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WoW TBC Classic: 1-12 Alliance Leveling Guide (Azuremyst Isle)

1-6 – Ammen Vale, Azuremyst Isle

01) At Megelon accept “You Survived!” 83.44.
02) Go down and turn in “You Survived!” 80.46, accept “Replenishing the Healing Crystals“.
03) Do “Replenishing the Healing Crystals“: kill/loot the Vale Moths around 80.43.
04) Return and turn in “Replenishing the Healing Crystals” (#2 on map 80.46), accept “Urgent Delivery!“.
05) Go in the Crash Site and find the NPC that patrols around 80.49 to turn in “Urgent Delivery!“, accept “Rescue the Survivors!“.
06) Accept “Spare Parts” at 79.51.
07) Next to you accept “Inoculation” 79.52.
08) At Botanist Taerix  accept “Botanist Taerix” (#2 on map 80.46).
09) At the small Draenei camp, turn in “Botanist Taerix“. Accept “Volatile Mutations” 79.47.
10) Do “Volatile Mutations“: kill 8 Volatile Mutations scattered all around the starting zone. Keep the next step in mind.
11) Do “Rescue the Survivors!“: use your racial ability Gift of the Naaru on one of the Draenei Survivors /target. TIP: Look for a reddish glow, here are some locations: 83.50, 79.55, 81.56 .
12) Go to Nestlewood Hills entrance at 81.59 do “Spare Parts” (loot the Emitter Spare Parts off the ground) along with “Inoculation“: use your quest item Inoculating Crystal on 6 Nestlewood Owlkins (They are the light colored owlkins).
13) Once everything is completed, use your Hearthstone.
14) Go down into the Crash Site and turn in (from the NPC that patrols around) “Rescue the Survivors!” (#5 on map around 80.49).

01) Turn in “Spare Parts” 79.51 and (next to you) “Inoculation” then accept “The Missing Scout“.
02) At the small Draenei camp turn in “Volatile Mutations” 79.47, accept “What Must Be Done…” and (next to you) “Botanical Legwork“.
03) Go SW to Ammen Fields around 75.49 and do “What Must Be Done…” along with “Botanical Legwork“: kill/loot Mutated Root Lashers and loot 3 Corrupted Flowers off the ground.
04) Go south to Tolaan 72.61 and turn in “The Missing Scout“, accept “The Blood Elves“.
05) At 71.63 do “The Blood Elves“: kill 10 Blood Elf Scouts.
06) Return to Tolaan (#4 on map 72.61) and turn in “The Blood Elves“, accept “Blood Elf Spy“.
07) Go to the top of Shadow Ridge and do “Blood Elf Spy“: kill Surveyor Candress /target 69.66. She will drop an item that starts “Blood Elf Plans“, accept it.
08) Use Hearthstone (or die on purpose and then ressurect at spirit) then turn in “What Must Be Done...” (accept “Healing the Lake“) and next to you “Botanical Legwork“.
09) Turn in “Blood Elf Spy” (#1 on map 79.51) and “Blood Elf Plans“. Accept “The Emitter“.
10) Next to you, turn in “The Emitter“. Accept “Travel to Azure Watch“.
11) Go SW to Silverline Lake and do “Healing the Lake“: simply click on the big purple Irradiated Power Crystal in the lake 77.59.
12) Use Hearthstone (if you can). Or go east to the owls and die 79.60 on purpose, then ressurect at spirit.
13) Turn in “Healing the Lake” (#2 on map 79.46).
14) Leave this area, on the way accept “Word from Azure Watch” 64.54.
15) Just across the river accept “Red Snapper – Very Tasty!” 61.54.

Azure Watch

01) Follow the path at the Azure Watch accept “The Great Moongraze Hunt” 50.52.
02) Also take “Medicinal Purpose” 48.52. Take First Aid Profession from this NPC!
03) NW in town right before the Inn’s entrance, turn in “Travel to Azure Watch” 49.50.
04) Go inside the Inn next to you and turn in “Word from Azure Watch” 48.49 . Also make this place your new home at the Innkeeper.
(GET NEW ABILITIES) Make sure you are level 6 then find your class trainer around town to get new spells/abilities. TIP: You can talk to an Azuremyst Peacekeeper /target to help you find your class trainer faster.
05) South of Azure Watch do “Medicinal Purpose” along with “The Great Moongraze Hunt“: kill/loot Root Trappers and Moongraze Stags.
06) Return to Azure Watch and turn in “The Great Moongraze Hunt” (#1 on map 50.52), accept “The Great Moongraze Hunt” (part 2).
07) West in town, turn in “Medicinal Purpose” (#2 on map 48.52). Then next to you accept “An Alternative Alternative“.
08) SE of Azure Watch do “An Alternative Alternative“: loot 5 Azure Snapdragons (flowers) from around the trees. There is a large amount around 52.59.
09) Use Hearthstone (or go back) to Azure Watch and turn in “An Alternative Alternative” (#2 on map 48.51). Accept “The Prophecy of Velen“.

Odesyus’ Landing

01) Go south to Odesyus’ Landing and turn in “The Prophecy of Velen” 47.70 . Accept “A Small Start“.
02) At the camp also accept “Cookie’s Jumbo Gumbo” 47.71.
03) Go just south to the shore around 47.73 and start working on “Cookie’s Jumbo Gumbo“: kill/loot Skittering Crawlers along the shore. 
04) Grinding to the Geezle’s Camp to do “A Small Start“: loot the Nautical Map (under a green canopy, 59.66), and:
05) Under a blue canopy (60.68.), loot the Nautical Compass.
06) Work your way back west to Odesyus’ Landing while continuing “Cookie’s Jumbo Gumbo“: kill/loot Skittering Crawlers along the shore. Once at Odesyus’ Landing turn in “A Small Start” (#1 on map 47.70), accept “I’ve Got a Plant“. Then next to you accept “Reclaiming the Ruins“, and “Precious and Fragile Things Need Special Handling“.
07) At the camp turn in (if its finished) “Cookie’s Jumbo Gumbo” 47.71.
08) North side do “I’ve Got a Plant“: loot 5 Piles of Leaves off the ground and loot a Hollowed Out Tree (4 total possible spawns: 48.63, 49.63, 46.62, 46.66).
09) Back south at Odesyus’ Landing turn in “I’ve Got a Plant” (#1 on map 47.70), accept ” Tree’s Company“.
10) Continue grinding along the shore go to the #10 on map to do “Reclaiming the Ruins” along with “Precious and Fragile Things Need Special Handling“: kill the required amount of Wrathscale naga and loot the Ancient Relics. While doing this, you should find an item that starts “Rune Covered Tablet“, accept it.
11) Use Hearthstone (or die on purpose and res at spirit) and at Azure Watch in the middle of town accept “The Missing Fisherman” 49.51 and “Learning the Language” 49.51.
12) Do “Learning the Language“: open your backpack and click on the Stillpine Furbolg Language Primer quest item. Then turn in “Learning the Language” at the totem in the middle of town (#11 on map 49.51), accept “Totem of Coo“.

01) Just north 50.45 or NW 45.44 of Azure Watch kill/loot Infected Nightstalker Runts until one drops an item that starts “Strange Findings“, accept it. Also start working on “The Great Moongraze Hunt” by kill/looting the Moongraze Bucks. Once you get “Strange Findings” go to the next step.
02) Use Hearthstone (or run back) and west in Azure Watch by the cliff, turn in “Strange Findings” 47.50, accept “ Nightstalker Clean up, Isle 2…“.
03) Start working on “Nightstalker Clean up, Isle 2…” along with continuing “The Great Moongraze Hunt“: kill Infected Nightstalker Runts (#2 on map) and kill/loot the Moongraze Bucks (#3 on map). While working on these, continue to the next steps.
04) Go to the top of the hill and turn in “Totem of Coo” 55.42, accept “Totem of Tiki“.
05) Return to the shore and start working on “Red Snapper – Very Tasty!“: use Draenei Fishing Net quest item on the School of Red Snappers.  

NOTES:  Sometimes an Angry Murloc will spawn from the School of Red Snappers

06) Go east down to the shore and turn in “Totem of Tiki” 64.40, accept “Totem of Yor“.
07) Continue doing “Red Snapper – Very Tasty!“: use Draenei Fishing Net quest item on the School of Red Snappers. Work your way to Diktynna (Fishing Trainer) to turn this in 61.54, accept “Find Acteon!“.
08) At #8 under the water turn in “Totem of Yor” 63.68, accept “Totem of Vark“.

01) Work your way west to Odesyus’ Landing 47.70 while finishing (if you still need to) “Cookie’s Jumbo Gumbo“: kill/loot Skittering Crawlers along the shore.  Once at Odesyus’ Landingturn in “Precious and Fragile Things Need Special Handling“, “Reclaiming the Ruins“, and “Rune Covered Tablet“. Wait here for a moment until you are able to accept “Warlord Sriss’tiz“.
02) At the camp turn in (if you still need to) “Cookie’s Jumbo Gumbo” 47.71.
03) Go west to Bristlelimb Village and turn in “Totem of Vark” 28.62, accept “The Prophecy of Akida“.
04) While here do “The Prophecy of Akida“: kill/loot the Bristlelimb furbolgs for the Bristlelimb Keys to free 8 Stillpine Captives in the cages. Continue working on “Nightstalker Clean up, Isle 2…” along with “The Great Moongraze Hunt“: kill Infected Nightstalker Runts and kill/loot the Moongraze Bucks (these are #5 on map).
05) Make sure “Nightstalker Clean up, Isle 2…” along with “The Great Moongraze Hunt” is now finished: kill Infected Nightstalker Runts and kill/loot the Moongraze Bucks. You can find a large concentration of these mobs around 30.57.
06) Go south and enter Tides’Hollow (cave entrance at 27.76).
07) Go straight in the cave then jump down at 26.74 to do “Warlord Sriss’tiz“: kill Warlord Sriss’tiz /target 24.74.
08) Work your way up to leave the cave, then swim to Silvermyst Isle and do “Tree’s Company“: use your Tree Disguise Kit quest item by the Naga Flag (at the shore 18.84) then wait for the quest to complete.
09) Follow the shore SW and on the dock turn in “The Missing Fisherman” 17.95, accept “All That Remains“.
10) Grind your way to the north side of Silvermyst Isle and by the shore try to do the escort “A Cry For Help” at 14.73 : Escort Magwin /target to the dock south on the Isle. Most classes should be able to solo this, but you might need help from another player, if not then skip it. If you did it turn it in.
11) All around Silvermyst Isle finish “All That Remains“: keep killing any of the Owlbeasts in the area around 15.91 until you loot the Remains of Cowlen’s Family (you may have already found this by now).
12) Back south on the dock turn in “All That Remains” (#9 on map 17.95).

01) Use Hearthstone (or die on purpose and ressurect at spirit) to Azure Watch, then turn in “The Prophecy of Akida” 49.51, accept “Stillpine Hold“.
02) Turn in “Find Acteon!” 50.52 and “The Great Moongraze Hunt“.  
03) Turn in “Tree’s Company” 47.70, accept “Show Gnomercy” and turn in “Warlord Sriss’tiz“.
04) Along the shore do “Show Gnomercy“: speak to Engineer “Spark” Overgrind /target (he’s a gnome that patrols up and down the shore, around 49.72) then kill/loot him.
05) Go back to Odesyus’ Landing and turn in “Show Gnomercy” (#3 on map 47.70), accept “Deliver Them From Evil…“.
06) Make sure you are level 10 then use Hearthstone (or die on purpose and ressurect at spirit) to Azure Watch, then west in town at the cliff turn in “Deliver Them From Evil…” 47.50. Accept “Coming of Age“. Also turn in “Nightstalker Clean up, Isle 2…“.
07) It’s time to start focusing on doing your class’s level 10 class quests along with getting new spells/abilities. Work on them now then go ahead and then continue on below afterwards. 

Stillpine Hold

01) Go to Stillpine Hold 45.24 and accept “Beasts of the Apocalypse!” and next to you “Murlocs… Why Here? Why Now?“.
02) NE at the hold turn in “Stillpine Hold” 47.21.
03) East of Stillpine Hold do “Beasts of the Apocalypse!“: kill/loot Ravager Specimens around 53.22.
04) Go back west to Stillpine Hold and turn in “Beasts of the Apocalypse!” (#1 on map 45.24).
05) Along the shore do “Murlocs… Why Here? Why Now?“: kill/loot the murlocs. Also while you are here, find and kill Murgurgula /target (a big grayish-purple murloc that patrols up and down the shore), he drops an item that starts “Gurf’s Dignity“, accept it. He spawns at (actual #5 on map 35.22).
06) Return (#1 on map 45.24) and turn in “Murlocs… Why Here? Why Now?” and “Gurf’s Dignity“.
07) Accept “Search Stillpine Hold” (#2 on map 47.21) and next to you “Chieftain Oomooroo“.
08) Enter the cave at Stillpine Hold (entrance at 45.18).
09) Inside the cave do “Chieftain Oomooroo“: kill 9 Crazed Wildkin while following the path to the right, stay up, cross the small bridge and then kill Chieftain Oomooroo /target (white colored owlbeast, 47.14). Keep the next step in mind.
10) Deep in the cave, in the water, from the Blood Crystal turn in “Search Stillpine Hold” 51.12, accept “Blood Crystals“.
11) Leave the cave and back in town (#2 on map 47.21), turn in “Blood Crystals” and “Chieftain Oomooroo“.
12) Accept “The Kurken is Lurkin” 46.22.
13) Return to the cave (entrance at 45.18 , #8 on map), follow the left path down, and do “The Kurken is Lurkin“: kill/loot The Kurken 50.13.
14) In town 46.22, turn in “The Kurken is Lurkin“, accept “The Kurken’s Hide“.
15) Accept “Warn Your People” (#2 on map 47.21).
16) Turn in “The Kurken’s Hide” (#1 on map 45.24).
17) If you are not level 12, then grind to it.
18) Use Hearthstone (or run back) to Azure Watch and west at the cliff, turn in “Warn Your People” 47.50.
19) Stop at the First Aid Trainer /target 48.52 and upgrade First Aid.
20) Find your class trainer and learn your level 12 spells/abilities.
21) Go west to The Exodar (city of the Draenei) and just outside of the city, turn in “Coming of Age” 82.51, accept “Elekks Are Serious Business“.

Leveling Options

01) Now you can go to Auberdine, Darkshore or Bloodmyst Isle.
02) If you are going to Auberdine, Darkshore then get on the boat west at the end of the docks to get there, skip “Elekks Are Serious Business” quest. Once at Auberdine, follow the docks east, and on your right accept “For Love Eternal” (on the dock, 36.44).
03) Continue east on the dock toward the Inn, but go upstairs and accept “Buzzbox 827” 37.44.
04) Just south of the Inn, go up on the platform and from the Hoppogryph Master (36.46 ), get the Flight Path.
05) If you are going to continue on with the Draenei TBC content, then head north into Bloodmyst Isle (bridge entrance at 65.95).

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