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WoW Classic: 50-60 Horde Leveling Guide

50-50 – Azshara

Azshara 50

  1. Accept Stealing Knowledge from Jediga.
  2. At 28.50 accept A Meeting with the Master.
  3. At the Ruins of Eldarath do “Stealing Knowledge”. Loot tablets, which are around the ruins.
  4. Along the shore do Seeping Corruption.
  5. Fill vials in pools at 48.61, 48.51, 49.48 and 47.46
  6. Return to Valormok and turn in” Stealing Knowledge”. Accept all follow-up quests.
  7. Kill Thunderhead Hippogryphs for the 2 Undamaged Feathers.
  8. Talk to Sanath Lim-yo and turn in “A Meeting with the Master”. He teleports you to the top of the hill. Go up and in tower talk to Archmage Xylem. Turn in “Delivery to Archmage Xylem” and accept the next part.
  9. Go back to Valormok and turn in this quest.
  10. Fly to Mulgore.
  11. At The Elder Rise turn in Delivery to Magatha and accept the next quest.
  12. Teleport to Orgrimmar.
  13. At The Drag turn in Rise of the Silithid and accept March of the Silithid.
  14. Turn in Delivery to Jes’rimon at 56.34 and accept Jes’rimon’s Payment to Jediga with Bone-Blade Weapons.
  15. Turn in Ripple Delivery at 69.36.
  16. Take zeppelin to Undercity and turn in Delivery to Andron Gant Accept the next part.
  17. At The Apothecarium turn in “Seeping Corruption” and take the follow-up part. Next to you turn it in and turn it again to Chemist Cuely.
  18. While there, also turn in Return to Apothecary Zinge and accept Vivian Lagrave.
  19. From Fuely accept A Sample of Slime… and …and a Batch of Ooze.
  20. Fly to Hinterlands.

50-51 – The Hinterlands

Hinterlands 50-51

  1. Accept Snapjaws,Mon! and Gammerita, Mon!
  2. In the Inn accept Lard Lost His Lunch.
  3. Along the shore kill snapjaws and collect Pupellyverobs Port.
  4. Kill Gammerita.
  5. At waterfall loot Cortello’s Treasure and turn in Cortello’s Riddle.
  6. On the small island do “Lard Lost His Lunch”. Click on Basket and kill mobs.





HInterlands 50-51(2)

  1. At the Lake (41.59) do “Sprinkle’s Secret Ingredient”- loot Violet Tragan.
  2. Do The Final Message to Wildhammer. Use quest item at the well in town 14.48.
  3. If you haven’t completed chicken escort yet, do it.
  4. Go to Revantusk Village and turn in all quests.
  5. Teleport to Orgrimmar, fly to Azshara.
  6. Turn in all Delivery quests to Jediga and fly to Ratchet.
  7. Loot Marvon’s Chest for Stone Circle.
  8. Accept Volcanic Activity from Liv.
  9. Make Ratchet your home.
  10. Take boat to Booty Bay.
  11. Turn in all chickens escort you have completed in Feralas, Hinterlands and Tanaris.
  12. Turn in An OOX of Your Own.
  13. In the Inn turn in “Whiskey Slim’s Lost Grog”.
  14. Fly to Stonard.
  15. At the Fallen Hero of the Horde accept The Stones That Bind Us.
  16. Follow the road to Blasted Lands.

51-51 – Blasted Lands

Balsted lands 51

  1. Once you enter, accept all quests at 51.14 from elves.
  2. You need Vulture Gizzards-14, Basilisk Brain-11, Blasted Boar Lungs-6, Scorpok Pincers-6, Snickerfang Jowls-5.
  3. Grind on mobs around the whole location.
  4. Also do “The Stones That Bind Us” (servants are crossing location).
  5. If you find Imperfect Fragment, turn it in for Everything Counts in Large Amounts at 52.36. If you find Sphere, also turn in there for To Serve Kum’isha.
  6. Return to Hero of The Horde and turn in “The Stones That Bind Us”. Accept Heroes of Old. Turn in at 33.66 (Swamp of Sorrows) and accept the next part.
  7. Teleport to Ratchet. Buy Mithril Casing at Auction House.
  8. Fly to Tanaris. Turn in “Sprinkle’s Secret Ingredient” and accept Delivery for Marin.
  9. Turn in “March of the Silithid”, accept the next part.
  10. Turn in at 52.29.
  11. At the Broken Pillar turn in “The Stone Circle”.
  12. Go to Un’Goro Crater.

51-53 – Un’Goro Crater

51-53 Ungoro(1)

  1. On the hill (72.76) accept The Apes of Un’Goro and The Fare of Lar’korwi.
  2. Do The Fare of Lar’korwi at 69.57.
  3. Head to north and accept Chasing A-Me 01 near the pathway to Marshal’s Refuge.
  4. NOTE: If you see Bloodpetal, kill them for Savage Fronds.
  5. At the Refuge accept all quests. Shizzle’s Flyer, Lost!, Beware of Pterodax, Roll the Bones, Alien Ecology, Expedition Salvation and Larion and Muigin.
  6. Now it’s time to grind mobs.
  7. Don’t sell Un’Goro soil and try to collect as much as possible.
  8. Kill Oozes for their samples.
  9. Collect crystals: 7 of each color (red, blue, green, yellow).




51-53 Ungoro(2)

  1. Kill Tar Mobs for “Super Sticky”.
  2. In the cave (64.16) kill monkeys for pelts. Also turn in “Chasing A-Me 01” and accept/turn in the next part (should have mithril casing). Do escort quest.
  3. Kill Bloodpetal mobs around for “Larion and Muigin”.
  4. At 55.13 do “Beware of Pterrordax” and “Shizzle’s Flyer”.
  5. Loot Crate of Foodstuffs at 69.36.
  6. Kill/loot Diemetradons for scales.
  7. Turn in “The Apes of Un’Goro”, accept the next quest. Turn in The Fare of Lar’korwi and accept The Scent of Lar’korwi.




51-52 Ungoro(3)

  1. Do “Bone-Bladed Weapons” with “The Scent of Lar’korwi”.
  2. Click on Wrecked Raft at 63.69 and accept It’s a Secret to Everybody.
  3. In the water click on A Small Pack and turn it in. Accept the next part.
  4. Return to Torwa and turn in The Scent of Lar’krowi.
  5. Accept the next part.
  6. Do “Alien Ecology” along with “Bungle in the Jungle”. In cave (50.82) turn left and use Unused Scaping Vial. Also kill Gorishi mobs for Gland.
  7. Around 56.90 finish “Shizzle’s Flyer”.
  8. Loot the Research Equipment.
  9. Kill Frenzied Pterrodaxes.
  10. Finish “Larion and Muigin”, “Beware of Pterrordax”, “Shizzle’s Flyer” and “Toll the Bones” at the westside of location.
  11. At 31.50 accept Finding the Source.


51-53 Ungoro(4)

  1. Do “Volcanic Activity” with “Finding the Source”. Use Thermometer at Hot spot.
  2. Kill Elementals for Un’Goro Ash.
  3. Make sure you have collected all crystals of different colors.
  4. Turn in “Lost!” At 52.50 and do escort quest.
  5. At Marshal’s Refuge turn in all quests. Accept Marvon’s Workshop.
  6. If you found item A Mangled Journal, start quest and turn it in here.
  7. Enter the cave at Refuge and accept/turn in Crystals of Power. Accept all follow-up quests.




51-53 Ungoro(5)

  1. Do Northeren Pylon at 56.12.
  2. Enter the cave at 64.16 and kill U’cha.
  3. Do Eastern Pylon at 77.50.
  4. Follow the pathway at 80.50. Summon/kill Lar’korwi with Torwa’s Pouch and Presereved Mixture.
  5. Head to Torwa and turn in quests.
  6. Do Western Pylon at 24.59.
  7. At Golakka Hot Springs turn in “Finding the Source”, accept The New Springs.
  8. Go to Marshal’s Refuge. Make sure you have 35 Un’goro Slime Samples, 30 Savage Fronds.
  9. Enter the cave at the Refuge and turn in all Pylons quests.
  10. Accept/turn in Making Sense of It.
  11. Fly to Tanaris.
  12. Turn in “Super Sticky” and “Bungle in the Jungle”.
  13. Fly to Mulgore.
  14. At the Elder Rise accept Un’goro Soil, turn in at 77.22.
  15. At Arch Druid accept Morrowgrain Research. Turn in at 71.34.
  16. Teleport to Ratchet.
  17. Turn in “Marvon’s Workshop” and “Volcanic Activity”.
  18. Take boat to BB and fly to Badlands. Turn in Vivian Lagrave, accept The Rise of the Machines and Dreadmaul Rock. Fly to Burning Steppes.

53-53 – Burning Steppes

53 Burning Steppes

  1. Accept Broodling Essence and Tablet of the Seven. Turn in “Yuka Screwspigot”.
  2. Do “Broodling Essence”, use Draco-Incarcinatrix 900 on Whelps.
  3. Accept A Taste of Flame (95.32) and turn in.
  4. At the top of Dreadmaul Rock click on Remains and turn in Dreadmaul Rock to Sha’ni Prodstuck. Accept Krom’Grul.
  5. Slay Krom’Gul.
  6. Kill War Reavers west of Ruins of Thaurissan.
  7. Loot Tablet of the Seven at 54.41.
  8. Return to Flame Crest, turn in “Broodling Essence” and “Tablet of the Seven”. Accept Felnok Steelspring.
  9. Fly to Kargath.
  10. Turn in “The Rise of the Machines” and accept the next part. Turn in Krom’Grul to Thal’trak.
  11. At 26.45 turn in “The Rise of the Machines”.
  12. Teleport to Ratchet and fly to Orgrimmar. Make it your home.
  13. Fly to Azshara.

53-54 – Azshara

53-54 AZshara

  1. Accept Betrayed.
  2. At the hill (53.22) accept Kim’jael Indeed!.
  3. Do these quests at 60.31, kill Blood elves and loot supplies’ crates.
  4. Once you finished “Betrayed”, turn in at 60.31 and accept the next part.
  5. Click on Crystal and summon Magus Rimtori.
  6. Turn in “Kim’jael Indeed!” At 53.22 and take the next part.



53-54 Azshara (2)

  1. Go to Strand and do Kim’jael’s Missing Equipment. Kill Nagas until Some Rune drops.
  2. Go to Valormok and turn in “Betrayed”. Accept the next part.
  3. Turn in “Kim’jael’s Missing Equipment”.
  4. You should be level 54. Grind 10 bars to be 54,5. Or go to BRD.
  5. Teleport to Orgrimmar and turn in “Bone-Bladed Weapons”. In the Valley of Honor turn in “Betrayed”.
  6. Fly to Splintertree Post, Ashenvale.
  7. Ride to Felwood.



54-54 – Felwood

NOTE: don’t destroy Corrupted souls. They’re for future quests.

Felwood 54(1)

  1. Accept Forces of Jaedenar and Verifying the Corruption.
  2. At Maybess Riverbreeze accept Cleansing Felwood.
  3. Work on “A Sample of Slime…” near 40.72/41.67 (Cursed Oozes).
  4. At 40.58 and north of it kill Jaedenar mobs.
  5. Finish “A Sample of Slime….” Kill Tainted Oozes (40.55/41.48).
  6. At Bloodvenom Post accept all quests. Discover Flight Path.





  1. Do “Verifying the Corruption” at Vale.
  2. At Irontree Woods do “Cleansing Felwood”. Kill Warpwood elementals.
  3. Do The Strength of Corruption. Kill Angerclaw Grizzly and Felpaw Ravagers.
  4. At 65.8 accept Deadwood of the North.
  5. Go downside and do it.
  6. Turn in “Deadwood of the North” and accept Speak to Salfa.
  7. Through Timbermaw Hold. Turn left and visit Moonglade to discover Flight path. Go to Winterspring.



54-55 – Winterspring

54-55 Winterspring(1)

  1. Accept Winterfall Activity (28.34) and turn in “Speak to Salfa”.
  2. At Donova Snowden accept Threat of the Winterfall. Turn in The New Springs and accept Strange Sources. Turn in “It’s a Secret to Everybody”.
  3. Go to Everlook and accept Are We There, Yeti?
  4. Turn in “Felnok Steelspring”.
  5. Make Everlook your home. Accept The Everlook Report, Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff and Sister Pamela.
  6. Discover Darkwhisper Gorge at 60.74.
  7. Teleport to Everlook. Go to Winterfall Village and do “Winterfall Activity”.
  8. Kill Raging Owlbeasts.
  9. Kill Ice Thistle Yeti for their Fur.



54-55 Winterspring(2)

  1. Finish “Wild Guardians”. Continue working on “Are We There, Yeti?”.
  2. Do “Threat of the Winterfall”.
  3. If you find Winterfall Firewater, start the quest.
  4. Go to Donova Snowden and turn in “Strange Sources”, “Threat of the Winterfall” and “Winterfall Firewater” (if you have it). Accept Falling to Corruption.
  5. Teleport to Everlook.
  6. Go south-east and finish “Are We There, Yeti?”
  7. Return to Everlook and turn it in. Accept the next part.
  8. Do “Are We There, Yeti?”, kill Ice Thistle Matriarchs and Ice Thistle Patriarchs.
  9. Once finished, turn it in. Accept the next part.
  10. Use Mechanical Yeti at
  11. Fly to Felwood.

55-56 – Felwood

Felwood 55-56(1)

  1. Turn in “Wild Guardians”.
  2. Turn in “Cleansing Felwood” at 47.83.
  3. Turn in “Forces of Jaedenar” at 51.82 and accept the next quest. Turn in “Verifying the Corruption”.
  4. Form Grazle accept Timbermaw Ally.
  5. At Deadwood village do “Timbermaw Ally” with “A Husband’s Last Battle”.
  6. Slay Overlord Ror.
  7. Go to Grazle and turn in “Timbermaw Ally”. Accept Speak to Nafien.
  8. Go to 32.66 and fill Hardened Flasket at the well.
  9. Fill Empty Canteen at 35.60.
  10. Turn in “Well of Corruption” at 34.52 and accept Corrupted Sabers.
  11. Turn in “A Husband’s Last Battle”.

55-56 Felwood(2)

  1. Turn in “Salve Via Hunting” at 47.83. Shards drop from mobs around the location.
  2. Turn in “Collection of the Corrupt Water”.
  3. Do “Corrupted Sabers”. Use Kitten Carrier at moonwell (32.66)
  4. Talk to the Corrupted Saber to follow you and turn in “Corrupted Sabers” at Post.
  5. Go to Deadwood Cauldron at 60.6 and turn in “Falling to Corruption”. Accept Mystery Goo.
  6. Turn in “Speak to Salfa”. Go to Winterspring and turn in “Winterfall Activity” to Salfa.
  7. Go to Donova Snowden and turn in “Mystery Goo”. Accept Toxic Horros.
  8. Teleport to Everlook.
  9. Accept A Little Luck.
  10. Turn in at Everlook to Mau’ari.
  11. Fly to Orgrimmar.
  12. Take zeppelin to Undercity.
  13. Make UC your home.
  14. Find Harbinger Balthazad, accept A Call to Arms: The Plaguelands!
  15. At The Apothecarium turn in “A Sample of Slime” and “…and a Barch of Ooze”.
  16. Accept Melding of Influences.
  17. Go to The Bulwark (Western Plaugelands).

56-56 -Western Plaguelands

NOTE: In both Plaguelands locations wear Argent Dawn Trinket to collect Scourgestones.

56 Western(1)

  1. Turn in “A Call to Arms: The Plaquelands!” And accept Scarlet Diversions. Take the Flame in a Bottle in Box of Incendiaries.
  2. Turn in “The Everlook Report”. At Gorush complete Argent Dawn Commission.
  3. Accept A Plague Upon Thee.
  4. Start Better Late than Never in house at the Felstone Field (38.54).
  5. Go to next house and turn in at Janice’s Parcel. Accept the next quest.
  6. Do “Scarlet Diversions”. Clear the camp at 41.52 and burn the Tent. Also use the Banner.
  7. Return to Bulwark and turn it in. Accept The Scourge Cauldrons.
  8. Turn in at 83.72, accept Target: Felstone Field.

Now cauldron quest-chain starts. You have to kill the keeper of key at each field. Once you killed it. Click on Cauldron, turn in quest and accept new. Return to Bulwark after every quest.

56 Western(2)

  1. “Target: Felstone Field”. Kill Cauldron Lord Bilemaw. Turn in quest at cauldron, accept Return to Bulwark.
  2. Target: Dalson’s Tears. Kill Cauldron Lord Malvinious. Turn in quest at cauldron, accept Return to Bulwark. While you are at Dalson’s Tears, visit the house at 48.51 and click on Diary, which starts the quest.
  3. Kill Wandering Skeleton for key. Open the Outhouse to complete Locked Away. Kill Farmer Dalson.
  4. In the house (47.50) go up and click on Locked Cabinet to turn in Locked Away.
  5. Return to Bulwark and accept Target: Writhing Haunt. Kill Cauldron Lord Razarch. Turn in quest at cauldron and accept Return to the Bulwark.
  6. While at The Writhing Haunt accept The Wildlife Suffers Too.
  7. Return to Bulwark and accept Target: Gahrron’s Withering. Kill Cauldron Lord Soulwrath and turn in quest at the cauldron. Accept Return to Bulwark.
  8. Go to Eastern Plaguelands.

56-57 – Eastern Plaguelands

56-57 Eastern(1)

  1. Go north to Tiron Fordring. Accept Demon Dogs, Blood Tinged Skies and Carrion Grubbage.
  2. At the Marris Stead accept To Kill With Purpose, Un-Life’s Little Annoyances and The Ranger Lord’s Behest.
  3. From the scroll at 27.85 (in the crypt) accept Hameya’s Plea.
  4. Talk to Pamela Redpath and turn in “Sister Pamela” ( 36.91), accept Pamela’s Doll.
  5. Do it. The parts of doll spawn randomly in each of 3 houses around Darrowshire.
  6. Turn in “Pamela’s Doll”. Accept Auntie Marlene and Uncle Carlin.
  7. Kill 30 Do part of Demon Dogs: 20 Plaguehound Runts.
  8. Start working on “Carrion Grubbage”. Kill warmers.
  9. Grind your way to Light’s Hope Chapel. Accept The Restless Souls, Zaeldarr the Outcast.
  10. Turn in “Duke Nicholas Zverenoff”.
  11. Turn in “Uncle Carlin” and accept Defenders of Darrowshire.
  12. Discover Flight Path.


  1. Go to Corin’s Crossing and do “To Kill with Purpose”. Kill/loot mobs for Living Rot. They last only 10 minutes. Once you have 7 of them, combine into the Rot. Start doing “Defenders of Darrowshire”. Kill Ghouls and talk to their spirits.
  2. Continue doing “Demon Dogs” and “Un-Life’s Little Annoyances”. Kill 5 Plaguehounds and 20 Noxious Plaguebats.
  3. Head to Zul’Mashar.
  4. Do “Hameya’s Plea”.
  5. Finish “Carrion Grubbage”, “Demon Dogs” and “Un-Life’s Little Annoyances”.
  6. Kill Frenzied Plaguehounds and Monstrous Plaguebats.
  7. Go to 51.21 and do “The Ranger Lord’s Behest”. Once you enter the lodge, turn right and loot Quel’Thalas Registry. If quest is too complicated, skip it now.
  8. Go to Plaguewood and do “A Plague Upon Thee” (loot Termite Mounds), “Defenders of Darrowshire”.

56-57 Eastern(3)

  1. Go west an in the hut (14.33) complete “The Restless Souls”. Accept Augustus’ Receipt Book.
  2. Do it: go to the Inn and turn right. Loot Receipt Book. If you have Crypt Fiend Parts, don’t get rid of them (for future quest).
  3. Turn in “Augustus’ Receipt Book”.
  4. Collect 30 Crypt Fiend Parts while you are there.
  5. You can go through the cave (15.29) to Tirion. But there can be elite spider 60.
  6. Turn in “Demon Dogs”, “Blood Tinged Skies” and “Carrion Grubbage”. Accept Redemption and Of Forgotten Memories.
  7. Turn in “To Kill with Purpose”, “Un-Life’s Little Annoyances” and “The Ranger Lord’s Behest” at 26.75. There are elite follow up quests. If you have party to kill them, accept Duskwing, Oh How I Hate Thee… and The Corpulent One.
  8. Go south to Undercroft and do “Zaeldarr the Outcast”.
  9. Turn in Hameya’s Plea at the Mound of Dirt.
  10. Do “Of Forgotten Memories”. Slay Mercutio Filthgorger.






  1. Turn in “Of Forgotten Memories”, accept the next quest.
  2. Return to Light’s Hope Chapel and turn in “Zaeldarr the Outcast” and “Defenders of Darrowshire”.
  3. Turn in all Scourges you have at Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff. You should be Friendly with Argent Down already.
  4. Accept/ turn in Savage Flora (Savage Fronds from Un’Goro).
  5. In the Inn accept/turn in Binding the Dreadnaught (Dark Iron Scraps from Burning Steppes). Accept/turn in Crypstalker Armor Doesn’t Make Itself…
  6. If you have Agent Dawn Token, turn in They Call Me “ The Rooster”.
  7. At Northdale do “Of Lost Honor”, loot Symbol of Lost Honor.
  8. Return to Tirion and turn in “Of Lost Honor”. Accept Of Love and Family.
  9. Turn it in at 66.75.
  10. Teleport to UC.
  11. Turn in “Better Late Than Never” and accept The Jeremiah Blues.
  12. Turn in “The Jeremiah Blues” to Cockroach Vendor. Accept the next part.
  13. Find Harbinger Balthazad and accept The New Frontier and Camp Mojache.
  14. Go to Bulwark.

57-58 – Western Plaguelands

Western 57-58(1)

  1. Turn in “Return to the Bulwark” and “A Plague Upon Thee”. Accept the next part.
  2. Complete Mission Accomplished! And accept All Along the Watchtowers.
  3. Turn in Good Luck Charm at 38.54 and accept Two Halves Become One.
  4. Do it at the Felstone Field. Kill Jabbering Ghoul.
  5. Turn quest in at 38.4.
  6. Do “A Plague Upon Thee”. Place the barrel on Mill Crate. Click on it and turn in quest. Accept the next part.
  7. Accept Unfinished Business at 52.28 from Kirsta.
  8. Do it around 51.40 (knights and mages) and 52.45 (medics and hunters).


  1. Turn in “Unfinished Business” and accept the next part.
  2. Kill Huntsman Radley and Cavalier Durgen.
  3. Go back to Kirsta and turn in “Unfinished Business”. Accept the follow-up quest.
  4. Go to the top of tower at 46.18. Just keep riding when you enter the Hearthglen.
  5. Turn quest in at 52.28
  6. Kill 8 Diseased Wolves and turn in “The Wildlife Suffers Too”. Accept the next part.
  7. Kill 8 Diseased Grizzles. Turn quest in. Take the next part.
  8. At 49.79 turn in “Auntie Marlene”, accept A Strange Historian.
  9. Loot Joseph Redpath’s Monument in the graveyard.


Enter Ruins of Andorhal.
57-58 WEstern (3)

  1. Do part of “All Along the Watchtowers”, use Beacon Torch on Towers: 47.71, 40.72, 42.66 and 44.63.
  2. In Andorhal Inn turn in “A Strange Historian”. Accept The Annals of Darrowshire, A Matter of Time.
  3. Loot Annals of Darrowshire in the big house.
  4. Use Temporal Displacer near the silos and kill Parasites for “A Matter of Time”.
  5. Return to the Inn (40.67) and turn in “A Matter of Time” and “The Annals of Darrowshire”. Accept Counting Out Time and Brother Carlin.
  6. Do “Counting Out Time”, loot Small Boxes. They’re around ruins.
  7. Turn in this quest.
  8. Return to The Bulwark and turn in “A Plague Upon Thee” and “All Along the Watchtowers”. Accept
  9. Turn it in to Dithers and accept Skeletal Fragments.
  10. Return to Ruins and collect Fragments, kill skeletons.
  11. Go back to The Bulwark and turn it in.
  12. Take Zeppelin to Orgrimmar.
  13. Make Orgrimmar your home. Accept Taking Back Silithus.
  14. Fly to Thunder Bluff.
  15. Turn in “Glyphed Oaken Brunch” and “The New Frontier”.
  16. Accept Rabine Saturna. Fly to Moongalde and turn in at 52.45 and accept Wasteland with A Reliquary of Purity.
  17. Teleport to Orgrimmar.
  18. Fly to Feralas.
  19. Turn in “The Strength of Corruption” and “Camp Mojache”.
  20. Fly to Tanaris.
  21. Scare Sprinkle for part of “Are We There, Yeti?”.
  22. Fly to Un’Goro.
  23. Finish “Are We There, Yeti?”, scare Quixxil.
  24. West of Marshal’s refuge do “Melding of Influences”. Use Encased Corrupt Ooze on Primal Ooze and kill Gargantuan Ooze for Slime.
  25. Head to Silithus.

58-59 – Silithus


  1. At Valor’s Rest turn in “Wasteland”, accept The Spirits of Southwind.
  2. At Cenarion Hold turn in “Taking Back Silithus”, accept Securing the Supply Lines.
  3. At Wanted Poster accept Wanted- Deathclasp, Terror of the Sands.
  4. Accept Deadly Desert Venom, The Twilight Mystery, Secret Communication, Report to General Kirika and Dearest Natalia.
  5. Do “The Spirits of Southwind” with “A Reliquary of Purity” around the village at 61.49. Loot Dusty Reliquary at 63.55.
  6. Turn in “The Spirits of Southwind” at 82.19, accept Hive in the Tower.
  7. Return to Village and do “Hive in the Tower”. Go to the top of tower (60.52) and kill mobs, until they drop item.
  8. While you are there you should find an item, which starts Brann Bronzebeard’s Lost Letter.
  9. Turn in “Hine in the Tower”, accept Umber, Archivist.


  1. Do “Secret Communication” around 67.18
  2. Around NE Silithus do “Deadly Desert Venom” with “Securing the Supply Lines”. Kill Dust Stormers.
  3. Turn in “Securing the Supply Lines” and accept Stepping Up Security.
  4. Turn in “Deadly Desert Venom”. Accept Noggle’s Last Hope.
  5. Turn in “Secret Communication”.
  6. Finish “The Twilight Mystery”.
  7. Also collect 20 Core of Elements (for future quest).
  8. In the middle of location do “Stepping Up Security”. Also do “Noggle’s Last Hope”.
  9. Turn in “Report to General Kirika” at 51.69. Accept Scouring the Desert.
  10. At Bronzebeard Encampment turn in “Brann Bronzebeard’s Lost Letter”. Talk to Rutgar for Dearest Natalia.
  11. Finish Dearest Natalis at Frankal Stonebridge.






  1. Finish “Noggle’s Last Hope”.
  2. Go to Cenarion Hold and turn in “Stepping Up Security”, “Noggle’s Last Hope”, “Twilight Mastery” and “Dearest Natalia”. Accept Noggle’s Lost Satchel and The Deserter.
  3. At 67.70 turn in “The Deserter” and accept The Twilight Lexicon.
  4. Do it, kill Twilight Keeper Havunth, Twilight Keeper Mayna and Twilight Keeper Exeter.
  5. Grind 10 Encryped Twilight Texts from mobs for future quest.
  6. Try to kill Deathclasp alone, or find the party.
  7. Do “Noggle’s Lost Satchel”, loot sack at 44.91.







  1. Grind to 67.70 and turn in “The Twilight Lexicon”. Accept A Terrible Purpose. Accept/turn in True Believers.
  2. Go to Cenarion Hold and turn in “Noggle’s Lost Satchel”, “A Terrible Purpose” and “Wanted-Deathclasp, Terror of the Sands”( if you did it)
  3. Teleport to Orgrimmar. Take zeppelin to UC.
  4. Turn in “Melding of Influences”. Fly to Light’s Hope Chapel.
  5. Turn in “The Elemental Equation”. Accept/turn in Bonescythe Digs.
  6. Turn in “Brother Carlin”, accept Villains of Darrowshire.
  7. Do “Villains of Darrowshire” around 51.50
  8. Loot Shattered Sword of Marduk at 54.66
  9. Turn in “Villains od Darrowhire” at 81.60
  10. Return to Orgrimmar. Fly to Felwood.


59-60 – Winterspring


  1. Accept Wild Guardians.
  2. Do Toxic Horros, kill Toxic Horros.
  3. Go to Timbermaw Hold and go to Moonglade. Turn in “Umber, Archivist”, accept “Uncovering Past Series”.
  4. Turn in “A Reliquary of Purity” and “Uncovering Past Secrets” at 52.45.
  5. Return to Umber and complete Under the Chitin Was…
  6. Go to Winterspring to Donova Snowden. Turn in “Toxic Horrors”, accept Winterfall Runners.
  7. Find Winterfall Runner and kill it for
  8. Turn it in, skip the next part.
  9. Go to Everlook.




  1. Turn in “Are We There, Yeti?”. Complete A Yeti for your Own.
  2. Accept Chillwind Horns, Luck Be With You, Ursius of the Shardtooth.
  3. Make Everlook your home.
  4. Try to do “Luck Be with You” at 59.64.
  5. Teleport to Everlook.
  6. Do “Ursius of the Shardtooth”. Kill Ursius (he’s elite, but easy-killing).
  7. Turn in “Luck Be with You” and accept/turn in Cache of Mau’ari.
  8. Turn in “Ursius of the Shardtooth” and accept Brumeran of the Chillwind.
  9. For Brumeran you can find party, but it’s also easy to kill.




Winterspring 59-60 (3)

  1. Do Wild Guardians around 64.60.
  2. If you find Blue-feathered Necklace, accept Guarding Secrets.
  3. If you’ve done Brumeran of the Chillwind, turn in. Fly to Felwood.
  4. Turn in “Wild Guardians” and accept the next part.
  5. Teleport to Everlook and do “Wild Guardiands” around 65.21.
  6. Do “Chillwind Horns”. Kill Chillwind Ravagers for horns.
  7. Return to Everlook and fly to Felwood.
  8. Turn in “Wild Guardians”, “Guarding Secrets” (if you haven’t yet). Accept the next part.
  9. Fly to TB, Mulgore.
  10. Turn in “Guarding Secrets”.
  11. Return to Everlook and turn in “Chillwind Horns”. Accept Return to Tinkee.
  12. Grind until you are 60.

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