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WoW Classic: 1-12 Alliance Leveling Guide (Dun Morogh)

1-6 – Coldridge Valley, Dun Morogh

1-6 coldridge valley (1)

1) In front of you accept Dwarven Outfitters.
2) Do “Dwarven Outfitters”.
3) Turn it in.  Accept Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery and A New Threat.
4) Start doing “A New Threat”.
5) At 23.71 turn in  “Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery” accept the next part and The Boar Hunter.
6) Kill Small Crag Boars around.
7) Turn quest in.

Coldridge Valley 1-6(2) 1) At 25.76 turn in “Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery”, accept The Troll Cave“.
2) Go to the cave at 27.80 and  kill Frostmane Troll Whelps.
3) At dwarf accept  Scalding Mornbrew Delivery“.
4) Teleport to the starting spot.
5) Accept Etched… class quest.
6) Go to Anvilmar, accept A Refugee’s Quandary, turn in “Scalding Mornbrew Delivery” . Accept Bring Back the Mug.
7) Finish “A New Threat”.
8) Turn it in.
9) At the dwarf camp turn in “Bring Back the Mug”.

1-6 Colldridge (3) 1) Loot Felix’s Box , Felix’s Chest , Felix’s Bucket of Bolts.
2) Complete “The Troll Cave”.
3) Turn it in at 25.76 and accept The Stolen Journal.
4) Kill Grik’nir the Cold  for journal.
5) Go back to turn it in, accept Senir’s Observations.
6) Die and resurrect at the spirit.
7) At Anvilmar turn in “A Refugee’s Quandary”.
8) Go to 33.72 and turn in “Senir’s Observations , accept the next part.
9) Take Supplies to Tannok.
10) Leave starting location.

6-8 – Dun Morogh

6-8 Dun Morogh (1)

1) On the way to Kharanos  turn in “Senir’s Observations”.
2) In Kharanos accept Beer Basted Boar Ribs, Tools for Steelgrill.
3) Turn in “Supplies to Tannok”.
4) Make Inn your home.
NOTE: Save Crag Boar Ribs for future.
5) At 49.48 accept Stocking Jetsteam, The Grizzled Den, Ammo for Rumbleshot.
6) Turn in  “Tools for Steelgrill”.

6-8 Dun Morogh (2) 1) As you work on the following steps also start doing “Beer Basted Boar Ribs” along with “Stocking Jetsteam”. Kill boars and bears on your way.
2) Loot the Ammo Crate at 44.57.
3) Do “The Grizzled Den”.
4) At the dwarf camp turn in “Ammo for Rumbleshot”.
5) Continue killing boars and bears for “Beer Basted Boar Ribs” and “Stocking Jetsteam”.
6) You should be close to level 7 now. Teleport.
7) From Innkeeper Belm buy Rhapsody Malt for “Beer Basted Boar Ribs”.
8) Turn in “Beer Basted Boar Ribs” (47.52).
9) Accept Frostmane Hold and Operation Recombobulation.
10) Turn in “Stocking Jetsteam” and “The Grizzled Den”, accept Evershine.

6-8 DUn Morogh (3) 1) Accept Tundra MacGrann’s Stolen Stash at 35.52 (top of the mountain).
2) Loot MacGrann’s Meat Locker , watch out for the lvl 11 patrolling elite yeti.
3) Turn it in.
4) At the village turn in “Evershine” (30.46).
5) Accept A Favor for Evershine, The Perfect Stout, Bitter Rivals.
6) Kill Ice Claw BearsElder Crag Boars and Snow Leopards around.
7) Kill Frostmane Seers and collect Shimmerweed Baskets.
8) Go west to Brewnall Village and turn in “The Perfect Stout”, accept Shimmer Stout
9) Make sure you’ve completed “A Favor for Evershine”. Once you are level 8, teleport.

8-10 – Dun Morogh

6-8 Dun Morogh (4)

1) Buy Thunder Ale from Innkeeper.
2) Do “Bitter Rivals” click on Guarded Thunder Ale Barrel, then talk to Jarven Thunderbrew and give Thunder Ale. He will go away, then click again on barrel and turn in “Bitter Rivals”, get Return to Marleth.
3) At Brewnall Village turn in “Return to Marleth”. Also get (if you haven’t yet) Shimmer Stout.
4) Do “Frostmane Hold“: go to the middle of the cave . Kill 5 Frostmane Headhunters.
5) Around Gnomeregan do “Operation Recombobulation”.
6) At  Brewnall Village turn in “A Favor for Evershine”, accept Return to Bellowfiz.
7) Die and resurrect near Kharanos, turn in “Frostmane Hold”, “Operation Recombobulation”, “Return to Bellowfiz” , accept The Reports. 
8) Go east and take  The Public Servant with Those Blasted Troggs!. Downside do these quests. Grind until you are 10.

10-11 – Dun Morogh

10-11 Dun MOrogh gnomes

1) Turn in these quests.
2) If you find a party , take Protecting the Herd and kill Vagash.
3)Take The Lost Pilot at 84.39.
4) Find A Dwarven Corpse and turn quest in, accept A Pilot’s Revenge.
5)Kill Mangeclaw for it.
6) Turn in “A Pilot’s Revenge” to Hammerfoot.
7) Turn in “Shimmer Stout” at 86.49, accept Stout to Kadrell.
8) Go to Loch Modan..
11-12 – Loch Modan

11-12 Loch MOdan GNOMES (1) 1) At the building accept In Defense of the King’s Lands.
2) Upstairs accept  The Trogg Threat.
3) At Stonesplinter Valley do “In Defense of the King’s Lands” , “The Trogg Threat”.
4) Go back and turn quests in.
5) Go to  Thelsamar turn in “Stout to Kadrell”.  Accept Rat CatchingMountaineer Stormpike’s Task and Thelsamar Blood Sausages.
6) Make Inn your home.


11-12 Loch Modan (2) GNOMES 1) Start doing “Rat Catching” with “Thelsamar Blood Sausages”.
2) At Alagaz Station turn in “Mountaineer Stormpike’s Task”, accept Stormpike’s Order with Filthy Paws.
3) Go to the Mine and kill kobolds, also loot the Miner’s League Crates inside.
4) Go back and turn in  “Filthy Paws”.
5) Make sure you’ve finished “Thelsamar Blood Sausages”.
6) Teleport and turn quests in , accept Honor Students.

11-12 Locn Modan (2) GNOMES 1) You should be level 12 now, if not grind to it.
2) At the Gryphon Master  turn in “Honor Students” , accept the next quest. Fly to Ironforge.
3) Turn in “Ride to Ironforge”, get Gryth Thurden.
4) At the Gryphon Master turn it in , accept Return to Brock. Fly back to Thelsamar.
5) Turn in “Return to Brock”.
6) Go to Westland/ Menethil Harbor and take boat to Auberdine.
7) Once at Auberdine, accept For Love Eternal.
8) Accept Buzzbox 827.

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