Information for Buyers

  • Item Level Gearing: we farm required item level in dungeons and doing quests
    Timeframe depends on option you choose and may from a couple of days up to 2 weeks
  • Quests / Storylines: Loremaster – All Storylines option includes all storyline achievements completed and may take several days to finish
    1 Storyline Completed – we finish required storyline chosen by you, it should be finished within few hours usually
    Daily/World Quests – you get required amount of Shadowlands world or daily quests completed, you should specify which ones you would like to get
  • PVE / Covenants: Torghast, The Maw or Covenant Unlock options are being finished within a day
    Full Covenant Campaign Completion requires each week specific activites completed and may take up to 10 weeks in total

  • Currently we provide only Account Sharing option: we play your character on your account directly
  • All services require an active subscription on your account and lvl 60 character on it
  • All loot and gold acquired stay on your character

  • Professional team
  • We do not use any illegal software
  • All services are hand-played by real boosters
  • We do our best to provide your character’s anonymity and privacy
  • You can always contact us for the latest progress update
  • You should not log in to your account before service is completed
  • You should not interact with a character we are boosting
  • We use VPN connection to provide account’s security

Shadowlands – PVE / Gearing / Quests


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