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  • All services are 100% manual, done by real people
  • We do not use any bots, hacks and exploits
  • Account’s privacy is guaranteed
  • We are in touch with you while proceeding and update our latest progress
  • You should not log in to your account before we are finished
  • You should not send in-game whispers to your character we are playing
  • Good offers on long-term PVP rank orders
  • We accept your payment only after we have got in touch with you and confirmed your order

  • We can farm a certain amount of honor you need daily or weekly, play your character intensively for required duration of time (24 hours or a few days for instance) or farm PVP ranks depending on what you are looking for!
  • We also provide PVP faction reputation for Alterac Valley battleground (Frostwolf Clan and Stormpike Guards) from neutral to exalted.

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Vanilla World of Warcraft PVP ranks and rewards

Rank Alliance Title Horde Title Reward
14 Grand Marshal High Warlord Epic-quality weapon and shield
13 Field Marshal Warlord Epic-quality helm, shoulder armor, and gloves
12 Marshal General Epic-quality chest armor, leggings, and boots
11 Commander Lieutenant General Commander’s epic mount
10 Lieutenant Commander Champion Superior-quality helm and shoulder armor
9 Knight-Champion Centurion Battle standard
Requires Centurion
Use: Place a Battle Standard with 1500 health that increases
the maximum health of all party members that stay within 45 yards
of the Battle Standard by 15%. Lasts 2 min.
8 Knight-Captain Legionnare Superior-quality chest armor and leggings
7 Knight-Lieutenant Blood Guard Superior-quality boots and gloves
6 Knight Stone Guard Access to officer’s barracks, officer’s tabard, and potions
5 Sergeant Major First Sergeant Superior-quality bracers
4 Master Sergeant Senior Sergeant Superior-quality necklace
3 Sergeant Sergeant Superior-quality cloak, 10% discount on all goods and repairs from your faction’s NPCs
2 Corporal Grunt Team insignia trinket
1 Private Scout Tabard