Information for Buyers

  • All services we provide for Shadowlands are 100% manual
  • We are professional team of experienced boosters
  • No bots, hacks or exploits involved
  • Account’s privacy and anonymity is guaranteed
  • We are in touch with you while working on your order and can update our latest progress
  • It’s better not log in to your account before we have finished
  • We use VPN connection to ensure your account’s safety
  • Conquest Weekly Cap option is available
  • 1st week cap is 550, and it is going to increase by 550 each week

  • We farm honor in pug groups on battlegrounds
  • Currently we provide only Account Sharing (Piloted) option
  • No gear requirements for your character to start, only lvl60 required
  • Good way to gear up your character fast

Shadowlands – PVP Boosting


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