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WoW Classic: 1-12 Horde Leveling Guide (Tirisfal Glades)

1-6 – DeathKnell, Tirisfal Glades


  1. In front of you accept Rude Awakening.
  2. Turn it in to Shadow Priest Sarvis , accept next one.
  3. Go down and do “The Mindless One” killing zombies.
  4. Go back and turn it in. Accept (depends on class) Scroll quest and Rattling the Rattlecages. Get The Damned.
  5. Turn in “Encrypted Scroll” to your class trainer.
  6. Go to do “The Damned “along with Rattling the “Rattlecages”.
  7. Turn them in, accept Marla’s Last Wish.
  8. Accept Night Web’s Hollow and Scavenging Deathknell.
  9. Collect Equipment Boxes.
  10. Kill Young Night Web Spiders and Night Web Spiders in mine.
  11. Go kill Samuel Flipps for “Marla’s Last Wish”.
  12. While going back click on Marla’s Grave.
  13. Turn in all quests, get The Scarlet Crusade.
  14. Do it, take the next.
  15. Do “The Red Messenger” and kill Meven Korgal.
  16. Turn quest in to Executor Arren and take Vital Intelligence.
  17. Leave this zone, take A Rogue’s Deal from Calvin Montague.

6-10 – Tirisfal Glades


  1. Go down and speak to Deathguard Simmer. Accept Fields of Grief.
  2. On the way to Brill accept Gordo’s Task.
  3. Once at Brill take all quests: A Putrid Task, A New Plague, At War with the Scarlet Crusade, Wanted: Maggot Eye.
  4. Make Brill your home.
  5. Go to do “Gordo’s Task” and “A Putrid Task”. Kill Darkhounds for “A New Plague” along the way.
  6. Turn these quests in and accept The Mills Overrun and Doom Weed.
  7. Go north from Brill and do “Graverobbers” with “Doom Weed”. As you hit level 7, go up to the fields and kill
  8. Make sure you have completed “A New Plague”.
  9. Go back to Brill and turn in all quests. Get new: Deaths in the Family, The Haunted Mills, The Chill of Death, Forsaken Duties and The Prodigal Lich.  Accept the next part of A New Plague.
  10. Travel to Agamand Mills. Do “The Mills Overrun”, “Deaths in the Family” and “The Haunted Mills”.
  11. Slay Devlin Agamand, Nissa Agamand, Gregor Agamand and Thurman Agamand.
  12. Go South-West and complete “Fields of Grief” along with “At War with the Scarlet Crusade”.
  13. Go to the seashore (35.45) and kill murlocs.
  14. Hearth to Brill. Turn in all quests. Get Speak with Sevren, A Letter Undelivered (if you have A letter to Yvette from Agamand Fields), Proof of Demise, At War with the Scarlet Crusade, The Family Crypt and follow-up parts of “Fields of Grief” and “A New Plague”. If you have x5 Duskbat Pelt, go buy Coarse Thread and complete it.
  15. Go do “At War with the Scarlet Crusade”. Kill Captain Perrine. Turn it in and take the
  16. You should be level 10 now. If you are not, go grind until you are.
    NOTE: complete your class quest.

10-12 – Tirisfal Glades


  1. Turn in “Forsaken Duties”. Accept Return to the Magistrate and Rear Guard Patrol.
  2. Go do “Rear Guard Patrol”.
  3. Do “At War with the Scarlet Crusade” and “A New Plague”.
  4. Kill spiders around 84.54 for “A New Plague”.
  5. Teleport to Brill and turn in (if you haven’t before) “The Chill of Death” and other quests. Accept At War with the Crusade and A New Plague.
  6. To the North above Agamand Fields visit the crypt and complete “The Family Crypt”. Kill Captain Dargol.
  7. Die and resurrect at spirit. Turn in all quests.
  8. Go slay Captain Melrache at 79.25. And be sure you have done Proof of Demise.
  9. Teleport to Brill and turn quests in.
  10. You should be 12 level now. Time to visit Kalimdor.
  11. Take zeppelin to Orgrimmar and discover flight path there.
  12. Run to the Barrens and take Conscript of the Horde on the way there.

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