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New World Overview and Gameplay Mechanics

Would you like to know how to play New World MMORPG and level up quickly? We have been waiting for months for the release date, September 28, and finally we are very close to it. New World is based all around PVP system, so this is a number one thing to stay ahead of others to survive and not to lose speed.

There are three things to level up in New World: your character’s base stats, weapon skills, and trade skills. Of course, each of them has own and individual way how to level, but if you are not familiar with game mechanics and basic elements, it may slow you down dramatically.

Not to lose time at the start, you are at the right place to get acquainted with all those mentioned above. In this guide you find how acquire XP, level up trade skills and weapon mastery. No doubts, it will let you know to access raid content, called “Expeditions” way faster than others.


Every time you level up, you can put a point into one of five stats. In the end there are a total of 71 points you can acquire while leveling. In-game items you equip also add points while you are using them. As extra, there are item socket slots where you are able to put gem stones to increase your attribute stats.

Make sure to put points into attributes to improve your main attack method. For example, melee weapons increase their attack power if you skill up your strength, magic by focus, and ranged weapons by dexterity.

Here are a list of New World attributes and what they increase:

  • Constitution: increases health points
  • Dexterity: increases ranged weapon damage
  • Focus: increases mana and reduces cooldown time
  • Intelligence: increases magic attack power
  • Strength: increase melee weapon damage


Here are some New World leveling tips:

  • Any time you leave the game and log off, leave your character in a settlement: you earn rested XP bonus meanwhile
  • Quests you can find in the Town Project Board is the best way to level up. Sometimes you can buy items in the auction shop to complete quests and save time
  • Build your own town standing and increase possible amount of XP you can gain in the area to receive a bonus for XP rewards completing quests
  • Pick up secondary quests along the way while doing main quest chain. It will not take much time.
  • Hit a monster if some other player is fighting it to gain extra XP and increase weapon mastery. Other players still get XP and weapon mastery while killing them, so you are not stealing anything from them
  • You can take up 12 town missions at a time. It will give you enough XP, coins, and reputation.
  • Completing faction quests from your chosen New World faction representative in every town provides you with some XP as well. Besides, faction missions scale with your current zone, so higher-level zones give you more XP.
  • You can get bonus XP from faction quests if there are any daily events available in the faction board (it is displayed at the top of the screen when talking to your faction’s NPC).
  • Finding travel shrines will help you to move to different regions quickly. Also, consider having a home in a separate town from the inn you use will let you travel faster.
  • If you are leveling up trade skills along, you also get some amount of XP
  • Your weapons level up separately from your character level, and PVP is the best way to get experience and learn new skills.


You access new modes, quests, and item slots whenever you reach a particular level. Here is a list of New World leveling rewards:

  • Level 5: second weapon available and survivalist quest (camp tier upgrade)
  • Level 10: duels and first bag slot
  • Level 15: first house, third consumable slot, and survivalist quest (camp tier upgrade)
  • Level 20: ring slot available and main story quest (Azoth Staff tier one)
  • Level 25: fourth consumable slot and survivalist quest (camp tier upgrade)
  • Level 30: second bag slot and main story quest (Azoth Staff tier two)
  • Level 35: second house
  • Level 40: earring slot available, survivalist quest (camp tier upgrade), and main story quest (Azoth Staff tier three)
  • Level 45: third bag slot
  • Level 50: invasions
  • Level 55: third house and survivalist quest (camp tier upgrade)
  • Level 60: outpost rush


You can also get a tip of which zones you can safely travel to by checking leveling rewards screen:

  • Level 5+: Firstlight, Everfall, Monarch’s Bluffs, and Windsward
  • Level 25+: Brightwood and Cutlass Keys
  • Level 30+: Weaver’s Fen
  • Level 40+: Restless Shore and Great Cleave
  • Level 45+: Mourningdale
  • Level 50+: Edengrove and Ebonscale
  • Level 60+: Reekwater and Shattered Mountain


Every trade skill requires a specific action to increase its XP level. For example, crafting skills need you to make items using an appropriate facility in towns. Same way refining skills need you to turn raw reagents into valuable crafting items. Crafting and refining trade skills level up quicker than gathering skills.


Making new weapons and armor pieces requires lots of reagents. To get back some of the materials you already used, immediately salvage all items you craft.

  • Weaponsmithing – craft weapons at a forge
  • Armoring – craft armor at an outfitting station or a forge
  • Engineering – craft engineering items in a workshop or forge
  • Jewelcrafting – craft amulets and other jewellery at an outfitting station
  • Arcana – craft items and potions at an arcane repository
  • Cooking – cook food or ingredient in a kitchen or a camp place
  • Furnishing – craft furnishing items in a workshop


  • Smelting – smelt ores into bars or turn wood into charcoal
  • Woodworking – turn green wood into timber in a woodshop
  • Leatherworking – turn raw hides into leather in a tannery
  • Weaving – turn fibres into linen at any loom
  • Stonecutting – turn mined minerals into blocks at a stonecutting table


To gather reagents and materials you only need basic flint/wood tier-one tools, higher tier tools you craft with iron or made of wood will improve whole process to make it faster. Good thing to know, the size of the resource you collect has an influence on how much XP you receive for that gathering skill. For example, chopping a thick tree gives you more XP than chopping down a thinner one. For fishing you can use lures applied to your fishing pole to improve fish bites.

How you can level up New World gathering trade skills:

  • Logging – use a logging axe to chop wood
  • Mining – use a mining pick to mine veins
  • Fishing – use a fishing pole at any water pond
  • Harvesting – gather herbs from any farm or land location
  • Tracking & Skinning – slain and skin animals

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