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WoW Classic: 20-30 Alliance Leveling Guide

20-21 – Darkshore

20-21(1)1) Teleport to Auberdine.
2) Accept WANTED: Murkdeep!
3) Turn in “The Corruption Abroad”.
4) Go to the Grove of the Ancients and turn in “Onu” to Onu, accept The Master’s Glaive If you have “Grove of the Ancients”, turn it in.
5) Kill Moonstalker Sires and Moonstalker Matriarch on your way.
6) Discover The Master’s Glaive around 39.87.Then use the Phial of Scrying to turn in “The Master’s Glaive”, accept the follow up part.
7) At 38.85 click on the Twilight Tome and turn in “The Twilight Camp”, accept Return to Onu.
8) Behind the big sword accept escort quest (39.87).
Note:  If you find Book: The Powers Below, start The Powers Below.
9) At Remtravel’s Excavation turn in “The Absent Minded Prospector”. Accept and do the next part. 


1) At the shore do “WANTED: Murkdeep!”. Clean the whole camp of murlocs, then two Greymist Warriors and Murkdeep after them.
2) Loot Sea Creature  at 33.81.
3) Loot Beach Turtle at 32.84.
4) Loot Turtle at 31.85.
5) And one more Creature at 31.87.
6) Return to Onu and turn in “Return to Onu”. Take Mathystra Relics.
7) Next to gazebo accept and do escort The Sleeper Has Awakened. Don’t forget to loot the Horn of Awakening in the chest next to you.
8) While escorting, from Sentinel Aynasha accept and do the escort One Shot. One Kill.
9) Keep escorting Kerlonian Evershade into Ashenvale.

21-22 – Ashenvale


1) Lead to Maestra’s Post. Turn in “One Shot. One Kill.” And “The Sleeper Has Awakened”.
2) Turn in “The Tower of Althalaxx” (26.39), accept the follow up part.
3) Accept Bathran’s Hair.
4) Do “The Tower of Althalaxx , kill mobs untill Glowing Soul Gem drops.
5) Around 31.23 do “Bathran’s Hair”.
6) Turn in “Bathran’s Hair”, accept Orendil’s Cure.
7) Also turn in “The Tower of Althalaxx”, accept the next part.
8) At The Shrine of Aessina turn in “Therylune’s Escape”.


1) Go to Astranaar.
2) Accept The Zoram StrandOn Guard in Stonetalon, Journey to Stonetalon Peak, Raene’s CleansingCulling the Threat.
3) Make Astranaar your home.
4) Turn in “Orendil’s Cure”, then accept Elune’s Tear.
5) Lead to The Zoram Strand , accept The Ancient Statuette at 15.31.




1) Along the Strand kill Wrathtail mobs.
2) Loot the Ancient Statuette at 14.21.
3) Turn in “The Ancient Statuette”, take Ruuzel.
4) Do “Ruuzel”, kill/loot Ruuzel.
5) Make sure “The Zoram Strand” is completed.
6) Go SE to the small camp and turn in “Ruuzel”.
7) At the Lake Falathim turn in “Raene’s Cleansing”, accept the next part.
8) Kill Murlocs around for Glowing Gem drops.



1) Teleport to Astranaar.
2) Turn in “Raene’s Cleansing”,”The Zoram Strand”.  Accept Raene’s Cleansing, Pridewings of Stonetalon and An Aggressive Defense.
3) Loot Elune’s Tear on the ground at 46.46.
4) Turn in “Raene’s Cleansing”, accept the next part.
5) Do “An Aggressive Defense”.
6) Go to Astranaar.
7) Turn in “An Aggressive Defense” ,”Elune’s Tear”, accept The Ruins of Stardust.
8) At The Ruins of Stardust do “The Ruins of Stardust”.
9) Go to Stonetalon Mountains through Talondeen Path.

22-23 – Stonetalon Mountains

22-231) At the hut accept Super Reaper 6000.
2) On the hill turn in On Guard in Stonetalon, take the next part.
3) Turn in “On Guard in Stonetalon” to Gaxim, accept A Gnome’s Respite.
4) Around Windshear Crag do “Super Reaper 6000” with “A Gnome’s Respite” area.
5) Return to goblin and turn in “Super Reaper 6000”.
6) Turn in “A Gnome’s Respite”. Accept An Old Colleague and A Scroll from Mauren.
7) Around the lake do “Pridewings of Stonetalon”.
8) Go North to Stonetalon Peak and turn in “Journey to Stonetalon Peak”.
9) Fly to Auberdine.



23-24 – Darkshore

23-24(1)1) Turn in ALL “Beached Sea” quests.
2) Male Auberdine your home.
3) Turn in “WANTED: Murkdeep!”, “The Absent Minded Prospector” , accept the next part.
4) Do “Mathystra Relics”- loot the Mathystra Relics on the ground.
5) At the 57.13 accept Gyromast’s Retrieval.
6) Kill the Raging Reef Crawlers until the Bottom of Gelkak’s Key drops.
7) Also kill Murlocs on the ships for Middle of Gelkak’s Key drops.
8) Complete “Gyromast’s Retrieval”  by killing Giant Foreststriders for the Top of Gelkak’s Key. Make sure you have completed “A Lost Master”.
9) Go back to turn in “Gyromast’s Retrieval”, and go with him to 57.13.
10) Kill The Threshwackonator 4100. Then turn in “Gyromast’s Revenge”.


1) Teleport to Auberdine. Turn in “A Lost Master”, accept the next part.
2) Go back to Onu and turn in “Mathystra Relics”.
3) Go to the small cave and turn in “A Lost Master”.
4) Do escort Escape Through Force. 
5) You should be close to 24 level now.
6) Teleport to Auberdine or run there.
7) Turn in “Escape Through Force”, accept Trek to Ashenvale. Fly to Darnassus.
8) Turn in “The Absent Minded Prospector”, accept the next part.
9) Fly to Astranaar, Ashenvale.



24-24 – Ashenvale

241) Turn in “Pridewings of Stonetalon”, ”Trek to Ashenvale”, “The Ruins of Stardust”, accept Fallen Sky Lake.
2) Do “The Tower of Althalaxx”.
3) Kill Dal Bloodclaw.
4) Grind until you are 1/4 way into level 24.
5) Turn in “The Tower of Althalaxx” , accept the follow up part.
6) If you have a party do escort Supplies to Auberdine. If you did it, turn it in at Maestra’s Post.
7) Go to Astranaar and turn in “Culling the Threat”.
8) At 50.67 accept Elemental Bracers.
9) At the Mystral Lake do “Elemental Bracers”.
10) Go turn in “Elemental Bracers”.
11) Teleport to Auberdine.
12) Take boat to Menethil Harbor (32.44).

24-27 – Wetlands

24-27 Wetlands1) Accept Claws from the Deep, Young Crocolisk Skins, The Third Fleet and The Greenwarden.
2) Make Menethil Harbor your new home. Also from the Innkeeper buy a Flagon of Dwarven Honeymead for “The Third Fleet”.
3) Go upstairs in the Inn turn in “The Absent Minded Prospector”, accept the next part.
4) Just outside of the Inn, turn in “The Third Fleet”, accept The Cursed Crew.
5) Accept Digging Through the Ooze.
6) At the Fortress buy a Bronze Tube and a Gyrochronatom for future quests.
7) Accept War Banners at 10.57.
8) On the bridge accept In Search of The Excavation Team.

24-27(2)1) Kill 12 Bluegill Murlocs and Gobbler.
2) At 35.42 enter the Whelgar’s Excavation Site.
3) Go up the path and accept Ormer’s Revenge.
4) Turn in “In Search of The Excavation Team”, accept the next part.
5) Next to you loot Flagongut’s Fossil for “The Absent Minded Prospector”.
6) Kill 10 Mottled Raptors and 10 Mottled Screechers.
7) You should be close to level 25 now. If not, grind until you are.


1) Return to Whelgar’s Excavation Site.
2) Go up and turn in “Ormer’s Revenge”, accept the next part.
3) In the cave accept Uncovering the Past. Requires lvl 25.
4) Downside do “Ormer’s Revenge”.  Also loot the fragments:
– Loose Soil 
– Vase contains the Golm Fragment.
– Slim Vase contains the Modr Fragment.
– Tomb contains the Ados Fragment.
5) Once completed “Ormer’s Revenge”, go upside.
6) Turn in “Ormer’s Revenge”, accept follow up part.
7) Turn in  “Uncovering the Past”.
8) Kill Sarltooth, turn in “Ormer’s Revenge”.


1) Make sure “The Absent Minded Prospector” is completed. (You have looted the Stone of Relu).
2) Do “War Banners”.
3) Take Daily Delivery from Einar.
4) Start killing Young Wetlands Crocolisk.
5) At the Big Green NPC turn in “The Greenwarden”, accept Tramping Paws.
6) Around 61.58 kill 15 Mosshide Gnolls and 10 Mosshide Mongrels.
7) Return and turn in “Tramping Paws”, accept Fire Taboo.
8) Do “Fire Taboo”.
9) At Ironbeard’s Tomb kill oozes until Sida’s Bag drops.
10) Turn in “Fire Taboo” , accept Blisters on The Land.
11) Make sure you have compeleted “Young Crocolisk Skins”. Start killing Fen Creepers around. They are invisible.
12) Teleport to Deepwater Tavern.

24-27 (5)

1) Turn in “The Absent Minded Prospector” ,”Claws from the Deep”,”Daily Delivery” and “Young Crocolisk Skins”, “War Banners”, “Digging Through the Ooze”, “In Search of The Excavation Team” , “Reclaiming Goods”, accept Apprentice’s Duties, Nek’Rosh’s Gambit, The Search Continues.
2) At 14.38 turn in “The Search Continues”, accept Search More Hovels.
3) At 14.35 turn in “Search More Hovels”, accept Return the Statuette.
4) At the ships do “The Cursed Crew”. At the southern boat kill First Mate Snelling (under the water). Also kill 13 Cursed Sailors and 5 Cursed Marines.



1) Along the shore do “Apprentice’s Duties”.
2) Finish “Blisters on The Land”: kill 12 Fen Creepers.
3) Go east to The Green Belt and turn in “Blisters on The Land”.
4) Grind until your Hearthstone cooldown is up.
5) Then go north to the Arathi and jump down from the bridge. Click on the Waterlogged Letter and start Sully Balloo’s Letter.
6) Teleport to Deepwater Tavern.
7) Turn in “The Cursed Crew”, “Apprentice’s Duties” and “Return the Statuette”, accept Lifting the Curse.




1) Fly to Ironforge.
2) Buy Bronze Tube if you haven’t yet.
3) If you have the Book: The Powers Below, turn in “The Powers Below”.
4) Turn in  “An Old Colleague”, buy 4 Minor Mana Potions and 2 Elixirs of Minor Fortitude and accept/turn in Ineptitude + Chemicals = Fun, SKIP the next part.
5) Turn in “Sully Balloo’s Letter” (64.67). Accept Sara Balloo’s Plea.
6) Turn in “Sara Balloo’s Plea”, accept A King’s Tribute.
7) Turn in “A King’s Tribute” (39.88), accept the next part.
8) Fly to Stormwind, Elwynn.
9) At The Mage Quarter turn in “A Scroll from Mauren”.
10) Accept A Noble Brew at 26.79.
11) Fly to Lakeshire, Redridge.

27-28 – Redridge Mountains

27-28(1)1) Accept Blackrock Bounty (31.58).
2) Across the bridge take Blackrock Menace.
3) Accept Wanted: Gath’Ilzogg, Solomon’s Law, Wanted: Lieutenant Fangore.
4) Make Lakeshire your new home.
5) At the west side of Lakeshire accept “An Unwelcome Guest”.
6) Do it around 16.49.
7) Go back and turn An Unwelcome Guest.
8) Go to 44.20 and start killing Blackrock mobs.
9) Enter the cave, continue killing Blackrock Champions.
10) Hug the left side of the cave and accept the escort Missing In Action: escort Corporal Keeshan.


1) Once you are in Lakeshire, turn in “Blackrock Menace” and “Missing In Action”. If you have a party or ready to find it, accept Tharil’zun and Shadow Magic.
2) Do “Solomon’s Law” with “Wanted: Lieutenant Fangore”.
3) GROUP ONLY:  Go to Stonewatch and do “Tharil’zun”, “Wanted: Gath’Ilzogg” and “Shadow Magic”.
4) Teleport to Lakeshire. If you have an item Glowing Shadowhide Pendant from gnolls, accept Theocritus’ Retrieval.
5) Turn in “Solomon’s Law” and “Wanted: Lieutenant Fangore”.  Also turn in (if you did it) “Wanted: Gath’Ilzogg” and “Tharil’zun”, “Shadow Magic”.
6) Turn in “Blackrock Bounty” (32.58).
7) IF YOU HAVE “Theocritus’ Retrieval” go to Tower of Azora (65.70 in Elwynn Forest) and turn in “Theocritus’ Retrieval”.
8) Go to Duskwood.

28-30 – Duskwood

28-30(1)1) Along the way to Darkshire loot the Tear of Tilloa (78.36).
2) In Darkshire accept The Legend of Stalvan, The Totem of Infliction, The Night Watch, Worgen in the Woods, Raven Hill, The Hermit and Deliveries to Sven .
3) Turn in “The Legend of Stalvan”, accept the next part.
4) Make Darkshire your home.
5) Accept/turn in Look To The Stars, take the next part.
6) South of the town turn in “Look To The Stars”, accept the next part.



1) Do “The Night Watch”, kill 8 Skeletal Warriors and 6 Skeletal Mages. Also kill Insane Ghoul at the chapel.
2) Do “Worgen in the Woods”, kill 6 Nightbane Shadow Weavers.
3) Go back to Darkshire and turn in “The Night Watch”, accept the next part.
4) Turn in “Worgen in the Woods”, accept the follow up part.
5) Turn in “Look To The Stars”, accept the next one.
6) West of Darkshire do “Worgen in the Woods”.
7) Go back and turn it in, accept the next part.
8) At the 73. 75 (mine) do “Worgen in the Woods”:
9) At the Ogre cave do “Look to The Stars”.
10) Go to Raven Hill and turn in “Raven Hill”.  Accept Jitters’ Growling Gut.

28-30(3)1) At the cemetery do “The Night Watch” kill 15 Skeletal Fiends and 15 Skeletal Horrors.  Be sure you have looted 10 Skeleton Fingers for “The Totem of Infliction”.
2) Kill ghouls and spiders for the Ghoul Fangs and spiders for the Vial of Spider Venom. Save 6 Gooey Spider Legs for future.
3) At the Abercrombie turn in “The Hermit”. Accept Supplies from Darkshire.
4) Go west and from A Weathered Grave, accept The Weathered Grave.
5) At the camp turn in “Deliveries to Sven”. Accept Sven’s Revenge.
6) Teleport to Darkshire.


1) Turn in “Jitters’ Growling Gut”. Accept/turn in Dusky Crab CakesAccept Return to Jitters.
2) Turn in “The Night Watch” , “The Weathered Grave” (74.47), accept the next parts.
3) Turn in “Morgan Ladimore”, accept Mor’Ladim.  
4) Turn in “The Totem of Infliction”,”Worgen in the Woods”, “Look To The Stars”   and “Supplies from Darkshire”, accept Ghost Hair Thread, Worgen in the Woods.
5) Turn in “Worgen in the Woods”.
6) Turn in  “Ghost Hair Thread” at 82.59, accept Return the Comb.
7) Return to Darkshire and turn in “Return the Comb”, accept Deliver the Thread.


1) Go to The Yorgen Farmstead and on the Mound of loose dirt turn in “Sven’s Revenge”, accept Sven’s Camp.
2) At the Raven Hill turn in “Return to Jitters”.
3) At Abercrombie turn in “Deliver the Thread” , accept Zombie Juice.
4) Downside the Tomb kill 20 Plague Spreaders.
5) If you have a group you can try to do “Mor’Ladim”.
6) Return to Sven and turn in “Sven’s Camp”, accept The Shadowy Figure.
7) For elves and dwarfs:  Go west to Westfall to discover Flightpath.
8) Turn in “The Legend of Stalvan” (41.67 in Westfall), accept the next part.
9) Teleport or fly to Darkshire.


1) Turn in “Zombie Juice”,v”The Night Watch”,v”The Shadowy Figure”, “Mor’Ladim”, (if you did it), “The Legend of Stalvan” accept Gather Rot Blossoms, The Daughter Who Lived, The Shadowy Search Continues, The Legend of Stalvan.
2)  Turn in “The Daughter Who Lived”, accept A Daughter’s Love.
3)  Turn in “The Shadowy Search Continues”, accept Inquire at the Inn.
4) In the Inn turn in “Inquire at the Inn”, accept Finding the Shadowy Figure.
5) Fly to Westfall.
6) Go to Duskwood, Raven Hill  and turn in “Finding the Shadowy Figure”, accept Return to Sven.
7) Turn it in and accept Proving Your Worth.
8) IF YOU HAVE “A Daughter’s Love”, turn this in at A Weathered Grave.
9) At the Cemetery kill 15 Skeletal Raiders, 3 Skeletal Healers and 3 Skeletal Warders.
10) For “Gather Rot Blossoms”: kill Skeletal Horrors and Fiends.
11) Return to camp and turn in “Proving Your Worth”, accept Seeking Wisdom.
12) Teleport to Darkshire. Turn in Gather Rot Blossoms, accept Juice Delivery.

28-30_5 (1)

1) Return to Abercrombie and turn in “Juice Delivery”, accept Ghoulish Effigy.
2) Do “Ghoulish Effigy”.
3) Turn it in, accept Ogre Thieves.
4) Go to Ogre side and loot Abercrombie’s Crate at 33.76.
5) Return and turn it in. Take “Note to the Mayor”.
6) Teleport or run back to Darkshire and turn in Note to the Mayor accept Translate Abercrombie’s Note.
7) Turn in “Translate Abercrombie’s Note”, accept Wait for Sirra to FinishThen turn this in right and accept Translation to Ello.
8) Turn in “Translation to Ello”.
9) You should be level 30 now, if not grind until you are.
10) Fly to Stormwind,
11) If you found An Old History Book in Duskwood, accept it.


1) At the Cathedral Square accept The Missing Diplomat.
2) At the Chapel accept Tinkmaster Overspark.
3) Turn in “Seeking Wisdom” there and accept The Doomed Fleet.
4) In the Keep turn in “The Missing Diplomat”, accept the next part.
5) If you have “An Old History Book”, turn it in and accept the follow up part.
6) At the entrance to the city turn in “The Missing Diplomat”, accept the next part.
7) Go to Lion’s Pride Inn in the Elwynn and turn in “The Legend of Stalvan”, accept the next part.
8) Upstairs loot the Storage Chest (44.66).
9) Return to the Stormwind and turn in “The Missing Diplomat” at 73.78 , accept the next part.
10) Fly to Wetlands.


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