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WoW Classic: Alterac Valley Battleground Reputation Guide – Frostwolf Clan

Frostwolf Clan is Horde faction for Alterac Valley battleground.

There are several ways to gain reputation:

Alterac Valley Quests:

 Hero of the Frostwolf awards you with 10 reputation.

 The Battle for Alterac awards you with 200 reputation.

The Legend of Korrak awards you with 200 reputation, one of the following items to choose and Rune of Recall :
Ice Barbed Spear
Wand of Biting Cold

 The Graveyards of Alterac awards 100 reputation.
Tip: you can be just close to a graveyard to get it assaulted.

 Towers and Bunkers awards 100 reputation.
Tip: you can be just close to a tower to get it assaulted.

 Capture a Mine awards 100 reputation.

Repeatable quests with reagents. All of them are turned in Frostwolf Keep.

 Alterac Ram Hide gains 2 reputation per item.
– Bringing a Frostwolf to Frostwolf Keep awards 1 reputation per Wolf.
Armor Scraps gives 1 reputation per 20 items.
Stormpike Soldier’s Blood gives 1 reputation per item.

Call of Air quests:

 Stormpike Soldier’s Flesh gains 1 reputation per item. Turn in to Wing Commander Guse.
 Stormpike Lieutenant’s Flesh gains 2 reputation per item. Turn in to Wing Commander Jeztor.
 Stormpike Commander’s Flesh gains 5 reputation per item. Turn in to Wing Commander Mulverick.

Enemies Killed:

– Killing the Alliance General, Vanndar Stormpike: 389 reputation.
– Killing the Alliance Captain, Captain Balinda Stonehearth: 125 reputation.
– Killing Alliance Commanders: 12 reputation each.
– Killing Alliance Air Masters: 5 reputation each.
– Killing Alliance Guards: 5 reputation each (stops at Honored).
– Killing Alliance Players: 1 reputation each.
– Killing the Alliance summoned boss, Ivus the Forest Lord: 125 reputation.

Finishing Battleground:

– Alliance General (Vanndar Stormpike) killed awards 36 reputation.
– Horde Captain (Captain Galvangar) kept alive awards 125 reputation.
– Enemy Bunker destroyed awards 24 reputation per each.
– Enemy Commanders killed awards 12 reputation per each.
– Towers Controlled or Intact awards 12 reputation per each.
– Graveyards Controlled awards 12 reputation per each.
– Mines Controlled awards 12 reputation per each.

Marks of Honor:

When you win AV, you receive 3  Alterac Valley Mark of Honor for winning and 1 for losing.

Three of  Alterac Valley Mark of Honor grants 50 reputation.

Frostwolf Insignia Line:

 Frostwolf Insignia Rank 1
Quest:  Proving Grounds grants 100 reputation.

 Frostwolf Insignia Rank 2
Quest: Rise and Be Recognized, available at Friendly level. Grants 100 reputation.

 Frostwolf Insignia Rank 3
Quest:  Honored Amongst the Clan, available at Honored level. Grants 100 reputation.

 Frostwolf Insignia Rank 4
Quest: Earned Reverence, available at Revered level. Grants 350 reputation.

 Frostwolf Insignia Rank 5
Quest: Legendary Heroes, available at Exalted level. Grants 500 reputation.

 Frostwolf Insignia Rank 6 (epic)
Quest: The Eye of Command, available at Full Exalted level.

Frostwolf Clan reputation rewards:

Name Price Reputation
 Superior Healing Draught 5 Silver (x5) Friendly
 Superior Mana Draught 5 Silver (x5) Friendly
 Frostwolf Battle Tabard 1 Gold Friendly
 Alterac Heavy Runecloth Bandage 80 Silver (x20) Friendly
 Bottled Alterac Spring Water 50 Silver (x20) Friendly
 Major Healing Draught 9 Silver (x5) Honored
 Major Mana Draught 9 Silver (x5) Honored
 Alterac Manna Biscuit 63 Silver (x20) Honored
 Frostwolf Legionnaire’s Cloak 6.79 Gold Honored
 Frostwolf Advisor’s Cloak 6.84 Gold Honored
 Frostwolf Legionnaire’s Pendant 6.44 Gold Honored
 Frostwolf Advisor’s Pendant 6.44 Gold Honored
 Frostwolf Cloth Belt 4.26 Gold Honored
 Frostwolf Leather Belt 5.33 Gold Honored
 Frostwolf Mail Belt 6.40 Gold Honored
 Frostwolf Plate Belt 4.26 Gold Honored
 Ice Threaded Arrow 54 Silver(x200) Honored
 Ice Threaded Bullet 54 Silver(x200) Honored
 Frostwolf Battle Standard 4.5 Gold Revered
 Glacial Blade 28.48 Gold Revered
 Whiteout Staff 35.86 Gold Revered
 Frostbite 28.48 Gold Revered
 Gnoll Skin Bandolier 31.5 Gold Revered
 Harpy Hide Quiver 31.5 Gold Revered
Epic Items    
 Horn of the Frostwolf Howler 10 Gold Exalted
 Lei of the Lifegiver 45 Gold Exalted
 Therazane’s Touch 45 Gold Exalted
 Tome of Arcane Domination 45 Gold Exalted
 Tome of Fiery Arcana 45 Gold Exalted
 Tome of Shadow Force 45 Gold Exalted
 Tome of the Ice Lord 45 Gold Exalted
 The Unstoppable Force 140.84 Gold Exalted
 The Immovable Object 71.57 Gold Exalted
 Don Julio’s Band 68 Gold Exalted
 Don Rodrigo’s Band 68 Gold Exalted
 The Lobotomizer 113.9 Gold Exalted

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