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WoW Classic: 50-60 Alliance Leveling Guide

50-50 – The Hinterlands

50-50(1)1) Make Wildhammer Keep your home.
2) Turn in (if you have it) “The Newest Member of the Family” all the way down in the Inn, accept Food for Baby.
3) Go to the path to Shindigger’s Camp and turn in “Rhapsody’s Kalimdor Kocktail”.
4) At Valorwind Lake do Sprinkle’s Secret Ingredient: under the water loot a Violet Tragan.
5) Discover The Altar of Zul at 49.68  for “The Altar of Zul”.
6) Go NE and clear the mobs out of the area around the path (59.51). Work quickly to get to the next step’s escort quest so these mobs are not on the way.
7) If you found OOX-09/HL Distress Beacon, accept “Find OOX-09/HL!”.  Turn it in the middle of the lake on top of the hill (at 49.38). Then accept and do the escort Rescue OOX-09/HL!.

50-50(2)1) Along the shore loot Pupellyverbos Ports.
2) At the waterfall, loot Cortello’s Treasure chest to turn in “Cortello’s Riddle”.
3) If you have “Food for Baby”, kill Silvermane Stalkers.
4) Teleport with Hearthstone.
5) Turn in (if you have it) “Food for Baby”, accept and turn in Becoming a Parent.
6) Go all the way up in Aerie Peak and turn in “The Altar of Zul” (10.44), accept Thadius Grimshade.
7) Fly to Wetlands.



1) Take boat to Theramore.
2) Make it your home.
3) Fly to The Barrens.
4) At Ratchet loot Marvon’s Chest. In Liv Rizzlefix’s hut accept Volcanic Activity.
5) Take boat to Booty Bay.
6) Turn in any Robot Chicken escort quests you have done, If you completed all of these quests, accept/ turn in An OOX of Your Own.
7) Turn in “Whiskey Slim’s Lost Grog”.
8) Fly to Blasted Lands.

50-51 – Blasted Lands

50-51(1)1) Accept Petty Squabbles.
2) Turn in “Thadius Grimshade”.
3) At the Fallen Hero of the Horde (34.66 in SoS) turn in “Petty Squabbles”, accept and do A Tale of Sorrow. Turn it in and accept The Stones That Bind Us.
4) From the elves ( run right down when you enter location) accept all quests.
You need following items:
5) Vulture Gizzards x 28
6) Basilisk Brain x 33
7) Blasted Boar Lungs x 16
8) Scorpok Pincers x 12
9) Snickerfang Jowls x 13
10) While doing quests, do  “The Stones That Bind Us”: drag the different servants close to their Stone of Bindingcrystal next to each of them, then kill them along with attacking the crystal as well.  This allows you to actually kill the mob and get quest credit. Each of these different servants are located at different parts of the Blasted Lands.  See map for locations.  If for some reason you cannot solo this quest (or find help), it can be skipped.
11) While grinding make sure you get everything discovered for XP (including The Tainted Scar at 44.56).
12) Turn in all these quests.

50-51(2)1) If you found Draenethyst Fragments, turn these in for the quest Everything Counts In Large Amounts.  
2) Return to the Fallen Hero of the Horde and turn in “The Stones That Bind Us”. Accept Heroes of Old.
3) Next to you turn in “Heroes of Old”, accept the next part. 
4) Teleport to Theramore.
5) Fly to Gadgetzan, Tanaris.
6) In Gadgetzan, turn in “Sprinkle’s Secret Ingredient”. Accept Delivery for Marin.
7) Turn in “Delivery for Marin”
8) Turn in “The Stone Circle” at 53.46.
9) Go to Un’Goro Crater.



51-52 – Un’Goro Crater

51-52(1)1) Once you enter, accept The Apes of Un’Goro and The Fare of Lar’korwi (72.76).
2) Loot the big Fresh Threshadon Carcass at 69.57.
3) Near the path to Marshal’s Refuge accept Chasing A-Me 01.
4) At Marshal’s Refuge accept ALL quests there: Shizzle’s Flyer, Muigin and Larion, Lost! , Beware of Pterrordax, Roll the Bones, Alien Ecology, Expedition Salvation.  
5) Time to do the Un’Goro Grind! NOTES For the Grind:
– Collect 50 Un’Goro Soil. You can gather it from ground mods and from mobs.
– Collect 7 crystals of each color (red, blue, green, and yellow) for a later quest.






Grinding circles:
1) Do “Super Sticky”: kill the Tar mobs.
2) Kill apes in cave at 64.16.  Also there turn in “Chasing A-Me 01”, then if you have a Mithril Casing with you, accept and turn in “Chasing A-Me 01”.  Then accept/do the escort Chasing A-Me 01
3) For “Beware of Pterrordax” and “Shizzle’s Flyer” kill/loot the Pterrordax .
4) Make sure “The Apes of Un’Goro” is finished.
5) Loot the Crate of Foodstuffs at 69.36.
6) Kill Bloodpetal mobs around the whole area.
7) At Torwa Pathfinder on top of the hill turn in “The Apes of Un’Goro”.  Accept The Mighty U’cha. Turn in “The Fare of Lar’korwi”, accept The Scent of Lar’korwi.





1) Do “The Scent of Lar’korwi”: run across the raptor egg nests and kill Lar’korwi Mates that spawn in. Keep the next step in mind:
2) At 63.69 click on A Wrecked Raft to accept It’s a Secret to Everybody. Next to it click on A Small Pack to turn in “It’s a Secret to Everybody”, accept the next part.  
3) Return to Torwa Pathfinder on top of the hill by the waterfall and turn in “The Scent of Lar’korwi”, accept The Bait for Lar’korwi. 
4) Enter the cave at 50.82.  Take left in the cave and use Unused Scraping Vial at the center of the room.
5) Around 56.90 kill 10 Pterrordax you need for “Beware of Pterrordax”.
6) At 39.66 loot the Research Equipment.
7) Finish “Muigin and Larion” (kill Bloodpetal Trappers),”Beware of Pterrordax”, “Shizzle’s Flyer” and “Roll the Bones”.
8) At the Golakka Hot Springs , accept Finding the Source.
 If you find A Mangled Journal, accept quest from it.


51-52(4)1) Do “Volcanic Activity” and “Finding the Source”.  At the Fire Plume Ridge Hot Spot (49.7, 45.6)
2) Make sure you collect 7 crystals of each color (red, blue, green, and yellow), and at the small cave at the Fire Plume Ridge turn in “Lost!”.
3) Accept escort A Little Help From My Friends to Marshal Refuge.
4) Turn in ALL quests:  “A Little Help From My Friends”, “Beware of Pterrordax”, “Roll the Bones”, “Alien Ecology”, “Expedition Salvation” and (if you haven’t yet) “Williden’s Journal”.
5) Also turn in “It’s a Secret to Everybody”, accept the next part.  
6) Turn in “Muigin and Larion”.
7) Enter the cave and accept /turn in Crystals of Power. Then accept the 3 Pylon quests:  The Northern Pylon, The Eastern Pylon and The Western Pylon. 
8) Turn in “Shizzle’s Flyer”.


51-52(5)1) Click on the Northern Crystal Pylon at 56.12.
2) Enter the cave at 64.16 to do “The Mighty U’cha”.
3) Click on the Eastern Crystal Pylon at 77.50.
4) Do “The Bait for Lar’korwi”, at the dinosaur bones use the Preserved Threshadon Meat and Preserved Pheromone Mixture at this spot, kill Lar’korwi .
5) At Torwa Pathfinder turn in “The Bait for Lar’korwi” and “The Mighty U’cha”.
6) Click on the Western Crystal Pylon at 24.59.
7) Return to Golakka Hot Springs and turn in “Finding the Source”, accept The New Springs.
8) Go to Marshal’s Refuge and enter the cave, turn in “The Northern Pylon”, “The Eastern Pylon” and “The Western Pylon”. Then accept and turn in Making Sense of It.  
9) Fly to Gadgetzan, Tanaris.


1) Turn in “Super Sticky” (52.27).
2) You should be level 52 now. Grin until you are.
3) Teleport to Theramore.
4) Take boat to Menethil Harbor.
5) Take boat to  Auberdine.
6) Fly to Rut’theran Village and accept Moontouched Wildkin.

51-52(6)1) In Darnassus accept A Call to Arms: The Plaguelands!. 
2) Turn in “Assisting Arch Druid Staghelm”, accept Un’Goro Soil.
3) Turn in  “Un’Goro Soil” (31.8).
4) Accept Morrowgrain Research.
5) Turn it in, accept the next part.
6) Do “Morrowgrain Research”, use Evergreen Pouch to consume 2 Un’Goro Soil to get Morrowgrain.
7) Make Darnassus your new home.
8) At the Temple of the Moon turn in “Rise of the Silithid”.
9) If you have “Prayer to Elune”, turn it in.
10) Fly to Azshara.





52-53 – Azshara

52-53(1)1) Start doing “Arcane Runes”. First one is Rune of Beth’Amara (37.53).
2) Loot Rune of Markri (39.55).
3) Rune of Jin’yael (39.50).
4) Go up to the top of the hill and accept Kim’jael Indeed! (53.22).
5) Around 58.28 do “Kim’jael Indeed!”: loot Kim’jael’s Equipment boxes on the ground around the camp.
6) Return and turn in “Kim’jael Indeed!” (53.22).  Accept “Kim’jael’s “Missing” Equipment”.
7) Along the Strand do “Kim’jael’s “Missing” Equipment”.
8) Turn in Kim’jael’s “Missing” Equipment.


52-53(2)1) You should be close to level 53.
2) Loot Rune of Sael’hai (42.64).
3) At 78.91 use Standard Issue Flare Gun quest item at the helicopter pad and turn in “Arcane Runes”, accept Return to Tymor.
4) Teleport with a Hearthstone.
5) Turn in “Morrowgrain Research”.
6) Fly to Astranaar, Ashenvale.



53-54 – Felwood

53-54(1)1) Make Astranaar your new home.
2) Go to Felwood.
3) As you enter Felwood, accept Cleansing Felwood.
4) At the Emerald Sanctuary accept Forces of Jaedenar, Verifying the Corruption and To Winterspring!, The Corruption of the Jadefire.
5) From Grazle accept Timbermaw Ally.
6) Do “Timbermaw Ally”: kill Deadwood mobs.
7) Return to furbolg and turn in “Timbermaw Ally”. Accept Speak to Nafien.
8) For “A Little Slime Goes a Long Way” use Empty Cursed Ooze Jar quest item on Cursed Ooze corpses.
9) Kill the needed Jadefire Satyrs and Xavathras at 32.67.
10) Finish “A Little Slime Goes a Long Way” on Tainted Ooze corpses.
11) At the Jaedenar do “Forces of Jaedenar”.

53-54(2)1) Finish “A Little Slime Goes a Long Way”.
2) Turn in “Forces of Jaedenar”, accept Collection of the Corrupt Water.
3) Turn in “The Corruption of the Jadefire”. Accept Further Corruption.
4) At the Jaedenar do “Collection of the Corrupt Water”, fill Empty Canteen  in the green moonwell.
5) Turn in  “Collection of the Corrupt Water” (51.82, #2 on map), accept Seeking Spiritual Aid.
6) At Shatter Scar Vale do “Verifying the Corruption”.
7) At Jadefire Run kill Xavaric , from an item he drops start Flute of Xavaric.
8) While here do “Further Corruption” along with “Flute of Xavaric”.








53-54(3)1) Around Irontree Woods and do “Cleansing Felwood”.
2) Discover Flight Path at 62.24.
3) From Nafien turn in “Speak to Nafien”. Accept Deadwood of the North.
4) Jump down and kill Deadwood mobs.
5) Go back up to Nafien and turn in “Deadwood of the North”.  Accept Speak to Salfa
6) Enter Timbermaw Hold and take right to Moonglade.
7) Once in Moonglade, go east and just right after the first lake you see, get the Flight Path from the Hippogryph Master (48.67).
8) Exit Moonglade back to Timbermaw Hold (36.74 in Moonglade).
9) Go into Winterspring through Timbermaw Hold.

54-54 – Winterspring

54-54(1)1) Once you leave cave turn in “Speak to Salfa” / accept Winterfall Activity.
2) At Donova Snowden accept Threat of the Winterfall. Turn in “The New Springs”, accept Strange Sources. Turn in “It’s a Secret to Everybody”.
3) Start doing “Moontouched Wildkin”.
4) At Starfall Village turn in “To Winterspring!”, accept The Ruins of Kel’Theril.
5) Next to you, turn in “The Ruins of Kel’Theril”, accept Troubled Spirits of Kel’Theril and Enraged Wildkin.
6) In Everlook accept Are We There, Yeti?. Discover Flight Path.
7) Make Everlook your new home.



54-54(2)1) Start doing “Are We There, Yeti?”
2) Among The Ruins of Kel’Theril do “Troubled Spirits of Kel’Theril”. Loot First Relic Fragment (55.43).
3) Go west a bit and loot the Third Relic Fragment (53.43).
4) Go east a bit and loot the Fourth Relic Fragment (52.41).
5) Go NW a bit and loot the Second Relic Fragment (51.42).
6) At the Damaged Crate at 59.60 turn in “Enraged Wildkin”, accept the next part.
7) At 61.61 turn in “Enraged Wildkin”, accept the next part.
8) Next to the wagon, loot Jaron’s Supplies.
9) Finish “Enraged Wildkin”, kill the owls until you get the Blue-feathered Amulet .
10) Discover Darkwhisper Gorge (at 60.74) for the quest “Strange Sources”.
11) Teleport to Everlook.



1) At the Winterfall Village do “Winterfall Activity”.
2) At the Starfall Village turn in “Enraged Wildkin”.
3) Do “Threat of the Winterfall”, if you find Empty Firewater Flask which starts Winterfall Firewater (accept it).
4) Run to Donova Snowden and turn in “Strange Sources”, “Threat of the Winterfall” and “Winterfall Firewater”, accept Falling to Corruption.
5) Make sure “Moontouched Wildkin” is finished.
6) Run back to Everlook.
7) Around 65.41 finish “Are We There, Yeti?”.
8) Run back to Everlook and turn it in, accept the next part.



1) Go kill Ice Thistle Matriarchs and Ice Thistle Patriarchs for the 2 horns (low drop rate). There’re more mobs in cave.
2) Hearth if you can and turn in “Are We There, Yeti?”, accept the next part.
3) Scare Legacki , use Umi’s Mechanical Yeti quest item.
4) Accept The Everlook Report, Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff and Sister Pamela.
5) Fly to Felwood.
6) Go north to Felpaw Village and at the Deadwood Cauldron turn in “Falling to Corruption”, accept Mystery Goo.
7) Go through the cave NE to get to Winterspring and right outside of the cave, turn in “Winterfall Activity” (28.34 in Winterspring).
8) Follow the main path south to Donova Snowden (31.45) and turn in “Mystery Goo”, accept Toxic Horrors.
9) Hearth (or die on purpose and resurrect at spirit) to get to Everlook.
10) Fly to The Barrens.

54-55 – Felwood

54-55(1)1) At Ratchet, In Liv Rizzlefix’s hut turn in “Volcanic Activity”.
2) Make Ratchet your new home.
3) At The Tidus Stair turn in “Seeking Spiritual Aid”. Accept Cleansed Water Returns to Felwood.
4) Fly to Astranaar.
5) Ride to Felwood.
6) Turn in “Cleansing Felwood”. Talk with NPC to take Cenarion Beacon.
7) Also turn in “Cleansed Water Returns to Felwood”,”Flute of Xavaric”,”Further Corruption”, “Verifying the Corruption” accept Dousing the Flames of Protection, Felbound Ancients.


1) Go to Jaedenar and enter Shadow Hold to do “Dousing the Flames of Protection”: click on 4 Braziers. Just go forward, they will be on your way.
2) Return and turn in “Dousing the Flames of Protection”. Accept A Final Blow .
3) Turn in “Salve via Hunting”. (For 6 Corrupted Soul Shards, grind on any mob in Felwood until you get them).
4) Hearth to Ratchet.
5) Fly to Theramore, Dustwallow Marsh.
6) Take boat to Menethil Harbor and fly to Ironforge.


54-55(3)1) In Ironforge go west to The High Seat and accept The Smoldering Ruins of Thaurissan. Then do it by talking to the NPC. Turn it in and accept the next part.
2) Make Ironforge your new home.
3) At The Mystic Ward turn in “Return to Tymor”.
4) At the Hall of Explorers turn in “A Little Slime Goes a Long Way”. Accept the next part.
5) Fly to Burning Steppes.



55-56 – Burning Steppes

55-56(1)1) Accept Extinguish the Firegut and FIFTY! YEP!, Dragonkin Menace.
2) Go to Flame Crest.
3) Accept Broodling Essence and Tablet of the Seven.
4) Turn in “Yuka Screwspigot”.
5) Start working on “FIFTY! YEP!” by kill/looting any Worgs you see.
6) Do “Broodling Essence”, use the Draco-Incarcinatrix 900 quest item on Broodlings, then kill them and loot the Broodling Essence crystal that drops.
7) Start working on “Dragonkin Menace” (Elite): kill 15 Black Broodlings. There’re also some elite mobs, so find party to do it. This quest starts the chain for Onyxia’s Lair key.
8) If you have the Black Dragonflight Molt with you, go to cave at 95.32, then accept/turn in A Taste of Flame.
9) At Dreadmaul Rock do “Extinguish the Firegut”.


1) At the Ruins of Thaurissan do “The Smoldering Ruins of Thaurissan”: loot the Thaurissan Relics. 
2) Work west in Ruins of Thaurissan and do “Tablet of the Seven”: loot the Tablet of the Seven next to the dwarf statue (54.41).
3) Grind your way north to Flame Crest (entrance at 64.29)..
4) Turn in “Broodling Essence” (65.24), accept Felnok Steelspring. And turn in “Tablet of the Seven”.
5) At Morgan’s Vigil turn in “Extinguish the Firegut”, accept Gor’tesh the Brute Lord.
6) Finish “FIFTY! YEP!”.
7) Kill Gor’tesh, he patrols around the bunker entrance at 39.55.
8) Turn in “Gor’tesh the Brute Lord”, accept Ogre Head On A Stick = Party. Also turn in “FIFTY! YEP!”.
9) Go up to the top of Dreadmaul Rock and do “Ogre Head On A Stick = Party”. Next to the bonfire, click on the Soft Dirt Mound.
10) Make sure “Dragonkin Menace” (Elite) is finished.
11) At Morgan’s Vigil turn in “Ogre Head On A Stick = Party”.

55-56(3)1) Turn in “Dragonkin Menace”, accept The True Masters.
2) Fly to Lakeshire.
3) Turn in “The True Masters”, accept the next part.
4) Fly to Stormwind, Elwynn.
5) From Crier Goodman accept The New Frontier.
6) In the Keep turn in “The True Masters”, accept the next part.
7) At Lady Katrana Prestor do “The True Masters”. Turn it back in, accept the next part.
8) Fly back to Lakeshire, Redridge and turn in “The True Masters”, accept the next part.
9) Fly to Burning Steppes.
10) At Morgan’s Vigil turn in “The True Masters”, accept the next part.
11) Up the Flame Crest talk to Ragged John.
12) At Morgan’s Vigil turn in “The True Masters”.
13) You chould be close to level 56. Grind until you are.
14) Hearth to Ironforge.

1) Turn in “The Smoldering Ruins of Thaurissan” .
2) You should be 56 now.
3) Make sure “The New Frontier” and “A Call to Arms: The Plaguelands!” are accepted, then fly to Southshore, Hillsbrad.

56-56 – Western Plaguelands


1) From Southshore ride to Western Plaguelands.
2) Accept A Plague Upon Thee.
3) Turn in “A Call to Arms: The Plaguelands!”, accept Clear the Way.
4) From Argent Officer Pureheart, complete Argent Dawn Commission and turn in “The Everlook Report”.
(Argent Dawn Commission allows you to collect Scourgestones from undead mobs, but it has to be equipped).
5) Do “Clear the Way”: kill 10 Skeletal Flayers and 10 Slavering Ghouls.
6) Return to Chillwind Camp and turn in “Clear the Way”.  Accept All Along the Watchtowers and The Scourge Cauldrons.
7) Turn in “The Scourge Cauldrons”, accept Target: Felstone Field.

56-56(2)NOTE: Next steps can be difficult to be done alone. Better to find a party.
1) At the Ruins of Andorhal do part of “All Along the Watchtowers” at 40.72.
2) At the Andorhal Inn accept A Matter of Time.
3) Use the Beacon Torch quest item at Tower Two (42.66).
4) Use the Beacon Torch quest item at Tower Three (44.63).
5) Do “A Matter of Time” around 47.63, use beacon at the wooden towers and then kill the Temporal Parasites that spawn.
6) Use the Beacon Torch quest item at Tower Four at 47.71.
7) Turn in at the Andorhal Inn “A Matter of Time”.  Accept Counting Out Time.
8) All around in houses loot the Small Lockboxes
9) Enter the Andorhal Inn, go upstairs and turn in “Counting Out Time”.
10) Cauldron Quest Chain: You will have to kill each Cauldron Lord at targeted field, loot their key and turn quest in at the cauldrons. Then go back to Chillwind Camp.
11) At Felstone Field, do “Target: Felstone Field”. Kill Cauldron Lord Bilemaw. At the Scourge Cauldron turn it in, accept Return to Chillwind Camp.
12) While you are at the Felstone Field, in the house accept Better Late Than Never ( the 2nd floor).
13) Go in the barn next to the house and at Janice’s Parcel turn in “Better Late Than Never”. Then click Janice’s Parcel again and accept the next part of “Better Late Than Never”.

56-56(3)1) Hearth to Ironforge.
2) There is a quest in Eastern Plaguelands that wants these items: 2 Thorium Bar, Golden Rod, 8 Hi-Explosive Bomb, 8 Unstable Trigger. Buy these items at AH.
3) Fly to Stormwind.
4) At the City Hall building turn in “Better Late Than Never”, accept Good Natured Emma.
5) From Ol’ Emma turn in “Good Natured Emma”, accept Good Luck Charm.
6) At the Stormwind Keep accept The First and the Last.
7) Also in the city turn in “The First and the Last”, accept/turn in Honor the Dead, then accept Flint Shadowmore.
8) Hearth if you can and/or fly to Chillwind Camp.
9) Turn in “Return to Chillwind Camp”, accept Target: Dalson’s Tears.
10) Turn in “All Along the Watchtowers”.  Accept Scholomance. 
11) Next to you, turn in “Scholomance”, accept Skeletal Fragments.  
12) Turn in “Flint Shadowmore”, accept The Eastern Plagues.

56-56(4)1) Go to Felstone Field and up in the house, turn in “Good Luck Charm” , accept Two Halves Become One.
2) At the field kill the Jabbering Ghoul. This mob drops Good Luck Other-Half-Charm. 
3) In the house turn in “Two Halves Become One”.
4) At Dalson’s Tears farm do “Target: Dalson’s Tears”.
5) There is a small quest here. In the Barn at Dalson’s Tears click on Mrs. Dalson’s Diary laying on the ground to complete “Mrs. Dalson’s Diary”.
6) Find the Wandering Skeleton and kill him for the key.
7) Click on the Outhouse to complete Locked Away. Kill spawned Farmer Dalson.
8) Return to the house and click on the Locked Cabinet to turn in “Locked Away”.
9) Return to Chillwind Camp and turn in “Return to Chillwind Camp”, accept Target: Writhing Haunt. 
10) At The Writhing Haunt do “Target: Writhing Haunt”.

56-56(5)1) Go back to Chillwind Camp and turn in “Return to Chillwind Camp”, accept Target: Gahrron’s Withering. 
2) Also turn in any Scourgestones you have.
3) Do “Target: Gahrron’s Withering”.
4) Make sure “Skeletal Fragments” is finished. Grind on any skeletons and ghouls to be friendly with Argent Down.
5) Go back to Chillwind Camp to turn in “Skeletal Fragments”.
6) Turn in “Return to Chillwind Camp”.
7) Complete “Mission Accomplished!”.
8) Go to Eastern Plaguelands.


56-57 – Eastern Plaguelands

56-57(1)1) Lead your way to Tiron Fordring and accept Demon Dogs, Blood Tinged Skies and Carrion Grubbage.
2) Do “The Eastern Plagues” at 29.75, 27.75, 29.80). Getting this also gets The Blightcaller Uncovered as well.
3) Go to The Undercroft and down in the crypt, from the Torn Scroll laying on the ground, accept Hameya’s Plea.
4) Grind to Pamela Redpath and turn in “Sister Pamela”, accept Pamela’s Doll.
5) Find the 3 parts to Pamela’s Doll around Darrowshire in each of the 3 buildings .
6) Return to Pamela Redpath and turn in “Pamela’s Doll”. Accept Auntie Marlene and Uncle Carlin.
7) Kill 30 Plaguebats, 20 Plaguehound Runts and Carrion mobs for the worm meat.
8) Grind to Light’s Hope Chapel and accept The Restless Souls and Zaeldarr the Outcast.
9) At 81.60 turn in “Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff”.

56-57(2)1) Turn in “Uncle Carlin”, accept Defenders of Darrowshire.
2) If you have all required things turn in That’s Asking A Lot. Accept When Smokey Sings, I Get Violent.
3) Accept/ turn in They Call Me “The Rooster (81.57).



56-57(3)1) Go kill 5 Plaguehounds.
2) Start doing “Defenders of Darrowshire”: kill any Gibbering Ghouls or Diseased Flayers and then talk to the spirits.
3) Kill Hameya.
4) Complete “Carrion Grubbage” and “Demon Dogs.
5) At 53.22 turn in “Troubled Spirits of Kel’Theril”, accept Fragments of the Past.
6) At the Plaguewood do:
7) Loot the Large Termite Mounds.
8) Kill Cannibal Ghouls and talk to the spirits that spawn.
9) If you have then do “When Smokey Sings, I Get Violent”, although it can be difficult as you have to enter buildings with elite mobs.



56-57(4)1) At Terrordale turn in “The Restless Souls” , accept Augustus’ Receipt Book.
2) Do “Augustus’ Receipt Book”: go NE a bit to the Terrordale Inn (the largest building in the area) and go up in the Inn, take right and between two split open barrels loot Augustus’ Receipt Book on the ground. NOTE:  Kill/loot all Crypt Fiends you see to start obtaining Crypt Fiend Parts (used for a later quest).
3) Go back to the hut in Terrordale and turn in “Augustus’ Receipt Book” (14.33, #1 on map). NOTE: You can get resupplied from this NPC.
4) Grind on Crypt Fiend mobs all around Terrordale to collect 30 Crypt Fiend Parts.  This will be used for a later quest.
5) Go through the long cave (entrance at 15.29). Be careful, there is a lvl 60 elite spider /target (with a 12 hour respawn) that patrols back and forth to the 2 entrances of this cave.
6) Once you get out to the other side of the cave, at Tiron Fordring , turn in “Demon Dogs” “Blood Tinged Skies” and “Carrion Grubbage”. Accept RedemptionSimply talk to Tiron Fordring to complete “Redemption” (you may need to sit down?), accept Of Forgotten Memories.
7) Go south to The Undercroft, go down in the crypt and then do “Zaeldarr the Outcast”: kill/loot Zaeldarr the Outcast (27.85).
8) Behind the crypt, next to the wooden wagon, click on the Mound of Dirt to turn in “Hameya’s Plea” (28.86).
9) Next to you, do “Of Forgotten Memories”: click on the Loose Dirt Mound (28.87) that is next to Tirion Fordring’s Grave, then kill/loot Mercutio Filthgorger (he has 3 bodyguards).  IMPORTANT TIP:  These mobs spawn between the two dirt mounds (from the previous step).  Mercutio Filthgorger spawns in first, then his bodyguards soon after.  So pull Mercutio Filthgorger away from his spawn point to avoid fighting his guards too, as this fight can be really tough to do solo without this tactic.

56-57(5)1) Go to Tiron Fordring and turn in “Of Forgotten Memories”, accept Of Lost Honor.
2) At Light’s Hope Chapel turn in “Zaeldarr the Outcast”.
3) At 81.60 turn in “Defenders of Darrowshire”.
4) Turn in Scourgestones you have.
5) Go in the Inn and with your 30 Crypt Fiend Parts, accept and turn in Cryptstalker Armor Doesn’t Make Itself….
6) If you have 30 Bone Fragments, then you can accept/turn in Bonescythe Digs.
7) Turn in “When Smokey Sings, I Get Violent”.
8) Do “Of Lost Honor”, loot the Symbol of Lost Honor at 71.34.
9) Return to Tiron Fordring and turn in “Of Lost Honor”, accept Of Love and Family.
10) Go to Western Plaguelands and turn in “Of Love and Family” on the island of Caer Darrow.

57-58 – Western Plaguelands

57-58(1)1) Turn in “Auntie Marlene” at 49.79, accept A Strange Historian.
2) Do “A Strange Historian”,loot Joseph Redpath’s Monument in the graveyard for it.
3) At Chillwind Camp turn in “The Eastern Plagues”, accept The Blightcaller Cometh.
4) Turn In “A Plague Upon Thee”, accept the next part.
5) Enter Ruins of Andorhal on the west side and go upstairs in the Andorhal Inn and turn in “A Strange Historian”, accept The Annals of Darrowshire.
6) Enter City Hall and loot the Annals of Darrowshire (blue book).
7) Go back west to the Andorhal Inn and turn in “The Annals of Darrowshire”/ Accept Brother Carlin.
8) At The Writhing Haunt (small house) accept The Wildlife Suffers Too (54.65).
9) Kill Diseased Wolves on your way.
10) Clear Lumber Camp for “A Plague Upon Thee”, click on the Northridge Lumber Mill Crate (48.32) to place the termite barrel. Then click on the spawned Termite Barrel on top of the crate to turn in “A Plague Upon Thee”, accept the next part.
11) Go down and accept Unfinished Business from Kirsta Deepshadow.

57-58(2)1) Do “Unfinished Business”.
2) Return and turn in “Unfinished Business”, accept the next part.
3) Kill Huntsman Radley at 58.36.
4) Kill Cavalier Durgen at 55.24.
5) Go back and turn in “Unfinished Business”, accept the next part.
6) Try to do it. Go to Hearthglen and do the last part of “Unfinished Business” (Elite), ride to the top of the watchtower (46.18) to complete the quest.
7) Go back down in Northridge Lumber Camp and turn in “Unfinished Business”.
8) Make sure “The Wildlife Suffers Too” is finished.
9) Go to The Writhing Haunt and turn in “The Wildlife Suffers Too”, accept the next part.
10) Kill 8 Diseased Grizzly for it. Turn in “The Wildlife Suffers Too” /accept Glyphed Oaken Branch.
11) Go to Chillwind Camp and in front of the shack, turn in “A Plague Upon Thee” (43.85).
1) You should be level 58 by now, if not, grind on any mobs until you are.
2) Hearth to Ironforge.
3) Fly to Stormwind, Elwynn.
4) At the Stormwind Keep turn in “The Blightcaller Cometh”, accept Order Must Be Restored.  
5) Fly to Menethil Harbor, Wetlands and get boat to Auberdine.

57-58(4)1) Fly to Darnassus.
2) At the Village turn in “Moontouched Wildkin”, accept Find Ranshalla.
3) Go to Darnassus.
4) Turn in “Glyphed Oaken Branch”.
5) Turn in “The New Frontier”, accept the next part.
6) Turn in  “The New Frontier”, accept Rabine Saturna.
7) In Temple of the Moon fill Eridan’s Vial quest item in the waterfall.
8) Go up and from Gracina Spiritmight accept March of the Silithid.
9) Fly to Moonglade and turn in “Rabine Saturna”, accept Wasteland. Also accept A Reliquary of Purity.
10) Fly to Felwood.




58-58 – Felwood / Azshara

58-58(1)1) Around Irontree Woods do “Toxic Horrors”.
2) Go to Jaedenar and enter Shadow Hold. In the cave kill Shadow Lord Fel’dan.
3) Turn in “A Final Blow” at 51.82.
4) Turn in “Felbound Ancients”. Accept “Purified!”.  Wait a few seconds, then turn in Purified!.
5) Go to Ashenvale, Astranaar and fly to Talrendis Point, Azshara.
6) At 41.52 loot the Sacred Highborne Writings .
7) Go to the Hippogryph Master at Talrendis Point and fly to Gadgetzan, Tanaris.





58-58 – Tanaris / Un’Goro

58-58(2)1) Use Umi’s Mechanical Yeti to scare Sprinkle.
2) Turn in “March of the Silithid”, accept Bungle in the Jungle.
3) Go into Un’Goro Crater.
4) Around 50.78 kill the Gorishi mobs for the Gorishi Scent Gland and 5 Un’Goro Soil. 
5) For “A Little Slime Goes a Long Way” use the Empty Pure Sample Jar quest item on the corpses of slimes around Un’Goro Crater (any slimes will do).
6) At Marshal’s Refuge scare Quixxil.
7) Go west to Silithus





58-59 – Silithus

58-59(1)1) Once you enter Silithus turn left and turn in “Wasteland”, accept The Spirits of Southwind.
2) Go south to Southwind Village and do “The Spirits of Southwind” along with “A Reliquary of Purity” (Dusty Reliquary at 63.55).
3) Go to Valor’s Rest and turn in “The Spirits of Southwind”, accept Hive in the Tower.
4) Go back to Southwind Village and do “Hive in the Tower”, at the top of the swarming bug tower (60.52) click on the Hive’Ashi Pod, then kill the Hive’Ashi Ambushers until for Encrusted Silithid Object.
5) Turn in “Hive in the Tower”, accept Umber, Archivist.

1) Fly to Gadgetzan, Tanaris (from Marshal’s Refuge in Ungoro).
2) NW in Gadgetzan, in the hut, turn in “Bungle in the Jungle” (51.27).
3) Hearth to Ironforge.
4) At the Hall of Explorers turn in “A Little Slime Goes a Long Way”.
5) Fly to Eastern Plaguelands.

59-59 – Eastern Plaguelands

59-59(1)1) At Light’s Hope Chapel turn in “Brother Carlin”, accept Villains of Darrowshire.  
2) Turn in “Fragments of the Past”.
3) Loot Horgus’ Skull at 51.50.
4) Loot Shattered Sword of Marduk at 54.66.
5) Return to Light’s Hope Chapel and turn in “Villains of Darrowshire”.
6) Fly to Menethil Harbor, Wetlands.


59-59(2)1) Take boat to Auberdine.
2) Fly to Moonglade.
3) Turn in “Umber, Archivist”, accept Uncovering Past Secrets.
4) Turn in “A Reliquary of Purity” and “Uncovering Past Secrets”.
5) Complete Under the Chitin Was…
6) Through Timbermaw Hold go into Winterspring.

59-60 – Winterspring

59-60(1)1) At Donova Snowden turn in “Toxic Horrors”, accept Winterfall Runners.
2) Try to find Winterfall Runners (patrols the main path from the Timbermaw Hold cave to Winterfall Village (68.38) and kill them for the Winterfall Crate).
3) If you did “Winterfall Runners”, go to Donova Snowden and turn it in.
4) At 50.10 turn in “Frostsaber Provisions”.
5) Start doing “Frostsaber Provisions”.
6) At Everlook turn in “Are We There, Yeti?”.  Then complete A Yeti of Your Own.
7) At Felnok Steelspring  turn in “Felnok Steelspring”, accept Chillwind Horns.
8) Accept Luck Be With You (Elite).
9) Make Everlook your new home.



1) Start working on “Chillwind Horns” with “Frostsaber Provisions”.
2) At 63.59 turn in “Find Ranshalla”. Start escort Guardians of the Altar.
3) Go to Frostwhisper Gorge (entrance at 59.64, you can even just go directly south from the escort) and start working on “Luck Be With You” (try to avoid elite giants)ю
4) Go to Everlook.
5) In Everlook turn in “Luck Be With You”(if you did it), then accept and turn in Cache of Mau’ari.  
6) Finish “Chillwind Horns” and “Frostsaber Provisions”.
7) Turn in “Frostsaber Provisions”.



59-60(3)1) Die on purpose to get to Everlook.
2) In Everlook, from Felnok Steelspring  turn in “Chillwind Horns”, accept Return to Tinkee.  
3) Fly to Teldrassil.
4) Turn in “Guardians of the Altar”, accept Wildkin of Elune.
5) At the Cenarion Enclave turn in “Wildkin of Elune”.
6) Hearth to Everlook.
7) At this point you should be very close to level 60.

For 59-60:

– You can go to Eastern Plaguelands.
– Grind among the Andorhal.
– Grind in furbolg camp in Felwood.
– Go to Black Rock Depths Instance/ Stratholme Instance.


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