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WoW TBC Classic Horde 60-70 Leveling Guide: 60-61 Hellfire Peninsula

Dark Portal

01) Go south in Blasted Lands and accept “Through the Dark Portal” from Warlord Dar’toon (58.56 in Blasted Lands). NOTE: If you happen to have the quest “Warchief’s Command: Outland!” than abandon it because you get more XP doing “Through the Dark Portal” instead.
02) Now go through the Dark Portal to enter Outland (59.60 in Blasted Lands).
03) First thing you’ll notice in front of you is a bunch of HUGE demons killing a bunch of NPCs, no need to worry about it now.
04) Go down the steps and turn in “Through the Dark Portal” (87.50 in Hellfire Peninsula), accept “Arrival in Outland“.
05) Just north of you at the Wind Rider Master, turn in “Arrival in Outland” 87.48 , accept “Journey to Thrallmar“.
06) Then fly to Thrallmar, Hellfire Peninsula.


01) When you land turn in “Journey to Thrallmar” 56.37, accept “Report to Nazgrel“.
02) Go in the Inn and talk to the Innkeeper 56.7 37.5 to make Thrallmar your new home for your Hearthstone.
03) Go into the barracks next to you at Thrallmar and turn in “Report to Nazgrel” 55.36, accept “Eradicate the Burning Legion“.
04) Next to you, accept “Bonechewer Blood” 55.36.
05) In the middle of town by the fireworks wagon, accept “I Work… For the Horde!” 55.39.
06) SE just outside of Thrallmar, turn in “Eradicate the Burning Legion” 58.41, accept “Felspark Ravine“.
07) Go east just a bit to Felspark Ravine around 62.39 and do “Felspark Ravine“: kill the required amount of demons.
08) Go back west just outside of Thrallmar and turn in “Felspark Ravine” (58.41, #6 on map), accept “Forward Base: Reaver’s Fall“.
09) Head east to Reaver’s Fall and turn in “Forward Base: Reaver’s Fall” 66.44, accept “Disrupt Their Reinforcements“.
10) Just east at The Legion Front do “Disrupt Their Reinforcements“: kill/loot the demon mobs to obtain Demonic Rune Stones and then click on the two portals (each requiring 4Demonic Rune Stones). Click on Portal Xilus 71.45 .
11) Click on Portal Kruul 74.39.
12) Go back west to Reaver’s Fall and turn in “Disrupt Their Reinforcements” (66.44, #9 on map), accept “Mission: Gateways Murketh and Shaadraz“.
13) Do “Mission: Gateways Murketh and Shaadraz“: next to you, talk to Wing Commander Brack 66.44 to start this quest. Then use your Seaforium PU-36 Explosive Nether Modulator quest item to bomb the two green portals next to the main path once you get to them.
14) Turn in “Mission: Gateways Murketh and Shaadraz“, accept “Mission: The Abyssal Shelf“.
15) Do “Mission: The Abyssal Shelf“: next to you, talk to Wing Commander Brack 66.44 to start this quest. This is similar to the previous quest, except you have to bomb a bunch of mobs with theArea 52 Special quest item during the automated flight. See if you can do this all in one go!
16) Turn in “Mission: The Abyssal Shelf” (66.44, #9 on map). Accept “Return to Thrallmar“. NOTE: “Return to the Abyssal Shelf” is a repeatable quest for reputation only, not giving any XP.
17) Use Hearthstone to Thrallmar.

01) In the barracks next to the Inn, turn in “Return to Thrallmar” 55.36, accept “Forge Camp: Mageddon“.
02) If you are level 60 then accept (from the same NPC) “The Assassin” (If not get it later once you are level 60).
03) Next to you, accept “Weaken the Ramparts” (This is a Dungeon quest and can be done later with a full group).
04) Exit the barracks and in the middle of town from the male blood elf, accept (if or when you are lvl 60) “Falcon Watch” 55.39.
05) From the female orc, accept “Hellfire Fortifications” 56.39.
06) South of Thrallmar around 58.47, all around the old catapults, do “Bonechewer Blood” along with “I Work… For the Horde!“: pick up 8 Salvaged Metal and 8 Salvaged Wood, along with kill/looting the Bonechewer Scavengers (red skin orcs).
07) Back north at Thrallmar by the fireworks wagon, turn in “I Work… For the Horde!” (55.39, #4 on map), accept “Burn It Up… For the Horde!“.
08) In the barracks, turn in “Bonechewer Blood” (55.36, #1 on map), accept “Apothecary Zelana“.
09) NE of Thrallmar do “Forge Camp: Mageddon“: kill 10 Gan’arg Servants and kill/loot Razorsaw /target 65.32, and he drops an item which starts “Vile Plans“, accept it.
10) Use Hearthstone (or go back SW) to Thrallmar and in the barracks (55.36, #1 on map) turn in “Forge Camp: Mageddon“, accept “Cannons of Rage“. And turn in “Vile Plans“.
11) Go NE to Forge Camp: Rage (around 65.32, #9 on map) and do “Cannons of Rage“: kill 3 Fel Cannon MKIs (around the cliff edges).
12) Use Hearthstone (or go back SW) to Thrallmar and in the barracks (55.36, #1 on map) turn in “Cannons of Rage“, accept “Doorway to the Abyss“.
13) Go up north to Invasion Point: Annihilator and do “Doorway to the Abyss“: kill/loot Warbringer Arix’Amal /target 53.26. Then click on the Forge Camp: Portal Glyph (big green portal) in that area.
14) Use Hearthstone (or go back south) to Thrallmar and in the barracks (55.36, #1 on map) turn in “Doorway to the Abyss“, accept “Cruel’s Intentions“. And next to you accept “The Agony and the Darkness“.
15) Bellow Thrallmar, do “Burn It Up… For the Horde!“: use the Flaming Torch quest item at the two big cannons. The Western Cannon is at 55.54, and:
16) The Eastern Cannon is at 61.52.
17) Go NE to Reaver’s Fall and turn in “Apothecary Zelana” 66.42, accept “Spinebreaker Post“.
18) Talk to Wing Commander Brack 66.44 to fly you to Spinebreaker Post.

Spinebreaker Post

01) Get the Flight Path from the Wind Rider Master 62.81.
02) Next to you, accept “The Warp Rifts” and “Make Them Listen” 62.82.
03) Turn in “Spinebreaker Post” 61.82, accept “Boiling Blood“.
04) Next to you accept “Preparing the Salve“.
05) From the Wanted Poster by the town entrance, accept “Wanted: Worg Master Kruush” 61.81.
06) Along the way do “Preparing the Salve” by picking up any Hellfire Spineleafs you see.
07) Go west to Expedition Armory around 56.79 and do “Make Them Listen“: kill the required amount of undead mobs. While doing this you will find an item that drops from the Knights, which starts “Decipher the Tome“, accept it.
08) Back east at Spinebreaker Post (62.82, #2 on map) turn in “Make Them Listen” and “Decipher the Tome“, accept “The Battle Horn“.
09) Back west at Expedition Armory do “The Battle Horn“: kill/loot Lieutenant Commander Thalvos /target (male dwarf at 55.84).
10) Back east at Spinebreaker Post (62.82, #2 on map) turn in “The Battle Horn“, accept “Bloody Vengeance“.
11) Just NE (at the old wooden structure, 63.77), do “Bloody Vengeance“: use the Unyielding Battle Horn quest item at this spot, then Kill Urtrak.
12) Back SW at Spinebreaker Post (62.82, #2 on map) turn in “Bloody Vengeance“, accept “Honor the Fallen“.
13) NW in the tower at Expedition Armory turn in “Honor the Fallen” 57.77.
14) Head east to Zeth’Gor and do “Wanted: Worg Master Kruush“: kill/loot Worg Master Kruush /target (at the worg stables, 68.74).
15) Do “Boiling Blood“: kill the Bleeding Hollow mobs (orcs) to obtain Bleeding Hollow Blood, then boil that blood in the Cursed Cauldron 65.71.
16) Back SW at Spinebreaker Post, at the Bonfire turn in “Wanted: Worg Master Kruush” (61.81, #2 on map).  Accept “Zeth’Gor Must Burn!“.
17) Turn in “Boiling Blood” 61.82, accept “Apothecary Antonivich“.
18) Also accept “The Eyes of Grillok” 62.82.

01) Go back NE to Zeth’Gor and do “Zeth’Gor Must Burn!“: kill Bleeding Hollow Peons /target to obtain torches, and ignite them at the Heated Forge 69.69.  Then use the ignited torches to burn these 4 buildings (also keep step #6 in mind as its done in the same area).
02) Torch the Eastern Hovel 70.70.
03) Torch the Stable 68.74.
04) Torch the Barracks 70.76.
05) Torch the Western Hovel 67.76.
06) In the immediate area do “The Eyes of Grillok“: use the Zezzak’s Shard quest item on an Eye of Grillok /target (green eyeballs floating around Zeth’Gor entrances). NOTE: You can tell it got absorbed by the buff at the top of the screen.
07) Go to the Cauldron in Spinebreaker Post 62.82 to extract the Eye of Grillok into it, then turn in “The Eyes of Grillok“, accept “Grillok ‘Darkeye’“.
08) By the Bonfire, turn in “Zeth’Gor Must Burn!” 61.81 .
09) Go NE, down at the small cave and do “Grillok ‘Darkeye’“: kill/loot Grillok “Darkeye” 66.71. NOTE: He has a lot of hit points so be care.
10) Finish “Preparing the Salve“: pick up 12 Hellfire Spineleafsfrom the ground.
11) Back at Spinebreaker Post turn in “Preparing the Salve” (61.82 #7 on map), accept “Investigate the Crash“.
12) Turn in “Grillok ‘Darkeye’” 62.82.

Zeppelin Crash

01) Head NW to the Zeppelin Crash and turn in “Investigate the Crash” 49.75, accept “In Case of Emergency…“. And next to you accept “Ravager Egg Roundup“.
02) Just to the east of you do “In Case of Emergency…“: pick up 30 Zeppelin Debris around the area.
03) Back west at the Zeppelin Crash turn in “In Case of Emergency…” (49.75, #1 on map), accept “Voidwalkers Gone Wild“.
04) Go south to The Warp Fields around 47.82 and do “Voidwalkers Gone Wild” along with “The Warp Rifts“: kill/Loot the Voidwalkers in the area. And use your Unstable Warp Rift Generator quest item in that area, then kill/loot the Unstable Voidwalkers that spawn in.
05) Go SW to Razorthorn Trail (starting around 41.84) and do “Ravager Egg Roundup“: kill/loot the Razorfang Ravagers (the bigger ravager mobs). You can also find the Eggs from ground pick-ups.
06) Back NE at the Zeppelin Crash (49.75, #1 on map) turn in “Voidwalkers Gone Wild” and “Ravager Egg Roundup“, accept “Helboar, the Other White Meat“.
07) Just to the east and SE of you do “Helboar, the Other White Meat“: kill/loot the Helboars, then use the Purification Mixturequest item to purify the Tainted Helboar Meat.
08) Back at the Zeppelin Crash (49.75, #1 on map) turn in “Helboar, the Other White Meat“, accept “Smooth as Butter“.
09) Go east to Valley of Bones (area just below the Honor Hold Alliance town, around 59.70) and do “Smooth as Butter“: kill/loot Bonestripper Buzzards.
10) Go south to Spinebreaker Post and turn in “The Warp Rifts” 62.81, accept “Void Ridge“.
11) Go east to Void Ridge (see shortcut on map to get there) and do “Void Ridge“: kill/loot the voidwalker mobs along the ridge around 77.67.
12) Back west at Spinebreaker Post turn in “Void Ridge” (62.81, #10 on map), accept “From the Abyss“.
13) Go back east to Void Ridge (see shortcut on map to get there) and do “From the Abyss“: use the Warp Rift Generatorquest item at the purple crystals 81.79, then kill/loot Void Baron Galaxis when he spawns.
14) Back west at Spinebreaker Post turn in “From the Abyss” (62.81, #10 on map).
15) NW at the Zeppelin Crash turn in “Smooth as Butter” (49.75, #1 on map).
16) Use Hearthstone to Thrallmar.
17) In the middle of town by the fireworks wagon, turn in “Burn It Up… For the Horde!” 55.39.
18) Turn in (at the bottom of the tower) “Apothecary Antonivich” 52.37, accept “A Burden of Souls“.

Stonescythe Canyon

01) NW of Thrallmar by the mine entrance, accept “Outland Sucks!” 51.30.
02) Around 49.38 do “Outland Sucks!“: pick up Shredder parts in those boxes from the ground.  Also while doing this quest, kill Marauding Crust Bursters (those worm mobs underneath the ground) until one of them drops an Eroded Leather Case, which starts “Missing Missive“, accept it.
03) Back by the mine entrance, turn in “Outland Sucks!” (51.30, #1 on map), accept “How to Serve Goblins“.
04) Do “A Burden of Souls” along with “How to Serve Goblins“: kill 20 Shattered Hand orcs (any type) in the area, and save the 3 NPCs by clicking on their cages. First one to save is Manni 45.41, and for the others:
05) Save Moh 46.45.
06) Save Jakk 47.47.
07) Back by the mine entrance, turn in “How to Serve Goblins” (51.30, #1 on map), accept “Shizz Work“.
08) Do “Shizz Work“: first use your Felhound Whistle quest item at the quest giver to summon a fel hound, then just north of you around 50.30  kill Deranged Helboars and then loot their poop until you get the key.
09) Back by the mine entrance, turn in “Shizz Work” (51.30, #1 on map), accept “Beneath Thrallmar“.
10) Enter Thrallmar Mine next to you and do “Beneath Thrallmar“: keep right in the mine and at the end of it kill Urga’zz /target 54.32.
11) Leave the mine and just outside of it turn in “Beneath Thrallmar” (51.30, #1 on map).
12) Go south to Thrallmar and at the bottom of the tower turn in “A Burden of Souls” 52.36, accept “The Demoniac Scryer“.
13) GROUP 2+ Players : Go SW to Hellfire Basin around 44.49 and do “The Demoniac Scryer“: use the Demoniac Scryer quest item at this area, and protect it for about 5 minutes. Once it starts spewing up blue stuff, go up and talk to it to complete the quest.
14) Optional PVP Quest: You could do “Hellfire Fortifications“. This is a PvP quest that’s done in the middle of this zone and can be skipped.  
15) Go NW and from the Fel Orc Corpse turn in “The Assassin” 34.44, accept “A Strange Weapon“.

Falcon Watch

01) If you are only a few bars away from level level 61, then grind to it.
02) Go SW to Falcon Watch and as you enter stop at the Medic /target 26.62 to build up your First Aid.
03) Accept “Arelion’s Journal” 26.60.
04) In the hut/Inn next to you 27.60 accept “Magic of the Arakkoa“, “In Need of Felblood” and “Source of the Corruption“.
05) Go up in the town 28.60 and accept “Trueflight Arrows” (requires lvl 61), “Birds of a Feather” and “Helping the Cenarion Post” (requires lvl 61).
06) Get the Flight Path from the Wind Rider Master 28.60.
07) Accept (from the Wanted Poster) “Wanted: Blacktalon the Savage” 28.60.
08) Go in the tower and click on the Orb of Translocation 28.60 to take you to the top of the tower, then turn in “Falcon Watch“, accept “The Great Fissure” and “Report to Zurai“. Then use the Orb of Translocation to go back down.
09) At The Great Fissure do “The Great Fissure” Kill 8 Stonescythe Whelps and 3 Alphas within the ravine. NOTE: The Whelps are on the ground, and the Alphas are walking around up on hills and mountain cliffs.
10) Go south to Den of Haal’esh (starting around 26.74) and do “Magic of the Arakkoa” with “Birds of a Feather“: kill/loot the Haal’eshi mobs, and click on a Kaliri Nest, then use your Empty Birdcage quest item on the Female Kaliri Hatchling that spawns in. Keep the next 2 steps in mind.
11) At the Den go up the ledges ramp entrance at 25.78 and kill Avruu /target (lvl 63 arakkoa). He is soloable, but hits hard and heals himself so be prepared.  He drops an item which starts, “Avruu’s Orb“, accept it.
12) Go SE and click on the Haal’eshi Altar 29.81. Aeranas(water elemental) will spawn, then attack it until its health gets to around 20%, you will then be able to turn in “Avruu’s Orb“.
13) Down in the Den, accept and do the escort from the cagedblood elf 25.76 “The Road to Falcon Watch” (requires lvl 61): escort her back to Falcon Watch, there will be a few mob spawns along the way.
14) At Falcon Watch turn in (if you did it) “The Road to Falcon Watch” (26.62, #2 on map), accept “A Pilgrim’s Plight“. NOTE:This NPC patrols around.
15) In the hut/Inn turn in “Magic of the Arakkoa” 27.60.
16) Go up in the town and turn in “Birds of a Feather” (28.60, #5 on map).
17) Go in the tower next to you and click on the Orb of Translocation 28.60 to take you to the top of the tower, then turn in “The Great Fissure“, accept “Marking the Path“.

01) Go SW to Dustquill Ravine and do “A Pilgrim’s Plight“: pick up the Torn Pilgrim’s Pack on the purple blanket 22.68.
02) Go NE to The Great Fissure and do “Marking the Path” Use the Lit Torch quest item at the 3 locations. Light the Western Beacon at 30.61, and:
03) Light the Central Beacon 34.60.
04) Light the Southern Beacon 36.65.
05) GROUP with 2+ Players : “Wanted: Blacktalon the Savage“: kill/loot Blacktalon the Savage /target (at the end of the cave). The cave entrance is at 34.64. NOTE: If you can’t do it now we can try this again later
06) Go back to Falcon Watch and turn in “A Pilgrim’s Plight” 26.62. NOTE: This NPC patrols around.
07) Go up in town and use the Orb of Translocation 28.60 to take you to the top of the tower, then turn in “Marking the Path” and (if you did it) “Wanted: Blacktalon the Savage“. If you didn’t, turn it in if or when you do it.
08) NOTE: While accepting and turning in the next couple of quests, watch out for all the mobs and even the elite one walking around:
09) Go west to Ruins of Sha’naar and accept “Naladu” (in the hut, 16.59).
10) Work your way deeper in the ruins and in the hut turn in “Naladu” 16.65, accept “A Traitor Among Us“.
11) Just NW of you do “A Traitor Among Us“: loot the Metal Coffer (chest) in the hut 14.63.
12) Back at Naladu (in the hut 16.65, #10 on map), turn in “A Traitor Among Us“, accept “The Dreghood Elders“.
13) Around the ruins do “The Dreghood Elders“: talk to and free 3 NPCs. Talk to and Free Morod the Windstirrer (in the hut, 13.61), and:
14) Talk to and Free Akoru the Firecaller (in the hut, 16.59, #9 on map).
15) Talk to and Free Aylaan the Waterwaker (in the hut, 13.58).
16) Back at Naladu (in the hut 16.65, #10 on map), turn in “The Dreghood Elders“, accept “Arzeth’s Demise“.
17) Do “Arzeth’s Demise“: use the Staff of the Dreghood Elders quest item on Arzeth the Merciless (the big blue elite demon, he patrols) to weaken him, then kill him.
18) Back at Naladu (in the hut 16.65, #10 on map), turn in “Arzeth’s Demise“.
19) Around the ruins finish up “Source of the Corruption“: kill/loot Illidari Taskmasters (the blue demons).

Cenarion Post

01) Go to Cenarion Post 16.52 and turn in all quests and accept new ones: Turn in “Missing Missive” and “Helping the Cenarion Post“, accept “Demonic Contamination“. And accept “Colossal Menace” , “Keep Thornfang Hill Clear!” and “The Cenarion Expedition“.
02) Just to the east of you around 18.55 do “Demonic Contamination“: kill/loot the Hulking Helboars.
03) Back at Cenarion Post (16.52, #1 on map) turn in “Demonic Contamination“, accept “Testing the Antidote“.
04) Go back just to the east of you (around 18.55, #2 on map) do “Testing the Antidote“: just use the Cenarion Antidote quest item on a Hulking Helboar then kill the mob.
05) Back west at Cenarion Post (16.52, #1 on map) turn in “Testing the Antidote“.
06) Go west to Thornfang Hill around 10.52 and do “Keep Thornfang Hill Clear!“: kill 8 Thornfang Ravagers and 8 Venomspitters.
07) Back east at Cenarion Post (16.52, #1 on map) turn in “Keep Thornfang Hill Clear!“.
08) Go north to Fallen Sky Ridge around 14.44 and try to kill at least one Raging Colossus (lvl 63 Elite giant), so that the Crimson Crystal Shard item drops, which starts “Crimson Crystal Clue“, accept it.  
09) Back south at Cenarion Post (16.52, #1 on map) turn in “Crimson Crystal Clue“, accept “The Earthbinder“.
10) Next to you at the top of the hill turn in “The Earthbinder” 16.52. Once the NPC walks down the hill and spawns a giant, kill it, then accept “Natural Remedies“.
11) GROUP: Do “Natural Remedies” along with finishing up “Colossal Menace“: up north at Fallen Sky Ridge (around 14.44, #8 on map) kill 4 more Raging Colossus and use the Seed of Revitalization quest item at the green circle (at 14.39, #11 on map), then kill Goliathon (a red lvl 63 elite giant) once he spawns in. 
12) Back south at Cenarion Post (16.52, #1 on map) turn in (if you did any of them) “Natural Remedies” and “Colossal Menace“.

01) Go east a bit (starting around 21.52) and do “Trueflight Arrows“: kill/loot Bonestripper Vultures. NOTE:  There are 3 other small camps of these mobs (see map for locations).
02) Go NE to Pools of Aggonar and do “The Agony and the Darkness” along with “In Need of Felblood” and “Arelion’s Journal“: kill/loot the Terrorfiends (demons). And loot Arelion’s Knapsack for the journal (its either hanging on a bramble 40.37 , #2 on map, or it can drop from a Blistering Oozeling).
03) GROUP: Do “Cruel’s Intentions“: kill Arazzius the Cruel (lvl 63 elite big reddish demon at 44.32).  
04) Go east to Thrallmar (Don’t hearth).  And at the bottom of the tower, turn in (if you did it) “The Demoniac Scryer” 52.36, accept “Report to Nazgrel“.
05) In the barracks 55.36 turn in “A Strange Weapon” (accept “The Warchief’s Mandate“), (if you have it) “Report to Nazgrel” (accept “The Foot of the Citadel“) , “The Agony and the Darkness” and (if you did it) “Cruel’s Intentions“.
06) Make a right out of the barracks and turn in “The Warchief’s Mandate” 54.38, accept “A Spirit Guide“.
07) Go west to the Fel Orc Corpse 34.43 and do “A Spirit Guide“: use the Ancestral Spirit Wolf Totem quest item at the corpse, then follow the spirit wolf to the next step.
08) Once you get to Mag’har Post turn in “A Spirit Guide” 32.28, accept “The Mag’har“.
09) Use Hearthstone to Thrallmar.
10) In the barracks, turn in “The Mag’har” (55.36, #5 on map), accept “Messenger to Thrall“.
11) NOTE: “Messenger to Thrall” gets turned in at Thrall in Orgrimmar. I recommend doing this when you are level 62 so you can get new spells/abilities while you are at it. After turning this in then accept “Envoy to the Mag’har” from Thrall. Remember there is a portal to Orgrimmar east in Hellfire Peninsula (at The Stair of Destiny, 89.48).  
12) Go to the Wind Rider Master 56.36 and fly to Falcon Watch, Hellfire Peninsula.

Falcon Watch

01) Turn in “Trueflight Arrows” 28.60.
02) Go down and turn in “Arelion’s Journal” 26.60, accept “Arelion’s Secret“.
03) Go in the hut/Inn next to you and turn in “In Need of Felblood” 27.59, accept “The Cleansing Must Be Stopped“. And next to you turn in “Source of the Corruption“.
04) Do “Arelion’s Secret“: talk to Magister Aledis /target, then beat the NPC in a dual. He patrols the path following out of Falcon Watch all the way to the entrance of the zone Zangarmarsh to the west, so just follow the path and you will get to him (see path on map). NOTE:  If he dies, he spawns inside Falcon Watch. Once done, turn in “Arelion’s Secret“, accept “The Mistress Revealed“.
05) Go NE to Pools of Aggonar and do “The Cleansing Must Be Stopped“: use the Signaling Gem quest item at the Altar of Aggonar 39.40, then kill all the Draenei mobs that come attack you. NOTE: It could take up to a minute for them to come to you.
06) Go SW to Falcon Watch and turn in “The Mistress Revealed” (26.60, #2 on map), accept “Arelion’s Mistress“.
07) In the hut/Inn next to you 27.60 turn in “The Cleansing Must Be Stopped“.
08) Hellfire Peninsula is Finished for now! NOTE:  If you didn’t do these, you can Abandon these quests: “Weaken the Ramparts“, “Hellfire Fortifications“, “Cruel’s Intentions“, “The Foot of the Citadel“, ” Natural Remedies” and “Colossal Menace“. NOTE:  Hold on to the rest as we can work on them later.
09) Now lets head directly west on the main path to Zangarmarsh…

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