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WoW Shadowlands: 50-60 Leveling Guide

Once you are level 50, you are all set to head to the Shadowlands. 50-60 leveling is a questing over new zones in following order: Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald and Revendreth. Also there are a few ways to speed things along. Before leveling guide itself, here are some tips to speed up your leveling progress.

Classes with the Highest Leveling Speed:

Demon Hunters: the best mobility, high AoE burst damage, and excellent survivability.
Druids (Balance): can easily pull many mobs using DoTs, and has no cast time on its Flight Form. Good at spread AoE damage.
Hunters: pets can tank for you, allowing bigger pulls. Can handle group quest mobs alone.
Mages: Excellent crowd control and damage.

Another way to speed up leveling is a Mount:

Apprentice Riding (60% ground mount) = 10 Silver at Level 10
Journeyman Riding (60% ground mount) = 50 Gold at Level 20
Expert Riding (150% flying mount) = 250 Gold at Level 30
Master Riding (310% flying mount) = 5,000 Gold at Level 40

Consumables to increase your movement speed:

 Goblin Glider Kit
 Swiftness Potion
 Draenic Swiftness Potion
 Skystep Potion

To make your swimming easier:

 Shimmerscale Diving Suit
 Felslate Anchor &  Leystone Buoy
 XA-1000 Surface Skimmer


Draught of Ten Lands
 Sylvan Elixir
 Lemon Herb Filet
 Dense Sharpening Stone &  Wizard Oil
 Drums of Fury
 Elixir of Detect Lesser Invisibility

To gain more bonus and experience, turn on War Mode at Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

Important: Follow all storylines.


  1. Travel with Kleia. Use Gunshoes after extra action button.
  2. Set Hearthstone at Aspirants Rise.
  3. You can complete The Old Ways for extra experience.
  4. Take Suggested Reading side quest.
  5. At The Chamber of First Reflection – use Gunshoes.
  6. All An Aspirant Can Do – use Hearthstone.
  7. Wanted: Altered Sentinel – easy quest for easy experience.
  8. The Temple of Purity – use Gunshoes.
  9. A Wayward Disciple? Do it solo.
  10. Grab Kyrian Bell at Purity’s Pinnacle.
  11. Elites at Purity’s Pinnacle are easy to kill and give 3.6k xp.
  12. The Enemy You Know – Leave vehicle once 3 hammers completed.
  13. Purity’s Prerogative – “I will fly with you” jump off and use Goblin Glider Kit.
  14. Chasing a Memory – use Gunshoes.
  15. Leave it to Mnemis – Click Middle Eye of the Archon.
  16. Go in Service – use Gunshoes.
  17. Must be at 212,856 exp before flying to Elysian Hold.
  18. Follow the Path – use Cloak of Coordination.


  1. House of the Chosen – use Gunshoes.
  2. The Path to Glory – use Goblin Glider Kit to turn in.
  3. Baron of the Chosen – use Gunshoes.
  4. Set Hearthstone at The Spearhead.
  5. Army of One – use Gunshoes.
  6. Monelite Key works for Prisoner Cell.
  7. Fly to Theater of Pain.
  8. Discover FP at Seat of Primus (don’t do quest).
  9. Use Goblin Glider Kit off Mushroom to House of Plagues.
  10. Pool of Potions – Kill slimes near turn in to reduce run time.
    Once finish campaign here use Gunshoes to A Common Peril.
    Glorious Pursuits
     – capture mephiles first.
  11. Straight to the Heart – Drop group.
  12. Among the Chosen – use Gunshoes to House of the Chosen.
  13. A Soul Saved – use Hearthstone to The Spearhead.
  14. Words of the Primus – use Shroud of Cooperation.
  15. Words of the Primus – use Gunshoes to turn in and then to helm.


  1. Wildseed Rescue – Party Benefits from % – can finish fast.
  2. We Can’t Save Them All – use Gunshoes.
  3. Keep to the Path – use Goblin Glider Kit.
  4. Spirits of the Glen – use Gunshoes.
  5. Heart of the Grove -grab A Faintly Glowing Seed – provides one of these buffs:
    Feeling Invulnerable, Feeling Speedy, Feeling Buff, Feeling Big, Feeling Zippy
  6. Heartless – use Goblin Glider Kit.
  7. A call of the hunt – use Gunshoes.
  8. Trouble in the Banks – Side Quest Hub.
  9. Must be 33% into 57 before heading to continue the campaign.
  10. Flightpath back after finishing side quests.
  11. Echoes of Tirna Noch – use Gunshoes.
  12. Enemies at the gate – use Gunshoes.
  13. Awaken the Dreamer – use Gunshoes.


  1. Sinstone delivery – Drop group.
  2. The grove of terror – use Goblin Glider Kit.
  3. Beast control side quest – dread priming.
  4. Hunting trophies side quest – let the hunt begin.
  5. The Acurser Hunted – use Gunshoes.
  6. Dreadhollow – use Gunshoes.
  7. Forgotton Village – Bonus Objective – Soulbreaker Trap, does a lot of damage.
  8. The Fearstalker – use Gunshoes.






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