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Feenix / Warsong – Gold

Information for Buyers

  • Our Feenix/Warsong gold is safe and hand-made
  • We have developed very safe transfer options through our years of experience
  • You can place an order through Skype, Discord, Live Chat or Website
  • It is not taking long to deliver your order, usually within 10-20 minutes. Timeframe may depend on amount and current stock
  • We can provide any in-game item you need
  • Refund is guaranteed if we could not deliver the required amount in 24 hours
  • No exploits or hacks
  • Safe trade
  • On-time Completion
  • Speedy delivery

Feenix / Warsong – PowerLeveling

Information for Buyers

  • We provide hand-made leveling on Feenix/Warsong
  • No bots, hacks or exploits involved in leveling process
  • All loot, gold and items stay on your character, we do not send away anything
  • It is our priority to provide character’s anonymity and account’s privacy
  • You can enquire for the recent progress of the leveling service through Live Chat on website, Discord or Skype messengers
  • Remember, you should not interact anyhow in-game with a character we level
  • You should not log in to the account we are working on unless we are notified in advance
  • Average completion for 1-60 package is 24 hours
  • VPN connections can be used if required
  • Unpredictable unforeseen circumstances like server’s maintenance may delay the progress and extend the timeframe, we cannot influence server’s issues

Feenix / Warsong – Professions

Information for Buyers

  • We have years of experience and it helps us to provide best quality possible
  • We take care of your account’s safety and privacy
  • We can update our latest progress at any time you contact us in Live Chat, Skype or Discord messengers
  • Remember, it is not allowed to log in to the account until we have finished the service
  • Please, do not interact with a character we are boosting
  • VPN connection is at our disposal to secure your account
  • All looted items and reagents stay on your character
  • Discounts available if you order several professions (discussable)
  • Experienced team
  • Account’s Privacy
  • 24/7 support
  • High Quality