (or you can do this step once you return to Stonebreaker Hold later at lvl 64). First go to the Stable Master 49.45 /target and stable your pet.
17b) Go just SW to The Bone Wastes and tame a lvl 64 Dreadfang Widow around 49.50 to obtain Bite Rank 9.
17c) Once you got Bite Rank 9 abandon the spider and then go to the Stable Master 49.45 /target at Stonebreaker Hold and get your main pet back out and teach him the new ability.

Refugee Caravan

01) Head west in The Bone Wastes to Refugee Caravan and turn in “Seek Out Kirrik” 37.51, accept “Veil Skith: Darkstone of Terokk“.
02) Accept all other quests at Refugee Caravan: “Missing Friends“, “The Infested Protectors” and “Before Darkness Falls“.
03) Go NW to Veil Skith and do “Missing Friends” along with “Veil Skith: Darkstone of Terokk“: kill/loot the Skithian arakkoa mobs to obtain keys, then use the keys to open the cages.  And use the Rod of Purification quest item at the Darkstone of Terokk 31.42.  
NOTE: There is 4 cages total: (2 down below 31.41 30.43) and (2 up in the tree houses with more kids in them 31.44 31.42).
04) Around the north and east in The bone Wastes do “The Infested Protectors” along with “Wanted: Bonelashers Dead!“: kill the Infested Root-Walkers (tree mobs), then kill the Wood Mites that spawn. And kill 20 Bonelashers.
05) Just south of Refugee Caravan around 40.56 do “Before Darkness Falls“: kill the required amount of Cabal mobs. While doing this quest you will find an item which starts “Cabal Orders“, accept it.
06) Back north at Refugee Caravan (around 38.51, #1 on map) turn in all quests and accept all new ones: Turn in “Veil Skith: Darkstone of Terokk“, “Missing Friends“, “The Infested Protectors“, “Before Darkness Falls” and “Cabal Orders” … Accept “The Shadow Tomb“, “Veil Rhaze: Unliving Evil“, “The Tomb of Lights” and “The Vengeful Harbinger“.

The Bone Wastes – Tombs

01) Go west then enter the Shadow Tomb (entrance at 31.53).
02) As you enter, keep going straight north in the tomb all the way to the very last room. Once you enter the last room make a left and see if Akuno /target 31.49 is there and accept and do the escort “Escaping the Tomb“: escort him out of the tomb.  
NOTE:  We try this first because he may not be there as others could be doing the quest.  If he’s not there we can try again later.
03) Inside the tomb do “The Shadow Tomb“: loot the 3 chests at the end of each room. In the western room, loot the chest for the Gavel of K’alen 30.52.
04) In the eastern room, loot the chest for the Drape of Arunen 32.51.
05) In the northern room, loot the chest for the Scroll of Atalor 31.47.
06) If you haven’t yet, you can see if Akuno /target (31.49, #2 on map) is at the northern tunnel to do the escort quest “Escaping the Tomb“, which leads out of the tunnel.
07) Outside of the tomb at the NW side of The Bone Wastes around 28.55 do “Veil Rhaze: Unliving Evil“: kill the required amount of undead arakkoa mobs.
08) Back east at Refugee Caravan 37.51 turn in all quests and accept new ones, Turn in “Veil Rhaze: Unliving Evil” , “The Shadow Tomb” and (if you did it) “Escaping the Tomb” … Accept “Veil Lithic: Preemptive Strike“.
09) Go east to the Tomb of Lights (around the outside of it around 47.56) and do “The Tomb of Lights“: kill the required amount of Ethereal mobs.  Keep the next step in mind:
10) GROUP 2+ Players: Inside the tomb (entrance at 47.55) do “The Vengeful Harbinger“: use the Draenei Tomb Relic quest item at the altar (east in the tomb 51.55), then kill several waves of mobs that come. Once done turn it in right there in the tomb.
11) West back at Refugee Caravan turn in “The Tomb of Lights” (37.51 , #8 on map).
12) North in Refugee Caravan accept “Recover the Bones” 37.50.

Sha’Tari Base Camp

01) NOTE: While continuing on with the next few sections, start working on “Recover the Bones” by looting the Restless Bones you see on the ground throughout The Bone Wastes:
02) Head SW in The Bone Wastes to Sha’Tari Base Camp and “Taken in the Night” 31.76.
03) Also accept “An Improper Burial“, “The Dread Relic” and “Digging Through Bones“.  
NOTE:  Accepting “Digging Through Bones” starts an escort quest immediately:
04) Do the easy escort “Digging Through Bones“: just follow the dwarves.
05) Turn in “Digging Through Bones” 31.76, accept “Fumping“.
06) Just east at The Bone Wastes (very close to the camp 32.77) do “Fumping“: keep using the Fumper quest item to kill/loot under ground worms. Do this close to the camp so the guards at the camp will help you kill the spawned mobs.
07) Back at the camp turn in “Fumping” 31.76, SKIP “The Big Bone Worm“.
08) Work your way east (starting around 32.75) and do “An Improper Burial“: use the Sha’tari Torch quest item on 8 Slain Auchenai Warriors /target and on 8 Slain Sha’tar Vindicators /target.
09) Go further east and do “The Dread Relic“: loot the Massive Treasure Chest 44.76. 
TIP:  After looting it, I would run away quick.
10) Go east a bit more and accept “For the Fallen” 50.76.
11) Just to the east of you at Netherweb Ridge around 52.78 do “For the Fallen” along with “Taken in the Night” Kill 20 Dreadfang Widows (spiders), and free the warriors by attacking the Netherweb Victims.

01) Back SE in The Bone Wastes, turn in “For the Fallen” 50.76, accept “Terokkarantula“.
02) SE in Netherweb Ridge try to do “Terokkarantula“: kill Terokkarantula /target (level 65 Elite spider, 54.82). I think with good skill most classes should be able to solo this?  If you can’t solo it, or find help, then it can be skipped.
03) Back SE in The Bone Wastes, turn in (if you did it) “Terokkarantula” (50.76, #1 on map), accept “Return to Sha’tari Base Camp“.
04) Go back west to Sha’tari Base Camp 31.76 and turn in “Taken in the Night” and (if you have it) “Return to Sha’tari Base Camp“.
05) Also turn in “An Improper Burial“, “The Dread Relic” … Accept “A Hero Is Needed” and “Evil Draws Near“.
06) Go east to Auchenai Grounds around 33.74 and do “A Hero Is Needed“: kill 12 Auchenai Initiates and 5 Doomsayers.
07) Back west at Sha’tari Base Camp turn in “A Hero Is Needed” (31.76, #4 on map), accept “The Fallen Exarch“.
08) Now make sure “Recover the Bones” is finished, by picking up the Restless Bones all around The Bone Wastes.
09) Go east into Auchindoun and do “The Fallen Exarch“: click on the Auchenai Coffin 36.66, then kill Reanimated Exarch that spawns.
10) Go down into Auchindoun and take the entrance with the two red fires at it at 37.66..
11) Go straight in a bit and then on your right from the child, accept “I See Dead Draenei” 35.65.
12) Across the room on the pile of bones, turn in “Recover the Bones” 35.66, accept “Helping the Lost Find Their Way“. And turn in “I See Dead Draenei“, accept “Ezekiel“.
13) Leave Auchindoun, then go SW to Sha’tari Base Camp and turn in “The Fallen Exarch” (31.76, #4 on map).

The Bone Wastes

01) Go west to Veil Lithic around 24.73 and do “Veil Lithic: Preemptive Strike“: click on the Cursed Eggs in the nests around the huts, if a mob comes out, kill it.  Keep doing this until the quest is complete.
02) Go east at The Bone Wastes around 32.71 and do part of “Helping the Lost Find Their Way“: kill 10 Lost Spirits (for now).  We will finish the Broken Skeletons later at a higher concentration of these mobs.
03) Go north to Refugee Caravan and turn in “Veil Lithic: Preemptive Strike” 37.51, accept “Veil Shalas: Signal Fires“.
04) Go east in The Bone Wastes around 49.62 and finish “Helping the Lost Find Their Way“: finishing killing all 10 of the Broken Skeletons you need.
05) GROUP (2+ players):  East in The Bone Wastes at Writhing Mound do “Evil Draws Near“: kill/loot the Auchenai mobs there to collect 20 Doom Skulls, then use the Dread Relic quest item at the purple summoning circle 49.67, then kill Teribus the Cursed (huge lvl 65 Elite skeleton dragon) when he spawns in. Try to save your group for the next step (if you can):
06) GROUP (or soloable?):  East at Veil Shalas see if you can accept and do “Skywing” (Escort quest, starts at 54.72 from Skywing /target). It leads you up and around the tree houses, and you have to fight an elite mob at the end, which can be challenging solo, if you can’t kill the elite guy, then the quest can be skipped or tried again later at a higher level. While doing this escort, you can do the following quest at the same time:
07) East at Veil Shalas do (along with the previous quest “Skywing” [if you can]) “Veil Shalas: Signal Fires“: click on the 4 Signal Fires up in the tree houses, here are the locations:
08) Click on Bloodstone Signal Fire 56.72.
09) Click on Violet Signal Fire 57.69.
10) Click on Emerald Signal Fire 55.70.
11) Click on Sapphire Signal Fire 55.67.
12) NOTE: Before you leave here, make sure you have at least 30 Arakkoa feathers (by killing the arakkoa mobs), so you will have enough for a later quest.
13) Turn in (if you did it) “Evil Draws Near” west at Sha’tari Base Camp 31.77.
14) North in The Bone Wastes at Refugee Caravan turn in “Veil Shalas: Signal Fires” (37.51, #3 on map), accept “Return to Shattrath“.
15) North in Refugee Caravan turn in “Helping the Lost Find Their Way” 37.50.
16) Hearth to Stonebreaker Hold.
17) Just outside of the Inn on your right, turn in “Wanted: Bonelashers Dead!” 49.46, accept “Torgos!“.
18) Go SW a bit to Carrion Hill at The Bone Wastes and do part of “Torgos!“: kill/loot Trachela /target (the big white bird on top of the hill, 43.52), he drops Trachela’s Carcass, which will be used later.  Then:
19) Go west to Veil Rhaze and do “Torgos!“: at Torgo’s Bane (a bluish glowing scarecrow on a cross, 27.56), first clear all the mobs around it, then use the Trachela’s Carcass item at it, then kill Torgos /target (level 65 Elite bird in the air) when he lands.  
NOTE: You may need help if you can’t solo it. If you can’t solo it or find help, then skip it, or consider trying again later at a higher level.
20) Turn in (if you did it) “Torgos!” (#17 on map 49.46), (Hearth [or run back] to Stonebreaker Hold.
21) Go NW and on the main path south at Cenarion Thicket turn in “Letting Earthbinder Tavgren Know” 44.26.
22) Head west into Shattrath City 38.24..

Shattrath City

01) Find Ezekiel /target. He patrols clockwise around the outer perimeter of Terrace of Light, look for the moving question mark on minimap. At him, turn in “Ezekiel“, accept “What Book? I Don’t See Any Book.“.
02) North in the city, go up to the bird houses (ramp entrance at 56.16) and turn in 30 Arakkoa feathers in for the quest “The Outcast’s Plight“.  
NOTE:  This becomes a repeatable quest, but no additional XP.
03) Drop down and turn in “Return to Shattrath” and (if you did it) “Skywing” 53.21.
04) GROUP (2+ players): Next to you accept and do in the immediate area “The Skettis Offensive“: kill the 4 waves of birds that spawn in, the last wave is a tough one.  
NOTES: Don’t move to far from the quest giver or the quest will fail. Then turn this in next to you if you did it.
05) West a bit at the Campfire 43.30 do “What Book? I Don’t See Any Book.“: first talk to “Dirty” Larry (the shirtless male standing), then kill him and his friends.  These guys are kitable, so some classes may be able to solo this. You can always try again later if you cannot do this now. If someone else taps the mob, you can still jump in, do damage and complete the quest. If you did this, turn it in at him and accept “The Master’s Grand Design?“.
06) NOTE: If you happen to have any Arcane Tomes with you, you can turn one in for some good XP (south in the city at 43.92) for the quest “Synthesis of Power“. After turning in one tome, it then becomes repeatable for Scryer rep only. I will remind you a few more times in the future if you have not done this yet.

Scryer Quests References

01) NOTES: For the sake of this guide, I will focus on Scryers and getting their reputation up rather than Aldor, it really doesn’t matter a whole lot which faction you go with, they each have their ups and downs for items etc. Please note that you must have done the “City of Light” (started at #1 on map) escort quest in order to accept these optional quests below (my guide will not cover these in a step-by-step fashion), although some future Scryer quests will be covered step-by-step in upcoming zones:
02) SCRYERS ONLY: You can accept and do the following quests obtained in Shattrath City (mainly for Scryer rep):
03) “A Cure for Zahlia” (obtained at 64.15). Doing this quest will cause your Scryer rep to decrease, but I would consider doing this for XP. Kill/loot Stonegazer /target.  He is a lvl 64 Elite basilisk NE in Terokkar Forest, (patrols around 65.30).
04) “Firewing Signets” (obtained at 45.81). Done at Firewing Point (around 71.37 in Terokkar Forest) by kill/looting the mobs there.
05) “Sunfury Signets” (obtained at 45.81, and attainable at lvl 68)
06) “Synthesis of Power” (obtained at 42.91) (you can turn in more for Scryer rep).

Journey to Nagrand

01) Terokkar Forest is now FINISHED!  
NOTE: You can safely abandon any quests that are currently in your Quest Log for Terokkar Forest, as you will not need them going forward. Although keep note of the quests you did not do and consider coming back to do them later if you like.
02) To get to Nagrand, try leaving west out of Shattrath City: If your rep is to low with the Aldor, then you may not be able to go this way as they could be hostile towards you. If so you will have to go around through Zangarmarsh. First take the elevator at 42.39, then:
03) Go through the tunnel 17.54 to get to Nagrand..

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