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WoW Classic : 1-12 Alliance Leveling Guide (Elwynn Forest)

 1-6 – Northshire Valley, Elwynn Forest

Northsire 1-6 (1)

1) In front of you accept A Threat Within.
2) Turn in “A Threat Within”, accept Kobold Camp Cleanup.
3) From Deputy Willem, accept Eagan Peltskinner.
4) Turn in “Eagan Peltskinner” at 49.90, accept Wolves Across the Border.
5) Do “Kobold Camp Cleanup”  with “Wolves Across the Border” around.
6) Turn in “Wolves Across the Border” at 49.90.
7) In building turn in “Kobold Camp Cleanup”. Accept Investigate Echo Ridge and your class’s quest.
8) From Deputy Willem, accept Brotherhood of Thieves.
9) Across the river kill Defias Thugs.
10) Around 48.33 kill Kobold Workers. 

Northsire 1-6(2)

1) Turn in “Brotherhood of Thieves” at 48.43. Accept Milly Osworth and Bounty on Garrick Padfoot.
2) Go inside of Northshire Abbey and turn in “Investigate Echo Ridge”, accept the next quest.
3) In cave at 48.31 do “Skirmish at Echo Ridge”.
4) Turn in “Milly Osworth” at 51.39, accept follow up quest.
5) At the fields do “Milly’s Harvest”.
6) Kill Garrick Padfoot at  57.48.
7) Die on purpose, resurrect at spirit. Turn in “Milly’s Harvest”, accept Grape Manifest.
8) Turn in “Bounty on Garrick Padfoot”.
9) In the building turn in “Skirmish at Echo Ridge”.  Accept the next quest.
10) Upstairs turn in “Grape Manifest”.
11) Leave Northshire Valley, accept Rest and Relaxation at 46.48.

6-11 – Goldshire, Elwynn Forest

Goldshire 6-10 (1) 1) In Goldshire turn in “Report to Goldshire”, take The Fargodeep Mine.
2)  Accept Kobold Candles in the Inn. Make Goldshire your home.
3) Turn in “Rest and Relaxation”.
4) Outside accept Gold Dust Exchange.
5) At The Stonefield accept Lost Necklace and Princess Must Die!.
6) At The Maclure Vineyards turn in “Lost Necklace”. Accept Pie for Billy.  
7) At 43.90 accept Young Lovers.
8) At The Stonefield Farm and next to the river turn in “Young Lovers” take the next quest.
NOTE: Also grind 4 Chunk of Boar Meats for future.
9) Turn in “Speak with Gramma” at 35.84 take the next quest.
10) Kill Boars for “Pie for Billy”.
11) At 35.84 turn in “Pie for Billy”, accept Back to Billy.
12) Go East to The Maclure Vineyards, turn in “Back to Billy”. Accept Goldtooth.

6-10(2)1) Enter Fargodeep Mine at 39.83. Hug left side of the mine for Goldtooth. Kill Kobolds for “Gold Dust Exchange” and “Kobold Candles” .
2) Teleport to Goldshire.
3) Turn in all quests, accept Shipment to Stormwind, Collecting Kelp, A Fishy Peril, The Jasperlode Mine, Further Concerns. 
4) At Crystal Lake do “Collecting Kelp.”
5) Enter Mine at 62.53 and do “The Jasperlode Mine”.
6) Turn in “Further Concerns” at 74.72, accept Find the Lost Guards and Protect the Frontier.
7) At house accept Red Linen Goods.
8) Accept A Bundle of Trouble.

Goldshire 6-10(3)

1) Do “Protect the Frontier” and “A Bundle of Trouble”. Kill Prowlers and Young Forest Bears.  Also loot the Bundle of Wood under the trees.

2) Turn in “Find the Lost Guards” at A half-eaten body , accept Discover Rolf’s Fate.
3) Click on Rolf’s corpse to turn in “Discover Rolf’s Fate”, accept next quest.
4) Turn in  “A Bundle of Trouble”.
5) On the island kill the Defias mobs for the bandanas. NOTE:  If you find Westfall Deed, it starts Furlbrow’s Deed.
6) Find a party to do Princess Must Die! Kill Princess .
7) Make sure “Protect the Frontier” is completed.

Goldshire 41) Turn in “Protect the Frontier” and “Report to Thomas”, accept Deliver Thomas’ Report. Also take Report to Gryan Stoutmantle.

2) At Camp turn in Red Linen Goods.
3) Teleport to Goldshire.
4) In the Inn, near the entrance, turn in “Collecting Kelp” and accept The Escape.
5) Turn in “The Jasperlode Mine” and “Deliver Thomas’ Report”, accept Cloth and Leather Armor and Westbrook Garrison Needs Help!.
6) Go into the refinery next to you and accept Elmore’s Task.
7) Complete “The Escape” at 43.90.
8) Turn in “Princess Must Die!” with “Goldtooth”.
9) Go to Westbrook Garrison. Turn in “Westbrook Garrison Needs Help!” at 24.74, take the next quest.
10) Take “Wanted: “Hogger”.

11-11 – Westfall + Stormwind

westfall+stormwind1) Go to Westfall accept Furlbrow’s Deed with Westfall Stew.
2) Turn in “Westfall Stew” at 56.30, SKIP follow up quest.
3) Go to Sentinel Hill and turn in “Report to Gryan Stoutmantle” ,
4) Accept A Swift Message at 57.47.
5) At Gryphon Master turn in “A Swift Message”, take Continue to Stormwind.  Fly to Stormwind.
6) Turn in “Continue to Stormwind” at 74.47, accept Dungar Longdrink.
7) At the entrance to the city turn in “Shipment to Stormwind”.
8) At Gryphon Master  turn in “Dungar Longdrink”, accept Return to Lewis. Then fly to Sentinel Hill.
9) Go to 57.47 and turn in “Return to Lewis”.

11-12 – Elwynn Forest

11-12 Elwynn1) Do “Riverpaw Gnoll Bounty” around 27.81.  If you find Gold Pickup Schedule, accept The Collector.
2) Find party for “Hogger”.
3) Turn in “Riverpaw Gnoll Bounty” (24.74).
4) Die and resurrect at spirit, turn in “The Collector” with “Wanted:  “Hogger”. Accept Manhunt.
5) Take Bounty on Murlocs at 74.72.
6) Do “Manhunt”, kill Morgan the Collector.
7) Complete “Bounty on Murlocs”
8) Turn it in at 74.72.
9) At Eastvale Logging Camp  turn in “Cloth and Leather Armor”.
10) Follow the main path east into Redridge Mountains and accept Encroaching Gnolls.
11) Turn in “Encroaching Gnolls”, accept Assessing the Threat.
12) Fly to Stormwind.

11-12 – Ironforge + Dun Morogh

11-12Dun MOrogh1) Turn in “Elmore’s Task” take the next one.
2) Go to Deeprun Tram and ride to Ironforge.
3) Once at the other side of the Deeprun Tram, accept Deeprun Rat Roundup from Monty.
4) Do “Deeprun Rat Roundup.
5) Turn in “Deeprun Rat Roundup”.
6) Ride to Ironforge.
7) Go to Dun Morogh.
8) Accept The Public Servant at 69.56, Those Blasted Troggs!.
9) At cave 71.56 do “The Public Servant” with “Those Blasted Troggs!”
10) Go back up and turn in “The Public Servant” with “Those Blasted Troggs!”
11) Go to Loch Modan.

12-12 – Loch Modan

12-13 Loch Modan Human (1)

1) At the right side accept In Defense of the King’s Lands at 22.73.
2) Upstairs accept The Trogg Threat.
3) Follow pathway at 32.73  and do “In Defense of the King’s Lands” ,”The Trogg Threat
4) Turn quests in.
5) Go to Thelsamar and accept Rat Catching, Mountaineer Stormpike’s Task, Thelsamar Blood Sausages.
6) Make Loch Modan your home.

12-13 Loch Modan (2) HUMAN1) Start killing Tunnel Rats with boars, bears and spiders.
2) Turn in “Stormpike’s Delivery and “Mountaineer Stormpike’s Task”, take Stormpike’s Order with Filthy Paws.
3) Finish “Rat Catching” in mine.  Also loot the Miner’s League Crates inside the mine.
4) Go back turn in “Filthy Paws”.
5) Finish “Thelsamar Blood Sausages”.
6) Teleport and turn it in “Thelsamar Blood Sausages” with “Rat Catching”.
7) You should be level 12 now, if not grind to it.
8) Travel to Westland and take boat to Auberdine.
9) Accept For Love Eternal, Buzzbox 827.

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