Information for Buyers

  • For best in slot (BIS) pre-raid gear we set what kind of items you would like to get and you make a list to acquire.
  • If you have a spot in a raid and do not have opportunity or time to go we can assist and replace you on your character! Our dedicated team will make it professional!
  • Raid attunement quests for Molten Core, Onyxia and any class quests can be ordered by request.
  • If you order one or multiple dungeon runs, we log on your character and farm dungeons you need, please consider, we provide full report with screens after each run made.

  • All services are hand-made
  • We do not use any forbidden bots, hacks and exploits
  • Be sure, we provide full anonymity and privacy
  • You can always contact us for the latest update of the progress
  • You should not log in to your account before we are finished
  • You should not interact with a character we are leveling
  • We can use VPN connections by your request to maximize the security

Nighthaven PVP – Dungeon/Raid Gearing & Quests


Get your character boosted and geared with us!

Raid attunement quests

Dungeon Run


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