Warmane Outland Characters

E-mail change is available for any of accounts you purchase. We can provide an armory link of a character by your request. After payment we get in touch with you via Live chat, Skype or Discord messenger. The delivery may take from a few minutes to several hours. All prices can be negotiable. Feel free to discuss! Actual list is daily updated.

Outland accounts

70 Draenei Female Hunter

  • 2400 PVE Gear Score
  • 359 Engineering
  • 225 Riding Skill

70 Human Female Warrior

  • 3450 PVP Gear Score
  • 361 Blacksmithing/375 Mining
  • 375 First Aid
  • 150 Riding Skill

70 Orc Female Hunter

  • 2365 PVE Gear Score
  • 225 Riding Skill, The Master’s Key

70 Undead Female Warlock

  • 2736 PVP Gear Score
  • 1.8k+ Honor Points/120+ Arena Points
  • 150 Riding Skill