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Light’s Hope Lightbringer vs Elysium Nighthaven: What to choose?

Almost two weeks have passed since Official Blizzard announcement about World of Warcraft Classic. It is obviously going to take at least a year before the release of classic retail realms, so we have a long time still and Vanilla Private Servers community brings us latest news.

Light’s Hope realms population is actively increasing, at weekends there is a queue and over 10.000 players on Lightbringer at a time! Oh yes… Lightbringer… It is a new name of old Elysium realm now, it got renamed during last weekly Wednesday maintenance update. There were long debates about what kind of name to pick up, but eventually it sounds pretty good, its spirit and connection with Light’s Hope. Server’s administration chose smart strategy to be associated with “Light Side”. By default, that makes old Elysium, their potential opponent, be on the opposite side.

Elysium got a stunning strike when current Light’s Hope team separated and took the whole database. It seemed nothing would help to get any population back. They still have issues with backup and restoring database of Anathema, Darrowshire and Elysium. But they found a good solution, to launch a new fresh realm. Everyone loves such a hype and to be the first in the leveling race. So, November 5, Sunday afternoon, they launched Nighthaven PVP realm. What do we know about it? That is what they have published:

It is a rapidly progressive realm from 1.2 version. Less than in one year they will reach 1.12.1 patch. Molten Core and Onyxia’s Lair are available at the launch. All battlegrounds will appear at 1.5 patch update, that is truly Blizzlike order. Everyone gets unique opportunity to enjoy world PVP. Any other rates for experience, gold and loot is x1. As stated, Nighthaven is the first World of Warcraft private server starting with fully working raids, dungeons, quests and scripts.

So, it should be close original Vanilla WoW. Afterwards, Nighthaven is going to move to The Burning Crusade Expansion. Everyone will have an opportunity to save their Vanilla characters though. Existing old realms Anathema, Darrowshire, Elysium is going to be merged into one Stratholme PvP, which will forever stay on 1.12.1 patch, but the characters can be transferred to TBC realm once it is released.

So, where to go and play? It is a personal decision for everyone. If you prefer to stick with your old characters and not to lose what you have earned then it is definitely Light’s Hope realms. If you enjoy starting from a scratch and compete in the leveling race then it is Nighthaven. By the way, last weekend showed us over 4.000 players actively there! And it seems they will grow. At the same time there were over 10.000 players on Lightbringer and 4.000 players on Nighthaven on Sunday evening! It proves more and more people coming back to the origins, Vanilla World of Warcraft, to get themselves prepared for the major adventure we all have been waiting for years…

By Nick Mace,


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