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Elysium welcomes Crestfall!

This week we have breaking news: The Crestfall project is connecting to the Elysium Project, bringing together the community of old World of Warcraft servers! Finally, Crestfall will become a part of Elysium.
It was a question for all serious players: what to do and what to choose if Crestfall was released that really good as it had been claimed? Fortunately, Vanilla community will not have to be torn between two competitive servers. Even true Crestfall followers who has not accepted Elysium yet (believe me there are some still!) can settle here eventually. So, it is a good sign for all of us.

What does this mean for Elysium?
All previous Crestfall Developers, Testers, Community Managers, Game Masters, and Moderators will move in to this project and continue their job on Elysium. Crestfall development will stay independent though and will continue separately.
It means that the Crestfall team is still giving complete development to fresh multi-functional Benediction core. But Elysium is getting the Crestfall core for free? Actually not. Access to the core is limited to prevent any leaks. As they have been working on the project for a decent amount of time, their aim is to release a full progress through expansions and this is the best way how to make it happen.

By Boris Lips


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