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Felmyst – Gold

Information for Buyers

  • We are looking forward to farming gold very soon on Felmyst
  • We have years of experience in gold farming and trading behind us
  • Our delivery is usually very fast, it does not take longer than 30 minutes to get your order delivered
  • Please contact us on website via live chat, Skype or Discord messengers before the purcahse to check current stock
  • Feel free to pre-order required amount you need, we can farm it especially for you
  • We provide full refunds if your order has not been completed in 24 hours
  • Prices may change from day to day according to supply and demand
  • No ban history
  • No hacks or exploits
  • Short-time delivery
  • Competitive offer


Felmyst – PowerLeveling

Information for Buyers

  • All services we provide on Felmyst are hand-made in person
  • We do not use any 3rd party software that can compromise your account
  • We do not take away any loot or gold from your character, everything stays
  • Account’s privacy and anonymity is an essential thing in our regulations
  • We are available almost 24/7 to give latest update on the service
  • Important thing to know: please do not log to your account before the service is finished
  • We can provide speed leveling by request, contact us to discuss available options
  • Package prices and discounts provided for return customers and large orders you place
  • We are using VPN software to provide best security possible
  • Possible unforseen server’s issues may delay the progress
  • On-time Completion
  • 100% Hand-Made
  • No bots or exploits
  • Experienced team

Felmyst – Professions

Information for Buyers

  • Only hand-made services on Felmyst are rendered by our professional team
  • We provide security and privacy for your account
  • We are in touch with you and update our latest progress by your request
  • It is not allowed to log to your account unless we have finished
  • Do not send any messages to character in-game, you can always contact us outside of the game
  • We can use VPN suitable for your location
  • Everything obtained through the service stays on your character
  • We are open to negotiate about the price and discounts for multiple services along
  • 100% Hand-made
  • VPN security
  • Progress Updates
  • No Fixed Price