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WoW TBC Classic Horde 60-70 Leveling Guide: 61-63 Zangarmash

Cenarion Refuge

01) As you enter Zangarmarsh, accept “The Umbrafen Tribe” and “Plants of Zangarmarsh” 80.64.
02) NW in town, enter the Inn and on your left inside accept “The Dying Balance” 78.63.
03) Next to you from the Innkeeper, make Cenarion Refugeyour new home for your Hearthstone. Also buy Cenarion Spirits from him and remember not to sell it to a vendor!
04) At the Inn’s balcony turn in “The Cenarion Expedition“. Accept “Disturbance at Umbrafen Lake” and “Warden Hamoot” 78.62.
05) From the Wanted Poster accept “Leader of the Darkcrest” and “Leader of the Bloodscale“.
06) At the top of the tower turn in “Warden Hamoot” (79.65, #2 on map) accept “A Warm Welcome“.

Swamprat Post

07) Go to NE to Swamprat Post, get the Flight Path from the Wind Rider Master 85.55.
08) Next to you turn in “Report to Zurai” 85.55. Accept “Thick Hydra Scales” and (if you are lvl 62) “News from Zangarmarsh“.
09) By the totem pole accept “Menacing Marshfangs” 85.54.
10) Up the steps at the hut accept “There’s No Explanation for Fashion” and “No More Mushrooms!” 84.54.


01) NOTE: “There’s No Explanation for Fashion” supposes to kill/looting any stinger bugs that are sporadic all over the open fields of Zangarmarsh. We will turn this in near the end of this zone, so remember to kill/loot any stinger bugs along the way while questing. Also “Plants of Zangarmarsh” involves kill/looting almost every mob in Zangarmarsh for the plant parts (do not to sell your plant parts to a vendor!):
02) Around the NE side of Zangarmarsh (except The Dead Mire) do “Menacing Marshfangs“: kill 10 Marshfang Rippers /target.
03) Just south of Cenarion Refuge around 82.75 do “The Dying Balance“: kill Boglash /target (lvl 61 Elite tall strider mob). He patrols up and down the swamp, easy to solo but be prepared.
04) Go south to Umbrafen Village and do “The Umbrafen Tribe“: kill the required amount of Umbrafen mobs and Kataru is very south of the village up in the hut 85.91.  
05) In the middle of the village, in a hut 83.85, accept and do the escort “Escape from Umbrafen“. A few waves of mobs will spawn, but not difficult.
06) West at Umbrafen Lake do “No More Mushrooms!” with “Thick Hydra Scales“: kill/loot Umbrafen Eel in the lake and kill/loot the Mire Hydras around the lake perimeter. Use your Potion of Water Breathing quest item and  you can breath underwater and save the other charges for future quests in Zangarmarsh. Keep the next step in mind.
07) Go to Umbrafen Lake at the steam pump to do “Disturbance at Umbrafen Lake“: simply go to 71.80 to get the lakeinvestigated.
08) Use Hearthstone to get to Cenarion Refuge. NOTE: Do not sell any Fertile SporesBog Lord Tendrils or plant parts to a vendor (you will use these for later quests)! 

Cenarion Refuge

01) At the Inn’s balcony turn in “Disturbance at Umbrafen Lake” (accept “As the Crow Flies“) and “Escape from Umbrafen” 78.62.
02) There on the balcony do “As the Crow Flies“: use the Stormcrow Amulet quest item right there to complete the quest (a crow will fly you around for a few minutes). Once you land, turn this in and accept “Balance Must Be Preserved“.
03) In the Inn turn in “The Dying Balance” 78.63.
04) East in town turn in (if you did it) “Plants of Zangarmarsh” 80.64. Next to you turn in “The Umbrafen Tribe“, accept “A Damp, Dark Place“. Next to you again accept “Saving the Sporeloks“. NOTE:  “Identify Plant Parts” is a repeatable quest for rep only, no XP.
05) Across the path by the moonwell, accept “Safeguarding the Watchers” 80.65.
06) If you are friendly with Cenarion Expedition then also accept “Blessings of the Ancients” (if not we will do this later).
07) If you have it do “Blessings of the Ancients“: talk to the 2 big Ancients at Cenarion Refuge, they patrol the paths around the town, but generally they stay in their spots. Talk to Ashyen /target, his usual spot is at 81.64.
08) Talk to Keleth /target, his usual spot is at 79.67.
09) Turn in at the moonwell (if you did it) “Blessings of the Ancients” (80.65, #5 on map).
10) In the Inn accept (if you are friendly with Cenarion Expedition) “Watcher Leesa’oh” and (if you are lvl 62) “What’s Wrong at Cenarion Thicket?” 79.63.

01) Go south to Funggor Cavern (cave entrance at 74.92) and do “Saving the Sporeloks” along with “Safeguarding the Watchers” and “A Damp, Dark Place“: kill 10 Marsh Dredgers and Lurkers. Kill Lord Klaq /target (He is the big reddish mob down in the middle of the cave), and see next step for the location of the Belongings.
02) Pick up Ikeyen’s Belongings (looks like a small chest on a rocky ledge, 71.98.
03) Exit the cave and go NW to the steam pump SW of Umbrafen Lake 71.80 and do part of “Balance Must Be Preserved“: use the Ironvine Seeds quest item on the Umbrafen Lake Controls to Disable it. Also while you are there kill/loot any Steam Pump Overseers /target you see, you may get an itemwhich starts “Drain Schematics“, accept it, and you will have more chances later to obtain it.
04) GROUP 2+ Players (Or Soloable?): NW a bit to Darkcrest Enclave do “Leader of the Darkcrest“: kill Rajah Haghazed /target(a lvl 63 Elite naga in the small temple, 65.69). NOTE: We will turn this in as the very last thing for Zangarmarsh, so if you cant solo it consider coming back later if you find a small group to help you kill it.
05) North in Darkcrest Enclave at the Lagoon Steam Pump63.64 do part of “Balance Must Be Preserved“: use the Ironvine Seeds quest item on the Lagoon Lake Controls to Disable it. AGAIN:  Also while you are there kill/loot any Steam Pump Overseers /target you see, you may get an item which starts “Drain Schematics“, accept it, and you will have more chances later to obtain it.
06) Use Hearthstone to return to Cenarion Refuge.
07) East in town 80.64 turn in (if you haven’t yet) “Plants of Zangarmarsh“. And turn in “Saving the Sporeloks“, “A Damp, Dark Place“.
08) At the moonwell next to you turn in “Safeguarding the Watchers” 80.65.
09) For the next steps you should be friendly with Cenarion Expedition to accept and do (if you haven’t yet) “Blessings of the Ancients“:  talk to the 2 big Ancients at Cenarion Refuge, talk to Ashyen /target, his usual spot is at 81.64.
10) Talk to Keleth /target, his usual spot is at 79.67.
11) Turn in at the moonwell (if you did it) “Blessings of the Ancients” (80.65, #7 on map).
12) In the Inn accept (if you haven’t yet) “Watcher Leesa’oh” 79.63.

Swamprat Post

01) Head NE to Swamprat Post and turn in “Thick Hydra Scales” 85.55, accept “Searching for Scout Jyoba” and “Report to Shadow Hunter Denjai“.
02) Turn in “Menacing Marshfangs” 85.54, accept “Nothin’ Says Lovin’ Like a Big Stinger“.
03) Up the steps at the hut turn in “No More Mushrooms!” 84.54 .  Accept “A Job Undone“. Also turn in (if it’s done) “There’s No Explanation for Fashion“.
04) NW a bit at The Dead Mire do “A Job Undone“: kill Sporewing /target (patrols around 77.45).
05) North down in The Dead Mire turn in “Searching for Scout Jyoba” 81.36, accept “Jyoba’s Report“.
06) Around The Dead Mire do “Jyoba’s Report“: kill/loot Withered Giants /target (they have the greatest chance of dropping the report). While doing this quest, you will find an item (low drop rate) which starts “Withered Basidium“, accept it.
07) Go west to Bloodscale Ground and do part of “Balance Must Be Preserved“: use the Ironvine Seeds  on the Serpent Lake Controls 62.41 to disable it. While you are there kill/loot any Steam Pump Overseers /target you see, you may get an item which starts “Drain Schematics“, accept it, and you will have one more chance later to get it.
08) GROUP: At the small temple in Bloodscale Grounds do “Leader of the Bloodscale“: kill/loot Rajis Fyashe /target (lvl 63 elite naga, 65.41). 


01) NOTE: Do not sell the Bog Lord Tendrils to a vender you will need them later!
02) Head west to Zabra’jin and accept ALL quests there: As you enter by the Bonfire accept “Angling to Beat the Competition” 32.50.
03) NE a bit up the steps accept “Burstcap Mushrooms, Mon!” 33.49.
04) Get the Flight Path 33.51.
05) Accept “Spirits of the Feralfen” 32.52.
06) Accept “Stinging the Stingers” 32.49.
07) From the Wanted Poster accept “WANTED: Boss Grog’ak” and “Wanted: Chieftain Mummaki” 32.49.
08) Upstairs in the Inn, turn in “Report to Shadow Hunter Denjai” 31.51.
09) NOTE: While questing on the western side of Zangarmarsh, pick up any Glowcaps you see (they are bright shining orange), as you will need 10 of them for a later quest, and remember not to sell them to a vendor!
10) Go SE to Feralfen Village (starting around 44.63) and do “Spirits of the Feralfen“: kill/loot the Feralfen mobs. Work your way to the next step.
11) At the east side of Feralfen Village do “Nothin’ Says Lovin’ Like a Big Stinger“: kill/loot Blacksting /target 50.60.

Cenarion Watchpost

01) Head west to Cenarion Watchpost and turn in “Watcher Leesa’oh” (23.66 can patrol nearby), accept “Observing the Sporelings“.
02) West a bit accept “The Sporelings’ Plight” and “Natural Enemies” (NPC patrols around 19.64).
03) Just to the west at The Spawning Glen do “The Sporelings’ Plight” along with “Natural Enemies” and “Observing the Sporelings“: pick up 10 Mature Spore Sacs from the ground, kill/loot the Bog Lord Giants (of any type) for the Bog Lord Tendrils and go to the middle of The Spawning Glen 15.61 to get it discovered
04) East of The Spawning Glen turn in (NPC patrols around 19.64, #2 on map) “The Sporelings’ Plight” and “Natural Enemies“, accept “Sporeggar“. NOTE: To obtain this quest, you need to be Neutral with Sporeggar. If you can’t accept it, don’t worry about it right now then. And remember you can turn in more Bog Lord Tendrils for the repeatable reputation with “More Tendrils!“.
05) East at the Cenarion Watchpost turn in “Observing the Sporelings” 23.66, accept “A Question of Gluttony“.
06) Go east to Quagg Ridge around 28.64 and do “A Question of Gluttony“: pick up 10 Discarded Nutriments from the ground (green glowing objects).
07) Back west at Cenarion Watchpost turn in “A Question of Gluttony” 23.66, accept “Familiar Fungi“.
08) Make sure you are now Neutral with Sporeggar so you can accept (if you haven’t yet) “Sporeggar” (NPC patrols around 19.64, #2 on map). If not, then keep grinding on Bog Giants (of any type) in The Spawning Glen (to the west of you, #3 on map), until you are either neutral with Sporeggar, or you have 6 more Bog Lord Tendrils to turn in (at this NPC).  Once you do become neutral, accept “Sporeggar“.


01) Go north to Sporeggar and in the SE hut turn in “Sporeggar” 20.52. Accept “Glowcap Mushrooms“.
02) Accept (in the northern hut) “Fertile Spores” 19.49. NOTE:The currency the Sporeggar uses is Glowcaps, so watch out you don’t lose all your Glowcaps to them.
03) Go SE and kill “Count” Ungula 33.59, he drops an itemwhich starts “The Count of the Marshes“, accept it.
04) Complete the next 3 quests together (all around Zabra’jin).
05) “Stinging the Stingers“: kill 8 Marshlight Bleeders /target around the north, west and south side of Marshlight Lake.
06) “Burstcap Mushrooms, Mon!“: pick up 6 Burstcap Mushrooms from the ground. They are right around the outskirts of Zabra’jin, mostly on the west side. NOTE: Also remember to pick up any Glowcaps (orange mushrooms) you see as well.
07) “Fertile Spores“: kill/loot the Spore Bats and Strider mobs (of any type) all around the open fields of Zangarmarsh. NOTE: Remember not to sell your Fertile Spores or Glowcaps to a vendor!
08) Go to Zabra’jin and on the NE side turn in “Burstcap Mushrooms, Mon!” 33.49, accept “Have You Ever Seen One of These?“.
09) At the SE side hut turn in “Spirits of the Feralfen” 32.52, accept “A Spirit Ally?“.
10) At the NW hut turn in “Stinging the Stingers” 32.49, accept “The Sharpest Blades“.
11) Go SE to Boha’mu Ruins and do “A Spirit Ally?“: use the Feralfen Totem quest item at the bottom most staircase 44.66, then kill the Feralfen Serpent Spirit that spawns.

01) Go west and do “The Sharpest Blades“: kill/loot Marshfang Slicers (starting around 37.62).
02) Back Zabra’jin and at the SE hut turn in “A Spirit Ally?” 32.52.
03) At the NW hut turn in “The Sharpest Blades” 32.49.
04) Go NW to the east side of Marshlight Lake and at the steam pump finish “Balance Must Be Preserved“: use the Ironvine Seedsquest item on the Marshlight Lake Controls 25.43 to Disable it. LAST CHANCE: While doing this quest an item should have dropped by now which starts “Drain Schematics“, accept it. NOTE:  The Steam Pump Overseers /target have a much higher drop chance for that item, but any Bloodscale naga also drop it.
05) Go NE to Hewn Bog around 34.34 and do “Familiar Fungi” along with “WANTED: Boss Grog’ak“: kill/loot the Ango’rosh ogres in the area, and kill/loot Boss Grog’ak /target (he is the only armored ogre in the area and patrols a bit). ALSO: Remember to pick up any Glowcap Mushrooms from the ground that you see.
06) Go east to the middle of Serpent Lake around 49.39 and do “Angling to Beat the Competition“: kill 10 Fenclaw Thrashers (down in the water). NOTE: Remember to use your Potion of Water Breathing quest item so you can breath underwater.
07) Directly in the middle of the lake do “Drain Schematics“: at 50.41 get the Drain Discovered to complete the quest. NOTE: You have to go up a little bit in the water then down in order to trigger this.
08) Use Hearthstone to Cenarion Refuge.
09) On the Inn’s balcony turn in “Balance Must Be Preserved” and “Drain Schematics“.  Accept “Warning the Cenarion Circle” 78.62.

Hellfire Peninsula

01) Head east to Hellfire Peninsula and at the Cenarion Post (16.52 in Hellfire Peninsula) turn in “Warning the Cenarion Circle“, accept “Return to the Marsh“.
02) NOTE: Before the next part go to Orgrimmar and turn in “Messenger to Thrall” (at Thrall in Orgrimmar) and then accept “Envoy to the Mag’har“. You can get your level 62 spells/abilities while you are at Orgrimmar. If you did “Envoy to the Mag’har“, then proceed with the rest of this section, if not then skip to the next section below and consider doing this section later:
03) Go NE to Mag’har Post and turn in “Envoy to the Mag’har” 32.28.
04) Next to you accept “A Debilitating Sickness” 32.28.
05) Go south to Falcon Watch and at the lower section see if you can do “Arelion’s Mistress“: talk to Viera Sunwhisper /target(she is across the path from the Medic next to a red crystal ball, 27.62) to give her a Cenarion Spirit that you saved from the Innkeeper from Zangarmarsh, then follow her and then use the Carinda’s Scroll of Retribution on her. NOTE: If you cannot do this right now, it means that someone else is currently doing the quest. So if not we can try again in a bit.
06) Turn in (if you did it) “Arelion’s Mistress” 26.60.
07) Go SE to the cave (entrance at 34.64) at The Great Fissure and do “A Debilitating Sickness“: loot a Drycap Mushroom in the cave (there are several spawns inside). NOTE: If you still have “Wanted: Blacktalon the Savage“, then you can possibly try soloing (or finding a group) for that now by kill/looting Blacktalon the Savage /target (at the end of the cave).
08)  You can try “Arelion’s Mistress” again if you could not do it previously (see step #5 for the info). Then turn it in if finished (at 26.60, #5 on map).
09) Back north at Mag’har Post and turn in “A Debilitating Sickness” (32.28, #3 on map), accept “Administering the Salve“.
10) Around Mag’har do “Administering the Salve“: use the Healing Salve quest item on 10 Debilitated Mag’har Grunts /target.
11) Turn in “Administering the Salve” (32.28, #3 on map).
12) You can try “Arelion’s Mistress” again if you could not do it previously (see step #5 for the info). Then turn it in if finished (at 26.60, #5 on map).
13) If you did “Wanted: Blacktalon the Savage” then turn it in at the tower (click on the Orb of Translocation 28.60). If not then abandon the quest for now.
14) Go up in Falcon Watch to the Wind Rider Master 28.60and fly to Swamprat Post, Zangarmarsh.


01) At Swamprat Post, turn in “Jyoba’s Report” 85.55. Also accept (if you haven’t yet) “News from Zangarmarsh“.
02) By the totem pole turn in “Withered Basidium” and “Nothin’ Says Lovin’ Like a Big Stinger” 85.54.
03) Up the steps at the hut turn in “A Job Undone” 84.54. Also turn in (if it’s done; if you still need to) “There’s No Explanation for Fashion“.
04) Go to the Wind Rider Master 85.55 and fly to Zabra’jin, Zangarmarsh.
05) At the middle of Zabra’jin by the Bonfire, turn in “Angling to Beat the Competition” 32.50, accept “The Biggest of Them All” and “Pursuing Terrorclaw“.
06) Go in the Inn on the west side of town and talk to theInnkeeper 31.51 to make Zabra’jin your new home.
07) Go upstairs in the Inn and turn in “WANTED: Boss Grog’ak” 31.51, accept “Impending Attack“.
08) Go SW to Cenarion Watchpost 23.66 and turn in “Familiar Fungi“, accept “Stealing Back the Mushrooms“. And turn in “The Count of the Marshes“.
09) Make sure “Glowcap Mushrooms” is now finished. Pick up 10 Glowcap mushrooms from the ground.
10) Go NW to Sporeggar and in the southern hut turn in “Glowcap Mushrooms” 20.52. NOTE:  “More Glowcaps” is a repeatable quest for rep only, no XP.
11) In the northern hut turn in “Fertile Spores” 19.49.
12) Make sure you are now friendly with Sporeggar. If you’re not then grind on mobs at The Spawning Glen (SW in Zangarmarsh) until you are. Remember you can turn in more glowcaps or tendrils 19.64 for more rep.
13) Once you are friendly with Sporeggar, at Sporeggar accept “Now That We’re Friends…” 20.50.
14) Go NE to the small island in Marshlight Lake and do “Pursuing Terrorclaw“: kill Terrorclaw /target 22.46.
15) To the east side of Marshlight Lake, at Bloodscale Enclave around 25.42 do “Now That We’re Friends…“: kill 12 Bloodscale Slavedrivers and 12 Enchantresses.
16) Finish “A Warm Welcome“: obtain 30 Naga Claws from the Nagas around Zangarmarsh (try to finish them around #15 on map).

01) Go east to the small island at Serpent Lake and do “The Biggest of Them All“: kill Mragesh /target. He is under the water on the NE side of the island 42.41.
02) Head west to Ango’rosh Grounds and do “Impending Attack“: pick up the Ango’rosh Attack Plans, up in the outpost laying on the floor 20.27.
03) East a bit do “Wanted: Chieftain Mummaki“: kill/loot Chieftain Mummaki /target (up in the building, 24.27).
04) NE a bit do “Have You Ever Seen One of These?“: use the Murloc Cage quest item on the flat rock 27.23.
05) Use Hearthstone to return to Zabra’jin.
06) Go upstairs in the Inn and turn in “Impending Attack” 31.51, accept “Us or Them“. And turn in “Wanted: Chieftain Mummaki“. Accept “Message to the Daggerfen“.
07) In the middle of town by the Bonfire turn in “The Biggest of Them All” and “Pursuing Terrorclaw” 32.50.
08) Turn in “Have You Ever Seen One of These?” 33.49.
09) Go west to Sporeggar and turn in “Now That We’re Friends…” 20.50. NOTES: This quest becomes a repeatable rep only quest, no XP. And most other quests here are optional Coilfang Reservoir dungeon quests.
10) Go north to Daggerfen Village around 25.25 and do “Message to the Daggerfen“: kill 3 Daggerfen Assassins and 15 Muckdwellers.
11) Go to the island NW in Zangarmarsh (Ango’rosh Stronghold) and do “Us or Them” along with “Stealing Back the Mushrooms“: kill 10 Ango’rosh Maulers and 10 Souleaters and kill Overlord Gorefist (in the hut at 18.8). Also pick up the Box of Mushrooms on the ground. The ogres can drop the mushrooms as well and you should get most from them.
12) Teleport (or go back) to Zabra’jin and upstairs in the Inn turn in “Us or Them” and “Message to the Daggerfen” (31.51, #6 on map).
13) Go SW to Cenarion Watchpost and turn in “Stealing Back the Mushrooms” 23.66. NOTE: You do not need to follow her as she does not give any more quests.
14) Go back NE to Zabra’jin and at the Wind Rider Master 33.51 fly to Swamprat Post, Zangarmarsh.
15) By now you should have completed (if you haven’t yet) “There’s No Explanation for Fashion” by kill/looting stinger bugs all over the open fields of Zangarmarsh. If not complete it now and then turn it in up the steps in the hut 84.54.
16) Go SW to Cenarion Refuge and at the Inn’s balcony turn in “Return to the Marsh” 78.62. NOTE: “Failed Incursion” is a dungeon quest.
Also accept in the Inn (if you haven’t yet) “What’s Wrong at Cenarion Thicket?“.
17) At the top of the tower turn in “A Warm Welcome” and (if you did any of them) “Leader of the Darkcrest” and “Leader of the Bloodscale” 79.65.
18) Zangarmarsh is now FINISHED! NOTE: If you didn’t do these, you can Abandon these quests: “Leader of the Bloodscale” and “Leader of the Darkcrest“.
19) Head directly south on the path into Terokkar Forest… 33.6

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