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WoW Classic: 30-40 Alliance Leveling Guide

30-30 – Wetlands

30-30(1)1) In the Inn, turn in “The Doomed Fleet”, accept Lightforge Iron Accept James Hyal.  
2) At the 12.64 turn in “Lightforge Iron”, accept The Lost Ingots.
3) Do it around, kill Bluegill Raiders. 
4) Return to Tavern and turn in “The Lost Ingots”, accept the next part. 
5) Take boat to Darkshore.
6) Fly to Ashenvale.

30-30 – Ashenvale

30-30(2)1) At Astranaar accept Kayneth Stillwind.
2) Make Astranaar your home.
3) At 22.53 accept The Howling Vale .
4) Also get Vile Satyr! Dryads in Danger!.
5) Teleport to Astranaar.
6) Go to Night Run.
7) Click on the Circle of Imprisonment (66.57).


1) Leave area start killing the Crazed Ancients and Withered Ancients for a Wooden Key.
2) Once you have it, open the Worn Chest (54.35).
3) Go to the cave and loot the Tome of Mel’Thandris .
4) Go to the Moonwell and turn in “Raene’s Cleansing” (up in the mountains), accept the next part.
5) At 78.45 turn in “Vile Satyr! Dryads in Danger!”, accept The Branch of Cenarius.
6) Slay Geltharis at 78.42 for it.
7) At Kayneth turn in “Kayneth Stillwind”, accept Forsaken Diseases.
8) At 82.49 click on the Circle of Imprisonment.
9) Do “Forsaken Diseases”, loot a Bottle of Disease at 75.72.
10) Around 73.74 do “Raene’s Cleansing” kill Rotting Slimes until you get the Iron Pommel. It can be also in the chests on the ground.


1) Kill Shadethicket Oracle.
2) Turn in “Forsaken Diseases”. Accept the next part, if you have party.
3) For Party:  At The Dor’Danil Barrow Den do “Insane Druids” kill the 3 named mobs in the Den.
4) Die and resurrect at the spirit.
5) If you have completed “Insane Druids”, turn it in.
6) Teleport to Astranaar.
7) Turn in “Fallen Sky Lake” .
8) Turn in “Raene’s Cleansing”, get the next part.
9) Go to the path (at 54.51) and work your way up the path to the next step:
10) At the Hidden Shrine turn in “Raene’s Cleansing”, accept the next part.
11) Return to the Moonwell and turn in “Raene’s Cleansing”, accept the next part.


1) Teleport or run to Astranaar and turn in “Raene’s Cleansing” , take the follow up one.
2) Use Dartol’s Rod of Transformation to turn in “Raene’s Cleansing”, take the next quest.
3) Kill Ran Bloodtooth at 55.79 and 4 Bloodtooth Guards.
4) Again use Dartol’s Rod of Transformation to turn in “Raene’s Cleansing”, accept next part.
5) Die and resurrect at the spirit near Astranaar.
6) Turn in “Raene’s Cleansing”
7) At 22.53 turn in “The Howling Vale” and “The Branch of Cenarius”, accept Velinde Starsong.
8) At the Maestra’s Post turn in “The Tower of Althalaxx”.
9) Go back to Astranaar.
10) Fly to Teldrassil.


30-30(6)1) Get Dwarven Tinder, buy Hillman’s Cloak Bolt of Woolen Cloth at AH.
2) Accept Klockmort’s Essentials.
3) Turn in  “Velinde Starsong”, accept Velinde’s Effects.
4) Loot Velinde’s Locker at 62.83.
5) Turn in “Velinde’s Effects”, accept The Barrens Port.
6) Fly to Auberdine, Darkshore.
7) Take boat to Menethil Harbor.




30-31 – Wetlands

30-31(1)1) Go in Deepwater Tavern Inn and make it your new home .
2) Kill Captain Halyndor at 15.24.
3) Downside the boat and click on the Intrepid’s Locked Strongbox to turn in “Lifting the Curse”, accept The Eye of Paleth.
4) At Angerfang Encampment click on the Dragonmaw Catapult (47.47) to turn in “Nek’rosh’s Gambit”, accept Defeat Nek’rosh.
5) For “Defeat Nek’rosh” (Elite) better to find a party.
6) Loot the Musquash Root at 65.75.
7) Teleport to Menethil Harbor.



1) Turn in “The Eye of Paleth”, accept Cleansing the Eye. 
2) Accept Fall of Dun Modr. 
3) Turn in (if you completed it) “Defeat Nek’rosh”
4) Go to Dun Modr and turn in “Fall of Dun Modr” .
5) Get The Thandol Span.
6) For Party: Accept A Grim Task and The Dark Iron War.
7) For Party:  At Direforge Hill do “A Grim Task” (Elite).
8) For Party:  Around 48.16 kill Dark Iron Dwarves.
9) For Party:  Return to Dun Modr and turn in “A Grim Task” and “The Dark Iron War”.
10) Follow bridge and go into the right mini-tower. Click on Ebenezer Rustlocke’s Corpse to turn in “The Thandol Span”, accept the next part.
11) Go back to Dun Modr and turn in “The Thandol Span”, accept the next part.
12) Go to Arathi and just past the bridge turn to the wooden bridge . Do “The Thandol Span”.
13) Return to Dun Modr and turn in “The Thandol Span”, accept Plea To The Alliance.


1)  On the bridge to the Arathi jump into water and accept MacKreel’s Moonshine. This quest is on timer.
2) Swim to the land.
3) Go to Refuge Pointe and turn in “Plea To The Alliance”.
4) Discover Flight Path.
5) On the way to Hillsbrad go to the Stromgarde Keep.
6) Hug the right side to the Alliance camp. Purchase the 3 First Aid books:  Expert First Aid – Under Wraps, Manual: Heavy Silk Bandage, Manual: Mageweave Bandage.
7) Lead to Hillsbrad Foothills.



31-32 – Hillsbrad Foothills

31-32(1)1) Go to Southshore, accept Costly Menace.
2) Turn in “Southshore”, “MacKreel’s Moonshine”
3) Accept Bartolo’s Yeti Fur Cloak (if you have the Hillman’s Cloak and Bolt of Woolen Cloth items).
4) Make Southshore your home.
5) Accept Down the Coast, Crushridge BountySyndicate Assassins. 
6) Along the shore do “Down the Coast”, kill 10 Torn Fin Tidehunters and 10 Torn Fin Oracles.
7) Return and turn in “Down the Coast”, accept Farren’s Proof.
8) Along the shore kill murlocs. They all drop heads.
9) At the Inn turn in “Farren’s Proof”, accept the next part. 

31-32(2)1) Turn in “Farren’s Proof”, accept the next part.
2) Again in the Inn turn in “Farren’s Proof” , accept Stormwind Ho!.
3) Along the shore kill 10 Daggerspine Shorehunters and 10 Daggerspine Sirens.
4) Go back and turn in “Stormwind Ho!”, accept Reassignment. 
5) Go to cave at 46.32 and do “A King’s Tribute”: loot 5 Alterac Granite along the cave walls.  And if you accepted “Bartolo’s Yeti Fur Cloak” kill yeti for 10 Yeti Furs.
6) In Alterac Mountains do “Syndicate Assassins”. Also from scroll at 58.68 accept Foreboding Plans and Encrypted Letter. 
7) Do “Costly Menace”: kill 8 Mountain Lions & 10 Hulking Mountain Lions.
8) Finish “Syndicate Assassins”.

31-32(3)1) Do “Crushridge Bounty”.
2) Teleport to Southshore.
3) Turn in “Crushridge Bounty”,”Syndicate Assassins” and “Foreboding Plans”, “Encrypted Letter”, accept Letter to Stormpike.
4) Also turn in  “Bartolo’s Yeti Fur Cloak”,”Costly Menace” .
5) Fly to Arathi.


32-32 – Arathi Highlands


1) Accept Northfold Manor.
2) Around 32.29 do “Northfold Manor”.
3) Die and resurrect near the Pointe, turn in “Northfold Manor”.
4) Fly to Ironforge.






1) At the Hall of Explorers accept Reclaimers’ Business in Desolace.
2) Turn in “Letter to Stormpike”.
3) At Tinker Town turn in “Klockmort’s Essentials” ,”Tinkmaster Overspark”.
4) At The Military Ward accept The Brassbolts Brothers.
5) Turn in “A King’s Tribute”, take the next quest.
6) Turn in “A King’s Tribute” (39.56).
7) Fly to Stormwind.







1) Make Stormwind City your home.
2) From Archmage Malin accept Malin’s Request.
3) Turn in “A Noble Brew” , accept the next part.
4) Turn in “The Legend of Stalvan” , accept next part.
5) At the Sealed Crate turn in “The Legend of Stalvan”, accept the next part.
6) Turn in “Cleansing the Eye”.
7) At the Dwarven District turn in “Blessed Arm”.
8) At the Keep turn in “A Noble Brew” ,”Reassignment”.
9) Fly to Lakeshire, Redridge.
10) Go to Elwynn Forest and turn in “The Legend of Stalvan”, accept the next part.
11) Upstairs in the house loot Marshal Haggard’s Chest.
12) Turn in “The Legend of Stalvan”, accept the next part.


32(4)1) Go to Duskwood, turn in “The Missing Diplomat” to Watcher Backus.
2) Go to the Inn and turn in “The Legend of Stalvan”, accept the next part.
3) Turn in “The Legend of Stalvan” to Commander Althea, accept the next part.
4) Also there turn in “The Legend of Stalvan” , accept the next part.
5) Turn it in and take the follow up part.
6) Do “The Legend of Stalvan”.
7) Go back to Darkshire and turn in “The Legend of Stalvan”.
8) Go to Stranglethorn Vale.



32-33 – Stranglethorn Vale

32-33(1)1) Once enter, go to Rebel Camp and accept The Second Rebellion with Bad Medicine, Krazek’s Cookery.
2) If you meet Private Thorsen accept Jungle Secrets (this would be at 40.8).  Turn in at Rebel Camp and accept Bookie Herod.
3) Do “The Second Rebellion” and “Bad Medicine”. If you have “Bookie Herod” click on the Bookie Herod’s Records to turn in “Bookie Herod”, accept The Hidden Key.
4) Return to the Rebel Camp and turn in “The Second Rebellion” and “Bad Medicine”, accept Special Forces.
5) Go to Nesingwary’s Expedition and take Welcome to the Jungle.
6) Next to you, turn It in. Accept Raptor Mastery.
7) Get Tiger Mastery and Panther MasteryFor The “The Green Hills of Stranglethorn” collect pages, that drop from mobs or buy them all later from AH.

32-33(2)1) Do “Tiger Mastery” around.
2) Turn in “Tiger Mastery”, accept the next part.
3) Across the hill do “Panther Mastery”.
4) “Tiger Mastery” around 39.9.
5) Go back to Nesingwary’s Expedition camp and turn in “Panther Mastery” and “Tiger Mastery”, accept the next parts to these quests.
6) Go west and do “Panther Mastery”.
7) Kill Stranglethorn Raptors around 27.15.
8) Return to Expedition and turn in “Raptor Mastery” and “Panther Mastery”, take next parts.
9) Go to Booty Bay and turn in “Krazek’s Cookery”, The Haunted Isle”.


1) Accept The Haunted Isle.
2) Get boat to Ratchet.
3) Turn in “The Barrens Port” there.
4) Go to The Great Lift.
5) Go down to Thousand Needles. At 30. 24. Accept Lonebrow’s Journal from dwarf’s corpse.
6) Go to Thalanaar and turn in “Lonebrow’s Journal”.
7) Discover Flight Path.
8) Lead to The Shimmering Flats.




33-34 – Thousand Needles (Shimmering Flats)

33-34(1)1) At Mirage Raceway turn in “The Brassbolts Brothers”. Accept Hardened Shells, Salt Flat Venom, Rocket Car Parts ,Load Lightening, A Bump in the Road.
2) Grind around the whole area.
3) Loot Rocket Car Rubble
4) Kill turtles. Save its meat for future.
5) Kill vultures.  Good spot is at 88.65.
6) Kill scorpids.
7) For “A Bump in the Road” kill Saltstone Basilisks, Saltstone Crystalhides, Saltstone Gazers.
8) Once all done, go back to Mirage Raceway and turn in “Rocket Car Parts”. Accept Wharfmaster Dizzywig with Hemet NesingwaryTurn in “Salt Flat Venom” and “Hardened Shells”, “Load Lightening”, “A Bump in the Road” accept Goblin Sponsorship.
9) Grind to level 34.
10) Go to Tanaris.
11) Get the Flight Path.
12) Teleport to Stormwind City.
1) At The Mage Quarter accept Morgan Stern.
2) Fly to Wetlands.
3) Get boat to Theramore.
4) Fly to Stonetalon.
5) At Stonetalon Peak go to Desolace.

34-36 – Desolace


1) Go to Nijel’s Point and accept Vahlarriel’s Search.
2) Take Strange Alliance and Centaur Bounty.
3) Turn in “Reclaimers’ Business in Desolace” and take The Karnitol Shipwreck with Reagents for Reclaimers Inc.
4) Make Nijel’s Point your new home.
5) At 56.18 turn in “Vahlarriel’s Search”, accept the next part.
6) Do “Reagents for Reclaimers Inc.”
7) Turn in “Vahlarriel’s Search”, “Reagents for Reclaimers Inc.”  accept the next quests.
8) Start working on “Reagents for Reclaimers Inc.” Kill scorpids around the whole location.
9) At the Kormek’s Hut accept Bone Collector.
10) Do “Strange Alliance” along with “Centaur Bounty”. Kill Magram centaurs until you are friendly with the Gelkis Alliance.


34-36(2)1) At 61.62 accept Kodo Roundup.
2) Go to Kodo Graveyard, use the Kodo Kombobulator quest item on any AncientAged or Dying Kodo.
3) Also kill Aged Kodos and collect Kodo Bones on the ground.
4) Turn in “Kodo Roundup”.
5) Turn in “Strange Alliance”, accept Raid on the Kolkar.
6) Teleport to Nijel’s Point.
7) Turn in “Reagents for Reclaimers Inc.”, “Centaur Bounty”
8) Around 71.46 kill centaurs for the Crude Charm.
9) Turn in “Bone Collector”.
10) At the Karnitol’s Chest turn in “The Karnitol Shipwreck”, accept the next part.
11) Next to you from Rackmore’s Log accept Claim Rackmore’s Treasure!.
12) In the water kill Drysnap mobs for the Silver Key.


34-36(3)1) At the Azore Aldamort accept Sceptre of Light.
2) Go to Thunder Axe Fortress.
3) In the building turn in “Vahlarriel’s Search”, accept Search for Tyranis.
4) Exit it and in the top of the tower kill Burning Blade Seer .
5) Go to the other building and do “Search for Tyranis”.
6) Return to the first fortress and turn in “Search for Tyranis”.  Accept and do the escort Return to Vahlarriel.
7) Make sure you have finished “Reagents for Reclaimers Inc.”
8)At Nijel’s Point turn in “Return to Vahlarriel”, “The Karnitol Shipwreck”,”Reagents for Reclaimers Inc.”, accept The Karnitol Shipwreck.
9) Go turn in “Sceptre of Light”, accept Book of the Ancients.

34-36(4)1) Kill nagas in the water for the Golden Key, and swim to island. Click on Rackmore’s Chest to turn in “Claim Rackmore’s Treasure!”.
2) Do “Book of the Ancients”, kill Lord Kragaru when he spawns.
3) On this island also do “The Karnitol Shipwreck”. Kill Tidehunters and Slitherblade Sea Witches until Karnitol’s Satchel drops.
4) Turn in “Book of the Ancients” at 39.27.
5) Teleport to Nijel’s Point.
6) At Nijel’s Point turn in “The Karnitol Shipwreck”, accept the next part.
7) Go to Uthek the Wise and turn in “Raid on the Kolkar”, accept Stealing Supplies.
8) Do “Stealing Supplies”.
9) Go back and turn in “Stealing Supplies”, accept Ongeku.
10) Go to Feralas.
11) Lead to Feathermoon Stronghold.
12) Dsicover Hippogryph Master and fly to Ratchet.
13) At Ratchet turn in “Goblin Sponsorship”, accept the next part.
15) Turn in “Wharfmaster Dizzywig” , accept Parts for Kravel. Also accept Passage to Booty Bay.
16) Get boat to Booty Bay.

36-37 – Stranglethorn Vale

1) Turn in “Goblin Sponsorship”, accept the next part.
2) Turn in “Passage to Booty Bay”.
3) Make BB your home . Accept Singing Blue Shards, Bloodscalp Ears, Hostile Takeover, Supplies to Private Thorsen, Investigate the Camp.
4) Turn in “Goblin Sponsorship”, accept the next part. Also accept The Stone of the Tides, Supply and Demand.
5) Do “Panther Mastery”.
6) Kill the Venture Co. Geologist. Also do the first part of “Goblin Sponsorship” kill Foreman Cozzle ( at the top of the tower).
7) Loot Cozzle’s Footlocker at 43.20.




36-37(2)1) Do “Raptor Mastery”. Start working on “Bloodscalp Ears”.
2) Do “Tiger Mastery” around 33.18.
3) Go NE to Nesingwary’s Expedition and turn in “Raptor Mastery”,”Tiger Mastery” and “Panther Mastery”, accept the next parts.  Also turn in “Hemet Nesingwary”.
4) Kill Sin’dall. It is on top of the hill.
5) Finish “Bloodscalp Ears”.
6) Along the shore start doing “Singing Blue Shards”.
7) Discover the island for “The Stone of the Tides”.
8) Finish “Singing Blue Shards”.
9) Go east to Nesingwary’s Expedition and turn in “Tiger Mastery”.


1) At the river do “Supply and Demand”.
2) Enter the cave and kill 10 Kurzen Commandos and 6 Kurzen Headshrinkers. If you have “The Hidden Key”, turn it in on Bookie Herod’s Strongbox , accept The Spy Revealed!.
3) Die and resurrect at spirit.
4) At the Rebel Camp turn in “Supplies to Private Thorsen”.
5) Next to you, turn in “Return to Corporal Kaleb”, “Special Forces”, “The Spy Revealed!”, accept Patrol Schedules.
6) Turn in “Patrol Schedules”, accept Report to Doren.
7) Turn in “Report to Doren”.
8) Teleport to Booty Bay.

1) Turn in “Singing Blue Shards” ,”Bloodscalp Ears”, “Hostile Takeover” and “Investigate the Camp”,”The Stone of the Tides”,”Goblin Sponsorship”, accept the next part.
2) Turn in “Supply and Demand” , accept Some Assembly Required.
3) Fly to Ironforge. Buy several Elixirs of Water Breathing at AH.
4) At the Hall of Explorers turn in “The Karnitol Shipwreck”.
5) Accept Further Mysteries and Ironband Wants You!.
6) Fly to Southshore, Hillsbrad.

37-37 – Alterac Mountains


1) From Trade Goods vendor purchase Soothing Spices.
2) Make Southshore your new home.
3) Turn in “Soothing Turtle Bisque” (we saved turtle meat for it earlier).
4) Turn in “Further Mysteries”, accept Dark Council, Noble Deaths and Baron’s Demise.
5) For Party:  Accept Crushridge Warmongers and Preserving Knowledge.
6) Go to Alterac.
7) For Party:  Do “Preserving Knowledge” along with “Crushridge Warmongers”.
8) Do “Noble Deaths” and “Dark Council”. Also do (if you have it) “Baron’s Demise”.
9) Kill Nagaz. If you can loot the Worn Wooden Chest in the house, accept the quest from the item recieved.
10) Teleport to Southshore.
11) Accept Hints of a New Plague?
12) For Party:  Turn in “Crushridge Warmongers”.
13) Turn in “Noble Deaths”, “Dark Council” and (if you did it) “Baron’s Demise”.
14) Turn in (if you have it) “The Ensorcelled Parchmentand”;
For Party: turn in “Preserving Knowledge”, accept Return to Milton.
15) Fly to Refuge Pointe, Arathi.

37-38 – Arathi Highlands


1) At Refuge Pointe turn in “Malin’s Request”.
2) Accept Worth Its Weight in Gold.
3) At 62.34 accept The Princess Trapped.
4) Do “The Princess Trapped”.
5) Once done, go to the cave and turn in “The Princess Trapped”, accept Stones of Binding.
6) Loot the Stone of East Binding at 67.30 for the Cresting Key.
7) At the Farm turn in “Hints of a New Plague?” , accept the next part.
8) If you meet Forsaken Courier, kill him for a letter. He patrols on the main path between Go’Shek Farm and Tarren Mill.
9) Go SE to Witherbark Village and do “Worth Its Weight in Gold”.


37-38(2)1) Loot Stone of Outer Binding at 52.51 for the Thundering Key.
2) At the Pointe turn in “Worth Its Weight in Gold”, accept Wand over Fist.
3) Do “Wand over Fist”, turn left side of the cave until you get to Kor’gresh Coldrage and kill this ogre.
4) Go back to Refuge Pointe and turn in “Wand over Fist”.
5) For Party:  Accept Wanted! Marez Cowl and Wanted! Otto and Falconcrest Also accept Stromgarde Badges and Trelane’s Defenses.
6) For Party: Go to Stromgarde Keep, do “Wanted! Marez Cowl”. Also start working on “Stromgarde Badges”.
7) For Party: Go to the top of the fortress and do “Wanted! Otto and Falconcrest”. Kill Otto and Falconcrest.
8) For Party:  Go SW in Stromgarde Keep and kill Boulderfist Shamans until item drops.
9) Loot the Stone of West Binding at 25.30 for the Burning Key.  
10) At 36.57 turn in “Stones of Binding”.
11) Follow a hidden path at 29.68.


1) Go to Faldir’s Cove and accept Land Ho!.
2) Turn in “Land Ho!”.
3) Accept Deep Sea Salvage.
4) Accept Drowned Sorrows and accept/do the escort Sunken Treasure.
5) Back at the Bonfire, turn in “Sunken Treasure”, accept the next part.
6) Use Waterbreath potion and do “Deep Sea Salvage” along with “Drowned Sorrows” and “Sunken Treasure”: loot the Calcified Elven Gems, kill 10 Daggerspine Raiders and 3 Daggerspine Sorceress. Loot Maiden’s Folly Log in the middle layer of the boat within a bunch of junk (23.85).
7) On the same boat loot Maiden’s Folly Charts (23.1, 84.5).  (looks like a brown piece of paper).
8) At the other boat at the bottom touching the floor of the sea, loot the Spirit of Silverpine Log (looks like a white book, 20.6, 85.1).
9) Just above you on the middle layer on the boat you are at and in front of the ship, next to a cannon, sitting on a crate, loot the Spirit of Silverpine Charts (20.5, 85.6).
10) Go to the land and turn in “Deep Sea Salvage”,”Drowned Sorrows” and “Sunken Treasure”, accept the next part.
11) Turn in “Sunken Treasure”, accept the next part.

37-38(4)1) Die and resurrect at spirit to get to Refuge Pointe.
2) For Party: At Refuge Pointe, turn in the Stromgarde group quests:  “Stromgarde Badges”, “Wanted! Marez Cowl”, “Wanted! Otto and Falconcrest” and “Trelane’s Defenses”.  Accept An Apprentice’s Enchantment.
3) For Party: Turn in “An Apprentice’s Enchantment”, accept Attack on the Tower.
4) For Party: Go back to Stromgarde, do “Attack on the Tower”. Go up in The Tower of Arathor and loot the 3 chests.  Trelane’s Footlocker is on the first level.  Trelane’s Lockbox is in the middle level, and Trelane’s Chest is at the top.
5) For Party: Die and resurrect at spirit to get to Refuge Pointe.
6) For Party:  At Refuge Pointe, turn in “Attack on the Tower”, accept Malin’s Request.
7) If you have not found the Forsaken Courier for “Hints of a New Plague?”, then skip it and abandon the quest and then go to the next section below!  If you did, go to Go’Shek Farm and turn in “Hints of a New Plague?”, accept the next part.
8) Turn in “Hints of a New Plague?” and accept the escort Hints of a New Plague?.
9) Once finished, turn in “Hints of a New Plague?”, accept the next part.

37-38(5)1) Teleport to Southshore.
2) Turn in if you completed”Hints of a New Plague?”.
3) You should be level 38, grind until you are.
4) Accept Stormpike’s Deciphering at 51.57.
5) Fly to Ironforge , turn in “Stormpike’s Deciphering” . Fly to Wetlands.
6) Take boat to Theramore.
7) Fly to Tanaris.
8) Go north to Shimmering Flats and turn in “Parts for Kravel”, accept Delivery to the Gnomes.
9) Next to you, turn in “Delivery to the Gnomes” , accept Martek the Exiled and Encrusted Tail Fins.
10) Accept The Rumormonger.
11) Turn in “Goblin Sponsorship”, accept The Eighteenth Pilot.
12) Turn in “The Eighteenth Pilot”, accept Razzeric’s Tweaking.
13) Fly to Theramore, Dustwallow Marsh.

38-39 – Dustwallow Marsh


1) At the Trade Supplies vendor (66.51) purchase 3 Soothing Spices.
2) Accept They Call Him Smiling Jim.
3) In the fortress turn in “They Call Him Smiling Jim” and “James Hyal”.
4) In the Inn turn in “Morgan Stern”, accept Mudrock Soup and Bugs.
5) Make Theramore your home.
6) Along the shore kill turtles for the Forked Mudrock Tongues.



38-39(2)1) At the Jarl accept Soothing Spices, then turn it in and accept Jarl Needs Eyes.
2) Near the house loot Loose Dirt to accept The Orc Report.
3) At the raptor area do Stinky’s Escape.
4) Around 34.23 do “Jarl Needs Eyes”.
5) Accept Hungry! from the ogre at 35.38.
6) At the Shady Rest Inn (30.48) loot Suspicious Hoofprints (on the ground in front of the old Inn), Lieutenant Paval Reethe (a small white dot on a plank), The Black Shield (on the fireplace).
7) At 54.56 loot the Gizmorium Shipping Crate.
8) Teleport to Theramore.
9) In the Inn turn in “Mudrock Soup and Bugs”, accept … and Bugs.
10) Also turn in “Stinky’s Escape”.
11) Turn in “The Orc Report”, accept Captain Vimes.
12) At the fortress turn in “Captain Vimes”, “Lieutenant Paval Reethe” (accept the next part), “The Black Shield” (accept the next part), and “Suspicious Hoofprints”.
13) Turn in “Lieutenant Paval Reethe”, accept Daelin’s Men.
14) Turn in “Daelin’s Men”, accept The Deserters.
15) At the Blacksmith turn in “The Black Shield” , accept the next part.  


1) Around 58.16 do “Hungry!”.
2) Turn in “Jarl Needs Eyes”.
3) At the ogre turn in “Hungry!”.
4) Go to Lost Point and inside of it kill Balos Jacken, then turn in “The Deserters”, accept the next part.
5) Die and resurrect at spirit to get back to Theramore.
6) Turn in “The Deserters” and “The Black Shield”.
7) Fly to Ratchet, The Barrens.
8) Get boat to Booty Bay.



39-40 – Stranglethorn Vale

39-40(1)1) Accept The Bloodsail Buccaneers, Scaring Shaky.
2) Make BB your new home.
3) Turn in “The Rumormonger”, accept Dream Dust in the Swamp.
4) Turn in “Sunken Treasure”.
5) From Baron Revilgaz accept Water Elementals.
6) Behind Gurubashi Arena do “Raptor Mastery”.
7) Start doing “Some Assembly Required” along the river.
8) At the island do “Water Elementals”.
9) At the Expedition turn in “Raptor Mastery”, accept the next part.
10) You should be 39 right now, if not grind.
11) For Party:  Kill Bhag’thera. 
12) Turn in “Panther Mastery”.


1) Teleport to Booty Bay.
2) Turn in “Water Elementals” ,”Some Assembly Required” , accept Excelsior.
3) Do “Scaring Shaky”.
4) Loot the Bloodsail Correspondence scroll at 27.70 to turn in “The Bloodsail Buccaneers”, accept the next part. 
5) It’s time to grind until level 40.


39-40(3) 1) In Booty Bay turn in “The Bloodsail Buccaneers”, accept the next part. Turn in “Scaring Shaky”, accept Return to MacKinley.
2) Turn in “Return to MacKinley”
3) Turn in “The Bloodsail Buccaneers”. Also accept Sunken Treasure.
4) You should be level 40 now, if not grind until you are.
5) Fly to Ironforge, Dun Morogh.
6) Buy Frost Oil and Gyrochronatom at AH. Also get there Healing PotionLesser Invisibility Potion and Patterned Bronze Bracers. These items are for future.
7) Turn in (if you have it) “Stormpike’s Deciphering” NE in Ironforge (75.12).
8) Fly to Loch Modan.

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