Information for Buyers

  • All boosting services we provide on Nighthaven PVP are hand-played
  • We do not use any forbidden addons and bots
  • We do our best to provide full anonymity and privacy
  • We can update latest progress by your request or you can inquire for it any time you want
  • It is not recommended to log to your account untill we have finished, it may compromise it
  • It is not allowed to send any questions regarding the service to character in private in game
  • VPN software is available at our disposal to improve account’s security

  • We can farm PVP ranks or a certain amount of honor you need daily or weekly, play your character actively for required duration of time (e.g. 24 hours, 48 hours).
  • We boost PVP faction reputation for Alterac Valley battleground: Frostwolf Clan and Stormpike Guards from neutral to exalted.

Nighthaven – PVP Ranks/Honor & Reputation


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