Warmane – Lordaeron Characters

E-mail change option is available in account manager on Warmane website. You can get an armory link of a character by request. After payment we contact you via Live chat, Skype or Discord messenger. The delivery may take from a few minutes to several hours. If you are our returning customer, we are happy to make a special offer for you! Actual list is daily updated.

Warmane / Lordaeron accounts

80 Blood Elf Female Death Knight

  • 3749 Gear Score
  • 311 Enchanting/450 Herbalism
  • 300 First Aid, 300 Riding Skill
  • Dual Spec, 500g

80 Blood Elf Female Paladin

  • 4056 PVE GS Retribution
  • 450 Blacksmithing/450 Jewelcrafting
  • 150 Fishing, 225 Riding Skill
  • Dual Spec, Reins of the Bronze Drake, 680g