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WoW Classic: 12-20 Alliance Leveling Guide

12-17 – Darkshore

12-17 (1)

1) Accept Washed Ashore.
2) Make Auberdine your home.
3) Accept Cave Mushrooms, The Red Crystal, Bashal’Aran and Tools of the Highborne.
4) At the East part of Auberdine accept Plagued Lands with How Big a Threat?.
5) Kill crabs along the shore.  Lead to the Beached Sea Creature at 36.5 and loot the Sea Creature Bones for “Washed Ashore”.
6) Return to Auberdine and turn in “Buzzbox 827”, accept the next part.
7) Turn in “Washed Ashore”, take the next quest.
8) Loot creature at 32.46.
9) In the water kill Darkshore Threshers.


1) Turn in “Washed Ashore”.
2) Loot Beached Sea Creature at 42.31.
3) At Buzzbox 411 , turn in “Buzzbox 411”, accept Buzzbox 323.
4) From now kill any Moonstalkers on your way.
5) Lead to Bashal’Aran and turn in “Bashal’Aran”, accept the next part.
6) Kill Vile Sprites and Wild Grell around.
7) Go back up on the hill at Bashal’Aran, turn in “Bashal’Aran”, accept the next part.
8) Slay Deth’ryll Satyr.
9) Run back to Asterion turn in quest and accept the next part.
10) Touch the Mysterious Red Crystal.
11) Discover furbolg camp around 40.54 .
12) From Sentinel Tysha Moonblade take The Fall of Ameth’Aran.


1) Start killing Highborne mobs.
2) Click The Lay of Ameth’Aran.
3) Click on the Ancient Flame at 42.62.  Also kill Anaya Dawnrunner, who is patrolling the area. Loot necklace from her.
4) Complete “The Fall of Ameth’Aran”, click on the The Fall of Ameth’Aran tablet at 43.63.
5) Make sure “Tools of the Highborne” is completed.
6) Make sure you are almost level 13. If not, grind.
7) Go west to the main path and turn in “The Fall of Ameth’Aran” .
8) Do “Plagued Lands”: use quest item on Rabid Thistle Bears.


1) Teleport.
2) Turn in “For Love Eternal” and “The Red Crystal”, accept As Water Cascades.
3) Fill Empty Water Tube in the moonwell next to you.
4) Turn in “Plagued Lands”, accept Cleansing of the Infected.
5) Go to the building and turn in “How Big a Threat?” , accept the next part. Also accept Thundris Windweaver.
6) Take The Tower of Althalaxx, Deep Ocean, Vast Sea.
7) At the 37.40 building turn in “Tools of the Highborne” and “Thundris Windweaver”, accept The Cliffspring River.
8) Turn in “Beached Sea Creature” (37.46).
9) You should be level 14 now.

12-17(5)1) Start doing “Cleansing of the Infected”, kill Rabid Thistle Bears. Also continue working on “Buzzbox 323”.
2) Turn in “Bashal’Aran”.
3) Do “Deep Ocean, Vast Sea”: loot the two chest in the two boats at 39.29 and 38.29.
4) Start “Beached Sea Turtle” at 44.21.
5) Finish “Buzzbox 323”.
6) At 51.25 turn in “Buzzbox 323”, accept Buzzbox 525.
7) Fall down in the waterfall and fill Empty Sampling Tube at 51.26.






12-17 (6)

1) Enter the cave and do “Cave Mushrooms”.
2) At Mysterious Red Crystal turn in “As Water Cascades”, accept The Fragments Within.
3) At the furbolg camp do “How Big a Threat?”.
4) Kill Rabid Thistle Bears, while doing next steppes.
5)  At 37.62 accept Beached Sea Turtle.
6) At 36.71 accept Beached Sea Creature.
7) Make sure you’ve finished  “Cleansing of the Infected”.
8) Do “Buzzbox 525.
9) Turn it in at 41.81.



12-17(7)1) Teleport to Auberdine.
2) Turn in ALL “Beached Sea” quests.
3) Accept  Fruit of the Sea.
4) Turn in “Cave Mushrooms”, “The Fragments Within”, “The Cliffspring River”, Deep Ocean, Vast Sea”,”Cleansing of the Infected”,”How Big a Threat?”. Accept The Absent Minded Prospector, The Blackwood Corrupted, Tharnariun’s Hope, A Lost Master.
5) Go to the moonwell in Auberdine and use your Empty Cleansing Bowl quest item in it (38.44).


1) Now do “The Blackwood Corrupted”:
2) Loot the Blackwood Grain Stores (51.35) and the Blackwood Nut Stores (52.33) and Blackwood Fruit Stores (53.33).
3) Use Filled Cleansing Bowl at the Bonfire in the middle of the camp (52.33). Kill Xabraxxis and loot Xabraxxis’ Demon Bag on the ground.
4) In the cave kill Den Mother.
5) At Balthule Shadowstrike turn in “The Tower of Althalaxx”, accept the next part.
6) Do it near the tower.
7) Turn in “The Tower of Althalaxx”, accept the next part.
8) At 53.18 accept Beached Sea Turtle.
9) Along the shore kill Encrusted Tide Crawlers with Reef Crawlers for “Fruit of the Sea”.


1) Die and resurrect at the spirit near Auberdine.
2) Turn in “Fruit of the Sea”, “Beached Sea Turtle”, “The Blackwood Corrupted” and Tharnariun’s Hope”.
3) Take the boat to Menethil (32.44).
4) Fly/run to Loch Modan.

17-18 Loch Modan


1) For Night Elves: Once enter Loch Modan, in the tower at Algaz Station accept Filthy Paws.
2) For Night Elves:  At Thelsamar accept Mountaineer Stormpike’s Task.
3) At Thelsamar, go down in the eastern most hut and accept Ironband’s Excavation (37.47 in Loch Modan).
4) Go to Ironband’s Excavation Site and turn in “Ironband’s Excavation”, accept the next part.
5) Also get from Prospector Ironband Excavation Progress Report.
6) Do “Gathering Idols”, kill troggs for idols.
7) Turn it in.
8) At The Farstrider Lodge accept Crocolisk Hunting, A Hunter’s Boast.


1) Go kill Mountain Buzzards.
2) Return and turn in  “A Hunter’s Boast”, accept the next part. Be attentive, there is timer on it.
3) Do “A Hunter’s Challenge”, kill Elder Mountain Boars.
4) Turn it in.
5) Accept Vyrin’s Revenge and Bingles’ Missing Supplies.
6) Along the shore and on the islands do “Crocolisk Hunting”.
7) Loot quest’s objects on the ground on the islands. First one, loot Bingles’s Blastencapper at 54.27.
8) Wrench is at 49.30.
9) Hammer is at 52.24.
10) Screwdriver is at 48.20.

17-18(3)1) Save Crocolisk Meat for future!
2) Take A Dark Threat Looms.
3) Click on Suspicious Barrel at 56.13 to turn in “A Dark Threat Looms”, accept the follow up part.
4) Go back and turn in “A Dark Threat Looms”, SKIP the next part.
5) For Night Elves: Go west to Silver Stream Mine and do “Filthy Paws”
6) For Night Elves: Turn in”Filthy Paws” at 25.18, turn in “Mountaineer Stormpike’s Task”, accept Stormpike’s Order.
7) Turn in “Excavation Progress Report”, take Report to Ironforge.
8) If you find a party , do “Vyrin’s Revenge”
9) At the shore turn in “Bingles’ Missing Supplies”.
10) At The Farstrider Lodge turn in “Crocolisk Hunting”, “Vyrin’s Revenge” (if you did it), accept the next part.
17-18(4)1) Fly to Ironforge.
2) Turn in “Report to Ironforge” , skip the follow up part.
3) At Tinker Town accept Speak with Shoni.
4) Go to Stormwind via The Deeprun Tram.
5) Once in Stormwind, turn in “Speak with Shoni” (55.12)
6) Turn in “Stormpike’s Order” (58.17).
7) For Human: Fly to Lakeshire, Redridge. Then skip to step #2 on the next section!
8) For NIGHT ELF, GNOME & DWARF: Discover Flight Path in Stormwind.
9) For NIGHT ELF, GNOME & DWARF: Run to Redridge Mountains through Elwynn Forest.


18-20 Redridge Mountains


1) Once you enter location, accept Encroaching Gnolls.
2) Turn in “Encroaching Gnolls” near Flight Path, accept Assessing the Threat.
HUMANS: Accept “Assessing the Threat”.
3) Across the Bridge accept The Lost Tools, Hilary’s Necklace, Selling Fish, A Free Lunch, Redridge Goulash.




1) Do “Redridge Goulash”. Kill Great Goretusks for the snouts behind the house. If you see Bellygrub, kill him.
2) Jump into lake and loot the Glinting Mud.
3) At 15.71 turn in “A Free Lunch”, accept Visit the Herbalist.
4) At the Gnoll’s camp do “Assessing the Threat”, kill Redridge Mongrels.
5) Keep killing Tarantulas and Great Goretusks for “Redridge Goulash”.
6) Around 30.82 kill Redridge Mongrels and Redridge Poachers.
7) Kill Dire Condors. The good spot starts at 46.77.
8) In the Lake Everstill do “Selling Fish”. Note: Save Murloc Fins for future.
9) Turn in “Assessing the Threat”.
10) Loot the Sunken Chest at 41.55.
11) Complete “Selling Fish”. Also collect 8 Murloc Fins.
12) Finish “Redridge Goulash”.


1) Turn in “The Lost Tools”, “Hilary’s Necklace”, “Selling Fish”, “Visit the Herbalist”, “Redridge Goulash” , (32.49), accept The Everstill Bridge.
2) Accept/turn in “Murloc Poachers”.
3) Accept Delivering Daffodils and turn it in.
4) Do “The Everstill Bridge”: kill and loot the gnolls.
5) Turn in “The Everstill Bridge”.
6) You should be level 20 now.
7) Once level 20, accept and turn in (if you haven’t before) “Murloc Poachers”.
8) Fly to Stormwind.
9) In The Park accept The Corruption Abroad.

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