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  • The services we provide on Warmane Outland are hand-made, we are not using any forbidden software.
  • Your privacy and anonymity is our priority
  • Feel free to contact us on website in Live Chat or through Skype or Discord messengers to get recent update of the progress
  • Please take into consideration, you should not log in to your character before the completion of the service
  • It is not allowed to send any in-game whispers to the character we are working on.
  • For better safety we can use VPN connection, please tell us
  • All loot and items obtained stay on the character
  • Discounts available if you order powerleveling or a few professions along
  • 100% Hand-made
  • VPN security
  • Recent progress updates
  • Best Price

Warmane / Outland – Professions


Extra gold can be required to buy additional reagents on auction house, if you order one crafting profession only

Faction *

Primary Profession

One more profession

Secondary Professions

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