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WoW Classic: Paladin – Warrior of the Holy Light

Paladins are warriors of the Holy Light, exclusive Alliance hybrid class with powerful support in each role, wearing plate armor, healing and protecting.

Paladin’s endorsement is based on “auras” and “blessings”. Paladins can use only one aura at a time and it works for the whole group. Their blessings are single targeted multifunctional buffs but only one type of blessing can be active.

The blessings are various powerful reinforcing effects: “Blessing of Wisdom” increasing mana regeneration, “Blessing of Might” giving extra attack power, “Blessing of Salvation” reducing threat generation. There are also short-term blessings, such as “Blessing of Protection” protecting from all physical attacks for 10 seconds or “Blessing of Freedom” giving immunity to movement impairing effects for 8 seconds. Paladins’ auras providing different effects as well: “Retribution aura” causes holy damage to any enemy that strikes a party or raid member, “Devotion aura” gives additional armor to party members etc

Spells and talents in “Holy” are focused on healing. Paladins are extremely skillful healers, specialized in effective and strong spells, like “Holy Light” and “Flash of Light” (healing a friendly target with different casting time) or “Lay on Hands” (heals for an amount equal to Paladin’s maximum health). Their Holy spells give them access to unique abilities that may damage undead and demons – “Exorcism” or “Holy Wrath”.

“Retribution” spells and talents are focused on Paladin’s melee combat skills. Melee abilities are based on “Seal” and “Judgement” mechanics. There are different “seal”-buffs that increase auto-attacks, while “judgement” unleashes these buffs for an instant effect and damage.

Spells and talents of “Protection” are focused on Paladin’s protection abilities, effective for group or personal use: “Blessing of Protection”, “Holy shield”, “Hammer of Justice” (stuns enemy target). They can also use “Devine Intervention” (to sacrifice yourself to save party member and make him leave combat).


Paladin leveling is considered to be rather simple, but slow. Although, there are quicker classes to level, Paladin might be the easiest melee one. Their combination of abilities makes them very survival – “Blessing of Protection” and “Divine protection” with healing skills “Holy Flash” and “Lay on Hands”
Paladins gets free 60% mount at level 40, that helps to increase their slow mode leveling. While other classes have to save and collect money to buy mount and skip learning new abilities, paladins can afford to get all abilities. At level 60 they can just complete quest-line to get 100% mount and save decent amount of gold.


There are lots of holy paladins in PVE, as it is easier to find a group. Their healing style is simple and usually consists of one ability. Regardless of their role, paladins have to provide blessings and buffs for whole group or raid all the time.
It is rather difficult to find a group for retribution paladin. In comparison with other melee classes, they are not so effective and valuable. However, it does not mean that retri-paladins are weak. They are taken in dungeon parties and raids anyway to provide required auras, seals and use “Nightfall” weapon to increase whole raid’s damage.


Paladins are perfect in PvP. They can be most powerful healers at the battleground due to their high protection and strong restoration abilities (“Lay on Hands”, “Blessing of Protection” and “Blessing of Freedom”), cool buffs and amazing targeted healing. In combination with a good warrior is especially good.
Retribution paladins are also effective in PvP and can cause “explosive” damage using Engineering stuff. They have to be offensive in playing style, control the opponent with  “Hammer of Justice” or protect themselves with  “Divine Protection”.


Racial choice for Paladin is limited by Alliance. Particularly the dwarf or the human.

Dwarves get “Stone Form” (immune to poisons, diseases and bleeding effects and extra 10% to your basic armor amount, lasts 8 seconds). Since paladins can remove poison and disease, using “Cleansing”, “Stone Form” is useful for its armor bonus and resistance to bleeding effects. Despite this, dwarves-paladins get advantage in PVP.

Humans get sword and mace specialization, “Perception” (increases stealth detection) and “Diplomacy” (giving 10% extra reputation with all factions). While Holy paladins don’t really get benefits from Human racial abilities, Retribution and Protection paladins get five additional skill points to swords and maces. The Perception is useful for PvP as well.


Professions are easy to choose. For Retribution paladins and others, who PvP oriented, Engineering is number one for survival and enemy control. In PvE it helps to increase damage with explosives. Engineering is usually combined with Mining to get ore reagents and consumables or with Herbalism, that helps you to make good profit.

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