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WoW Classic: 1-12 Horde Leveling Guide (Durotar)

1-6 – Valley of Trials, Durotar


  1. Right in front of you accept Your Place In The World.
  2. Turn it in to Gornek, accept Cutting Teeth.
  3. Kill Mottled Boars around the area. When you reach level 2 take Sarkoth. This mob locates at 41.67.
  4. Turn in “Sarkoth” and accept the next part.
  5. As Cutting Teeth is completed turn it in with the 2nd part of “Sarkoth”. Accept Sting of the Scorpid. Don’t forget to complete class quest and get new spells and abilities.
  6. Accept Vile Familiars from Zureetha Fargaze and Galgar’s Cactus Apple Surprise from
  7. Eastward accept Lazy Peons.
  8. Do all these quests around starting area.
  9. Once they are done, turn them in and take follow-up.
  10. Go back to cave and do Burning Blade Medallion and Thazz’ril’s Pick. Hold the right side of the cave to find Yarrog Baneshadow. Then jump down and go left side to loot Thazz’ril’s Pick.
  11. Use Hearthstone, turn in quests. Accept Report to Sen’jin Village.
  12. Turn in “Thazz’ril’s Pick”, while leaving starting area.

6-8 – Durotar


  1. On the road to Sen’jin Village accept Thwarting Kolkar Agression. NPC Lar Prowltusk.
  2. Turn in “Report to Sen’jin Village” and take all quests there: Minshina’s Skull, Report to Orgnil and Zalazane, A Solvent Spirit, Practical Prey.
  3. Accept Peon’s Burden from Ukor at 52.68
  4. While running to Razor Hill, grind mobs (until you hit level 6). Turn in “Report to Orgnil” and accept Dark Storms. Also get Vanquish the Betrayers and Encroachment. Get new spells.
  5. At the tower (50.40) accept Carry Your Weight and Break a Few Eggs( 51.42).
  6. Make Razor Hill your home and turn in “A Peon’s Burden”.
  7. At the barracks learn Apprentice First Aid from Rawrk.
  8. Go to Tiragarde Keep and do: “Vanquish the Betrayers” with “Carry Your Weight”. Lieutenant Benedict is upstairs in the Keep. Loot key and go upper to open Benedict’s Chest. Accept The Admiral’s Orders from the Aged Envelope.
  9. Die and resurrect near Razor Hill turn in all quests and accept new: From the Wreckage… and The Admiral’s Orders.
  10. Go to the seashore and do “A solvent Spirit” along with “From The Wreckage”.
  11. South-West of Razor Hill kill Razormane Quilboars and Razormane Scouts.
  12. Grind to level 8 and go to Razor Hill. Turn in “From The Wreckage” and get new spells.

8-10 – Durotar


  1. Run south (51.79) and do “Thwarting Kolkar Aggression”. Scrolls are at 50.81, 48.77 and 46.79
  2. Go to Sen’jin Village and turn in quests.
  3. Travel to Echo Isles and do Break a Few Eggs, Practical Prey, Minshina’s Skull and Zalazane.
  4. When you are done, die and resurrect at the spirit. Go to Village and turn in quests. Hearth to Razor Hill.
  5. Go west of it and do the 2nd part of “Encroachment” killing Razormane Dustrunners and Razormane Battleguards.
  6. Grind up to house (43.40) and accept Lost But Not Forgotten.
  7. Go to 46.23 and take Winds in the Desert.
  8. Do it at the 49.22. Once it is done, accept the
  9. Grind until you are 1,5 bar from 10. Then go to Razor Hill and turn in “Encroachment”.
    Now it’s time to complete your class quests, which can be taken from Class Trainers in Razor Hill. They anyway lead to Orgrimmar.
  10. When you are in Orgrimmar go to Thrall’s Chamber and accept Hidden Enemies, turn in “The Admiral’s Orders”.





10-12 – Durotar


  1. Do “Securing the Lines” , Harpies around 52.28. Turn it in.
  2. Westside do “Lost But Not Forgotten” (along the river). Kron’s Amulet drops from Crocolisks.
  3. Go to Thunder Ridge and do Dark Storms.
  4. Turn in “Lost But Not Forgotten”. Back to Razor Hill to turn in “Dark Storms”. Accept next part.
  5. Turn in “Margoz” at 56.20 and take Skull Rock.
  6. Go up north to the cave and complete “Skull Rock” along with “Hidden Enemies”. Also, try to kill Gazz’uz who drops Eye of Burning Shadow.
  7. Turn in “Skull Rock”. Accept Neeru Fireblade.
  8. In Orgrimmar turn in “Hidden Enemies” and get the next part. In Cleft of Shadows turn in “Neeru Fireblade” (and Burning Shadows) take the next. Complete “Hidden Enemies”.
  9. Speak to Thrall and turn in Heddin Enemies.
  10. Hearth to Razor Hill. You should hit 12 level. Get new spells and accept Conscript of the Horde from Takrin Pathseeker.
  11. Run west into the Barrens.

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