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WoW Classic: 30-40 Horde Leveling Guide

30-30 – Arathi Highlands

Arathi 30

  1. Head to Hammerfall and accept
  2. Turn in “Hammerfall” at 65.36. Accept Raising Spirits.
  3. Do it around 60.35.
  4. Return to Hammerfall and turn it in. Take the next part.
  5. Turn in to Gor’mul, take the next part. Turn in to Tor’gan.
  6. Teleport to Orgrimmar. Get new spells and abilities.
  7. Get on zeppelin to Grom’Gol.

30-31 – Stranglethorn Valley

STV 30-31

  1. Go to Nesinqwary’s Expedition and accept Welcome to the Jungle.
  2. Next to you turn it in to Hemet Nesingwary and accept Raptor Master, Panther Mastery and Tiger Mastery.
  3. NOTE: You need 1,4,6,8,10,11,14,16,18,20,21,24,25,26,27 pages for The Green Hills of Stranglethorn. Pages drop from humanoid mobs around location.
  4. Do “Tiger Mastery”, kill Young Stranglethorn Tigers.
  5. Turn in and accept the next part.
  6. Across the road kill Panthers (around 39.9).
  7. Turn quest in and accept follow-up part.
  8. Do “Panther Mastery” at 30.10 along with “Tiger Mastery”.
  9. Kill Stranglethorn Raptors for “Raptor Mastery”.
  10. Go back to Nesingwary’s Expedition and turn in “Raptor Mastery”, “Panther Mastery” and “Tiger Mastery”.

31-32 – The Shimmering Flats (Thousand Needles)

31-32 shimmering flats

  1. Go to the Mirage Raceway and accept Rocket Car Pats, Salt Flat Venom, Hardened Shells, Load Lightening, A Bump in the Road.
  2. Start doing “Rocket Car Pats”.
  3. Kill Turtles around the Flats for “Hardened Shells”.
  4. Kill Scorpids for “Salt Flat Venom”.
  5. Kill Scavangers and Vultures for “Load Lightening”.
  6. Kill Basilisks for “A Bump in the Road”.
  7. Once you have done these quests, turn them in and accept Wharfmaster Dizzywig and Hemet Nesingwary with Goblin Sponsorship.
  8. Go to Tanaris (74.94) and discover Flight Path.
  9. Fly to Freewind Post and accept “Family Tree” if you have not already.
  10. Teleport to Orgrimmar.
  11. In the Valley of Honor turn in “The Swarm Grows”. Accept the next part.
  12. In the Cleft of Shadow accept Alliance Relations.
  13. Turn in at 23.53 (near west entrance of Orgrimmar). Take the next part.
  14. Fly to Stonetalon Mountains.
  15. Head to Desolace across the Charred Vale.

32-34 – Desolace

Desolace 32-34 (1)

  1. Accept Kodo Roundup at 61.62.
  2. Start working on it. Use Kodo Kombobulator on Ancient, Aged or Dying Kodo.
  3. Go to Ghost Walker Post.
  4. Turn in “The Kolkar of Desolace”. Accept Khan Dez’hepah and Gelkis Alliance.
  5. Turn in “Family Tree” to Nataka Longhorn and Alliance Relations to Takata Steelblade Take the next part. Accept Befouled by Satyr.
  6. Turn in “Alliance Relations”again and accept The Burning of Spirits.
  7. Go to Kolkar Village and kill Khan Dez’hepah.
  8. Go south to Magram Village and do “Gelkis Alliance”.
    Kill Magram centaurs untill you are friendly with the Gelkis Alliance.
  9. Go to Walker Post and turn in “Khan Dez’hepah”. Accept Centaur Bounty.
  10. On the road to Shadowprey Village turn in “Gelkis Alliance” and take the Stealing Supplies.
  11. At 25.72 take Hunting in Stranglethorn.

dsolace 32-34(2)

  1. In the village accept Hand of Iruxos, Other Fish to Fry, Clam Bait. Renew your home in the Inn.
  2. Jump into water and loot Shellfish Traps to collect 10 Shellfish. Once you collect them, return to Jinar’Zillen and turn them into 2 Bloodbelly Fish. NOTE: Don’t sell them and save for future.
  3. Swim to 36.30 and accept Claim Rackmore’s Treasure!
  4. Go up and take Sceptre of Light from Azore.
  5. Go to Thunder Axe Fortress and do “The Burning of Spirits”, “Hand of Iruxos” along with “Scepter of Light”. Scepter drops from Burning Blade Seer.
  6. Make sure you loot Flayed Demon Skin from mobs. It starts The Corrupter.
  7. Go to Walker Post and turn in “Catch of the Day”.
  8. Turn in “The Corrupter” and “The Burning of Spirits”. Accept follow up quests.
  9. Go to 74.22 and do “Befouled Satyr” with “The Corrupter”. Shadowstalker Scalp drops from Hatefury Shadowstalkers.
  10. At 62.39 accept Bone Collector.
  11. Return to Ghost Walker Post and turn in finished quests. Accept The Corruptor.

32-34 Desolace (3)

  1. At 39.27 turn in “Scepter of Light” and accept Book of the Ancients.
  2. Go to the water (around 32.30) and kill Drysnaps for Silver Key. Start killing crabs for “Clam Bait”.
  3. Do “Other Fish to Fry”, kill Slitherblade mobs. Golden Key also drops from them.
  4. Head to island at 28.7 and kill Lord Kragaru. While there, turn in “Claim Rackmore’s Treasure!”
  5. Kill Slitherblade Oracles, they are near the island for “The Corrupter”.
  6. Make sure you have finished Claim Bait.
  7. Return to Azore and turn in “Book of the Ancients”.
  8. Go to Ghost Walker Post and turn in “The Corrupter”. Accept the next part.
  9. Turn it in. Do not take follow-up quest.

32-34 Desolace (4)

  1. At the Kodo Graveyard do “Bone Collector”.
  2. At Magram Village do “Centaur Bounty” and “Stealing Supplies”.
  3. Return to Walker Post and turn in “Centaur Bounty”.
  4. Go to goblin hut and turn in “Bone Collector”.
  5. Teleport to Shadowprey village.
  6. Turn in all finished quests and take Ongeku. Fly to CT, The Barrens.


Desolace 32-34(5)

  1. Run to Dustwallow Marsh. Once you enter, turn right to the Shade Rest Inn and accept Suspicious Hoofprint, Lieutenant Paval Reetheand and The Black Shield.
  2. Go to Brackenwall Village and turn in these quests.
  3. Accept The Black Shield. Turn in. Skip the next part.
  4. Fly to Ratchet and turn in “Goblin Sponsorship”. Accept the follow up part. Turn in “Wharfmaster Dizzywig” to goblin. Accept Parts for Kravel. Get Boat to Booty Bay.

34-36 – Stranglethorn Valley

34-36 STV (1)

  1. Turn in “Goblin Sponsorship” and take the next part.
  2. Go to the Inn and make it your home. Accept Singing Blue Shards.
  3. At the 2nd floor accept Bloodscalp Ears, Hostile Takeover and Investigate the Camp.
  4. Accept Supply and Demand in Booty Bay from Drizzlik.
  5. Turn in “Goblin Sponsorship” and take the next part.
  6. Fly to Grom’gol.
  7. Accept The Defense of Grom”Gol , Mok’thardin’s Enchantmnet, Hunt for Yenniku and Bloody Bone Necklaces.




34-36 STV(2)

  1. Go to the 26.18 and start doing “Singing Blue Shards”. Then do “Blood Scalp Ears”, “Hunt for Yenniku” and “Bloody Bone Necklaces”.
  2. Do “Tiger Mastery”, kill Elder Stranglethorn Tigers.
  3. Kill Lashtail Raptors for “Raptor Mastery” and “The Defense of Grom’Gol”.
  4. Turn in “Hunt for Yenniku” and accept
  5. Turn in “The Defense of Grom’gol”, accept the next part.

34-36 STV (3)

  1. Go to ruins at 21.13 and do “Headhunting” and “Bloody Bone Necklaces”.
  2. Go to Expedition and turn in all completed quests. Take the follow up parts.
  3. Kill Sin’dall at 32.17.
  4. Return to Expedition and turn it in.
  5. Do “Supply and Demand” along the shore.
  6. Across the river complete “Hostile Takeover” and “Goblin Sponsorship”. Kill Foreman Cozzle at the top of the tower. Loot Cozzle’s Key.
  7. Loot Cozzle’s Footlocker at 43,20.
  8. Do “Panther Mastery” with “Mok’thardin’s Enchantment”.
  9. Stop at the Mizjah Ruins and do “The Defense of Grom’gol”.
  10. Go to Expedition and turn in “Panther Mastery”. Take the next part.
  11. Teleport to Booty Bay.
  12. Turn in all quests and accept Some Assembly Required, Goblin Sponsorship. Fly to Grom’gol.
  13. Turn in all completed quests and take only Trollbane. You should be 36 now.
  14. Take zeppelin to Undercity and get new spells/abilities.
  15. Accept To Steal From Thieves.
  16. Fly to Tarren Mill and accept The Hammer May Fall.
  17. Fly to Arathi Highlands.

36-37 – Arathi Highlands

36-37 Arathi (1)

  1. Go to the Inn and make Hammerfall your home.
  2. Turn in “Trollbane” and accept Sigil of Strom. It is a group quest, so find a party.
  3. At Tor’gan accept Foul Magics and Guile of the Raptor.
  4. Take The Princess Trapped at 62.34 from Shards.
  5. Kill Drywhisker Kobolds for it.
  6. Once you finished, enter the cave and turn in “The Princess Trapped” at the end of the cave. Accept the next quest.
  7. Do part of “Stones of Binding” at the Circle of East Binding.
  8. At Dabyrie’s Farmstead do “To Steal from Thieves”.
  9. Slay Fradel Daabyrie, Marcel Dabyrie and Kenata Dabyrie.


  1. Loot the Stone of Outer Binding at 52.51.
  2. Kill Highland Fleshstalkers around 52.68 for “Guile of the Raptor”.
  3. At Boulder’gor do “The Hammer May Fall”.
  4. Kill Syndicate mobs at the farm around 32.39.
  5. Complete “Stones of Binding” at the West Binding, which is at 25.30.
  6. Turn it in at 36.57 and accept the next elite quest.




NOTE: next part is recommended to do with Waterbreath spell/potion.

36-37 (3)

  1. There’s road behind Stromgarde Keep, which starts at 29.68. At Faldir’s Cove accept Land Ho!.
  2. Turn in at 32.81 and accept Deep Sea Salvage.
  3. Accept Drowned Sorrows at 34.81.
  4. Do the Escort Sunken Treasure from Professor Phizzlethorpe.
  5. Turn in and accept the next part.
  6. In the water do “Deep Sea Salvage”, “Drowned Sorrows” and “Sunken Treasure”.
  7. Loot Maiden’s Folly Log, Maiden’s Folly Charts, Spirit of Silverpine Log and Spirit of Silverpine Charts.
  8. Turn in “Deep Sea Salvage” and other quests. Accept Sunken Treasure. Turn it in and accept the follow-up part.
  9. Teleport to Hammerfall.

36-37 Arathi (4)

  1. Turn in “The Hammerfall May Fall”, take Call to Arms. If you did “Sigil of Strom” turn in.
  2. At Tor’gan turn in “Foul Magics” and “Guile of the Raptor”. Take the next part.
  3. Turn it in at 73.34 and accept the follow-up.
  4. Return to Tor’gan and turn in “Guile of the Raptor”. Skip “Foul Magics”.
  5. At Witherbark Village do “Call to Arms”.
  6. Return to Hammerfall, turn it in and accept the next.
  7. NOTE: if you meet Fozruk, find the party to kill him. He is crossing whole Arathi.
  8. At Boulderfist Hall do “Call to Arms”. Teleport to Hammerfall and turn in the quest.
  9. NOTE: You can do elite quests like Call to Arms, The Broken Sigil, The Real Threat and Foul Magics with a party. If you haven’t found people, skip them.
  10. Fly to Tarren Mill, Hillsbrad.

37-37 – Alterac Mountains

37 Alterac

  1. Accept Prison Break In and Stone Tokens.
  2. Head to cave at 37.66 in Alterac and do Frostmaw. If you haven’t completed Helcular’s Revenge before, charge the Flame of Uzel there.
  3. Work on “Stone Tokens” with “Prison Break” In at Internment Camp.
  4. Slay Alina, Dermot, Kegan Darkmar and Ricter for their tokens.
  5. Turn in “Helcular’s Revenge” at the grave (53.53).
  6. Return to Taren Mill and turn in finished quests. Accept Dalaran Patrols and Bracers of Binding. Go to do them.
  7. Fly to Undercity.
  8. Turn in “To Steal from Thieves”.
  9. Take Zeppelin to Orgrimmar. Turn in “Alliance Relations” at 23.53.
  10. Fly to XRoads and make it your home. Fly to Thousand Needles.

37-38 – The Shimmering Flats


  1. Turn in “The Swarm Grows” at 68.64 and accept the next part.
  2. Turn in “Parts for Kravel” at Accept Delivery to the Gnomes.
  3. Next to you turn it. Take Martek the Exiled.
  4. Take The Rumormonger at 78.77.
  5. Turn in “Goblin Sponsorship” and accept The Eighteenth Pilot.
  6. Turn in and take Razzeric’s Tweaking.
  7. At The Rustmaul Dig Site do “The Swarm Grows” along with “Parts of the Swarm” (starts from item).
  8. Return to Camp and turn in “The Swarm Grows”.
  9. Hearth to XRoads and turn in “Parts of the Swarm”. Take the follow-up.
  10. Fly to TB, Mulgore.
  11. Once there, turn in “Frostmaw” and take
  12. Fly to Dustwallow Marsh.

38-38 – Dustwallow Marsh

38 Dustwallow

  1. Be sure you have Soothing Spices x3.
  2. Accept Theramore Spies from Nazeer Bloodpike.
  3. Accept The Black Shield.
  4. South of Village accept Hungry! From ogre.
  5. Start working on “Theramore Spies” and “The Black Shield”.
  6. Along the shore at 58.16 do “Hungry!”.
  7. Accept Soothing Spices, turn in and accept Jarl Needs Eye from Jarl.
  8. Near the hut click on the Loose Dirt and accept The Lost Report.
  9. Do escort Stinky’s Escape at 47.18.
  10. Make sure you have finished “Theramore Spies”.
  11. Around 34.23 complete “Jarl Needs Eyes”.
  12. Return to Village and turn in completed quests, accept The Theramore Docks. Turn in “Hungry!” to
  13. Do “Black Shield”.
  14. Return to Jarl and turn in quests. You can skip “Moonsteel Broadsword”.
  15. Accept The Severed Head from the Dirt.
  16. At Theramore Isle loot Captain’s Footlocker.
  17. Die and resurrect at spirit.
  18. Turn in “The Black Shield”. Accept it and turn back.
  19. Also turn in “The Theramore Docks” and “The Severed Head”. Accept The Troll Witchdoctor.
  20. Hearth to XRoads and fly to Ratchet.
  21. Turn in “Stinky’s Escape” and take boat to Booty Bay.

38-40 – Stranglethorn Valley

38-40 STV (1)

  1. Once at BB accept The Bloodsail Buccaneers.
  2. Accept Scaring Shaky at 28.77.
  3. Make BB your new home.
  4. Turn in “The Rumormonger” and accept Dream Dust in the Swamp.
  5. At 27.77 turn in “Sunken Treasure”.
  6. Fly to Grom’gol. Accept Mok’thardin’s Enchantment and The Vile Reef.
  7. Turn in “The Troll Witchdoctor”.
  8. Around 31.42 do “Raptor Mastery” with “Mok’thardin’s Enchantment”.
  9. Return to Grom’gol and turn it in. Accept the next part.
  10. At The Vile Reef do The Vile Reef. Loot Gri’lek the Wanderer.
  11. Turn in and go to do “Some Assembly Required”.
  12. Do the Panther Mastery Elite quest in a party.
  13. Turn it in with “Raptor Mastery”. Take the next part.
  14. Teleport to BB.

38-40 STV (2)

  1. Go to 27.70 and turn in “The Bloodsail Buccaneers” at the scroll. Accept the next part.
  2. At Mistvale Valley do “Scaring Shaky” with “Mok’thardin’s Enchantment”.
  3. Return to BB and turn in “Return to MacKinley”, “Some Assembly Requires”. Accept Excelsior.
  4. At the top if the Inn turn in “The Bloodsail Buccaneers”.
  5. Fly to Grom’gol and turn in “Mok’thardin’s Enchantment” there. Take the next part.
  6. Accept Split Bone Necklace.
  7. Make Grom’gol your home.
  8. You should be close to 40 now. Grind until you are.




Get zeppelin to UC.  On Auction buy stack of 9 Blue PearlsFrost Oil,  Gyrochronatom, stack of water breathing potions swim speed potions.  And if you have Healing Potion, Lesser Invisibility Potion and Patterned Bronze Bracers take them as well. These are for future quests. Fly to Arathi and Run to Badlands across Wetlands and The Loch Modan.

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