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WoW Classic: 40-50 Alliance Leveling Guide

40-41 – Badlands

40-41(1)1) Make Thelsamar your home.
2) Accept Badlands Reagent Run.
3) At the Ironband’s Excavation Site turn in “Ironband Wants You!”, accept Find Agmond.
4) Go to Badlands.
5) At  54.43 accept Fiery Blaze Enchantments, Mirages and A Dwarf and His Tools.
6) At 42.53 turn in “Martek the Exiled”, accept Indurium, Barbecued Buzzard Wings.  And if you have 9 Blue Pearls with you, accept and turn in Pearl Diving.
7) At the Battered Dwarven Skeleton , turn in “Find Agmond”, accept Murdaloc.
8) Kill Stonevault mobs for the Indurium Flakes, kill 12 Stonevault Bonesnappers and Murdaloc.
9) Go back north and turn in “Indurium”, accept News for Fizzle. 

IMG_68161) At the Lotwil Veriatus accept Study of the Elements: Rock. As you have a Frost Oil item, accept/turn in the quest Coolant Heads Prevail. Then (requires Gyrochronatom item) accept and complete the quest Gyro… What?.
2) Do “Study of the Elements: Rock” kill Lesser Rock Elementals. do it around 19.42.
3) Turn it in, accept the next part and do it around 41.78.
4) Turn in “Study of the Elements: Rock”, accept the next part.
5) Do “Barbecued Buzzard Wings”.
6) Kill Greater Rock Elementals around 15.88.
7) At the gnome turn in “Study of the Elements: Rock”.  Accept “This Is Going to Be Hard”, turn it in and accept the next part. Again turn in/accept the next part.  Kill the Fam’retor Guardian that spawns in. Finish the quest.
8) As you have a Healing Potion and a Lesser Invisibility Potion , accept /turn in “Liquid Stone”.
9) Accept/turn in “Stone Is Better than Cloth”.
10) Turn in “Barbecued Buzzard Wings”.
11) At a Crumpled Map on the ground accept “A Sign of Hope”.
12) Do “A Dwarf and His Tools” around, kill Shadowforge Tunnelers and Shadowforge Darkweavers for Ryedol’s Lucky Pick.

40-41(3)1) Loot the Excavation Supply Crate at 67.23.
2) Do “Fiery Blaze Enchantment” kill dragon whelps until the Black Drake’s Heart drops (very low drop rate).
3) At the small dwarf camp turn in all quests “Fiery Blaze Enchantment”, “Mirages” (accept Scrounging), “A Dwarf and His Tools” and “A Sign of Hope”.
4) At Garek accept Tremors of the Earth.
5) While doing next steppes, look for Boss Tho’grun. He’s patrolling the half location.

40-41(4)1) Start doing “Scrounging” kill ogres for the Scrap Metal.
2) Do “Tremors of the Earth” kill Boss Tho’grun.
3) Return to Garek and turn in “Tremors of the Earth”.
4) Turn in “Scrounging”.
5) Make sure “Badlands Reagent Run” is completed.
6) Teleport to Thelsamar.
7) Turn in “Badlands Reagent Run”.
8) Go to Ironband’s Excavation Site and turn in “Murdaloc”.
9) Return to Thelsmar and fly to Stormwind.

40-41(5)1) At The Dwarven District accept In Search of The Temple.
2) Turn in “Return to Milton” at the Royal Library.
3) Accept Brother Anton.
4) Take Mazen’s Behest at 41.64.
5) Turn in “Mazen’s Behest”, accept the next part.
6) Turn in (if you have it) “Malin’s Request” at The Mage Quarter.
7) At the top of the tower accept Vital Supplies.
8) Fly to Duskwood.





41-42 – Swamp of Sorrows


1) Make Darkshire your new home.
2) Turn in “Vital Supplies” at 37.82.
3) Run through Deadwind Pass to Swamp of Sorrows.
4) Once you enter, go down and do Dream Dust in the Swamp.
5) At the Watcher Biggs accept Encroaching Wildlife.
6) Kill Young Sawtooth CrocolisksSorrow Spinners (spiders) and Swamp Jaguars (cats).
7) Kill Noboru the Cudgel (spawns at 47.39).  He drops an item which starts Noboru the Cudgel, accept it.
8) At 46.35 loot Scattered Crate to accept The Lost Supplies. 
9) At The Harborage turn in “Noboru the Cudgel”. Accept Draenethyst Crystals.
10) Lead to Misty Valley and kill swamp elementals for “Mazen’s Behest”.
11) Make sure you have completed “Dream Dust in the Swamp”.
12) Finish “Encroaching Wildlife”, turn it in back at Watcher Biggs and accept The Lost Caravan.

41-42(2)1) Loot Draenethyst Crystals around the village and loot the Caravan Chest (64.18) for “The Lost Caravan”.
2) Start escort Galen’s Escape. Also finish “Draenethyst Crystals” along with “Ongeku”.
3) At Galen’s Strongbox turn in “Galen’s Escape”.
4) Turn in “Draenethyst Crystals”
5) If you didn’t receive “Mazen’s Behest”, go kill elements again.
6) At Watcher Biggs turn in “The Lost Caravan”, accept Driftwood.
7) Go south on the main path to go into Blasted Lands.
8) Lead to Nethergarde Keep.
9) Turn in “Mazen’s Behest”,”The Lost Supplies”
10) Fly to Darkshire, Duskwood.
11) Accept Supplies for Nethergarde (76.46).
12) Fly back to  Blasted Lands.
13) Turn in “Supplies for Nethergarde” (66.21).

41-42(3)1) Run to Swamp of Sorrows.
2) At 5.56 get discovered for “In Search of The Temple”.
3) Along the shore do “Driftwood” along with “… and Bugs”
4) Teleport to Darkshire.
5) At Watcher Biggs turn in “Driftwood”, accept Deliver the Shipment.
6) You should be close to lvl 42 now.
7) Go to Nethergarde Keep and turn in “Mazen’s Behest”,”Deliver the Shipment”.
8) Fly to Stormwind, Elwynn.
9) Get some Water Breathing potions and 4 Lesser Bloodstone Ore at AH.
10) At the Dwarven District turn in “In Search of The Temple”, accept To The Hinterlands.
11) You should be level 42 now.
12) Fly to Booty Bay.

42-43 – Stranglethorn Vale

42-43(1)1) Turn in “Dream Dust in the Swamp”, accept Rumors for Kravel.
2) Accept Up to Snuff.
3) Accept/turn in Favor For Krazek, then accept Return to Corporal Kaleb.
4) Accept Skullsplitter Tusks, The Bloodsail Buccaneers, Venture Company Mining and Zanzil’s Secret.
5) Make BB your home.
6) Near the bank accept Akiris by the Bundle (27.76).
7) Accept Voodoo Dues, Keep An Eye Out.
8) Along the shore do “The Bloodsail Buccaneers” with “Up to Snuff” and “Keep An Eye Out”.
9) Kill/loot the Naga Explorers around 24.64.
10) Better find party and do “Raptor Mastery” (Elite): Kill Tethis.

42-43(2)1) Do “Zanzil’s Secret” along with “Voodoo Dues”.
2) Kill Chucky “Ten Thumbs”.
3) Do “Venture Company Mining”.
4) At the Rebel Camp turn in “Return to Corporal Kaleb”.
5) Accept Colonel Kurzen.Better do it with someone, as there’s elite guy.
6) Enter the cave and do “Colonel Kurzen” (Elite): turn right in the cave until you get to the end and kill Colonel Kurzen and other npcs.
7) Die on purpose, then resurrect at spirit.
8) Turn in “Colonel Kurzen”, accept Kurzen’s Mystery.



42-43(3)1) Turn in “Raptor Mastery” at Nesingwary’s Expedition. Accept Big Game Hunter.
2) At 29.19 loot the Moon Over the Vale tablet.
3) Kill an Elder Saltwater Crocolisk along the shore. It has several spawn locations.
4) Loot the Gri’lek the Wanderer tablet. Do “Encrusted Tail Fins” kill elite Saltscale murlocs. Better do with a party.
5) Go to Ruins of Zul’Kunda and do part of “Kurzen’s Mystery”, Gurubashi tablet (29.19).
6) Loot the The Emperor’s Tomb tablet at 25.9.
7) Go east to Rebel Camp and turn in “Kurzen’s Mystery”, accept Troll Witchery. 
8) Go south to the troll Ruins and do “Skullsplitter Tusks” along with “Troll Witchery”.
9) Die and resurrect at the spirit.
10) Go north to Rebel Camp and turn in “Troll Witchery”. Accept Mai’Zoth.
11) Teleport to Booty Bay.

42-43(4)1) Turn in “Venture Company Mining”, “Zanzil’s Secret”,”Skullsplitter Tusks” and “Up to Snuff”, “The Bloodsail Buccaneers”, “Excelsior”, “Voodoo Dues”. Accept Tran’rek, Stoley’s Debt, Keep An Eye Out.
2) From Baron Revilgaz accept Magical Analysis.
3) Turn in “Akiris by the Bundle”.  Accept the next part.
4) Go to Ratchet and fly to Theramore.
5) Turn in “Akiris by the Bundle” and  “… and Bugs”.
6) Make Theramore your new home.
7) Fly to Desolace.

43-43 – Desolace

43-43 Desolace1) At Nijel’s Point turn in “Brother Anton”, accept Down the Scarlet Path.
2) Accept Reagents For Reclaimers Inc.
3) Accept Ghost-o-Plasm Round Up.
4) At Uthek the Wise turn in “Ongeku”, accept Khan Jehn.
5) Start doing “Reagents For Reclaimers Inc” around Mannoroc Coven. If you meet 2 kodos and 2 goblins, accept and do an escort Gizelton Caravan .
6) Kill Khan Jehn.
7) Around 64.92 do “Ghost-o-Plasm Round Up”, use the Crate of Ghost Magnets quest item there to kill Magrami Spectre that spawn.
8) In the Valley of Bones finish “Down the Scarlet Path”.
9) At the Kodo Graveyard turn in “Ghost-o-Plasm Round Up”.
10) At the Uthek the Wise turn in “Khan Jehn”.
11) Make sure you have finished “Reagents For Reclaimers Inc”.
12) If you did it, turn in “Gizelton Caravan”.
13) At Nijel’s Point turn in “Reagents For Reclaimers Inc”, accept the next part.
14) Turn in “Down the Scarlet Path”, accept the next part.
15) Teleport to Theramore.
16) Fly to Tanaris.

43-44 – Tanaris

43-44(1)1) At Gadgetzan accept Gadgetzan Water Survey.
2) Turn in “Tran’Rek”.
3) Accept WANTED: Caliph Scorpidsting, WANTED: Andre Firebeard, Handle With Care, Water Pouch Bounty and Wastewander Justice.
4) Go in the Inn and make Gadgetzan your new home.
5) Go to Shimmering Flats and turn in “Rumors for Kravel” , accept Back to Booty Bay.
6) Turn in “News for Fizzle”.  Also turn in (if you did) “Encrusted Tail Fins”.
7) Turn in “Razzeric’s Tweaking”, accept the next quest. Next to you, accept Keeping Pace.
8) Distract Zamek (talk to him) and go in the gnome’s hut, click on Rizzle’s Unguarded Plans (77.77) to turn in “Keeping Pace”, accept “Rizzle’s Schematics”.
9) Return to Pozzik and turn in Rizzle’s Schematics.
10) Teleport to Gadgetzan and turn in “Safety First”.

43-44(2)1) Among Noonshade Ruins do “Wastewander Justice” with “Water Pouch Bounty”.
2) At the Steamwheedle Port accept Pirate Hats Ahoy!.
3) At 67.22 accept Screecher Spirits. Turn in “Stoley’s Debt”, accept Stoley’s Shipment. And next to you, accept Southsea Shakedown.
4) Go SW to the Waterspring Field and kill Wastewander mobs.  Kill Caliph Scorpidsting.
5) Go to Lost Rigger Cove.
6) Do “Southsea Shakedown” and “Pirate Hats Ahoy!”. If you find Pirate’s footlocker, start “Ship Schedules”.
7) Loot the Stolen Cargo up at 72.47.
8) Kill Andre Firebeard.
9) Once all these quests are finished, teleport to Gadgetzan.

43-44(3)1) Turn in “Water Pouch Bounty” and “Wastewander Justice”, accept More Wastewander Justice.
2) Fiill Untapped Dowsing Widget in the pool at 39.29. As soon as you fill it, run away, cause many insects spawn there.
3) Return to Gadgetzan and turn in “Gadgetzan Water Survey”
4) Run to Steamwheedle Port and turn in “Pirate Hats Ahoy!”,”Stoley’s Shipment”, “WANTED: Andre Firebeard”, “Southsea Shakedown” and (if you have it) “Ship Schedules”. Accept Deliver to MacKinley
5) Around 60.38 and do “More Wastewander Justice” with “WANTED: Caliph Scorpidsting” (if you haven’t completed it).
6) Teleport to Gadgetzan and turn in “More Wastewander Justice” with “WANTED: Caliph Scorpidsting”.
7) Fly to Feralas.

44-46 – Feralas

IMG_68171) Accept The Mark of Quality, The Missing Courier and The Ruins of Solarsal, In Search of Knowledge and The High Wilderness.
2) Make Feathermoon your home.
3) Turn in “The Missing Courier” at 32.45, accept the next part.
4) At the Solarsal Gazebo turn in “The Ruins of Solarsal” (26.52), accept Return to Feathermoon Stronghold.
5) Run back and turn in “Return to Feathermoon Stronghold”.  Accept Against the Hatecrest.
6) At Latronicus turn in “Against the Hatecrest”, accept the next part.
7) Go to Ruins of Solarsal and kill nagas.
8) Return to the town and turn in “Against the Hatecrest”, accept Against Lord Shalzaru.
9) Swim to the island to  Shalzaru’s Lair.
10) Kill Lord Shalzaru. You should be close to level 45. Grind on nagas.
11) Die and resurrect at the spirit.
12) Turn in “Against Lord Shalzaru”, accept Delivering the Relic.
13) Turn in “Delivering the Relic”.


1) Take boat to the mainland.
2) Along the shore do “Screecher Spirits”.
3) Under the water loot Wrecked Row Boat to turn in “The Missing Courier”, accept Boat Wreckage.
4) Teleport to Feathermoon.
5) Turn in “Boat Wreckage”, “The Knife Revealed”, accept The Knife Revealed, Psychometric Reading, turn in “Psychometric Reading” (32.45), accept The Woodpaw Gnolls.
6) Take boat.
7) If the boat is not there or within view that it is almost there, then just swim east to the shore (at 47.45), then go up the path.
8) Go to Feral Scar Vale and do “The Mark of Quality”. If you find OOX-22/FE Distress Beacon, accept “Find OOX-22/FE!” and turn it in. Don’t do escort.
9) Around 60.57 do “The Ogres of Feralas”.


1) At the Grimtotem camp clear mobs around the Captured Sprite Darter cage
2) Go path and accept escort Freedom for All Creatures.
3) Return and turn in “Freedom for All Creatures”. Accept Doling Justice.
4) Do “Doling Justice” around.
5) Turn in “Doling Justice”.  Accept the next part.
6) Loot the Large Leather Backpacks at 73.56 to turn in “The Woodpaw Gnolls”, accept The Writhing Deep.
7) From Undelivered Parcel (should be in your backpack) accept Thalanaar Delivery.
8) Go south to The Writhing Deep and go down into the last tunnel (entrance at 73.64), then keep right in the cave and then click on the Zukk’ash Pod to turn in “The Writhing Deep”, accept and do Freed from the Hive: simply wait until Raschal the Courier appears then wait right there until the quest completes itself.
9) Teleport to Feathermoon.
10) Turn in “The Mark of Quality” , “The High Wilderness” ,”Freed from the Hive”, accept A Hero’s Welcome.
11) Turn in “A Hero’s Welcome” (30.46), accept Rise of the Silithid.

1) Grind until you are level 46.
2) Teleport to Feathermoon and fly to Thalanaar, Feralas.
3) Turn in “Thalanaar Delivery”
4) Fly to Darnasuss.
5) At Temple of the Moon turn in “Rise of the Silithid” and “Doling Justice”.
6) At Rut’theran Village turn in “Handle With Care”.  Accept Favored of Elune?.
7) Go upstairs and turn in “In Search of Knowledge”.
8) On the ground accept Feralas: A History from Feralas: A History.
9) Next to you upstairs, turn in “Feralas: A History”, accept The Borrower.
10) Fly to Ashenvale.
11) Ride to Azshara.

46-46 – Azshara

46-46 Azshara(1)

1) At the camp, accept Spiritual Unrest and A Land Filled with Hatred.
2) Do “Spiritual Unrest”, kill Highborne mobs (undead apparitions).
3) Around 19.63 do “A Land Filled with Hatred”.
4) At Talrendis Point turn in “Spiritual Unrest” and “A Land Filled with Hatred”.
5) Teleport to Feathermoon Stronghold.  Then fly to Tanaris.
6) Turn in “The Borrower”, accept The Super Snapper FX.
7) Fly to Theramore, Dustwallow Marsh.
8) Get boat to Menethil Harbor.

46-46(2)1) If you don’t have “Sunken Treasure” then fly to Refuge Pointe, Arathi Highlands. If you have “Sunken Treasure” swim north to Faldir’s Cove to turn in “Sunken Treasure”
2) Accept and do the escort Death From Below. Once done, turn it in.
3) Die and resurrect at the spirit.
The beginning if you don’t have “Sunken Treasure”:
4) Fly to Hillsbrad.
5) Turn in “Down the Scarlet Path”.
6) Go NW to Dalaran and turn in “Magical Analysis” (19.78 in Alterac Mountains).  Accept Ansirem’s Key.
7) Die on purpose, resurrect at spirit to get to Southshore.
8) Go to The Hinterlands.

46-46 – The Hinterlands

46-46 Hinterlands(1)1) Turn left at Aerie Peak and turn in “To The Hinterlands”, accept Gryphon Master Talonaxe.
2) Turn in “Gryphon Master Talonaxe”, accept Rhapsody Shindigger and Witherbark Cages.
3) Accept Skulk Rock Clean-up and Troll Necklace Bounty in the inn.
4) Make it your home.
5) While leveling here loot the Wildkin Feathers on the ground.
6) Go up to Shindigger’s Camp and turn in “Rhapsody Shindigger” (27.49), accept Rhapsody’s Kalimdor Kocktail.

46-46 Hinterlands(2)1) At 23.59 open the First and Second Witherbark Cages. Also start working on “Troll Necklace Bounty”.
2) At the other troll camp open the Third Witherbark Cage. Also finish “Troll Necklace Bounty”.
3) Kill 10 Green Sludge and 10 Jade Ooze.
4) If you find item called OOX-09/HL Distress Beacon, accept Find OOX-09/HL!. Turn this in at 49.38, but don’t do it now.
5) Make sure “Favored of Elune?” is completed.
6) Go east to the seaside. Use the Super Snapper FX on Gammerita. It’s level 48 elite turtle, patrolling location.
7) Teleport.
8) Turn in “Skulk Rock Clean-up” and “Troll Necklace Bounty”,”Witherbark Cages”. Accept The Altar of Zul.
9) Fly to Ironforge.

46-46 HInterlands(3)1) At the Hall of Explorers turn in “Reagents For Reclaimers Inc”.
2) Accept Passing the Burden.
3) At The Mystic Ward turn in “Passing the Burden”, accept Arcane Runes and An Easy Pickup.
4) Turn in “An Easy Pickup”, accept Signal for Pickup. Then speak to Xiggs again to get a Standard Issue Flare Gun.
5) Fly to Booty Bay, Stranglethorn.




46-47 – Stranglethorn Vale

46-47(1)1) Accept The Bloodsail Buccaneers.
2) Turn in “Ansirem’s Key”,”Back to Booty Bay” accept Pretty Boy” Duncan.
3) Make BB your home.
4) Turn in “Deliver to MacKinley” .  Accept Cracking Maury’s Foot.
5) Accept The Captain’s Chest at 27.74.
6) At 27.69 do “Pretty Boy” Duncan”, kill “Pretty Boy” Duncan.
7) Do “The Captain’s Chest”. You have to kill level 47 elite giant. It can be soloable as hunter, mage or lock. Better find party for it.
8) Search along the coast for Half-Buried Bottles to get Carefully Folded Note, accept Message in a Bottle.
9) Swim to the island and turn in “Message in a Bottle” (39.81), accept the next part. To kill King Mukla also find a party. Then turn it in.

46-47(2)1) Do “The Bloodsail Buccaneers”: kill the 3 pirates in each of the 3 ships. Also find Cortello’s Riddle, and from it accept Cortello’s RiddleCaptain Stillwater is at 33.88.
2) Kill Fleet Master Firallon (31.91).
3) Kill Captain Keelhaul (29.88).  04) Die and resurrect near Booty Bay.
4) Turn in “The Captain’s Chest”,”Pretty Boy” Duncan”, accept The Curse of the Tides.
5) Turn in “The Bloodsail Buccaneers”.
NOTE: You have to turn in  The Green Hills of Stranglethorn this section. You can buy some pages at AH or exchange them.
6) Do “Big Game Hunter” (Elite) at 38.35.
7) Go to Mosh’Ogg Ogre Mound and do “Cracking Maury’s Foot” (Elite): kill ogres until you get Maury’s Key (low drop rate).
8) For party: Enter the cave at Mosh’Ogg Ogre Mound and do “Mai’Zoth”: hug the right side and kill Mai’Zoth.
9) Do “The Curse of the Tides” at 25.24.
10) Die and resurrect at the spirit.



46-47(3)1) At Nesingwary’s Expedition turn in “Big Game Hunter” and The Green Hills of Stranglethorn”.
2) For party:  Turn in “Mai’Zoth” NE at the Rebel Camp.
3) Teleport to Booty Bay.
4) Accept Whiskey Slim’s Lost Grog.
5) Turn in “Cracking Maury’s Foot”.
6) Make sure you have 15 Silk Cloth. If not- buy.
7) Turn in “The Curse of the Tides”.
8) Fly to Redridge.
9) Go to Burning Steppes.
10) Once enter, go right and discover Morgan’s Vigil for Flight.
11) Go north to enter Blackrock Mountain and lead to Searing Gorge.

47-48 – Searing Gorge

47-48(1)1) At the Wooden Outhouse (66.63), accept Caught!.
2) Kill Dark Iron Geologists around. From Dorious accept and do the escort Suntara Stones. Turn it in to the scroll.
3) Finish “Caught!”.
4) At the Wooden Outhouse turn in “Caught!”, accept Ledger from Tanaris. Next to the cub take Goodsteel Ledger.
5) In the mountains kill Margol the Rager for a horn, which starts The Horn of the Beast.
6) Kill Glassweb Spiders for the Leg Shafts around.
7) At Kalaran Windblade accept Divine Retribution/turn it in.  Take the next quest.
8) Go up to Thorium Point.
9) Accept ALL quests at Thorium Point (38.28):  From the sign accept WANTED: Overseer Maltorius (Elite), STOLEN: Smithing Tuyere and Lookout’s Spyglass and JOB OPPORTUNITY: Culling the Competition. And next to you accept Curse These Fat Fingers, Fiery Menace! , Incendosaurs? Whateverosaur is More Like It and What the Flux?.
10) Fly to Dun Morogh.

1) Make Ironforge your new home.
2) At the Hall of Explorers turn in “Suntara Stones”, accept Dwarven Justice.
3) If you got “The Horn of the Beast” fly to Thelsamar, Loch Modan.

Loch Modan Door to Searing Gorge

Loch Modan Door

1) At Loch Modan go to the locked door and turn in “The Horn of the Beast” (18.84), accept Proof of Deed.
2) Teleport to Ironforge.
3) At Ironforge, go NE to Hall of Explorers and turn in “Proof of Deed”. Accept At Last!.
4) Fly back to Thelsamar, Loch Modan.
5) At the locked door turn in “At Last!”.
6) Now you can open this door and go to Searing Gorge.

47-48(2)1) For “The Flawless Flame” kill Magma Elementals, Tempered War Golems, and Heavy War Golems for the Golem Oil.
2) Kill fire elementals for the Heart of Flame: Inferno ElementalsBlazing Elementals and Magma Elementals.
3) Kill Greater Lava Spiders around the western side of Searing Gorge.
4) “Curse These Fat Fingers”: kill Heavy War Golems around the middle of Searing Gorge.
5) Kill Dark Iron Steamsmith for the Smithing Tuyere.
6) Kill Dark Iron Lookouts for the Lookout’s Spyglass.
7) Turn in “The Flawless Flame”, accept Forging the Shaft.


47-48(3)1) Enter cave at 50.45 and then kill the needed Dark Iron dwarves there.
2) Do “What the Flux?” and (if you have party, as there elite npc) “WANTED: Overseer Maltorius” (Elite): Secret Plans: Fiery Flux behind Overseer Maltorius (41.36 in the cave). And kill Overseer Maltorius (lvl 50 Elite).
3) Turn in “Dwarven Justice” at 41.25, accept Release Them.
4) “Forging the Shaft”: kill/loot Dark Iron dwarves for the Thorium Plated Daggers. NOTES:  This quest requires “The Flawless Flame” to be finished and turned in first.  Save any Dark Iron Scraps you find, you will need 30 of them for a later quest, but you will also have another good chance to find a lot more later at lvl 53-54 in Burning Steppes section as well.
5) “Incendosaurs? Whateverosaur is More Like It”: enter the cave (at 47.46) and kill Incendosaurs.
6) You should get Grimesilt Outhouse Key from mobs you killed, accept The Key to Freedom. Turn it in at the Wooden Outhouse (66.63).

47-48(4)1) Go to Kalaran Windblade and turn in “Forging the Shaft”, accept The Flame’s Casing.
2) Go up to Thorium Point. Turn in all quests, “WANTED: Overseer Maltorius”, “Curse These Fat Fingers”, “Fiery Menace!”, “Incendosaurs? Whateverosaur is More Like It”, “STOLEN: Smithing Tuyere and Lookout’s Spyglass”, “JOB OPPORTUNITY: Culling the Competition” and “What the Flux?”.
3) Around 24.37 do “The Flame’s Casing”, kill Twilight mobs until the Symbol of Ragnaros drops. (Group up with someone, mobs are elite).
4) For party:  Go up the path at Firewatch Ridge and do “Release Them” (Elite), loot the Twilight Artifact (29.26).
5) For party: from Zamael accept Prayer to Elune, turn it in and accept the next part.
6) For party:  Do “Prayer to Elune”: kill/loot the Elite Twilight mobs to obtain the Prayer to Elune. There are easier mobs to kill down below around the cave entrance.
7) At Kalaran Windblade turn in “The Flame’s Casing”, accept The Torch of Retribution.
8) Turn in “The Torch of Retribution”, accept the next part. Click on the Torch of Retribution in the air next to you to turn in the next part of “The Torch of Retribution”. Accept Squire Maltrake. Turn in “Squire Maltrake”, accept Set Them Ablaze!.

47-48(5)1) Fire braziers on the towers.  The Northern Tower is at (33.55).  See next steps for the others:
2) The Western Tower is at (36.61).
3) The Southern Tower is at (44.61).
4) The Eastern Tower is at (50.55).
5) Return to Kalaran Windblade and turn in “Set Them Ablaze!”.
6) Click on the Hoard of the Black Dragonflight (the chest) and accept Trinkets….  Then click on the chest again to turn this in. Loot the chest.
7) For party:  Jump down to enter the cave at 50.45.
8) For party:  Go into the cave and click on the Altar of Suntara (in the middle of the big room, 41.25) to turn in “Release Them”.
9) For party: Accept Rise, Obsidion!, kill Obsidion and kill Lathoric the Black (lvl 52 Elite dwarf).
10) For party: Die and resurrect at the spirit.
11) Fly to Blasted Lands.

47-48(6)1) Go to Swamp of Sorrows ,turn in “Cortello’s Riddle” at 23.48, accept the next part.
2) For “Ledger from Tanaris”, kill Jarquia.
3) Teleport to Ironforge.
4) Take Assisting Arch Druid Staghelm.
5) At the Hall of Explorers turn in (if you did it) “Rise, Obsidion!”.
6) Get A Little Slime Goes a Long Way .
7) Fly to Wetlands.
8) Take a boat to Auberdine.
9) Fly to Rut’theran Village, Teldrassil.
10) Turn in “Favored of Elune?”, “The Super Snapper FX”, accept Return to Troyas.
11) Fly to Feralas.

48-49 – Feralas

48-49(1)1) Accept Improved Quality.
2) Turn in “Return to Troyas”, accept The Stave of Equinex, The Sunken Temple.
3) Take the boat and accept Zapped Giants and Fuel for the Zapping.
4) Kill water elementals. Watch out for the elite giants (you can use the Zorbin’s Ultra-Shrinker quest item on them to make them non-elite).
5) Go back to goblin and turn in “Fuel for the Zapping”.
6) Do “Improved Quality”, kill mobs until an item, which starts Pristine Yeti Hide drops.

48-49(2)1) Kill Ironfur Patriarchs and the Groddoc Thunderers.
2) At 42.22 accept The Giant Guardian.
3) Do “Zapped Giants”: use Zorbin’s Ultra-Shrinker quest item on the giants to kill them.
4) Do “The Stave of Equinex”, loot the Flame of Byltan under at 38.16.
5) Flame of Lahassa (38.12).
6) Flame of Imbel (40.9).
7) Flame of Samha (41.13).
8) Go west to the Equinex Monolith and use your Troyas’ Stave at it. Turn in “The Stave of Equinex”, accept The Morrow Stone.
9) Turn in “The Giant Guardian”, accept and do the escort Wandering Shay.
10) Lead her to Rockbiter, turn in “Wandering Shay”.

49-49(3)1) Go to Grimtotem camp and up the hidden hill accept An Orphan Looking For a Home.
2) Around 57.78 loot a Hippogryph Egg.
3) If you find OOX-22/FE Distress Beacon, accept Find OOX-22/FE!Then turn this in through at the cave and do the escort Rescue OOX-22/FE!.
4) Turn in “Zapped Giants” (45.43).
5) Go to Feathermoon.
6) Turn in “The Morrow Stone”,”Improved Quality” and “Pristine Yeti Hide”.
7) Fly to Theramore, Dustwallow Marsh.



49-49 – Dustwallow Marsh

IMG_68181) Swim to 55.50 from Theramore.
2) Loot the Damaged Crate for the Overdue Package at 54.55.
3) Click on the Musty Scroll to turn in “Cortello’s Riddle”, accept the next part.
4) Die and resurrect at the spirit.
5) Fly to Tanaris.

49-50 – Tanaris

49-50(1)1) Turn in “Ledger from Tanaris”.
2) Accept Noxious Lair Investigation, Thistleshrub Valley and Super Sticky.
3) Go to the Egg-O-Matic machine in Gadgetzan (next to the teleporter, 52.27), and turn in your Hippogryph Egg for “The Super Egg-O-Matic”.
4) Accept The Dunemaul Compound, The Thirsty Goblin (52.29).
5) At the 53.46 turn in “The Sunken Temple”, accept The Stone Circle and Gahz’ridian.
6) Kill Gor’marok the Ravager.
7) For “Rhapsody’s Kalimdor Kocktail” kill Searing Rocs for the 3 gizzards.
8) Finish “The Dunemaul Compound” with “Gahz’ridian”.
9) At The Noxious Lair do “Noxious Lair Investigation”.
10) Around Thistleshrub Valley do “Thistleshrub Valley” with “The Thirsty Goblin”, kill 8 Gnarled Thistleshrubs and 8 Thistleshrub Rootshapers.

49-50(2)1) Also there start escort Tooga’s Quest.
2) At 66.25 turn in “Tooga’s Quest”.
3) At the Port accept Yuka Screwspigot, turn in “Screecher Spirits”.
4) At Gadgetzan turn in “The Thirsty Goblin”, accept In Good Taste.
5) Turn in “In Good Taste”, accept Sprinkle’s Secret Ingredient.
6) Turn in “Noxious Lair Investigation” and “Thistleshrub Valley”, “The Dunemaul Compound” (53.27). Accept The Scrimshank Redemption.
7) If you found OOX-17/TN Distress Beacon accept Find OOX-17/TN!. Then turn this in (at 60.65) and do the escort Rescue OOX-17/TN!.
8) At the Broken Pillar and turn in “Gahz’ridian” (53.46).
9) Do “The Scrimshank Redemption” at 56.69 and always turn right.
10) Die on purpose and resurrect at spirit to get back to Gadgetzan.

49-50(3)1) Turn in “The Scrimshank Redemption”, accept Insect Part Analysis.
2) Turn in Insect Part Analysis”, accept the next part.
3) Turn in “Insect Part Analysis”.  Accept Rise of the Silithid.
4) Accept Safety First (51.27).
5) Make sure you are level 50.
6) In the The Shimmering Flats turn in “An Orphan Looking For a Home”.
7) Turn in “Safety First”.
8) Teleport to Ironforge.
9) Fly to The Hinterlands.

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