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WoW Classic: 12-20 Horde Leveling Guide

12-15 – Barrens

12-15 barrens (1)

  1. Once you enter the Barrens turn in Conscript of the Horde, take Crossroads Conscription.
  2. Turn in Ak’Zeloth (if you were in Durotar) to Ak’Zeloth accept The Demon Seed. Don’t forget to loot a Flawed Power Stone.
  3. Go to XRoads and accept next quests: Meats to Orgrimmar, Raptor Thieves, Disrupt the Attacks, Supplies for the Crossroads, Harpy Raiders. Turn in “Meats to Orgrimmar”. Accept Fungal Spores and Wharfmaster Dizzywig.
  4. Get Plainstraider Menace, The Forgotten Pools.
  5. Start working on “Plainstraider Menace” and “Raptor Thieves”.
  6. Go to mountain at 51.22 and get to the top. Do “The Demon Seed” there.
  7. Go down and do “Disrupt the Attacks”. Get quest from Chen’s Empty Keg if it drops.
  8. Turn in “Plainstraider Menace” and accept The Zhevra. Also get The Disruption Ends.

    The part, where Undead and Taurens start:
  9. Go do “The Disruption Ends” and “Supplies for Crossroads”.
  10. Go to Ratchet and kill Raptors along the way for “Raptor Thieves”.
  11. In Ratchet accept WANTED: Baron Longshore.
  12. Accept Samophlange, Southsea Freebooters, The Guns of Northwatch, Raptor Horns.
  13. Turn in “Wharfmaster Dizzywig” and get follow-up quest.
  14. If you have “Chen’s Empty Keg”, turn it in to Brewmaster Drohn and accept the next part.
  15. Go do “Southsea Freebooters” with “WANTED: Baron Longshore”.
  16. Turn them in and accept The Missing Shipment.
  17. Turn it in and get the follow-up part. Turn in and get Stolen Booty.
  18. Do “Stolen Booty”. Boxes are at 64.49 and 63.50.
  19. Teleport to XRoads.
  20. Turn in all quests and get The Zhevra, Consumed by Hatred and Lost in Battle.

For Trolls and Orcs (continuation):

12-15 barrens (2)

  1. Go to the Regthar Deathgate and accept Kolkar Leaders and Centaur Bracers.
  2. Do them along with “The Forgotten Pools” and “Fungal Spores”.
  3. Go North-West and kill Harpies for “Harpy Raiders”.
  4. Grind West to Stonetalon Mountains and accept Goblin Invaders and Avenge my Village.



15-16 – Stonetalon Mountains

15-16 stonetalon

  1. Kill Grimtotem Ruffian and Grimtotem Mercenary for “Avenge My Village”
  2. Go turn in and take Kill Grundig Darkcloud
  3. While doing “Kill Grunding Darkcloud” accept Protect Kaya from Kaya Flathoof. She is in the house, where Grunding Darkcloud
  4. Do escort quest and accept the next.



16-20 – Barrens


  1. Turn in “Kolkar Leaders” and “Centaur Bracers”, accept Verog The Dervish.
  2. Be sure you have done “The Zhevra”
  3. Go to XRoads and turn in all quests and accept Apothecary Zamah, Harpy Lieutanants, Stolen Silver, Prowlers of the Barrens and The Stagnat Oasis.
  4. Go south to 49.50 and do Lost in Battle.
  5. Go south to Camp Taurajo. Accept Tribes at War.
  6. Travel to Thunder Bluff across Mulgore.


Thunder Bluff

  • Turn in “Apothecary Zamah” at The Spirit Rise in cave.
  • Visit weapon master.
  • Teleport to XRoads.


16-20 barrens(2)

  1. Turn in “Lost in Battle”.
  2. Go do “Prowlers of the Barrens” with “Raptor Thieves”( if you haven’t done yet).
  3. Go north and do “Harpy Lieutenants”.
  4. Do “Samophlange” at 52.12. Accept the next part: click on 3 valves around the research facility.
  5. Get the next part. Slay Tinkerer Sniggles at 53.10.
  6. Go back to control and turn in quest. Take the follow up
  7. Travel North-East to Wizzlecrank’s Shredder and accept Ignition. Do it and take The Escape – escort quest.
  8. Once you have finished go North-East and do Miner’s Fortune. Loot Cats Eye Emerald.
  9. Go South and turn in “The Demon Seed”.

16-20 barrens(3)

  1. In Ratchet turn in all quests and get new: Ziz Fizziks, Wenikee Boltbucket, Deepmoss Spider Eggs (and the next part of Chen’s Empty Keg).
  2. Do “The Stagnat Oasis” and “Verog the Dervish”. Kill centaurs until they yell to summon boss.
  3. Go to XRoads, turn in all quests and take Altered Beings, Echeyakee, Stolen Silver, Report to Kadrak and Serena Bloodfeather.
  4. Go to orc and turn in “Verog the Dervish” and “Centaur Barcers”, take the next
  5. Go again to The Fry Hills and do “Serena Bloodfeather”.
  6. Do “Echeyakee” at 55.17.
  7. Teleport to XRoads and turn in all quests. Take The Angry Scytheclaws and Letter to Jin’Zil.
  8. Go South-West and do “Altered Beings” and “Hezrul Bloodmark”.
  9. At the Rapror Grounds do “Stolen Silver” along with “Raptor Horns”.
  10. Around 52.46 do “The Angry Scytheclaws”.

16-20 barrens ( final)

  1. If you find Lakota’mani, kill him and start Lakota’mani from Hoof of Lakota’mani.
  2. Do “Tribes at War” with “Consumed by Hatred”.
  3. Go to Camp Taurajo and accept Weapons of Choice, Blood Shards of Agamaggan, Betrayal from Within. Turn in quests you’ve done.
  4. Fly to XRoads and turn in all quests. Take the follow-up – Jorn Skyseer.
  5. Fly to Orgrimmar and take there The Ashenvale Hunt from Warcaller Gorlach.
  6. Fly to Ratchet.
  7. Go to Northwatch Hold and do “The Guns of Northwatch”
    Slay Captain FairmountCannoneer SmytheCannoneer Whessan.
  8. You can do escort quest from Gilthares Firebough while you are there.
  9. Turn in “The Guns of Northwatch” and fly to XRoads.
  10. Turn in “Hezrul Bloodmark” to orc. Skip the next one.

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