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WoW Classic: Warlock – Privileged Master of Control

Warlock is caster DPS class with Cloth armory type. They are strong enough to survive using class aspects and spells in combat: generating/draining health and mana, using “Fear” to make enemies running away, DOTs (Damage over time spells) or using a demon pet for multiple purposes. Yes, Warlocks’ feature is a demon pet, it follows everywhere and helps in combat. If you enjoy some “evil” – Warlock is just for you.

Affliction spells and talents weaken the opponent and improve survival rate at the same time. “Drain life” and “Life Tap” (regenerates your mana for the cost of health), taking control over “Fear” (makes the enemy to run away) or “Curse” (decreases damage and resistance).
Destruction focus on powerful spells and DoTs, Demonology spells concentrate on summoning different pets and their abilities, secondary effects such as “Enslave Demon” (to control enemy demons as your pets), “Create Firestone”, “Ritual of Summoning” (to summon your party member to your location), “Create Soul Stone” (able to resurrect you or your party member).


The warlock leveling is smooth and fast. They don’t have to make long breaks between combat to regenerate mana and health, they can just drain them from enemies or use “Soul Shard” to create “Health stone” (for healing). Mana can be restored with “Life tap”. Combination of these abilities provides a fighting non-stop. From level 10 warlock gets an access to a “Voidwalker”, a pet, being a great support and making it possible to fight several opponents at a time.

Another nice feature is a free riding skill with 60% Mount at level 40 available. Moreover, warlocks decrease their expenses for 100% Mount as well, it requires to pass through a long quest chain though. All these perks make leveling faster.


In PVE many people consider warlock is pretty easy. Because of restrictions on amount of debuffs for each target, warlocks cannot the whole range of abilities and spells, instead of that they focus on keeping one weakness on the boss and “Shadowbolt” (the main spell with high damage). In 5-men dungeons warlocks can use their spells more fluently with “Shadowbolt” combination again.
Warlocks are always welcome to raids and dungeons for their useful and powerful abilities. Many party members need “Health Stones”, so warlocks should be prepared for this and kill mob to collecting soul shards. These shards are kept in a special bag and used for “Soul Stone” or “Health Stone” and Summon ability.


Warlock is a decent opponent. The limitation of debuffs is not a problem anymore, they can apply all their DoTs and Weakness effects, keeping the target in Fear most of the time. It is obviously an “intellectual” class to play though it may seem rather complicated at first sight.
Warlocks on the Alliance side should consider Undead racial “Will of the Forsaken” ability, it removes any Fear, Charm and Sleep effects while active.


Racial choice is not that wide. Humans and gnomes for Alliance, Orcs and Trolls for Horde.

Gnomes have 5% extra intellect, it increases their critical spell hit and amount of mana. They also get “Escape Artist” ability to remove any immobilizing effects.
Human receive “Perception” ability which increases their chance to detect enemies in stealth like Druids and Rogues. Another passive ability is “Diplomacy” – all reputation gained increased by 10%. Both races have own benefits in PVP and PVE, though gnomes are leaders in PVE. Alliance PVP oriented race choice depends on what you prefer: “Perception” or “Escape Artist”.

Undeads are popular for their “Will of the Forsaken”, activated ability removes and makes you immune all “Charm”, “Fear” and “Sleep” effects, the best for PVP.
Orcs get the passive skill “Command”, all pet damage increased by 5% and “Hardiness, their chance to resist all stun effect increased by additional 25%. That’s a great combination against rogues for example. Both races are good for PVP.


The profession range is more challenging. Tailoring/Enchanting is preferred for all PVE casters, because of crafted Blue/Epic items as Bloodvine Set and Robe of the Void. Crafted Uncommon quality (Green) items can be disenchanted and good to sell or used for own enchants.
Engineering is number one for PVP, independently of your class, as it gives access to unique cooldown effect abilities and explosives.
Herbalism and Alchemy is a good source to earn money and craft your own consumables for PVP and PVE, however you may always get them from Auction House.

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