WoW TBC Classic: 12-20 Horde Leveling Guide (Ghostlands)

01) Continue south on the path until you run into Tranquillienand, the first NPC you see at 46.28 is Arcanist Vandril, turn in “Delivery To Tranquillien“. Accept “The Forsaken“.
02) At 45.32 turn in “The Forsaken“, accept “Return to Arcanist Vandril“.
03) Go back and turn in “Return to Arcanist Vandril” (46.28, #1 on map), accept “Suncrown Village“.
04) Next to you by the purple covered wagon accept “Tomber’s Supplies” at 47.29.
05) Next to you from the General Goods vendor, accept “Goods From Silvermoon City” at 47.29.
06) Go in the Inn on the east side and talk to the Innkeeper to make Tranquillien your new home.
07) Accept “The Plagued Coast” at 48.35.
08) NW in town get the Flight Path discovered from Bat Handler at 45.31 and turn in “Goods From Silvermoon City“, SKIP “Fly to Silvermoon City“.
09) Head NE to Suncrown Village and accept “Anok’Suten” at 58.15.
10) Just east a bit do “Suncrown Village” along with “Anok’Suten” (Elite): kill 10 Nerubis Guards and kill Anok’Suten /target (lvl 11 elite that patrols clockwise around the circle path at the village). NOTE: Most classes should be able to do solo Anok’Suten, but be prepared and group if you can.
11) Along the shore find the blood elf camp and accept “Dealing with Zeb’Sora” at 69.15.
12) At the little island accept “Forgotten Rituals” at 72.19.
13) Go south to Farstrider Enclave and by the bonfire accept “Bearers of the Plague” at 72.32.
14) From Ranger Kenn’an accept “Spirits of the Drowned” at 72.30.
15) In the Lake Elrendar and start working on “Spirits of the Drowned” along with “Forgotten Rituals“: kill Ravening Apparitions and Vengeful Apparitions, also loot the Glistening Mud around the bottom of the lake. While working on this, move NE to the Zeb’sora.
16) At the Zeb’Sora around 75.12 do “Dealing with Zeb’Sora“: kill/loot Shadowpine trolls for the ears.
17) Grind west across the lake to the blood elf camp and turn in “Dealing with Zeb’Sora” (69.15, #11 on map), accept “Report to Captain Helios“.
18) In the lake finish “Forgotten Rituals“: loot the Glistening Mud (#15 on map). It’s at the bottom of the lake, then turn this in at the little island in the middle of the lake (72.19, #12 on map) and accept “Vanquishing Aquantion“.
19) Just a bit to the north at the bottom of the lake do “Vanquishing Aquantion“: click on the Altar of Tidal Mastery (statue, 71.15), then kill Aquantion (water elemental) who spawns in.
20) Go back up to the little island and turn in “Vanquishing Aquantion” (72.19, #12 on map).
21) Work your way back south to Farstrider Enclave while finishing up “Spirits of the Drowned“: kill 8 Ravening Apparitions and 8 Vengeful Apparitions (#15 on map).
22) Just south of Farstrider Enclave do “Bearers of the Plague“: kill 10 Ghostclaw Lynx /target.
23) Go back to Farstrider Enclave and by the bonfire turn in “Bearers of the Plague” (72.32, #13 on map), accept “Curbing the Plague“.
24) Turn in “Spirits of the Drowned” and “Report to Captain Helios” 72.30.

01) Hearth to Tranquillien.
02) Outside the Inn at Cooking Trainer & Supplies accept “Culinary Crunch” at 48.31.
03) At the NPC on the north side of town turn in “Suncrown Village” at 46.28, accept “Goldenmist Village” and turn in “Anok’Suten“.
04) Accept all other available quests at Tranquillien, which include “Salvaging the Past” (middle of town, 46.32). “Investigate An’daroth“, “Trouble at the Underlight Mines“. And if you are level 14 accept “Troll Juju” and “Investigate the Amani Catacombs“.
05) SW in town by the well accept “Down the Dead Scar” at 46.34.
06) Go just west of Tranquillien to The Dead Scar around 40.34 and do “Down the Dead Scar“: kill 10 Risen Hungerers and 10 Gangled Cannibals. NOTE: Save any Rotting Hearts you find, you will use them for a later quest, (don’t sell them to a vendor).
07) Continue killing mobs and do “Culinary Crunch” by kill/looting any spiders you come across. These spiders are all around the open fields of Ghostlands.
08) Go west to Sanctum of the Moon around 33.34 and do “Salvaging the Past“: kill/loot the mobs around the sanctum.
09) Just north a bit do “Tomber’s Supplies“: loot Rathis Tomber’s Supplies (box) on the wagon 34.27.
10) Grind NE to An’daroth and do “Investigate An’daroth“: kill 12 Sentinel Spies and to Investigate An’daroth simply go towards the white crystal structure 37.16.
11) Go west to Goldenmist Village around 27.17 and do “Goldenmist Village“: kill 6 Quel’dorei Ghosts and 4 Quel’dorei Wraiths.
12) Along the shore do “The Plagued Coast“: kill/looting the murlocs moving to the next step.
13) Grind SE to Underlight Mines and accept “Underlight Ore Samples” at 31.48.
14) Around 29.48 do “Trouble at the Underlight Mines” with “Underlight Ore Samples“: keep kill/looting the Blackpaw GnollScavenger and Shamans until these are completed.
15) North and west of Underlight Mines around 29.41 do “Curbing the Plague“: kill 10 Vampiric Mistbats and 8 Spindleweb Lurkers.
16) In the open fields of Ghostlands, finish “Culinary Crunch“: kill/loot any spiders, especially the Spindleweb Lurkers (#15 on map). There are some lower level spiders north of the river. NOTE:  Remember not to sell your Crunchy Spider Legs!

01) Go to Tranquillien (don’t teleport) and turn in ALL quests and accept ALL new ones, which include the following steps.
02) Turn in “Goldenmist Village” at 46.28, accept “Windrunner Village“.
03) By the wagon, turn in “Tomber’s Supplies” at 47.28.
04) Just outside of the Inn at the Cooking Trainer & Supplies vendor turn in “Culinary Crunch” at 48.31.
05) Just outside of the Inn’s entrance from the Wanted Poster, accept “Wanted: Knucklerot and Luzran” at 48.32.
06) Go up the spiral ramp just outside of the Inn and accept “Rotting Hearts” and “Spinal Dust” at 49.31.
07) SE in town turn in “The Plagued Coast” at 48.35.
08) SW in town by the well turn in “Down the Dead Scar” at 46.34.
09) In the middle of town turn in “Salvaging the Past” at 46.32.
10) In the hut west in town turn in “Investigate An’daroth” at 45.32, accept “Into Occupied Territory“.
11) Next to you in the hut turn in “Trouble at the Underlight Mines“. If you haven’t yet, accept “Troll Juju” and “Investigate the Amani Catacombs“.
12) Also accept “Retaking Windrunner Spire“.

01) Lead to the Shalandis Isle and do “Into Occupied Territory“: loot the 3 Plans on the ground. They have slightly different spawn locations. Night Elf Plans: An’daroth is around the SE part of the isle around 15.27. 
02) Night Elf Plans: An’owyn is around the middle of the Isle 13.25.
03) Night Elf Plans: Scrying on the Sin’dorei is at the top of the boat at 10.23.
04) Go south to Windrunner Village around 19.43 and do “Windrunner Village“: kill/loot Phantasmal Seekers and Stonewing Slayers for the items you need.
05) Go to the entrance at 18.58 and do “Retaking Windrunner Spire“: kill 8 Deatholme Acolytes and 10 Fallen Rangers. While doing this you should get an item which starts “The Lady’s Necklace“, accept it.
06) Teleport to Tranquillien.
07) North in town from the NPC, turn in “Windrunner Village” at 46.28.
08) In the hut west in town turn in “Into Occupied Territory” at 45.32, accept “Deliver the Plans to An’telas“. And turn in “Retaking Windrunner Spire” and “The Lady’s Necklace“.
09) In the building accept “The Farstrider Enclave” at 55.49. Next to you turn in “Underlight Ore Samples“.
10) Go north to An’telas and turn in “Deliver the Plans to An’telas” at 60.35, accept “Deactivate An’owyn“.

01) Go NE to Farstrider Enclave and by the bonfire turn in “Curbing the Plague” at 72.32.
02) Next to you accept “Attack on Zeb’Tela” at 72.31 and (from the Wanted Poster) “Bring Me Kel’gash’s Head!“.
03) Accept “Shadowpine Weaponry” from Captain Helios.
04) Go up the western spiral ramp 72.30 and turn in “The Farstrider Enclave“, accept “The Traitor’s Shadow“.
05) Go down and then up the eastern spiral ramp 73.30 and accept “A Little Dash of Seasoning“.
06) Go to Dawnstar Spire and upstairs  turn in “The Traitor’s Shadow” at 80.18, accept “Hints of the Past“.
07) Go south to Zeb’Tela around at 78.36 and do “Attack on Zeb’Tela” along with the first half of “Shadowpine Weaponry“: kill 8 Shadowpine Shadowcasters & 8 Headhunters, also obtain 3 Headhunter Axes and 3 Shadowcaster Maces from these mobs.
08) Go NW to Farstrider Enclave and turn in “Attack on Zeb’Tela” (72.31, #1 on map), accept “Assault on Zeb’Nowa“.
09) Go up the western spiral ramp 72.30 and turn in “Hints of the Past“, accept “Report To Magister Kaendris“.
10) At the Amani Catacombs (entrance at 66.29) do “Investigate the Amani Catacombs” along with “Troll Juju“: click on the Mummified Troll Remains and kill/loot the trolls. Keep the next step in mind.
11) In the Amani Catacombs accept and do the escort (if she /target is there in the cage 63.33) “Escape from the Catacombs“.
12) Once you get back to Farstrider Enclave turn in (if you did it) “Escape from the Catacombs” (72.30, #3 on map).
13) Go south to Zeb’Nowa and do the half of “Shadowpine Weaponry” (claws and staves) along with “Assault on Zeb’Nowa” (kill 10 Shadowpine Catlords and 10 Hexxers). While working on these do “A Little Dash of Seasoning“: loot the 3 racks. First one is the Fresh Fish Rack in a hut (68.58).
14) Raw Meat Rack (between two small huts, 65.67).
15) Smoked Meat Rack (between two small huts, 63.75).
16) For this step you should find a group: in the southern hut at Zeb’Nowa do “Bring Me Kel’gash’s Head!” (Elite): kill/loot Kel’gash the Wicked /target (lvl 20 elite up at 65.80). If it’s too hard, thank can skip, there is no follow up quest to it.
17) Finish up “Shadowpine Weaponry” (claws and staves) along with “Assault on Zeb’Nowa” (kill 10 Shadowpine Catlords and Hexxers, #13 on map).
18) Go west a bit to An’owyn and do “Deactivate An’owyn“: kill/loot the Sentinel Infiltrators until the Crystal Controlling Orb drops and then click on the Night Elf Moon Crystal at 58.65.

01) Go NE to Farstrider Enclave and turn in “Assault on Zeb’Nowa” at 72.31.
02) Out on the ledge next to the Brazier 72.30, turn in “Shadowpine Weaponry” and (if you did it) “Bring Me Kel’gash’s Head!“.
03) Go up the eastern spiral ramp 73.30 and turn in “A Little Dash of Seasoning“.
04) At the An’telas turn in “Deactivate An’owyn” at 60.36.
05) Go SW to Sanctum of the Sun and in the building turn in “Report To Magister Kaendris” at 55.49, accept “The Twin Ziggurats“. Upstairs accept “War on Deatholme“.
06) At the Andillien Estate accept “Clearing the Way” at 46.56.
07) Around the southern open fields of Ghostlands do “Clearing the Way“: kill 10 Greater Spindlewebs and 10 Ghostclaw Ravagers.
08) Go back to Andillien Estate and turn in “Clearing the Way” (46.56, #6 on map).
09) GROUP: If you can find a group, you can tackle the quest “Wanted: Knucklerot and Luzran“: kill/loot Knucklerot /target and Luzran /target (these elites patrol around 37.50). This is optional and can be skipped. If you did it, then turn it in the next time you go back to Tranquillien.
10) Go inside the Howling Ziggurat and do part of “The Twin Ziggurats“: loot the Worn Chest at 40.50.
11) Go out and grind west to the Bleeding Ziggurat and do the last part of “The Twin Ziggurats“: loot the Dented Chest at 34.48.
12) Go east to The Dead Scar and kill/loot skeleton mobs for “Spinal Dust” along with “Rotting Hearts” (kill/loot zombies).
13) At the Deatholme (entrance at 35.75) and kill 5 Eye of Dar’Khan, 6 Nerubis Centurions and 6 Wailers for “War on Deatholme“.
14) Teleport to Tranquillien.
15) Go up the spiral ramp outside of the Inn and turn in “Rotting Hearts” with”Spinal Dust” at 49.31. NOTE: “More Rotting Hearts” & “More Spinal Dust” are repeatable for reputation.
16) At 45.32 turn in “Troll Juju” and “Investigate the Amani Catacombs“.
17) Go SE to Sanctum of the Sun and in the building turn in “The Twin Ziggurats” (55.49, #5 on map), accept “The Traitor’s Destruction“. NOTE: The quest reward can help you kill Dar’Khan Drathir later on.
18) Go up the spiral ramp and turn in “War on Deatholme“, accept “Dar’Khan’s Lieutenants” and (next to you) “A Restorative Draught“.
19) Go back NW to Tranquillien and SE in town turn in “A Restorative Draught” at 48.35, accept “Captives at Deatholme“.

01) Go to Deatholme (entrance at 35.75) and do “Captives at Deatholme” along with “Dar’Khan’s Lieutenants“: around Deatholme kill the named mobs and freeing the captives. 
Keep in mind two of the named mobs have two spawn locations, so if the named NPC is not there then move on to the next spot and come back to these spots again if you didn’t see them the first time around. I also recommend using your two quest reward items before entering Deatholme (Scourgebane Draught and Scourgebane Infusion) to help you out.
02) Kill Mirdoran the Fallen /target in the building at 37.79.
03) Free Apprentice Varnis /target up in the slaughterhouse 41.83. Also, you might see Borgoth the Bloodletter /target there as well, kill him. (or he’s at 33.90)
04) Kill Masophet the Black /target in the ziggurat 36.89. NOTE: He has a another spawn location. (map #6 29.89.)
05) Free Ranger Vedoran /target in the slaughterhouse 33.90. Also, if you haven’t yet killed Borgoth the Bloodletter /target you might see him in there as well.
06) If you have not killed Masophet the Black /target yet, you might see him in the ziggurat at 29.89.
07) Free Apothecary Enith /target down in the crypt 32.74. Also kill Jurion the Deceiver /target there as well.
08) GROUP 3+ Players: Down in the building in the middle of Deatholme do “The Traitor’s Destruction” (Elite): kill/loot Dar’Khan Drathir /target (lvl 21 elite down at 33.81). Remember to use your quest reward you got early on to help you kill him.
09) Make sure you have both “Captives at Deatholme” along with “Dar’Khan’s Lieutenants” finished, then keep grinding until you are at LEAST 3 bars away from level 20.
10) Die on purpose (or attempt to kill Dar’Khan /target for “The Traitor’s Destruction” [previous step, #8 on map] while doing it). Then resurrect at Spirit Healer.

01) At the Sunctum Turn in (if you did it) “The Traitor’s Destruction” at 55.49, accept (if you can) “Hero of the Sin’dorei“.
02) Upstairs turn in “Captives at Deatholme” and “Dar’Khan’s Lieutenants“.
03) Hearth or run to Tranquillien. Turn in (if you did it) “Wanted: Knucklerot and Luzran” at 46.34.
04) In the hut west in town accept “Journey to Undercity” at 45.32.
05) Fly to Silvermoon City.
06) Entrance at 57.49 in Eversong Woods.
07) In Silvermoon City, go to the First Aid Trainer /target at 78.71 and skill up First Aid. Get new spells/abilities for your class as well.
08) Turn in (if you have it) “Hero of the Sin’dorei” at 54.20, accept (if you can) “Envoy to the Horde“.
09) Go NW a bit more and click on the Orb of Translocation at 49.15 to teleport you to The Undercity.
10) Now you can go to Hillsbrad Foothills, or to Stonetalon Mountains/Southern Barrens. Stonetalon Mountains/Southern Barrens are away from the Alliance, so you can focus on faster leveling, if you’re more of a PVP you can go to Hillsbrad instead (that is if you are on a PVP server of course). Take  “Journey to Undercity” and “Envoy to the Horde” if you go HF. 

Guide continues to The Barrens…
11) Leave Undercity by heading north out of Ruins of Lordaeron and then get on the western zeppelin (61.59 in Tirisfal Glades) to go to Orgrimmar.
12) In Orgrimmar at Grommash Hold accept “The Spirits of Stonetalon” at 39.38.
13) Discover the Flight Path at 45.64.
14) Leave Orgrimmar south and then run SW through Durotar and then all the way to Ratchet in The Barrens and get the Flight Path there from the Flight Master (63.37 in The Barrens).
15) Next to you accept “Ziz Fizziks” at 63.37.
16) Next to Ratchet’s bank accept “Deepmoss Spider Eggs” at 62.38.
17) Go to The Crossroads and make it your home.
18) At the bottom of the watch tower accept “Report to Kadrak” at 51.31.
19) Get the Flight Path from the Wind Rider Master at 51.30.
20) Go west and turn in “The Spirits of Stonetalon” at 35.28, accept “Goblin Invaders“.

WoW TBC Classic: 1-12 Horde Leveling Guide (Eversong Woods)

1-5 – Sunstrider Isle, Eversong Woods

01) Once you start, right in front of you, accept “Reclaiming Sunstrider Isle”  from Magistrix Erona at 38.21.
02) Go to Burning Crystals and do “Reclaiming Sunstrider Isle“: kill 6 Mana Wyrms around.
03) Return and turn in “Reclaiming Sunstrider Isle” (38.21, #1 on map). Accept “Unfortunate Measures” and your class quest from Erona.
04) Go in The Sunspire building next to you 39.21, find your class trainer and turn in your class quest. NOTE: In-depth class quests are coming later! You will need to do these on your own for now!
05) Also accept from your class trainer “Well Watcher Solanian“.
06) Go up the spiral ramp and turn in “Well Watcher Solanian” to Solanian 39.19, accept “Solanian’s Belongings” and “The Shrine of Dath’Remar“.
07) Jump right down outside in front of you and accept “A Fistful of Slivers” 38.19 at Arcanist Ithanas.
08) Also accept “Thirst Unending” 37.19.
09) Do part of “Solanian’s Belongings“: south a bit next to the burning crystal, loot Solanian’s Journal 38.25. While doing the parts of this quest start working on the following 3 quests together:
10) “Thirst Unending“: use Mana Tap on Mana Wyrms (#2 on map).
11) “A Fistful of Slivers” (kill/loot creatures with mana). Same mobs from previous step!
12) “Unfortunate Measures” (kill/loot Springpaw Cubs & Lynxes [cats]):
13) Do part of “Solanian’s Belongings“: loot the Solanian’s Scrying Orb at 35.29.
14) Finish “Solanian’s Belongings“: NW by the fountain, loot Scroll of Scourge Magic at 31.23.
15) Continue “Thirst Unending” (use Mana Tap racial on 6 creatures with mana, #2 on map), “A Fistful of Slivers” (kill/loot creatures with mana), “Unfortunate Measures” (kill/loot Springpaw Cubs & Lynxes [cats], #12 on map).
16) Go back east and turn in “Thirst Unending” (37.19, #8 on map).
17) Also Turn in “Unfortunate Measures” (38.21, #1 on map), take “Report to Lanthan Perilon“.
18) In the building next to you and up the ramp, turn in “Solanian’s Belongings” (39.19, #6 on map).
19) Jump outside in front of you and turn in “A Fistful of Slivers” to Arcanist Ithanas (38.19, #7 on map).
20) You should be level 4 now, get new spells/abilities for your class.
21) Go to the middle of Sunstrider Isle and turn in “Report to Lanthan Perilon” at 35.22, accept “Aggression” (map).
22) Do “Aggression“: kill 7 Tenders & 7 Feral Tenders (tree elementals) on your way to Shrine of Dath’Remar (map).
23) Once you there do “The Shrine of Dath’Remar“: click on the The Shrine of Dath’Remar plaque at 30.19.
24) Go SE to the middle of Sunstrider Isle and turn “Aggression” to Lanthan Perilon (35.22, #21 on map), accept “Felendren the Banished“.
25) Go west to Falthrien Academy (entrance at 32.26) and do “Felendren the Banished“: kill 8 Arcane Wraiths, 2 Tainted Arcane Wraiths, and work your way to the top to kill/loot Felendren the Banished /target. While doing this quest you should loot an item that starts “Tainted Arcane Sliver“, accept it.
26) Use Hearthstone to return to the starting area.
27) Go in the building and up the spiral ramp to turn in “The Shrine of Dath’Remar” (39.19, #6 on map).
28) Downside turn in “Tainted Arcane Sliver” (37.19, #8 on map).
29) East to the middle of Sunstrider Isle turn in “Felendren the Banished“, accept “Aiding The Outrunners” (35.22, #21 on map). 
30) Now we leave this area, across the bridge turn in “Aiding The Outrunners” at 40.32, accept “Slain By The Wretched“.

5-6 – Ruins of Silvermoon

01) Turn in “Slain By The Wretched” to Slain Outrunner, accept “Package Recovery“.
02) Go back and turn in “Package Recovery” at 40.32, accept “Completing The Delivery“.
03) By the fountain accept “Major Malfunction” at 47.46.
04) Just east at the building entrance 48.46, accept “Unstable Mana Crystals” and from the Wanted Sign “Wanted: Thaelis The Hungerer“.
05) Go to the Inn (map) talk to the Innkeeper to turn in “Completing The Delivery” and make this Inn your home.
06) Upstairs learn First Aid from the First Aid Trainer.
07) You can also learn Cooking here.
08) If or when you are level 6, find your class trainer to learn your spells/abilities.
09) Start working on “Major Malfunction” and “Unstable Mana Crystals” among the  Ruins of Silvermoon: kill/loot Arcane Patrollers and loot 6 Unstable Mana Crystal Crates
10) North side in the Commons Hall building do “Wanted: Thaelis The Hungerer“: kill/loot Thaelis The Hungerer /target at 45.38.
11) Make sure all quests are completed then go back SE at the fountain and turn in “Major Malfunction” (#3 on map), accept “Delivery To The North Sanctum“.
12) Just east at the building entrance (48.46, #4 on map), turn in “Unstable Mana Crystals“, accept “Darnassian Intrusions“.
13) Next to you, down the steps, turn in “Wanted: Thaelis The Hungerer” at 48.47.

6-12 – Eversong Woods

01) Leave south out of Falconwing Square and along the path accept “Roadside Ambush” 45.56.
02) Go to North Sanctum (map) and turn in “Delivery To The North Sanctum” accept “Malfunction at the West Sanctum“.
03) At 37.57 turn in “Malfunction at the West Sanctum“, accept “Arcane Instability“.
04) Around the West Sanctum do “Arcane Instability” with “Darnassian Intrusions“: kill the needed mana elementals and kill/loot a Darnassian Scout /target.  The scouts are around the tops of cliffs outside, they drop an item which starts “Incriminating Documents“, accept it.
05) Go back to the entrance of the West Sanctum (#3 on map) and turn in “Arcane Instability” and “Darnassian Intrusions“.
06) Go west and take “Fish Heads, Fish Heads...“.
07) Along the shore do “Fish Heads, Fish Heads…“: kill/loot the Grimscale Murlocs. While doing this quest you could find an item which starts “Captain Kelisendra’s Lost Rudders“, accept it if you are able to find it (we will have more chances later to find it).
08) Go back up the cliff and turn in “Fish Heads, Fish Heads…” (30.58, #6 on map), accept “The Ring of Mmmrrrggglll“.
09) If you found Captain Kelisendra’s Lost Rudders turn it in at 36.67. Accept “Grimscale Pirates!” and next to you “Lost Armaments“.
10) Head SE to Fairbreeze Village and along the path next to a wagon accept “Pelt Collection” at 45.70.
11) Take “The Wayward Apprentice” at 44.71.
12) And “Situation At Sunsail Anchorage” at 43.71.
13) Go down in the Inn and from the Innkeeper /target 44.71 make Fairbreeze Village your new home.
14) Follow the path north and just across the bridge, turn in “Roadside Ambush” at 45.61, accept “Soaked Pages“.
15) Go loot the Soaked Tome at 44.62.
16) Just across the bridge, turn in “Soaked Pages” (45.61, #14 on map), accept “Taking The Fall“.

01) Return to Falconwing Square turn in “Incriminating Documents“, accept “The Dwarven Spy“.
02) Get new spells/abilities while you are there (if you are not lvl8 yet, don’t worry, you’re about to come right back as LVL 8).
03) At the North Sanctum do “The Dwarven Spy“: talk to Prospector Anvilward (dwarf with white shirt at 45.53), then follow him up the spiral ramp and near the top kill/loot him.
04) Turn in “The Dwarven Spy” (map). Remember to get LVL 8 spells/abilities if you haven’t yet.
05) Lead to The Dead Scar and accept “The Dead Scar” 50.51.
06) Just south of you along The Dead Scar do “The Dead Scar“: kill 8 Plaguebone Pillagers (skeletons).
07) Go back and turn in “The Dead Scar” (50.51, #5 on map).
08) Head SE to Stillwhisper Pond and turn in “Taking The Fall” 56.55, accept “Swift Discipline“.
09) Head SE to Farstrider Retreat and inside by the bonfire accept “Amani Encroachment” at 60.63.
10) Just west a bit on the ledge accept “The Spearcrafter’s Hammer” at 60.63.
11) Go up the northern spiral ramp and accept “The Magister’s Apprentice” at 60.61.
12) Head SW to the East Sanctum and turn in “The Wayward Apprentice” 54.71, accept “Corrupted Soil“.
13) Around the East Sanctum in the scarred area do “Corrupted Soil“: loot the Tainted Soil Samples (green glowing dirt piles).
14) Go back and turn in “Corrupted Soil” (54.71, #12 on map), accept and do “Unexpected Results“, you have to protect Apprentice Mirveda from one wave of mobs. Then turn it in and accept “Research Notes“.

01) Teleport back to Fairbreeze Village.
02) At the Innkeeper accept “Ranger Sareyn” 44.71 and next to you accept “The Scorched Grove“. While you here, highly recommended you to buy healing potion, for future quests.
03) Outside turn in “Research Notes” 44.71. Accept “Saltheril’s Haven“.
04) Head west to Saltheril’s Haven (kill any cats along the way for “Pelt Collection“, #11 on map) and in the building turn in “Saltheril’s Haven” 38.73, accept “The Party Never Ends“.
05) Grind your way to the Golden Strand shore around 26.68 and do “Grimscale Pirates!” along with “The Ring of Mmmrrrggglll“: for the cargo kill/loot the Grimscale murlocs and/or loot the barrels spread around the shore. And kill/loot Mmmrrrggglll /target(larger orange colored murloc that patrols up and down the shore). TIPS:  Be sure to use your Arcane Torrent racial ability to stop Mmmrrrggglll from healing himself, and you might need a healing potion as well.
06) Go NE up on the cliff and turn in “The Ring of Mmmrrrggglll” at 30.58.
07) Go south around 32.70 and do “Lost Armaments” along with “Situation At Sunsail Anchorage“: loot the Weapon Crates and Weapon Containers and kill the required amount of Wretched mobs.
08) Go slightly NE to the small blood elf camp and turn in “Lost Armaments” at 36.67, accept “Wretched Ringleader“. Also turn in “Grimscale Pirates!“. 
NOTE: You may have found an item (if you haven’t already) which starts “Captain Kelisendra’s Lost Rudders“, accept it and turn it in there at the camp.
09) Go back and do “Wretched Ringleader“: kill/loot Aldaron the Reckless (33.69#7 on map) /target. TIP: If you are going solo its usually best to quickly kill/loot him and escape out of there quickly avoiding other mobs. One of his 3 guards patrols up and down the ramp, so you might want to kill him first.
10) Return to the camp and turn in “Wretched Ringleader” (36.67, #8 on map).
11) All around the open fields of Eversong Woods finish “Pelt Collection“: kill/loot Springpaw Stalkers /target and Elder Springpaws (cats).
12) Teleport (or run) to Fairbreeze Village and along the path next to a wagon turn in “Pelt Collection” at 45.70.
13) Accept “Missing in the Ghostlands” (44.71, #3 on map).
14) Just up the spiral ramp next to you turn in “Situation At Sunsail Anchorage” 43.71.
15) SE of Fairbreeze Village along the path, turn in “Ranger Sareyn” 47.72. Accept “Defending Fairbreeze Village“.
16) At the Inn’s entrance from General Goods vendor (/target 44.70, #3 on map) buy the Bundle of Fireworks item for part of the quest “The Party Never Ends“.
17) Follow the path north and just across the bridge, do part of “Swift Discipline“: use the Antheol’s Disciplinary Rod quest item on Apprentice Meledor at 45.61.
18) Go north along the path a bit, next to a red wagon and do the last part of “Swift Discipline“: use the Antheol’s Disciplinary Rod quest item on Apprentice Ralen at 45.56.
19) Go east to Stillwhisper Pond and turn in “Swift Discipline” at 55.54.
20) You should now be level 10, if not grind to it. It’s time to start focusing on doing your class’s level 10 class quests. Do what you need to do for that then continue on with the next section. 

01) Go SE to Farstrider Retreat and inside next to the bonfire, from the Food & Drink vendor 60.62, buy a Springpaw Appetizers item for part of the quest “The Party Never Ends“.
02) Go SW and along the main path before Ghostlands, turn in “Missing in the Ghostlands” at 49.89. Then next to you, accept “The Fallen Courier“.
03) Go south across the bridge and right when you enter Ghostlands do “The Fallen Courier“: kill/loot any mobs to obtain the 4 Plagued Blood Samples you need.
04) Return to turn in “The Fallen Courier” (49.89, #2 on map). Then next to you accept “Delivery To Tranquillien“.
05) Head west and start working on “Defending Fairbreeze Village” by killing the needed undead mobs in The Dead Scar area, frind your way west to the Runestone Falithas and accept “Powering our Defenses” at 44.85.
06) Continue grinding to 55.84 and do “Powering our Defenses“: use the Infused Crystal quest item at the big runestone then survive a few waves of mobs. It’s better to find a party to complete this quest. It is not easy.
07) Grind north through The Dead Scar area and finish “Defending Fairbreeze Village“: kill the needed undead mobs.
08) Go north to enter Silvermoon City.

01) At the Wine & Spirits Merchant buy a Suntouched Special Reserve to finish the quest “The Party Never Ends“.
02) Get new spells/abilities for your class!
03) Leave Silvermoon City by heading south 73.91.
04) Turn in “The Magister’s Apprentice” at 67.56, accept “Deactivating the Spire“. Also accept “Where’s Wyllithen?“.
05) Do “Deactivating the Spire“: go up the stairs and click on the Orb of Translocation 69.52. It will take you to a floating platform, from there keep following it upwards clicking on the 3 Power Sources. Also while at the 2nd Power Source, you will see a small purple journal, accept “Abandoned Investigations” from it.  After clicking the 3rd Power Source, click the Orb of Translocation next to it to teleport you back down.
06) Head north a bit and turn in “Where’s Wyllithen?” at 69.47, accept “Cleaning Up The Grounds“.
07) In the immediate area do “Cleaning Up The Grounds“: kill 6 Mana Serpents and 6 Ether Fiends.
08) Turn in “Cleaning Up The Grounds” (69.47, #6 on map).
09) Go south along the path and turn in “Deactivating the Spire” (67.56, #4 on map), accept “Word From The Spire“.
10) Turn in “Word From The Spire” and “Abandoned Investigations” at 60.61.
11) Go SE to Tor’Watha and killing Amani Beserkers and Amani Axe Throwers (you will find more of these mobs on the next steps): 
12) Do “The Spearcrafter’s Hammer“: kill/loot the named mob Spearcrafter Otembe (at 70.72 /target). Keep the next step in mind:
13) Very close to Spearcrafter Otembe’s spawn point, you will see a caged troll (70.72, #12 on map), accept “Zul’Marosh” from him.
14) Go across the lake at Zeb’Watha and upstairs in the hut do “Zul’Marosh“: kill/loot Chieftain Zul’Marosh /target 62.80. He drops an item which starts “Amani Invasion“, accept it.
15) Make sure “Amani Encroachment” is finished by killing 5 Amani Beserkers and 5 Amani Axe Throwers (#11 on map).
16) Go back east to Tor’Watha at the caged troll (70.72, #12 on map), and turn in “Zul’Marosh“.
17) Go back to Farstrider Retreat and inside at the bonfire (60.63, #10 on map) turn in “Amani Encroachment” and “Amani Invasion“, accept “Warning Fairbreeze Village“.
18) Just west a bit on the ledge turn in “The Spearcrafter’s Hammer” at 59.63.

01) Teleport to Fairbreeze Village.
02) Once at Fairbreeze Village, go up the spiral ramp and turn in “Warning Fairbreeze Village” at 43.71.
03) East along the path a bit, turn in “Defending Fairbreeze Village” at 47.72.
04) Turn in “The Party Never Ends” at 38.73. NOTE: The quest reward Saltheril’s Haven Party Invitation just allows you to pick up the party goods on the tables at the party, but nothing more.
05) Go south and in the hut turn in “The Scorched Grove” at 34.80, accept “A somber Task“.
06) Just south a bit do “A somber Task“: kill 10 Withered Green Keepers. Also while you are there, kill Old Whitebark /target (he patrols around 35.85, actual #6 on map), he drops an item which starts “Old Whitebark’s Pendant“, accept it.
07) Go back north to the hut and turn in “A somber Task” and “Old Whitebark’s Pendant” (34.80, #5 on map), accept “Whitebark’s Memory“.
08) Go SE in The Scorched Grove at the big runestone 37.87 and do “Whitebark’s Memory“: use Old Whitebark’s Pendant there and then Whitebark’s Spirit will appear, fight him until his health gets low, then talk to him to turn this in.
09) Go turn in “Powering our Defenses” at 44.85.
10) Congratulations! Eversong Woods is now finished. Now lead to Ghostlands.