Information for Buyers

  • Standard raid options we offer for Uldir Normal/Heroic requires account sharing and have Personal Loot system
  • All additional options like self-playing your character and extra 3/5/7 players that trade loot are discussable
  • We have a raid schedule for Horde/Alliance on EU/US realms, please check with us in advance
  • You get 355+ level items in Uldir Normal and 370+ level items in Uldir Heroic
  • Your character should be level 120 to get to the raid, no item level requirements
  • You get gold and other items during the raid, as well as achievements

  • All services are done by real people
  • We do not use any forbidden bots, hacks and exploits
  • Be sure, we provide full anonymity and privacy
  • You can always contact us for the latest update of the progress
  • We use VPN/Proxy connections to provide account’s security

Battle for Azeroth – Raid Boosting


Please contact us to check available spot for your character in next raid

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