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WoW Classic: Which Epic Items You Can Get from 5-Man Group Dungeons

In this guide you can find all epic items, which drop in normal 5-man group dungeons.


Item Stats Drop Rate Boss Dungeon
inv_chest_cloth_12 Alanna’s Embrace +20 Intellect
+20 Stamina
+20 Spirit
Increases damage and healing done by magical spells and effects by up to 20
1-2% Ras Frostwhisper 




inv_chest_cloth_42 Embrace of the Wind Serpent  +17 Intellect
+9 Stamina
+ 30 Spirit
+12 Nature Resistance
4-5% Shade of Hakkar


Sunken Temple


inv_chest_chain_15 Savage Gladiator Chain +13 Strength
+14 Agility
+13 Stamina
Improves your chance to get a critical strike by 2 %.
24% Gorosh the Dervish


Blackrock Depths, Arena


Item Stats Drop Rate Boss Dungeon
spell_fire_fire Circle of Flame +20 Stamina
+15 Fire Resistance
Use: Channels 75 health into mana every 1 sec for 10 sec. (5 Min Cooldown)
4-5% Ambassador Flamelash


Blackrock Depths



Item Stats Drop Rate Boss Dungeon
inv_sword_17 Runeblade of Baron Rivendare


Equip: Increases movement speed and life regenaration rate 1-2% Lord Aurius Rivendare




inv_sword_29 Blackblade of Shahram Chance on hit: Summons the infernal spirit of Shahram 1-2% General Drakkisath


Blackrock Spire 


inv_sword_40 Sul’thraze the Lasher Chance on hit: Strikes an enemy with the rage of Sul’thraze. Lowers target’s strength by 15 and deals 90 to 210 Shadow damage with an additional 125 damage over 15 sec. 18-20%
Is created by
inv_sword_45 Jang’thraze the Protector  drops from Chief Ukorz Sandscalp and inv_sword_43 Sang’thraze the Deflector drops from Antu’sul
inv_sword_38 Dragon’s Call Chance on hit: Calls forth an Emerald Dragon Whelp to protect you in battle for a short period of time. 4-5% Shade of Eranikus


Sunken Temple


spell_frost_frostbrand Ironfoe Chance on hit: Grants 2 extra attacks on your next swing. 4-5% Emperor Dagran Thaurissan


Blackrock Depths


inv_axe_10 Treant’s Bane +25 Strength
+15 Stamina
Equip% Improves your chance to get a critical strike by 2%.
1% Gordok Tribute


Dire Maul


inv_sword_09 Blade of Eternal Darkness Equip: Chance on landing a damaging spell to deal 100 Shadow damage and restore 100 mana to you. 4-5% Princess Theradras




inv_weapon_shortblade_25 Felstriker Chance on hit% All attacks are guaranted to land and will be critical strikes for the next 3 sec. 3-4% Warchief Rend Blackhand


Blackrock Spire


inv_jewelry_talisman_12 Headmaster’s Charge


+30 Stamina
+20 Spirit
Use% Gives 20 additional intellect to party memebers within 30 yards.
1-2% Darkmaster Gandling 




Finger/ Off-hand

Item Stats Drop Rate Boss Dungeon
inv_jewelry_ring_17 Mark of the Dragon Lord Use: A protective mana shield surrounds the caster absorbing 500 damage. While the shield holds, increases mana regeneration by 22 every 5 sec for 30 min. 1-2% Overlord Wyrmthalak


Blackrock Spire


inv_misc_book_06 Book of the Dead +15 Intellect
+8 Stamina
+10 Spirit
Use: Summons a Skeleton that will protect you for 1 min. ( 15 Min Cooldown)
4-5% Balnazzar




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